Today’s Message from God: YOUR BURDEN WILL VANISH | God Message Now

I’m cherished child I shower upon you Abundant Blessings overflowing with

richness and vitality May each day of your journey be filled with Boundless Energy casting aside all Shadows of fear

that dare to linger Stand Tall releasing any hint of defeat that attempts to

weigh you down with each Sunrise let your spirit be enveloped in the warmth

of my words speaking them with unwavering conviction allow a radiant smile to

Grace your countenance for you are a Beacon of Hope as you eagerly anticipate the multitude of blessings destined to

find their way to you upon the cross your Triumph was sealed an emblem of

victory that reverberates through eternity through my resurrection your adversaries were vanquished their power

shattered you were liberated from the clutches of darkness and despair I have

bestowed upon you my Divine Spirit a Guiding Light to na naate the depths of your emotions and Empower you to cast

off the cloak of Sorrow you are not destined for a path of failure or

insignificance let go of the shackles of doubt and insecurity for I have crafted a destiny of abundance and fulfillment

for you where your dreams flourish and your spirit

Soares let’s fill this space with the warmth of positivity and Faith like this

video and type Amen to shower our journey with divine blessing and affirmation your interaction fuels our

mission and together we create a sanctuary of spiritual upliftment my

beloved I am the very essence of your being the source of all joy and fulfillment your faith is a mighty Force

capable of propelling you beyond any obstacle that dares to stand in your way

though challenges may arise know that my spirit within you is a roaring lion

ready to conquer every fear and demolish every barrier that seeks to hinder your

progress embrace the promise of a future brimming with joy and contentment for it

is yours to claim yet should you be tempted to settle for scraps in the presence of

abundance or allow the voices of doubt and negativity to hold sway over your heart you risk falling into the depths

of Despair but fear not for I Am With You Always guiding you with steadfast

love and unwavering support trust in my promises for they are a Wellspring of

Life overflowing with hope and possibility delve into the depths of my

truth allowing it to illuminate your path and banish all Darkness from your

midst infused with the strength of my love your future is a tapestry woven

with threads of kindness and compassion I desire nothing but your utmost well-being in every aspect of your

existence be bold in your Declaration of love for me for in doing so you open the

floodgates of Heaven ushering in a torrent of blessings beyond measure trust in my divine plan for it is

perfect and unyielding guiding you toward a future filled with purpose and fulfillment cast aside your worries and

fears knowing that you are cradled in the arms of the almighty shielded from harm by The Sovereign ruler of the

universe embrace the journey that lies ahead with courage and confidence for I

have ordained it with boundless love and grace feel the warm Embrace of my unfailing love embrace the strength

peace and wisdom I bestow upon you in this moment the challenges that weigh heavily upon you will soon dissipate

leaving behind no remnants of Shame disappointment ridicule or conflict hold

fast to my guidance disregarding The Whispers of negativity within you reject feelings of hopelessness sadness and

discouragement your tears will dry and your laughter will ReSound once more as

I declare it so shall it be you will rise tall a Living testament to my love

and generosity I summon you to courage to stand boldly and reveal to the world

the reality of my presence the power of my truth and the boundless expanse of my

grace which holds the ability to transform any heart your mourning will be replaced with joy I will mend the

wounds of your heart and Infuse you with the Tranquility necessary to persevere

draw close to me each day do not entertain the notion that you could ever never stray beyond my reach even if you

wander to the furthest reaches my spirit will seek you out gently guiding you back home and folding You In My Embrace

so Revel in my blessings at this very moment and allow my healing touch to envelop you I long to fill you with

profound happiness to awaken within you fresh reasons to embrace life my

strength resides within you your words possess the power of seeds which

nurtured by your faith and trust will blossom into magnificent trees bearing

the Abundant fruits of my Limitless Blessings In Due Time your path in this

world will be illuminated by the radiance I bestowed upon you from the moment of your birth I cherish you and I

am eager to enrich your life Proclaim your faith boldly and boundless Joy will

be your portion approach your daily tasks with Vigor should weariness assail

you I am by your side ready to lift you up in your time of need do not hesitate

to ask good things of me I have promised repeatedly to shower you with blessings

and provide all that you need to flourish when burdens weigh you down find solace in my presence draw near to

me lay your burdens at my feet and if weariness overwhelms you let your tears flow freely the journey may be arduous

and the challenges may seem daunting but with the power of my word and the comfort of my love I will cradle you in

my arms suiting your soul the Sorrows of yesterday the betrayals and the

loneliness you endured misunderstood by those you trusted yet even in your

darkest moments I Am with You intimately acquainted with your struggles ready to turn your trials into triumphs I

perceive your sorrow and it resonates deeply within me yet I arrive with a

Divine message tailored specifically for you your cries and tribulations have

ascended to the heavens reaching my sacred Throne the realm where Destinies are forged ailments find healing and

Solace is granted in times of turmoil now the time has come for the Gates of

Heaven to swing wide open showering you with boundless blessings and enveloping

you in my Serene Embrace even amidst moments of quiet reflection amidst the

trials you face and the departures you endure remember the Paramount truth my

presence is unwavering by your side offering Solace and support to your weary Spirit release your doubts embrace

my boundless love and Forge ahead with unwavering determination your pace

matters less than your persistence in faith the aim is not to rush forward but

to endure and emerge Victorious know that I am your constant Guardian

watching over you safeguarding your loved ones and enriching your endeavors with Divine favor maintain your hopeful

anticip IP ation relishing in the splendid day I have intricately woven for you remind yourself always I am your

omnipotent God and I will never falter in my promises to you so why allow fear

or anxiety to overshadow your peace disregard the falsehoods of the world

and embrace the reality of my enduring presence Beside You Before you depart

from this Divine encounter let us establish a sacred Covenant interest

your burdens to me and I will tenderly sooy and calm your troubled heart infusing it with peace affirm your

unwavering belief in my words and sprayed this message of my boundless love and infinite might to those who

hunger for divine Solace know this deeply from the depths of my heart I

cherish you profoundly and I desire nothing but an end to your suffering I am acutely aware

of the immense struggles weighing heavy upon your shoulders leave leing you feeling utterly depleted you strive to

maintain a facade of strength reluctant to reveal the depths of your pain to others yet know this I understand you

far more intimately than you comprehend yourself while the world may only

perceive the external veneer I see the very essence of your soul the truth of

your heart even in your moments of Bravery I implore you to confide in me

why hesitate to unburden your soul I am here to collect every tear and lift you

from the depths of Despair release your doubts and entrust your burdens to me

for being my beloved child is a sacred privilege know that I am orchestrating a

symphony of blessings and miracles for you and those dearest to your heart anticipate the renewal of your

inner being with joy and contentment as you witness my promises unfolding in your life my presence is an everpresent

beacon on your journey with my Celestial Guardians standing Vigilant guiding you

away from Harm’s reach in each New Dawn seek me first and witness how your day

transforms under the gentle caress of my love rest assured my aspirations for you

are of the highest good contingent upon the Fidelity and purity of your heart

request and it shall be granted in alignment with my Divine will as a beloved child of the Divine no challenge

can overpower you or bring you harm my hand entwines with yours guiding every

step you take revealing new vistas of possibility your efforts consecrated in

my name will blossom ushering in abundance and success in your Noble Endeavors with me as your companion your

dreams and Endeavors will flourish for I alone can Envision and mold your destiny

your household will bask in my favor their prosperity evident protected by my

everpresent grace adversity shall not breach your home for my Essence surrounds you repelling all

malevolent forces and shielding you from despair hostility and resentment your

lineage is cradled in the sacred protection of my spirit I have pledged my unwavering loyalty to you and this

promise is eternal remember even Faith as small as a mustard seed can grow into

the mightiest of trees just as that seed flourishes so too will you

for my words hold boundless power capable of moving mountains if spoken in my name cast aside all doubts I am the

steadfast God unwavering and everpresent I will forever Stand By Your Side

lavishing upon you infinite love know that I intimately understand every facet

of your being your emotions thoughts and actions for I am your creator crafting

you in my likeness release all bitterness and thoughts of Revenge instead I encourage you to pray for

those who have wronged you that they may find their way to me their lives lack true fulfillment when they stray from my

teachings or Commandments but entrust them to my care for I will intercede I

seek to touch their hearts and reveal the truth Focus not on negativity but on

Me on the Promises I have made and on the blessings I eagerly yearn to bestow

upon you from your very first breath and even before I have been beside you witness witnessing your growth and every

trial you endure your bravery is commendable and I am here to fortify you

even more simply have faith in me and hold fast to your belief for I am

committed to transforming your life the wounds of yesterday will heal and pain will no longer accompany you today is

yours seize this moment raise your hands offer your heart to me and embark on a

journey of renewal and joy this year signifies a turning point a season of

profound change if you embrace the deep love I extend to you rely on me and fear

not I am here to wrap You In My Embrace to console you amidst your trials

reaffirming my unwavering and supportive presence recently in the depths of your

need you reached out and I have answered your call ever attentive infinitely

patient I stand ready for the precise moment when my Holy Spirit Will commune with your soul though your path may seem

shrouded in Shadows and uncertainty know that my love for you knows no bounds I

refuse to let despair take root in your life for you are destined for victory not failure do not let the challenges

you face or the obstacles in your way trouble you for Beyond them lies a treasure Trove of blessings and Heavenly

favors awaiting you I grant you the insight to navigate through apparent dead ends transforming them into

Pathways of Hope and opportunity no longer shall anyone have have the power to intimidate or diminish

you for your Almighty Heavenly Father the creator of all stands by your side

defending you fear not the opinions of others their attempts to harm you have

been feudal For You Stand Tall persevering today I Breathe Into You A

Renewed passion for life blessing you with a joy that cannot be extinguished by external forces you are enveloped In

My Embrace cherished and valued deeply your unwavering faith and commitment to

my teachings will attract my grace to you and your loved ones trust in me

wholeheartedly and with Purity for I hold your future securely in my hands I

will shield you from those who seek your downfall you will not be put to shame my

holy spirit’s light will illuminate your path and those who wrong you will face their Reckoning in due time like a tree

flourishing beside nourishing streams you will thrive bearing abundant fruit for all to witness and emulate

throughout the ages my presence will surround you and you will be saturated in my goodness every morning seek me

earnestly resisting the distractions that Vie for your attention drawing you away from recognizing the source of your

blessings by my grace your unwavering devotion and the power of my risen might

I will reveal myself to you in extraordinary ways and the profound connection you feel now will remain

unbroken the same force that orchestrated the cosmos is at your disposal stand firm with me do not

succumb to adversity or the schemes of your adversaries refuse to let anyone

diminish your worth or inflict harm upon you protect your loved ones for I have

dispatched angels to encircle you thwarting any malevolent intent I

implore you to embrace your role live out your faith authentically and heed the guidance I impart to you the

adversary lurks awaiting a moment of your negligence to undermine my promises so remain steadfast safeguarding your

belief Begin by dedicating moments each day to me approaching with gratitude

acknowledging that every blessing flows from my love I have called for your heart repeatedly do not withhold it

offer it to me fully for I am ready to forgive your missteps ease your burdens renew your sense of purpose and

strengthen your trust I inscribe my teachings deep within the core of your being bestowing upon you the fortitude

to lead a life of unwavering devotion and fervent prayer when your heart is

wholly surrendered to me you will witness the Fulfillment of magnificent Visions however should you stray from

our sacred Bond you risk falling back into the patterns of old never forget

within you resides an abundance of genuine and steadfast love my patience

toward you knows no bounds perhaps surpassing your current comprehension but soon you shall experience it

firsthand I cherish and treasure those who hold a special place in my heart indeed you are exceedingly precious to

me you will come to realize that which may have seemed unattainable affirming

that the message I impart to you today is imbued with Divine intent for both you and your beloved ones

allow me to emphasize should tears need to Cascade permit them to flow freely

for they possess the power to cleanse the weight from your spirit be still and heed my Guidance the words I impart are

indispensable for your existence your prospects and your fortunes my affection for you runs deep

and I pledge to fulfill the righteous desires you present through prayer approach me and I shall enrich every

facet of your life your family your provisions and all your undertakings I shall banish any

Affliction from your body clear your mind of troubling memories alleviate your burdens liberate you from

indebtedness and envelop you in prosperity because you place your trust

in me you shall resemble a tree planted by refreshing Waters vigorous

flourishing with Lush foliage and abundant fruit spreading vitality and

blessings far far and wide do not dread the scorching days ahead for even in

adverse times you shall extend Refuge to those in need and to the weary though

your resources may seem scarce your productivity shall remain abundant I

shall bestow upon you my favor and Grant you peace entrust all your endeavors to

me and they shall be crowned with success you and your loved ones shall be

shielded from impending hardships with my angel standing watch over you Joy

shall be your portion and everlasting happiness your inheritance therefore Harbor no fear or

anxiety for I am ever by your side I shall furnish you with strength and

assistance upholding you with my triumphant right hand in all your endeavors act with Integrity for in

doing so you act as my Ambassador your diligence shall be met with a glorious

reward place your complete Reliance upon me rather than leaning on your own

understanding in every facet of your life acknowledge my guidance and I shall

direct your path I am your source of renewal and vitality should you stumble

you shall rise a new for those who place their trust in me shall inherit eternal life maintain humility and kindness

exercising patience and forbearance let not the provocations of others unsettle

you respond with Tranquility not with anger or aggression

I endow you with courage yet I also call for discernment in your actions

nevertheless should fear encroach upon you once more place your confidence in me seek my presence for I shall come to

your Aid shielding you from harm ensuring your safety and watching over your every step my protective hand shall

be upon you in your Abode and in your Journeys remember each morning that I am

your God guiding you steadfastly and speaking to you Softly fear not for I am with you I am your

everpresent help my love for you knows no bounds never feel alone or overlooked despite

attempts to remind you of past mistakes to burden you with regret by dredging up old wrongs pay no heed to such voices

refuse to let bitterness and sadness consume you even if others forsake you I will be your constant companion never

wavering in my presence I will stand by you regardless of how others May judge

in my eyes you are always cherished gentle and authentic valued deeply by me

disregard the empty chatter of those who criticize without comprehension they neglect their own Affairs to wallow in

negativity and falsehoods seek my presence hunger for my wisdom find

sanctuary in my shelter and wrap yourself in my love I have crafted

everything you behold the oceans the skies the mountains and your very essence with meticulous care intending

for you to dwell eternally in my realm the reign of malevolence is fleeting but

your existence will endure for eternity I have bestowed upon each individual the

freedom to choose life and truth you responded to my touch with gratitude therefore I will shower you

with my blessings our bond is Everlasting have faith and fear not timid Souls may attempt to dredge up

your past mistakes but those transgressions are for forgiven and forgotten by me they are as distant as

the ocean’s depths in this moment I am lifting the burdens and hidden Sorrows

from your spirit freeing you from the weight that clings to your soul I will

shift your perspective and Infuse you with even greater courage I desire for

you to rise energetically and Embrace Life the most profound blessings await

those who have unwavering faith in me who cling to my teachings with humility never succumbing to arrogance the

heavens Rejoice at your decision to welcome me into your life to adhere to my teachings and to express your

devotion through your faith I will restore what you have lost

proceed with confidence for I am the guardian of your destiny your adversaries have no power

against you approach me with trust yearning for the wonderful blessings you

seek for I am prepared to bestow them upon you with boundless love

I am reaching out to you take a moment to absorb my message Continue to heed my voice I intend to turn your morning into

Joy I plan to ease your worries mend the internal wounds left by time erase the

traces of past hurts and offer you a rejuvenated heart free from grief and

devoid of painful memories no longer will you endure nights haunted by the

past or agonize over previous afflictions I desire for you to awaken

each day feeling profoundly cherished aware of my presence guiding you as I

present you with this fresh start today marks a day of Celebration and Triumph a

time to overcome obstacles and embrace trust be emboldened for this is why I

have redeemed you purifying your soul in my sight and absolving all your

transgressions understand what often eludes many when I forgive your sins I wipe them from memory I don’t dwell on

your past errors so neither should you it may be hard to grasp from a human perspective but you don’t need to fully

comprehend it what’s crucial is your steadfast belief free from doubt your

future and prosperity are within my grasp so don’t punish yourself endlessly for past mistakes if the Echoes of your

sins still weigh on you I’ll give you the strength to rise above and Conquer

trust my Assurance everything works for good for those who love me take my hand

believe in my promises and Stand Tall with renewed Vigor and courage I have

countless blessings in store for you but you must embrace them without despondency or doubt your faith brings

me joy and gladdens my heart let it guide you like a beacon and have faith

in my words you’ll see my promises fulfilled in your life firsthand I hold

you dear to my heart and I’m here to share the most powerful message you’ll here today have unwavering faith in my

unyielding love for you it’s a love so pure and magnificent and it has been

with you is with you now and will stand by your side forever in this moment I am

lifting the burdens and hidden Sorrows from your spirit freeing you from the weight that clings to your soul I will

shift your perspective and Infuse you with even greater courage I desire for

you to rise energetically and embrace life the most profound blessings await those

who have unwavering faith in me who cling to my teachings with humility never succumbing to arrogance the

heavens Rejoice at your decision to welcome me into your life to adhere to my teachings and to express your

devotion through your faith I will restore what you have lost

proceed with confidence for I am the guardian of your destiny your adversaries have no power

against you approach me with trust yearning for the wonderful blessings you

seek for I am prepared to bestow them upon you with boundless love I am

reaching out to you take a moment to absorb my message Continue to heed my voice I intend to turn your morning into

Joy I plan to ease your worries mend the internal wounds left by time erase the

traces of past hurts and offer you a rejuvenated heart free from grief and

devoid of painful memories no longer will you endure nights haunted by the past or agonize over previous

afflictions I desire for you to awaken each day feeling profoundly cherished

aware of my presence guiding you as I present you with this fresh start today

marks a day of Celebration and Triumph a time to overcome obstacles and embrace

trust be emboldened for this is why I have redeemed you purifying your soul

and my sight and absolving all your transgressions he remains ignorant of my

plans yet he observes my work within you envious as you flourish some may tremble

at the thought of this enemy forgetting that they are under the protection of a God so mighty unmatched in power you

dwell in the sanctuary of your Supreme Creator my grace surrounds you rendering

you immune to slander I am your shield and Advocate no force can snatch you you

from My Embrace stand steadfast unshaken by fear fortify your mind reject the

notion that the adversary wields greater power than your Divine Guardian despite

his persistence and cunning he waits ready to strike in moments of vulnerability or neglect seeking to

overwhelm you during times of weakness or distraction when you feel suffocated by despair or on the verge of collapse

reach out to me in prayer cry out and I will answer I will strengthen your spirit and be your

Defender if concerns about your children or their future weigh heavily on you entrust them to prayer placing them

under my watchful gaze I pledge to protect them they will find refuge in my

care and oversight just as my love for them mirrors my love for you march forward

with unwavering resolve I will grant you the courage to stand firm do not let

trials dampen your spirit for I will fill you with joy and peace allowing you to embrace my blessings

without fear I will shield and defend you warding off any adversities aimed at

you and your loved ones encourage your family to welcome me into their lives

allowing me to bless them with my kindness as the loving father I am I

have never forsaken you nor will I ever for I am the almighty God despite any

opposition you face my love for you remains steadfast await the goodness I

have in store for you I will unlock paths you believe to be closed guiding

you into a season of growth my promises are yours to claim my guidance is laid

before you Embrace each new day with open arms ready to welcome the fresh

insights I bestow upon you bow your spirit in daily devotion remaining ever

alert for the adversary continually lurks seeking to distract and weaken you

stay vigilant guarding against the encroachment of distractions and weaknesses that aim to

Cloud your memory of the vows you’ve made to me they may introduce Temptations to divert your path but I

declare you Valiant and bold Victorious and resilient your faith stands unshaken and

your commitment to serving me is commendable shift your mindset understanding that you are no longer nor

will you ever be pray to the adversary for he has been vanquished you are exceedingly Victorious and I am

always by your side stand tall and declare I am a valiant servant of my Celestial father stepping forward with

bravery fortified by divine power and beholding wonders within your soul my

kin and I dwell in his Safeguard surrounded by blessings and enveloped in his

affection hold fast to me remaining steadfast amidst life’s tempests I wrap

you in my Sanctified protection shielding you from the chill of of the world I see your virtue despite the

adversities you face hold fast to the belief in your generous spirit filled with profound

sentiments this is a call to battle fervently for your loved ones and aspirations allow me to align your

blessings on your right and guide you to let go of what no longer serves you on your left if some drift away or turn

silent towards you release them do not cling or mourn for them they forfeit

their own blessings through their choices and missteps release your grasp on worldly possessions many are ens

snared by them thinking them Grand yet they are mere distractions they exchange their true

calling for Earthly wit overlooking my Divine Design and forsaking the promise of everlasting life yet do not fear in

times of Plenty or want for I Am steadfastly by your side I am your sheeper your heavenly father here to

deliver redeem liberate and heal you to impart my peace to enrich and Elevate

you from your current plight drenching you in my blessings and Grace my favor

and kindness will accompany you on all your Journeys I will cause prosperity to overflow in your life even in the sight

of those who belittle you I promise joy and abundance for you and your loved

ones you have endured countless Dark Nights weathering sadness and despair

feeling as though all hope Hope was lost fearing that the heavens had closed off and my answers were Beyond

reach but I am here now to reaffirm my promise to assure you that every plea

you’ve raised to me has been heard I have stood as your guardian against malevolence a steadfast Shield shielding

you from Grievous harms cradling your life tenderly within my grasp never once

departing from your side even in the depths of your turmoil my presence may

have seemed elusive my comfort unfelt amidst your pain and dismay as you grappled with adversities

that threaten to engulf you almost leading you astray from me yet your faith endured a flickering Beacon of

Hope amidst the Desolation whispering to you in the silent hours of night about a

Divine father who Treasures you beyond measure Serena you awaken with the

celestial Melodies of an omnipotent God Vigilant in his watchover and safe

guarding of you of when the adversary returns with his deceitful Whispers seeking to lead you astray declare with

unwavering conviction my life is under the Dominion of my Lord my soul cradled

in his Embrace I pledge my allegiance to my omnipotent and supreme god promise me

you will stand Resolute Proclaim your love for me inscribe it upon your heart

remain steadfast in your Devotion to your God embracing this truth wholeheartedly for it has been is and

forever shall be your reality do not allow the seeds of Doubt or disdain for

love to take root in your heart especially when you reflect upon all that I have done for you which should

fortify your determination to persevere to fight to endure and not to falter

yielding to thoughts of defeat invites the adversary to Levy accusations and inflict suffering upon you trusting in

the detractors those who Harbor ill intentions invites them to steal your peace your Vigor your joy and your

blessings I implore you to Proclaim aloud believe in your heart and inscribe

with your hands your unwavering faith in me amidst the tempests now and for all eternity affirm that you will never

question my unwavering love for you it is unequivocally yours my commitment to

you is unshakable should you ever feel isolated or forsaken know that it is

merely the harsh Trials of Life attempting to dim the flame within you your faith remains unextinguished open

your eyes embrace the fervent warmth that stirs your soul invigorates your spirit animates your being illuminates

your heart and dispels the encroaching Shadows you need not reside in Anger

isolation disappointment or the depths of continual failure and spiritual poverty reject such a stance for it is

not your rightful place your true Abode is by my side enveloped in my presence

cradled in my peace and infused with my joy for in these words I bestow upon you

the sign you sought in your moments of distress you cried out speak to me my

God and behold I am reaching out to you tune your heart to my voice feel the

depth of love and care with which I approach you affirming that I cherish you never have I released your hand

distanced myself or forsaken you I have remained true to my word unwavering in

my promise now it is your turn to stand firm in faith and trusting your heart to

me to be courageous and to lift your eyes cast aside your sorrow in this very

moment I am here to uplift you to soothe your spirit to heal your

wounds understand that even in your darkest moments you were never abandoned

therefore banish the thought that I have withheld my love from you such a notion is

inconceivable I acknowledge the weightiness of your struggles yet rest assured my love for you remains

unwavering and my grasp upon your hand is firm you’ve expressed your weariness

feeling as if you’re teetering on the edge unable to discern The Way Forward allow me to clarify that perhaps your

focus has been misplaced for the Gateway has always stood before you I am your

path your Guiding Light your entrance into truth the journey that awaits you your future

and your very existence amidst the Whirlwind of your trials when you choose Faith over fear and turn to me you will

discover your way through trust in my timing and my methods for I will gently lead you to

your deliverance should your patience wear thin and weariness Cloud your spirit I will be there to bolster your

endurance strengthen your resolve and unfold you in my tranquil peace

now is not the time to surrender you stand on the brink of realizing your deepest

aspirations Embrace a steadfast and unwavering belief in my presence knowing

that I am your unwavering source of assistance hesitate not in seeking my guidance before making decisions

Safeguard the progress you’ve made a misstep now could undo your achievements remember this journey is not a race nor

do you need to prove your Worth to others you’ve already demonstrated your faithfulness to me

continue on your path with deliberate steps Guided by wisdom and you will reach the abundance and joy I have

promised When You Reach this blessed destination you will recall my words offering praises and gratitude to me do

not lose heart or succumb to despair place your trust in me for I hold you

dear life has tested you and adversaries have sought to undermine your journey

using others to discourage belittle and doubt your faith but fear fear not for

no person or trial can overpower you I am your Shield your provider your healer

and your unwavering support I will lay my mighty hand upon your life healing

every hurt and transforming each painful memory into a testament of my love and

grace even amidst life storms and the enemy’s cunning schemes to disrupt your peace within your family your work your

Sanctuary you have remained steadfast standing firm in your faith I see the complexity and heartache these

trials bring stirring turmoil within you testing your spirit and strength but

today I am here to mend the fractures in your life march forward be courageous

stand tall and keep your head held high the adversary has tirelessly sought to impede your journey yet here you stand

fortified by my grace unyielding the hardships you’ve faced the adversities

you’ve encountered they do not define you my precious one you will not be

defeated in this battle while Others May perceive your current state as a downfall I am intervening with my all

powerful hand and my Legions of angels decreeing your elevation your prayers

have reached the heavens your life is poised for divine transformation be cautious for many walk in doubt

overlooking the Miracles unfolding daily questioning my Essence my love my power

but you you my child are not of that fold your faith will endure Untouched by

fear in due time all will witness the remarkable shift in your life and will come to acknowledge the greatness of

your lord therefore keep your gaze fixed on me cling to my promises and Trust in

my faithfulness do not rely on the fickle or entrust your destiny to those

who falsely profess their love your heart that tender and Precious Heart

Belongs to Me you have devoted It To Me Above All Else love me supremely for I

desire for you to be forever mine amen when the road ahead seems daunting

remember that trust is your anchor keeping your spirit steady amid life’s

turbulence trust for in every trial and Triumph I am working all things together

for your ultimate good open yourself to receive my boundless love allowing grace

and favor to saturate every step of your your journey take solace in these words my beloved do not shrink From the Path I

have laid before you be courageous and do not yield to the fear of failure for

within every setback lies the seed of wisdom the resilience to rise and the

resolv to forge ahead with Newfound Clarity and determination trust in me and you will

find strength beyond measure in this sacred moment I extend to you an

invitation of divine surrender it is a call to relinquish all burdens worries

and uncertainties unto me for I am the orchestrator of your destiny as you

place your trust in my unfailing guidance you will experience a Serenity that transcends human comprehension know

my beloved child my precious creation that in surrendering to me you Embrace a

love that knows no bounds a love that is steadfast unwavering and over flowing

with boundless Grace remember I gave everything for you sacrificing myself to

offer you the gift of forgiveness and Redemption it is not my desire for you

to dwell in a state of constant worry stress or fear time and time again I

beckon you to embrace peace and confidence to release the grip of anxiety and uncertainty that threatens

to suffocate your spirit let not the cares of this world consume your thoughts for they have the power to

erode your health and disrupt the harmony of your relationships know this

my beloved there is no wrath in my heart towards you no desire for punishment or

retribution in the face of every trial and tribulation my love for you remains

steast and unchanging I will take every adversity and transform it into an opportunity for

growth and renewal so do do not be afraid come

commune with me and allow me to reveal my Divine plans for your life I am eager

to impart wisdom to offer guidance and to empower you to make choices that

align with your highest purpose and greatest good trust in me and together

we will navigate the journey ahead with courage faith and boundless love as you

reach the end of your journey do so with a heart brimming with joy you have run the race well my faithful one and now

step into the fullness of your reward all that I possess is yours to Revel in

to discover to nurture for the exaltation of my name my presence will

be your Eternal source of delight and your Praises will be a Perpetual Melody upon your lips No More Tears pain or

sorrow every longing satisfied in me my joy over you knows no

bounds rest in the completion of this great work purchased at immeasurable cost

because of my boundless love for you you are not merely a servant or a soldier but my precious child Chosen and

cherished for all eternity my beloved I see areas where alignment between my

will and yours is necessary perhaps there are Idols that have subtly infiltrated your heart obscuring your

wholehearted Pursuit Of Me Earthly ideologies that contradict my truth teachings of Deceit interwoven into your

beliefs and selfish desires guiding your decisions I yearn for you to know me

fully not through a distorted image fashioned by your limited comprehension you attempt to confine me

within the constraints of your preconceived notions and Theological Frameworks but I am the one who breaks

free from every constructed prison Unbound I surpass human understanding of

what is possible therefore I invite you to ascend to higher Heights to climb the

mountain of divine revelation where you can behold me as I truly am my beloved

child in times of fear or trouble always remember that I am right beside you

holding you up with my Victorious hand your actions when done with Purity are

like gifts to me and I see and appreciate your sincere efforts you can trust in me completely not just in your

own understanding recognize my presence in every part of your life and you’ll

see how I lead you towards what is right and true I am the source of life

itself even if you stumble and fall don’t be afraid because those who believe in me Will Rise Again escaping

the grasp of death stay humble cherish your gentleness and be patient even with

those who try to anger you instead of responding with harshness draw from the

courage and wisdom I have given you but if fear ever creeps into your heart seek

me earnestly and I will protect and guide you through every step of your journey reminding you always that I am

with you I gently lead you forward speaking to you with a calm and peaceful

voice don’t let fear take root in your heart for I am always here ready to help

whenever you need it my love for you knows no bounds never doubt that you are

cherished and never alone there may be those who try to bring up your past mistakes hoping to shame you but

remember that I have forgiven you completely your past sins are washed away forgotten in the depths of my love

for you so stand tall and strong knowing that I am by your side guiding you with

every step you take trust in me and I will lead you to the Abundant Life you

were meant to live so go forth my beloved with confidence and courage knowing that you are deeply loved

cherished and protected by me your everpresent health in times of trouble

walk in the Assurance of my promises for they are yes and amen and may your life

be a testament to my unfailing love and faithfulness shining brightly as a

Beacon of Hope and inspiration to all who encounter you open your heart wide

and Let My Words permeate every corner of your being embrace the truth that I

am with you always guiding you through the trials and tribulations of Life your

faith faith is the key that unlocks the door to my Abundant Blessings but your enemy seeks to extinguish it to rob you

of the joy and peace that come from walking in my light each morning as the sun rises a new make a conscious choice

to dedicate the first moments of your day to me approach me with a heart overflowing with gratitude acknowledging

that every blessing every breath is a manifestation of my boundless love for

you surrender your heart to me completely for in my hands your flaws are forgiven your sins washed clean and

your spirit renewed do not heed the voices of bitterness and despair instead

let the light of Hope and Faith illuminate your path even if others turn away know that I remain steadfastly by

your side a constant presence in your life I will never abandon you regardless

of the world’s judgment for in my eyes you are eternally cherished a beautiful

gentle and honest Soul deserving of love and grace disregard the idle chatter of

those who take pleasure in maligning others for their words hold no power over you rather than dwelling on their

negativity focus on seeking my face and longing for my words find solace in the

shelter of My Embrace where you can take refuge Under The Canopy of my boundless love remember that everything around you

the vast oceans the expansive Skies the Majestic mountains was crafted with

immense care and affection a testament to my enduring love for you while the

influence of the wicked may seem strong it is fleeting but your time is eternal

persevere do not lose heart continue to entreat you are on the verge of witnessing the depth of my love for you

I yearn for you to bask in the warmth of My Affection to be enveloped in the river of my spirit and to find

contentment in such Divine embrace your steadfast belief demonstrated daily

fills me with joy yet I observe your toil in worldly matters and despite your

steadfast Faith you claim busyness neglecting our communion your soul once

free from worries and fears now carries burdens I had already lifted I see that

without partaking in the Living Water I offer during our communion your spirit grows parched though you may not sense

it now or feel fine and steadfast in your faith I commend your journey along

the righteous path yet with time without that sacred thirst for my Divine Touch

you risk straying your faith is steadfast of this I am certain but now

is the moment to welcome my Holy Spirit to fill you a new I stand ready to Grant you a Divine and Supernatural power

elevating your faith to unprecedented Heights enabling you to perform Miracles beyond your current

experience long ago I promised you Greater Works than those witnessed in my time if this seems daunting now fret not

such Miracles stem not from your own strength but from a gift bestowed upon those who humbly kneel surrendering All

for Love fear not to entrust your dreams and aspirations unto my care for I watch

over you with a tenderness that surpasses Earthly understanding my Assurance to be everpresent in your life

is not fleeting but Eternal like a devoted parent I am there in every tear

shed in every moment of joy and in every instance of quiet contemplation even in the silence know

that I am by your side for I never forsake those who call upon my name

believe wholeheartedly for I am faithful to my promises rest assured that I will

fulfill every word spoken over your life thus understand that no obstacle no

adversity can thwart the divine plan set in motion for you for I am the master

orchestrator of all things I desire you to feel consoled allow the tears that

touch your heart to flow freely do not bear the weight of guilt imposed upon you by others ground your faith in my

assurances find your Tranquility in my pledges never let doubt seep into your

confidence that I am always by your side even in moments of solitude or when life’s adversities assail and wound you

pain serves as a reminder of Your vitality and with with each pain comes healing with each trial comes Triumph I

am here to mend you to comfort you to uplift you I repeatedly implore you not

to fear embedding my words in your Consciousness so that my voice resounds

boldly as you awaken each morning listen for me I am right beside you expressing

with profound tenderness my affection for you in your everyday life unforeseen

challenges will arise yet you will be fortified my strength resides within you

my grace is abundant and my assurances steadfastly assure you that I will never forsake you after the tempests in your

life subside a flood of Tranquility exaltation and vitality will rush in you

will rise tall embracing existence with an inner strength bestowed upon you by

my grace know that you are cherished and the days of adversity are drawing to a close when blessings Cascade into your

life recognize them as expressions of my boundless love through the chaos I have

been your guardian and amidst the desolate stretches I have sustained you dearest ones I have bestowed upon you a

sacred Mission a pivotal role in the unfolding of my divine plan on Earth

while some tasks may appear more conspicuous through Earthly eyes in my Divine Design each assignment I bestow

carries equal significance and Radiance just as every organ in the body contribut Utes indispensably to life

despite differing in function so too does every member of my body play an Irreplaceable part each reflecting a

facet of my glorious nature therefore do not underestimate or belittle the

purpose to which I have called you simply because it may differ from another’s calling rather recognize the

Eternal importance of even the most seemingly trivial and mundane tasks I have entrusted to your care could Moses

have led my people out of Egypt without the staff the symbol of authority that I placed in his hands could David have

triumphed over Goliath without the smooth Stones I ordained for his victory could the disciples have fed the hungry

crowds without the few Fish and Loaves that I multiplied through their offering

indeed the instruments may seem unrefined or ordinary but within them

lies a power of explosive magnitude when surrendered to my Divine will everything

align when you converse with me I do not ignore your prayers for each prayer you

utter I have a response for every pain you endure I possess a Divine cure

whether you perceive my presence or doubt it or attribute your troubles to my seeming absence and lack of Love have

just a bit more faith take that step make the effort to cast aside those Hollow thoughts and choose to believe in

the word you hear it is the anchor of your faith my promises are not fleeting or

forgotten they are fulfilled and come to fruition in those who trust in me

wholeheartedly I understand the challenges you face for life’s journey can be arduous at times despite starting

your day with words of divine love you may encounter unexpected trials that leave you feeling disheartened and weary

it pains me to see you endure moments when people turn away and cherished possessions slip from your grasp leaving

you feel feeling depleted and despondent by day’s end yet even in your moments of Doubt know that I hear your Silent Cries

and witness the tears you shed in solitude concealing your pain from the world but do not suppress your emotions

let them flow freely like a mighty River for in your tears lies a sacred release

a cleansing of the Soul these tears once shed will transform into precious jewels

symbols of your resilience and courage in the face of adversity I have a special blessing

reserved for your unwavering strength and determination a reward that awaits you beyond the trials you endure I offer

each and every one of you the profound freedom to choose life and Truth your heart’s gratitude reaches me and in

return I promise to bless you abundantly our bond is eternal therefore

hold firm in your faith and cast aside any fears that may try to take root in your heart pay no heed to those who seek

to condemn you for past mistakes for I have already forgiven those transgressions casting them into the

depths of the sea even now I am lifting the burdens that weigh heavily on your mind soothing the hidden Sorrows of your

heart and transforming your spirit endowing you with even greater bravery than

before arise with Newfound energy and approach life with fervent Zeal knowing

that the most profound blessings wait those who sincerely believe in me keep

my word near your humble heart and resist the corruption of power for True strength lies in righteousness and

humility know that the heavens Rejoice over your decision to welcome me into your life to heed my teachings and to

follow my commands because of your unwavering faith I am committed to restoring all

that has been lost to you walk forward with Assurance knowing that your fate is

safely cradled in my hands and that all your foes have been vanquished by the power of my love here is the divine

revelation for living the most abundant and fulfilling life imaginable believe

in me wholeheartedly I descended and sacrificed my very life to restore your

connection with the Divine now I implore you to place your unwavering trust in me

this simple Act is the gateway to experiencing unparalleled peace and prosperity amidst the chaos and

unpredictability of the world I beckon you to rely on my Divine Authority and

wisdom as stated in Proverbs a man’s heart plans his course but the

Lord directs his steps embrace the certainty that my plans for you are brimming with blessings and

opportunities for a future teeming with promise even in moments of confusion or

doubt my cherished child rest assured that my intentions for you are flawless

each Twist and Turn of your journey is meticulously crafted to lead you toward your ultimate Destiny by entrusting

yourself to me completely you release the burden of attempting to micromanage

every aspect of your existence just as I tenderly invite you in Matthew

come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest

allow me to shoulder the weight of your worries and guide you toward serenity

in moments of doubt and darkness when negativity threatens to engulf your mind remember this the promises I have made

to You Are Not Mere Illusions but truths waiting to be realized do not succumb to

The Whispers of fear that plague your thoughts for they are nothing but lies woven by those who seek to see you

falter you are not defined by their words your destiny is not in their hands

know that I see you understand you and love you more deeply than anyone else in this vast Universe it is my desire for

you to embrace the dreams I have planted within your soul my spirit resides

within you empowering you to overcome any obstacle that stands in your way do

not allow the mistakes of your past to hinder the blessings and abundance I have prepared for you today make the

choice to seek me wholeheartedly to immerse yourself in my truth and to draw strength from my words

I am here to Breathe new life into your dreams to reignite the flame of hope within you remember the sacrifice I made

for you enduring unimaginable pain so that you may have the opportunity to

embrace your blessings without hesitation let go of excuses and self-doubt for you are capable of

achieving greatness Beyond Your Wildest imagination trust in my guidance for it

will lead you to your true purpose turn away from the influences of of those who seek to undermine your journey and

embrace the path I have laid out for you in my presence you will find the clarity

and Direction you seek believe in yourself as I believe in you and together we will manifest the

extraordinary destiny that awaits you time alone cannot heal wounds only I can

bring complete healing leaving no Trace behind in the Journey of life you may

encounter trials that seem insurmountable but fear not for these trials




[Music] lead you to Greater wisdom trust in my

plans for you for they are plans for your good plans to prosper you and not to harm you I will grasp your hand and

prevent you from descending further I will rescue you and lift you up my love

for you runs deep embrace the vast blessings awaiting you with open arms

you are sheltered and shielded under my care every blessing you receive is a manifestation of my grace and affection

recognize this and express gratitude you will regain much of what you once lost

those estranged relatives of yours will reconsider acknowledging their faults it is commendable that you have

acknowledged your own wrongdoings and sought forgiveness it is beautiful that you have chosen to return to the

righteous path you never truly belong to the adversary despite their attempts to

derail your life and steal your joy and blessings I will reward your penitence

with my grace and compassion understand that you still have many fruitful years ahead of you

and it is essential to live them with purpose continue to seek wisdom from me

and fortify your faith in my assurances my promises guarantee that you will overcome opposing forces breach barriers

that obstruct your path and accomplish remarkable Feats at moments when it

seems you have reached the end you will witness my mighty hand parting the waters forging away through the

Wilderness and showering you with magnificent blessings approach me in prayer full of unwavering

faith and I will lovingly Grant the desires deeply rooted in your heart for

your fervent prayers are like sweet incense rising to the heavens drawing my attention depend on me completely

casting aside all fears and doubts for I am here ready to embrace you and provide

peace amidst these trials this is a test of your faith a refining fire that will

only strengthen your resolve and know that I am with you through it all my presence a constant source of strength

and comfort when you called out to me in desperation I listened attentively my

Divine ear attuned to your every cry rest assured my beloved that I am always

here ever patient waiting for the perfect moment to let my Holy Spirit speak to your heart guiding you along

the path of righteousness I am fully aware of your actions and your journey

intimately acquainted with every Twist and Turn even when your mind and senses suggest that all hope is lost and you

find yourself engulfed in the darkness of Despair know that my boundless love

will not permit your downfall your defeat shall not come to pass for I am

your everpresent help in times of trouble just as a radiant Diamond dazzles with its multitude of facets

each reflecting light from distinct angles so too through my people shimmering like precious gems across the

expans of the Earth the entirety of my Splendor is unveiled no solitary Soul can

encapsulate the fullness of my being as a vital component of this living Sanctuary constructed upon the steadfast

Foundation of Christ you are tasked with discovering your predestined role

intricately woven into the fabric of time as I meticulously sculpt Your

Existence into a singular manifestation of Divine Essence remain steadfast upon on The

Potter’s Wheel yielding to the necessary pressure required to Fashion a vessel

capable of containing the new wine embrace the process though it may entail

stretching and discomfort as I Envision the final Masterpiece I perceive the

hidden treasure nestled within the clay my Approach is both Vigilant and tender

Stern yet compassionate every facet of your being converges toward the

revelation of Eternal beauty within even as I chisel away at stubborn areas

of resistance yield to my hands as they mold refine and polish you amidst the

refining flames and I will endow you with fresh gifts expanded capacities

heightened Authority and greater influence when challenges become overwhelming seek Refuge under my care

refrain from engaging in feudal battles with your own strength I have imbued you with courage so that you may trust in my

word moving forward with Assurance knowing that my hand safeguards you

while Others May boast of power and abilities they lack place your trust and faith in

me by Faithfully adhering to my Commandments you will surpass all others

I understand completely that there will be moments when you stumble feel weary and hesitate to carry on the battle yet

it is precisely for those times that I came I sacrificed on the cross and I

rose again with strength and glory to uplift you in your trials to assist you always I am never far away when you call

out to me I will never turn away my attention whenever you need me I will never disregard you this is my pledge

and my bond it stands firm and I have not forgotten it reach out to me and I

will respond unveiling marvelous and extraordinary things beyond your imagination I am your omnipotent

forgiving and compassionate God begin in each of your days with me I await you

here it brings me great joy to demonstrate my love for you there are blessings in heaven reserved with your

name on them I understand the reasons behind my actions trust me completely

both in heaven and on Earth circumstances are aligning in your favor my beloved child rise up for you are

liberated break free from the confines of your mental prison today I shatter

every spiritual chain you are no longer captive to destructive habits or the

influences of those who wish you harm you are my treasured child deeply loved

my affection for you is boundless Beyond mortal comprehension a powerful Divine

energy renewing your faith today you will stand firm you will Ascend embrace

the blessings I lay before you with open arms you will hear my Whispers in your dreams sense my presence upon Awakening

and wherever you tread you will be filled with courage you will walk through fire and emerge unscathed even

amidst the stormy seas that seek to engulf you rise and move forward take

action now walk confidently upon the waves one step at a time keeping your

gaze fixed ahead never lose sight of your dreams the Glorious destination awaiting you behind you flows a river of

blessings Mighty and Unstoppable it carves through valleys levels mountains

uproots the Deep is Thorns breaks down barriers and unlocks doors these

blessings cannot be hindered wherever your journey leads my love will always surround you reaching the farthest

Corners where you will find my peace grace and favor never underestimate what

I can accomplish through a surrendered and willing vessel hence I implore you cease fixating on what you lack discard

excuses of timing or necessity instead invest diligence ly in what I have

already entrusted to you utilize your talents skills and resources to serve others remain

faithful in the small things and I shall Grant you stewardship over much

more sew your finances time and energy into my Kingdom’s work and watch His

blessings favor and abundance overflow Beyond Your Wildest imagination step

forward with courage not fear walk in wisdom not doubt move with boldness not

in hiding and now my beloved if you have Faithfully followed my word ad hearing

to my statutes and Commandments then I commend your unwavering commitment your

integrity of heart and purity of devotion have brought honor to my name through your words and actions by

prioritizing my kingdom over your own selfish desires the floodgates of Heaven

have swung open over your life showering you with blessings and increase from

every direction can you remember the starting point dear one some among you were once

in snared in Shadows Bound by the weight of transgressions clutching onto Shattered Dreams and Hollow hopes just a

few more steps and the rewards of your perseverance the fruits of your dedication will be yours to

savor I’m granting you such resilience that you’ll overcome any obstacle

triumphing over challenges and adversaries alike with confidence Ablaze and unwavering

determination you’ll witness the Fulfillment of your deepest desires unfold before you your faith that spark

of hope you ignite each morning fills me with joy through this Bond I’ll unveil

countless Marvels destined for your life know that I love you deeply and as you pause Envision the breathtaking future

that awaits you do not let fear dictate your journey nor trials dim your resolve

Embrace each challenge for in facing them with courage you display your unwavering trust in me your strength

fortified by my love knows no bounds I heal protect and sustain you ensuring

your needs are met and your efforts bear fruit abundantly in your moments of weakness

remember my love for you endures regardless of your imperfections together we navigate the

path of Life brimming with unexpected joys and triumphant victories your unwavering faith and radiant Spirit

illuminate the world around you inspiring all who cross your path beyond

the Wilderness The Crucible wherein you learn to draw sustenance solely from me

relinquishing Reliance on your own strength you emerge fortified liberated

a glow with my Radiance operate in opposition to the worldly ethos of

ambition vanity and avarice which clutch and accumulate my selfless Spirit

empowers you to pour out abundantly Unshackled by fear of scarcity indeed as

you give so shall you receive through generous sewing Bountiful harvests

abound enriching countless Souls thus my kingdom proliferates flourishing through

those who have traversed the furnace of refinement triumphing through trial and Truth being remolded in the likeness of

love and entrusted with Celestial Treasures to Steward my ceaseless outp

pouring into your being enables the River of Life to Cascade through you quenching the parched Barren Landscapes

of existence I summon you to embrace the vast expanses of purpose spanning

breadth length height and depth unfurling In Perpetual fulfillment refrain from comparisons

with others or from questioning the gifts I have bestowed upon them today as you absorb these words make a solemn vow

to revitalize your faith countless assault uncertainties tribulations and

Scorn may have dimmed your fervor return to the path of unwavering trust refresh your spirit with the

potency of my Divine word my desire is for your faith to radiate with vitality

and resilience so that amidst the abundance you acknowledge me your Divine

guide persist in fervent prayer for much remains unseen to your mortal eyes a

spiritual battle rages yet I will shout power you with blessings however there are formidable obstacles to surmount

your Victory hinges on your faith perseverance steadfastness and dedication to prayer seek me in the

daylight beseech me in the night and commit to interceding for others your seasons are shifting and my gaze scans

the world searching for courageous Souls like yours Miracles will materialize in

and through you as you become a conduit of sustenance comfort healing and

blessings for many as you bestow blessings upon others you too will receive abundant favor in this era of

Miracles stand firm and Resolute release your burdens embrace my presence and

rekindle your faith the blessings poised to overflow into your life are a

testament to my favor upon you as long as you hold fast to and treasure my word

those who seek to see you brought low will be left dumbfounded by the miraculous wonders of I shall perform on

your behalf in the days ahead I will lift your spirits wipe away your tears

and fill your soul with an abiding peace prepare yourself to be filled with uncontainable joy come engage daily with

the promises I have laid before you open your heart to the wisdom of my scriptures sit in Stillness absorb the

words and nourish your hungry Soul feel the tremendous strength that I am

infusing within you some sometimes you may find yourself gazing upwards seeking

a sign from the heavens but I urge you to look straight ahead for I am already

answering your prayers and petitions I am granting you the desires of your heart according to my perfect will so

that you may truly flourish and your life may overflow with freedom and prosperity the abundance I pour into

your life will not be tainted by sorrow there will be no need for you to ACR debts or mortgage your future no force

on Earth can strip away or steal what I bestow upon you refrain from viewing yourself as unworthy or feeling

undeserving of the blessings I’m pouring into your life they are yours to

embrace I give them to you out of my boundless love for you and my desire to

Lavish blessings upon you receive strength for the journey ahead do not

fear the path that is unknown or untried for though it may seem unfamiliar and daunting I will cause possibility to

bloom even in the barren places though the road ahead may appear uncertain I am

unveiling Divine connections and networks of fellow Kingdom companions who will surround and uplift you the

loneliness that lingers from past rejection and betrayal will vanish in the warmth of affection for I am

reuniting what belongs together I am restoring relationships that are essential to your life’s purpose faces

of family tribe and Community will be revealed to you you will Journey with love overcoming offenses mending

Brokenness tearing down walls of pretense and fostering genuine connections true kinship will form as

you work together toward a shared goal amen I am the originator and

architect of Faith the confidence that what you eagerly await will come to pass

the assurance that what you cannot yet perceive will be yours with this Faith

you will confront and conquer you will stand tall against all adversaries and

overcome them pay no attention to those who diminish you thinking they can easily Crush you with a mere touch they

fail to comprehend unable to grasp that even if they witness it they will refuse

to believe your parent is the architect of the cosmos and I am prepared to Shield

you from anyone who seeks to harm you and trample your faith you will Triumph

even in moments of weakness even when you lack the resources and means to confront those who consider themselves

Mighty I am your Defender your Refuge your Champion therefore rise with

unwavering resolve for when you grasp my hand you possess far greater strength

than you realize I bestow upon you the power and ability to protect the innocent I pour this sacred anointing

oil upon your life infusing you with bravery you have the faith to overcome

ailments with my name upon your lip lips the legions of your adversaries will scatter before you arise beloved child

Embrace this Divine love stand firm accept my gifts and favors I will place

the crown of Triumph upon your brow today I declare that none of your

heartfelt prayers will be left unheard no plea is too Grand no whisper too

faint no dream too distant for me to heed I stand ready to respond showering

you with blessings that will uplift and strengthen you my commitment to your well-being knows no bounds resist the

temptation to mirror the negativity of others or to murmur if answers seem delayed instead cultivate trust and fix

your Gaze on the essential facets of your journey you possess The Gift of

Life the Embrace of family and amidst trials you hold the greatest treasure

your connection to me and your unwavering Faith perhaps now as the moment for decisive action surrender to

me your aspirations your essence your virtues your vices and your

vulnerabilities if you truly love me I challenge you to Pledge Your Allegiance nurture your soul with my presence and

set a noble aim let only goodness and Beauty flow from your lips though provocations may arise prompting

unintended words resolve to transform your heart your destiny your relationships and your finances

boundless blessings await and your prayers hold the key to unlocking profound Transformations and miraculous

Marvels in your life Embrace this steadfast faith and as

you enter my presence each day with humility eager to listen and learn I pledge to shower you with boundless

blessings I understand that your desires extend beyond material wealth your heart

yearns for blessings and safeguarding over your loved ones trust that I will grant you this and Beyond I am preparing

you for the unveiling of New Opportunities beckoning you to step forth without fear for even now

miraculous wonders are unfurling in your midst new companions will cross your

path bearing opportunities hither to unseen the trials that arise when met

with your faith and patience shall metamorphose into blessings ushering in tranquility and abundance into your

Abode the most precious gifts all already reside within your grasp for you

are enveloped in my unwavering love entrust your path to me and allow me to

guide you towards your utmost fulfillment seek my guidance in prayer

each morning open your heart to the wisdom of my word and immerse yourself in the light of my truth in the

sanctuary of my presence you discover Solace amidst life’s tumult here within this sacred Refuge

your dwelling becomes a Sanctuary for Solace and renewal your moments spent

with me are not squandered each instant in my presence blossoms into a wealth of

blessings love me wholeheartedly with every fiber of your being and cast aside

thoughts that weigh heavy on your soul in these turbulent times where fear

grips Nations families falter and love appears to Wayne seek Refuge beneath my

protective Embrace so meditate on these words and until their meaning becomes Crystal

Clear follow my guidance immerse yourself in my teachings and move

forward with purpose it is time for your faith to ignite to grow stronger and to

accelerate the plan I have for you requires letting go of past defeats and guilt choose to persevere to fight each

day and to disregard the criticisms and attacks of others forgive press on leave

the past behind and progress my words will shield you and your faith will be

your strength I will help you navigate through any challenges you encounter resolve to endure for I give you the

strength to persist remember I am your Shepherd your provider I know your needs

and will supply all that you lack and more affirm with your words and your whole heart that you will continue to

strive to live to believe do not be troubled by distressing news I

understand the purpose behind my actions I hold ultimate Authority with my power

I can calm storms part Seas enable you to walk on tumultuous Waters heal your

body from sickness and comfort your soul I collect your tears when the world inflicts pain and suffering upon you

find Solace love and faith in your belief my presence will surround you once more filling you with love and

peace in times of Despair shielded from life’s tempests you shall not falter beneath its trials in my Pres presence

your spirit finds restoration your faith ignites a new and negativity dissipates

like Morning Mist turn away from the cynicism propagated by those who stray

from my path do not be swayed by the Allure of easy success or the neglect of

the needy instead extend a hand to the hungry quench The Thirst of the parched

and offer Solus to those shrouded in solitude invest in the richness of Life

beginning with your kin fear not scarcity for your Provisions shall overflow and the fruits of your

labor and creativity shall flourish abundantly when you grant me preeminence in your life honoring my word with

Integrity asue falsehood and deception you are called to dwell above the realm

of wrongdoing steering clear of those who beckon toward malice and Mischief my beloved child I yearn for

the rightful place within your heart offer me nothing less than your unwaver in faith trust sincerity and unyielding

devotion embrace the certainty of my promise if you have already glimpsed blessings prepare for an even greater

abundance such is the reward for those steadfastly dedicated to my cause amen

this juncture in your journey holds profound significance it demands your utmost attention and reflection upon the

path ahead shun the company of those who seek to undermine your faith entrust

their disposition to me for I alone comprehend the intricacies of their hearts and the course of action required

direct your gaze towards the horizon for it is my Divine will that you emerge as

a beacon of Triumph honor abundance and contentment I implore you to seow Seeds

of Love and reap the Bountiful Harvest of joy and prosperity I have bestowed

upon you the extraordinary Gifts of compassion forgiveness and the unwavering Embrace of my

teachings demonstrate my boundless love to your family through your Deeds for your hands possess the power to touch

countless lives and Kindle the Flames of Hope in Myriad Hearts I am amplifying

your faith to unprecedented Heights and if need be I shall personally remind you each day to keep your focus steadfastly

fixed upon me as I alleviate your burdens mend the wounds of your heart

and orchestrate a profound transformation with within your being you shall bear witness to my unwavering

support and guidance in all your endeavors walk with me in love I am your steadfast guardian and protector true

trust is an act of profound surrender and I recognize that relinquishing control can feel daunting at times yet

understand that trust is not blind it is rooted in the unshakable Assurance of my unwavering goodness and Grace throughout

your journey you will undoubtedly encounter trouble trials and tribulations there will be moments when

the burdens you bear seem insurmountable and the tempests of Life threaten to engulf you nevertheless know that every

obstacle you face every tear you shed and every sacrifice you make serves a Divine Purpose each adversity you

overcome serves to mold and fortify your character imbuing you with resilience

confidence and wisdom trust does not guarantee immunity from life’s

challenges rather it instills within you a profound conviction that I am by your side

guiding and supporting you every step of the way as proclaimed in Isaiah fear

not for I am with you be not disad for I am your God I will strengthen you I will

help you I will uphold you with my righteous right hand embrace the assurance that my

presence is the beacon of light that dispels darkness and the unwavering source of strength that sustains you you

through every trial and Triumph I adore you and today I Infuse you with courage

dispelling your fears and strengthening your spirit your journey is not in vain

Beyond this present struggle awaits a rich reward I Endeavor to reshape your self-perception you are of immeasurable

Worth to me regardless of past victories or defeats my love for you deepens with

each passing day and all you have endured prepares you for the Divine Purpose I have ordained for you and your

loved ones release your gaze from the perceived imperfections in those dear to

your heart know this change is inevitable and they will blossom in wisdom stature and spiritual depth the

individuals you behold today are but transient beings in the span of mere months I shall orchestrate their

transformation maintain unwavering faith in your prayers for this journey has a destined conclusion within your

household serenity unity and joy shall once again reign

supreme yet I urge you to entrust your worries petitions and fears to me

foremost do not permit anger to rob you of the long- awaited joy that awaits let

not words of harm Escape your lips nor compare your loved ones to others while

upholding the principles and precepts within your home let not your voice be raised in

indignation never resort to demeaning another the kingdom of of God first

expands within you before it manifests outwardly transforming Hearts Reviving

prejudices and shaping culture and Society therefore cherish your heart as

my garden nurturing it with wisdom and Revelation refuse to entertain words

that abort promise and hinder Destiny distance yourself from those who ridicule your Awakening or dampen your

fiery Vision protect and nurture the stirring of reformation growing within you for you are called to Pioneer new

territories and explore Uncharted Realms even the angels eagerly anticipate the

unveiling of my manifold wisdom through your journey do not seek an easier path

or lesser responsibilities instead embrace the challenge with confidence

knowing that I have equipped you with innate strength and character I believe in you my beloved rise to embrace this

Noble calling with courage and determination the generation of rival Bears witness to the triumphant arrival

of the Lion of Judah whose Reign knows no bounds before your very eyes this

desolate land of Shattered Dreams dashed hopes and unfulfilled promises shall

awaken to New Life new birth and new beginnings Heaven’s boundless resources

await Earthly vessels to Steward them embrace your destiny as a tree planted by Living Waters bearing fruit in due

season with Evergreen leaves Lees and Roots tapping into hidden reserves unshaken by drought or storm the

lifegiving sap of Christ flows through you rejuvenating all that is decayed and

diseased arise and shine my beloved child for the glory of the Lord is

rising upon you in waves of ever increasing Brilliance open your eyes and

witness the Wonders I am unfolding before you raise your voice in joyful Proclamation for the king and his

radiant Majesty draw near do you perceive it my child the stirring of

Hope The Awakening of Dreams the unveiling of divine Destiny this is the appointed time this is the hour the

world once asleep now stirs to wakefulness its eyes opening to the dawn of a new era be a part of this Grand

Revelation a Herald of my love and Kingdom for in you and through you the wonders of my grace are revealed to the

world your love for me has captured my heart and attend ition and I shower you with my abundant favor and Grace

continue to trust in me my child and know that I am working all things together for your good your faithfulness

has not gone unnoticed and I will reward you openly for your dedication and obedience walk boldly in the knowledge

of my love for you and let nothing shake your confidence for you are destined for greatness In My Kingdom trust in me

wholeheartedly and with Simplicity for your destiny is under my care

and I will protect you from those who seek to harm you let not shame touch you

for it is decreed that the light of my Holy Spirit Will illuminate your path those who persecute you unjustly shall

find themselves distanced from my forgiveness their deceitful ways leading to their downfall but fear not for you

shall Thrive like a lush tree planted by nourishing streams and your family shall bear plentiful

fruit others will look upon you and take inspir ation across Generations I will

bestow upon you my abundant goodness enveloping you with my presence seek me

each morning and let not worldly distractions Veer you away from the source of your blessings our bond is

cemented by my grace My Sacrifice your loyalty and your faith through the power

of my resurrection and your Brave choice to believe even in the Unseen I will

make my presence known to you in extraordin Ary ways this profound presence you feel today will never leave

you I have decreed unbreakable promises for you abundant provision release from

debt Supernatural wisdom and blessings specifically designed for you and your family the Divine inheritance that

rightfully belongs to you is no coincidence I loved you even before your birth and I have orchestrated many

wonderful things for you foremost among them my eternal love I I loved you when

you felt distant and I continued to love you when you returned to me if you fear

that I become angry and distance myself from you because of occasional mistakes

you are mistaken your errors do not intimidate me I will not cast you aside

for your sins when you come to me burdened with regret and confession speaking truthfully I know that you love

me even amidst your failings I understand your heart and your motivations I cherish your honesty no

one can deceive me while some may parade their supposed righteousness using it as

a shield to condemn those who stray from their beliefs you stand apart from such judgment and arrogance your spirit

radiates gentleness your demeanor exudes kindness and your mind Harbors only

Purity even in moments of faltering your resolve remains unshaken your faith

unwavering never allow the judgments of Mortals to overshadow your path for none

hold the authority to cast stones upon you before administering discipline within your family Circle first find

Solace within yourself take moments to Center your being inviting me to grasp

your hand and Infuse your spirit with Divine encouragement I shall illuminate your

path to guide your loved ones with tender affection From Dawn till Dusk and even as you Slumber I shall remain by

your side Whispering through my word so that your dreams may be adorned with the

Magnificent plans I have woven for you arise with joy and boundless fortitude

Traverse each trial with Tranquility assured that no burden shall overwhelm you beyond endurance even in your

weakest moments know that you possess the strength to persevere for victory is already inscribed in your destiny Stand

Tall March forth without tears or grievances for I am your steadfast companion ever present in your journey

do not fall into the Trap of comparing yourself to others believing that you have been given too little my

distribution of resources is not a reflection of your value or worth in my eyes you are fully known and deeply

cherished do not hide the talents I have given you out of fear instead use them

to glorify me and serve others Faithfully you might find yourself whispering in doubt if only God wished

to grace me with financial abundance surely it would have been bestowed upon me by now if he intended for me to make

a significant impact I would already possess the means if only my talents

were truly remarkable surely doors would have swung open effortlessly but my cherished one the

Crux of the matter lies not in what I have bestowed upon you but rather in how you have chosen to Steward it you’ve

hesitated to invest boldly and wisely clutching tightly to your gifts and instead of sewing them generously

expecting a Bountiful Harvest remember seeds Thrive only when planted in

fertile soil and nurtured with care do not discount The Power Within you simply

because it seems inconspicuous or ordinary in the eyes of the world I once

brought Liberation to an entire nation through a humble Shepherd armed with a staff and a sling through the hands of a

young orphan girl I transformed a meager offering of Loaves and fish into a feast

that fed thousands place your trust unreservedly in my word for it is the Bedrock upon which your faith is

anchored no weapon formed against you shall prosper whether it be the trials of daylight or the Shadows of the Night

the decree of Eternity rests upon you immutable and inviolable embrace it with

confidence for when I beckon when I command when I bid you to LEAP do so without hesitation knowing that I await

to catch you in the loving Embrace of my arms May the profound peace that defies human understanding envelop your heart

and mind in the Embrace of Christ love trust in me for I am the god who remains

steadfast in every circumstance and my love for you endures for all eternity

amen let my word be a Beacon of Hope in your soul Illuminating the path of

righteousness and filling you with unwavering strength root your life in obedience to my will and watch as your

dreams unfold before your very eyes but be vigilant for the enemy prowls seeking

to lead you astray hold fast to our sacred connection for in neglecting it you risk losing your way and succumbing

to The Temptations of the world know that my love for you knows no bounds it

is patient it is kind and it is Everlasting though you may not yet

comprehend the depths of my affection trust that I am working tirelessly on your behalf or crating Miracles that

defy human understanding when tears threaten to overwhelm you shed them

freely for I collect each one as a precious offering lightening the burdens that weigh heavy on your soul be still

and know that I am God and in the quietude of your heart you will hear my voice speaking words of love and

affirmation every prayer uttered in faith is met with a Divine response and

every trial you face is an opportunity for me to demonstrate my my unwavering faithfulness even in moments of doubt

and despair cling to the promise of my unfailing love for it is the Bedrock

upon which your faith is built through the Journey may be frought with obstacles and

uncertainties trust that I am everpresent guiding you with a steedy hand when the storms rage and the winds

howl hold fast to the assurance that I am with you my beloved child now and forever more hold fast to these words as

your anchor interp turbulent Seas for I am inscribing them upon your heart

imprinting them deeply within your being you will find solace in the promises they hold Awakening each morning with a

fervent desire to commune with me in prayer reaffirming your commitment to our sacred Bond trust in the eternal

love that surrounds you even amidst Chows and uncertainty for I am ever

presentes a constant companion in your journey through life regardless of the

challenges you face be it opposition from unbelievers rejection from loved ones or the tumult of the world around

you know that my love for you surpasses all cling tightly to these truths for

they are your Assurance of victory over doubt and despair but beware the

Insidious Whispers of disbelief for they threaten to engulf you in darkness if you let them take root in your heart so

stand firm in your faith dear one and let the light of my love guide you through the darkest of nights together

we will weather every storm and you will emerge stronger braver and more resilient than ever before trust in my

promises for they are the foundation upon which your Triumph is assured the way you interact with others especially

your loved ones serves as a testament to my power and boundless love showcasing

the incredible Transformations I can bring to those who open their hearts to me know that every challenge you face

has a purpose and there’s no need to be afraid or shaken in spirit continue

along your journey with steadfast determination for I am always by your side showering you with love peace

patience and Inner Strength I Infuse joy and serenity into your life touching

your heart with my mighty hand Embrace this message with love and let it bring a smile to your face knowing that I your

God and everpresent Father am God guiding you every step of the way no matter where you find yourself I am

committed to making you even braver than you already are dispelling the fears and

doubts that sometimes hold you back in the Heavenly Realms a spiritual

battle rages for your life and the well-being of your family therefore I am

strengthening and shaping you into a person of unwavering resolve and determination those around you will see

the authority I have bestowed upon you stand firm in the face of Storms and do

not Retreat when challenges arise trust in me when you pray and approach my

presence with reverence and confidence knowing that I am ready to answer your deepest

needs do you perceive it Beloved the restoration unfolding across the Earth

through yielded vessels broken yet willing a magnificent Testament to the transformative power of my love

fashioning beauty from ashes and redeeming Brokenness no no one stands beyond the reach of my transformative

touch no circumstance is too Bleak for the life-giving power of my resurrection

to penetrate and regenerate therefore lift your hands in Holiness to receive

the Abundant outpouring of Heaven’s blessings flowing through purified conduits let your light shine so

brightly that it pierces through the darkness igniting renewed hope in the hearts of those around

you walk in step with my spirit serving as a channel for resurrection power

dismantling corruption and deception and bringing forth order and Alignment wherever you go speak words that breathe

Life vision identity affirmation Destiny purpose joy and promise root out

thoughts and beliefs entangled with hopelessness and powerlessness clearing the mental soil for seeds of greatness

to flourish reject victim mentalities that feed Darkness confine freedom and

limit your inheritance take ownership of your role as a guardian of the atmosphere through your thoughts

attitudes and declarations what you tolerate or Overlook will gain influence but when

you align with truth light floods in swiftly release your worries and fears into my care for I am here to shoulder

your burdens trust me with your thoughts and your heart and watch as I calm the storms that rage within you do not allow

despair to lead you astray instead anchor yourself in the steadfastness of my love who voice will

you heed in times of trouble will you listen to The Whispers of defeat or will you tune your ear to the loving words I

speak over you you need not walk in darkness for I am the light that guides your path feel my spirit enveloping you

offering comfort and reassurance wherever you may find yourself it is no coincidence that you are receiving this

message I have seen the struggles weighing heavy on your heart and I am here to offer you peace though you may

have faced adversaries and endured pain know that I am here to rescue you from despair I long to shelter you beneath my

wings and cradle You In My Embrace open your heart to me and let my love wash

over you like a gentle tide listen closely to my words for they are a Lifeline in the midst of the storm do

not allow doubt to Cloud your judgment instead place your trust in me and watch as I turn your trial into triumphs your

suffering is not a punishment for me rather it is an opportunity for you to

draw closer to my love and grace my affection for you knows no bounds

transcending time and space reaching into the depths of your soul with an unwavering

Embrace I stand ready to uplift you from the depths of Despair to mend the fractures of failure and to guide you

into the radiant Dawn of Hope though weariness May weigh upon your spirit and and The Echoes of pain linger in your

heart I beckon you to rise to take hold of Faith’s outstretched hand for therein

lies the gateway to miraculous transformation with each tentative step

infused with the essence of Faith you shall find Newfound strength and

wholeness Stand Tall for the Winds of Change whisper Promises of a brighter tomorrow where the shadows of yesterday

fade in the light of my boundless love for in me you find not only Solace but

the very essence of renewal though sorrow May Cloud your vision and sadness shroud your days Let My Words Be a

beacon of light Illuminating the path to Inner Peace boundless joy and unwavering

Faith let the tender caress of my love soothe your weary Soul washing away the

scars of yester years heralding the dawn of a new era filled with restoration and

abundance surrendering your plans into my hands is not an act of weakness but a powerful demonstr ation of Faith as

stated in Jeremiah for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord

plans for welfare and not for evil to give you a future and a hope Embrace this truth with confidence

knowing that the plans I have crafted for you are brimming with love and purpose every day walk in unwavering

Faith trusting in me wholeheartedly even when challenges arise do not falter for

your greatest blessing blessings are just beyond the threshold of your current circumstances stand firm and courageous

as the manifestation of the best awaits you keep your spirit open and receptive

believing that all things will unfold in their perfect time I shower upon you my

boundless love and peace assuring you of my constant presence guidance and support I am your unwavering anchor

Faithfully caring for you and strengthening the bonds of your family know that you hold within you the power

that created the universe and I affirm again I am with you stand firm against

all adversities and the onslaughts of your foes refuse to let others diminish

your worth reject violence Safeguard your children and be cautious of those

who speak sweetly but intend to disrupt your family I have positioned Angels

around you to protect you from harm however it is crucial for you to play your part in times of trial remember

that your faith is your strongest armor and your trust in me is your greatest weapon let it guide you through the

darkest of nights and the fiercest of storms for I have not given you a spirit

of fear but of power love and a sound mind as you walk in this truth know that

I walk beside you empowering you to overcome every obstacle and to emerge

Victorious therefore hold fast to hope for it is the anchor of your your soul

let your heart be filled with gratitude for all that I have done and all that I am yet to do trust in my timing for I

make all things beautiful in their time and as you continue to trust in me

wholeheartedly and with Simplicity you will witness the unfolding of miracles in your life beyond what you can ask or

imagine now is the time to UST yourself completely to me releasing all emotions

that weigh you down and Lead You astray let go of the anxieties that cloud your vision and stir unrest within your soul

though you may have endured trials and suffered in me your pain Finds Its resolution my love for you is

immeasurable even when its depths may be difficult for you to comprehend you are a precious treasure

purchased by the sacrifice of my own blood surrender to my love and experience the fullness of my grace I

urge you to place your trust in my unfailing love even in the midst of of Life storms as stated in Romans and we

know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose

rest assured that even the most trying moments will ultimately serve your highest good trust in me my beloved child and

hold fast to my promises for they are not empty assurances of fleeting happiness as your heavenly father I have

cherished you from the very moment of your conception embrace my love and let

it guide you through every step of your journey feel free to pour out your heart to me confide in me and articulate your

needs for I am your faithful companion always attentive to your every whisper

my ears are attuned to your voice at all times sit and Converse with me use your

own words to convey your thoughts aspirations and the depths of your soul express your emotions for communion with

me brings Solace to your spirit and tranquility to your mind in voicing your emotions you activate your faith setting

the stage for miracles to unfold today is the day to unburden your heart to me

and also to listen for my response I do not sit in judgment chastise or dwell on

past mistakes my spirit speaks softly to you reaffirming my boundless love

eagerly anticipating each morning for you to awaken and express your need for me and your love for me your words of

love echo through the heavens reaching my Throne like the gentle glow of the morning sun in your worship you find

Solace and in your praise you find strength know that my presence surrounds

you enveloping you in love and protection especially in the midst of life’s trials I am not a distant deity

withholding blessings from those who seek me no I am a god of abundance ready

to bestow every good thing upon you your prayers do not fall on deaf ears rther

they are swiftly answered wrapped in the warmth of my love throughout the ages I have whispered words of Solace and

reassurance urging you to embrace peace and confidence understand that allowing

anxieties to reign supreme in your mind can inflict not only harm upon your well-being but also upon those you hold

dear when troubling Tidings assail your faith and trust resist the temptation to

succumb to defeat and dis rest assured my beloved for my

countenance Bears no wrath nor does it Harbor thoughts of Retribution your trials and tribulations

Shall Serve as The Crucible through which I shall mold and refine you transmuting adversity into opportunities

for growth and transformation therefore banish all traces of fear and approach me without

reservation I yearn to impart unto you my Divine wisdom to illuminate the path before you and

guide you towards the Fulfillment of your highest Destiny in this pivotal juncture of your journey let not the

sands of time slip through your fingers in idle Pursuits be Discerning in your

associations shunning the company of those who seek to belittle your faith and deride your

aspirations entrust their judgment to my omniscient Providence for I possess the

power to touch their hearts and redirect their intentions according to my Divine will I have bestowed upon you unique

gifts talents and capabilities designed for your Divine Purpose wield them with

audacity and conviction assured of my guidance in directing your steps do not

measure yourself against others each individual occupies a distinctive place within my body entrusted with a task to

execute with Zeal and Excellence witness the Wonders I shall perform through your

faith stewardship of the blessings I have entrusted to you do you wrestle

with feelings of inadequacy insecurity or fear of failure I am meticulously

attending to every detail concerning you remain receptive modest and yielded in

due season I will endow you with extraordinary strength for Now comments from where you stand with the resources

presently at your disposal Embark upon the depths at my beckoning fret not over

the means of provision or the removal of hindrances my ways transcend yours and

my timing Reigns Supreme overall I am orchestrating magnificent blessings

breakthroughs and favor in your life far beyond what you could ever achieve on your own rest assured today free from

fear and anxiety do not let present challenges overwhelm you as if I am not

right beside you in this Valley ready to lift you up have I not assured you of my unwavering presence promising to never

abandon you do not waver in your resolve even when weariness weighs upon your

hands and tears Cloud your vision your triumphant return bearing the fruits of

your struggles is imminent though you may not fully grasp it now surrender is

not an option you entertain your destiny is within my hands but your unwavering

faith is the key that unlocks the floodgates of blessings upon your life take heed of my guidance seek me out

today and allow my spirit to permeate your being find solace in my presence

and align your thoughts with my divine plan focus on what truly matters your

relationship with me your family your dreams and the mission I have entrusted to you Let My Words resonate within you

for my love for you knows no bounds rest assured I will not allow harm to befall

you or let the blessings I have bestowed upon you go to waste even when doubt

creeps sin and you question the worthiness of your struggles remember that I hold the final Authority you may

grapple with emotions and doubts but in the end victory is yours to claim my

love for you is so profound that it transcends human understanding simply embrace it accept it with faith and feel

its warmth in the days ahead I will manifest my presence to you in extraordinary ways rest assured nothing

will be lacking for I have promised I am your provider ever Vigilant of your circumstances and needs do not dwell on

the challenges you currently face close your eyes and draw upon my teachings let

peace and Tranquility flood your mind and heart there are countless opportunities around you waiting for

your bold action approach these doors with determination and confidence fear not for I will guide your words as you

speak today make the choice to move forward on your journey do not let fear

paralyze you as you take steps forward the heavens will open for you I will

shower you with Abundant Blessings beyond what you anticipate you will find Freedom from debt and financial burdens

receiving more than you imagined enabling you to share give bless and

invest your Harvest will be plentiful starting now and continuing into the future every day every month every year

the Resonance of bold declarations Echoes across realms responding to those who carry the noble Heritage of a son or

daughter of the king therefore stand firm in the identity I have fashioned

for you use your words wisely to shape the world around you govern over unruly

thoughts emotions and desires that seek to consume you let the flame ignited

upon the altars of Awakening fan The Embers of your vision tenderly nurturing the fires within your heart amidst the

storms of adversity know that I am setting Ablaze cities regions and Nations for Rapid

transformation even now the Wildfire of Awakening spreads will you catch the flame and carry the torch of Revolution

to those dark Corners waiting to be ignited I summon the fiery Souls who will not falter who will proclaim the

gospel of peace while dismantling Injustice who will walk in Purity while confronting corruption waging a

non-violent war of love proclaiming freedom for the captives and exchanging Beauty for Ashes joy for mourning align

your priorities with the reality of Eternity allow my passion for awakening

to grip your soul and let my promises stir within you a fierce courage to

break free from the cages of limitation and reclaim cities and Nations for their

intended purpose they are meant to be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord just as the waters cover the

sea today I want to assure you that you’re never alone on this journey I am here always ready to listen and respond

to your every need however there are moments when I ask you to take that first step to show me your Act of Faith

don’t let negativity or misguided advice from others deter you ahead lies a

future brimming with blessings a testament to your perseverance through struggles I promise a Crown of Life and

success not just for you but for your entire family all I ask in return my cherished child

is for your wholehearted commitment and unwavering focus on my path keep your

eyes fixed ahead and don’t let the words of others drag you down into despair if

you find yourself feeling trapped today overwhelmed by the weight of your burdens remember that I am here for you

I bring a miracle for your deepest discouragement offering healing and relief as you listen to my voice release

your burdens to me confess your sins share your pains and hold fast to my

promises if you choose to believe in me surrendering your heart and turning away from your faults I will lift those heavy

burdens from your shoulders setting you free this promise is yours for eternity

and the matters that weigh heavily on your heart are in my capable hands trust in me find peace in my promises and rest

assured that all will be resolved in due time keep your gaze steadfast upon me

and together we shall a path through every Wilderness dismantling every Fortress that dares to oppose us my

light within you shall pierce the deepest darkness and my glory radiating through you shall blanket the Earth as

sunlight breaks through the clouds refuse to settle for the mundane when I have fashioned you for magnificence do

not allow the regrets and Sorrows of past failures to impede the birthing of my Divine Purpose within you today

Behold a new era is on the verge of dawn teeming with fresh gifts to Steward

Uncharted territories to explore and souls to touch if you wish to soar

higher and shine brighter do not cast longing glances behind you maintain your

Covenant with me walking in the Purity and sanctity of heart let the pursuit of

my kingdom be your Supreme ambition and as you rely wholly upon me I will Propel

You from One Triumph to the next until every task ordained by my hand is

accomplished I heard your desperate cries of uncertainty and that’s why I am here urging you to surrender everything

to me and trust trust trust doors will open storms will pass Victory will be

yours and blessings will overflow fear not for I am here to support and guide

you do not lose heart for my love for you knows no bounds move forward with

courage knowing that I am with you every step of the way provide guiding you with the strength and wisdom needed to

overcome any trial under my protective Wing you will find shelter from Every

Storm safe from the reach of any enemy trust in me and together we will

navigate through life’s challenges towards a brighter tomorrow in moments of weariness I shall be your steadfast

companion uplifting and comforting you with the boundless depth of my love when

burdens weigh heavy upon your heart and secrets threaten to overwhelm your soul turn to me without

hesitation know that in my presence there is no judgment no condemnation

your confessions find Refuge within the sanctuary of my divine grace for I

willingly laid down my life to offer you forgiveness and Liberation from the shackles of worry stress and fear this

treasured gift is not for the proud nor for those who seek validation or accolades from others I seek a humble

heart one unburdened by Vanity or the desire for Earthly praise I seek a

servant devoted to me with sincerity unswayed by human Acclaim or titles I

seek one who shuns alliances with deceivers posing as bearers of light I

Seek You for in you I find a heart ripe for transformation come walk Barefoot along

the riverbank feel the cool Embrace of its Waters as they cleanse your spirit

washing away thoughts of defeat and impurity Surrender Your Heart to me and

as my Holy Spirit descends upon you you will be empowered transformed your very

essence infused with Divine strength you will conquer your fears my blessings

will Grace your home radiating from within you to envelop all you hold dear

listen closely and take courage Your challenges hold meaning your perseverance is not in vain every prayer

every tear every moment of endurance will yield a magnificent Harvest blossoming into blessings beyond measure

the transformation of your family is inevitable do not doubt or despair soon

you will witness it unfolding before your eyes as you turn your gaze heavenward know that I stand poised to

unleash a torrent of blessings upon you raining down from the celestial Realms to nourish and sustain your spirit walk

forth with confidence knowing that I your heavenly father walk alongside you

infusing every moment with purpose and meaning Embrace with fervor the call to

obedience for therein lies the key to unlocking the treasures of Heaven let

not doubt nor shame Cloud your faith for in believing you shall witness wonders

beyond measure unfold before your very eyes anticipate with baited breath the

extraordinary Miracles that await for in the midst of uncertainty I shall weave a

tapestry of Divine Providence turning sorrow into joy and despair into hope

Everlasting so let your heart be filled with anticipation for the dawn of a new

day is up you radiant with the promise of my boundless love in times of

prosperity or adversity pray pray in moments of Jubilation and gladness but

also in times of turmoil and confusion speaking to me is not burdensome it is

an Act of Faith daringly believe wherever you find yourself cry out out

to me and I will respond when you come to commune with me you will feel the Embrace of my Holy Spirit and I will not

release you until I sense your heart has found peace I will not allow you to Traverse life’s paths consumed by fear

and despondency I will knock on the door of your soul each Dawn I urge you to awaken

early while the world around you still sleeps so that in the quiet of your room On Bended Knees you may embark on your

day with unwavering Faith approach me with both boldness for I am here arms

open wide ready to embrace you I cherish your genuine and humble approach your

Readiness to seek my guidance in even the smallest matters of your life do not hesitate to present your needs before me

your prayers hold immense significance and are inherently beautiful you have

rightly discerned what truly holds value your heart is not captivated by Earthly riches or fleeting Pleasures I heard the

cries of your heart echoing my God where are you I witnessed the silent tears you

shed in solitude hiding your pain and fear from others but now I urge you to let those emotions flow freely shout cry

out loud let your tears Cascade like a mighty River they will wash away your

Sorrows ascending like fountains to reach me above I embrace them

sanctifying each precious tear one day you will see how those tears have

transformed into glistening diamonds jewels and treasures accumulated over time love resides here a deep and

unwavering affection for you my patience with you is infinite even if you cannot fully grasp it yet soon you will witness

firsthand how deeply I cherish those I love and you are cherished deeply by me

what will I do for you I will achieve the seemingly impossible leaving no

doubt that I have spoken to you today and have a sacred purpose for you and your family

once again I encourage you if you need to cry then cry I will use your tears to cleanse

your soul of burdens that weigh you down be still listen and internalize these

two words that Encompass your life your future and your blessings I love you a generation like

Esther is rising for such a time as this clothed with the authority of the king

positioned to impact every sphere of society for the advancement of my

kingdom I am preparing David’s who will emerge from the Wilderness refined in

obscurity and dependent Solly on me they will carry uncommon Authority presence

and favor because they have encountered the reality of Heaven through intimate communion with me through these vessels

Giants will be defeated enemies will scatter and hearts will turn back to me

From the Ashes behold the emergence of Beauty from sorrow and tears joy and laughter shall burst forth unexpectedly

Barren lands long forsaken shall bloom once more Cities laid to waste shall

rise a new and what was lost shall be returned with abundant increase

prodigals who squandered their inheritance shall find their way back to My Embrace where a feast awaits them can

you envision it my beloved the broken shall be reunited the once childless shall rejoice with Offspring and empty

churches shall overflow with new believers Fields shall yield bumper harvests rain shall quench thirsty soil

and streams shall flow in the Desert Springs of Living Water shall cleanse temples once defiled and deserted as the

kingdom manifests in power and Purity fulfilling all that was promised within you and through you therefore I implore

you to shift your perspective from scarcity and insufficiency to acknowledging the

abundance that I have already provided though it may appear insignificant

within your grasp lies the power to transform lives to demolish strongholds

and to turn Barren places into flourishing Gardens awaken to the reality of my kingdom where my strength

is made perfect in weakness the appointed time for favor over your life has arrived do not underestimate humble

beginnings for every Mighty Oak Tree was once a tender sapling a Monumental

Ministry or Enterprise emerges from the daily dedication to even the smallest seemingly

insignificant tasks therefore approach each assignment that crosses your path

with unwavering commitment and humility whether it involves arranging Stones

trimming branches tending tables or reconciling finances maintain a steadfast Gaze on

the overarching vision allowing Faith to swell within you knowing that your simple acts of obedience contribute to

the advancement of my kingdom through steadfastness over time I will suddenly Elevate you to Greater Realms

of authority influence favor provision Enlightenment and empowerment indeed

faithful stewardship of meager resources can trigger miraculous multiplication

embrace the vision I have ordained for your life wherein you shall emerge triumphant revered and abundantly

blessed I beckon you to seow seeds of love and compassion reaping Bountiful harvests of joy and prosper erity in due

season for I have bestowed upon you the extraordinary Gifts of boundless love unmar forgiveness compassionate Aid and

the Transcendent power of my Eternal Word let your actions be a testament to the depths of my love igniting flames of

Hope and inspiration in the hearts of those around you therefore go forth with

courage and conviction knowing that you are the bearer of Divine Light in a world shrouded in darkness let your

hands be in instruments of healing and transformation touching lives and stirring Souls with the Resonance of my

eternal truth and as you walk in alignment with my Divine Purpose may you

find solace in the knowledge that you are cherished empowered and eternally enveloped in the Embrace of my

unwavering love nurture diligently the portion of gifts and talents I have specifically planted within you instead

of criticism lift each other up in prayer let your words be a source of

empowerment and encouragement building up one another in love recognizing the

unique contributions each person brings to the body of Christ I share these

words with you because a new era is unfolding the narrow path is widening

into a vast plane of promised purpose for those who remain steadfast The Horizon gleams with

Destiny and what once seemed distant is now within your grasp if if you stand firmly on my

promises through faith step forward to claim your full

inheritance many pioneers have blazed the trail for this moment their unwavering commitment to my call has

expanded Your Capacity to receive now the Baton is passed to you will you

doubt and conceal the gifts I have entrusted to you or will you run your race with courage and Clarity of vision

the cloud of witnesses who have completed their Journey surrounds you cheering you on from the Heavenly realm

therefore cast off any doubt that weighs you down hindering you from fulfilling your unique calling therefore with the

authority of my word I assure you do not succumb to fear do not falter

persistently pray for your life your future your well-being and your abundance pray for your family for your

children both young and old and for all your loved ones whether they extend kindness or Harbor resentment towards

you hear this those who have turned their backs on you will one day return

humbled seeking your forgiveness for underestimating your worth do not repay

them in kind let only blessings flow from your lips even if they choose to reject you the path of prayer and

forgiveness is always the noblest my spirit will gently work in their hearts

leading them to acknowledge their wrongs they will come to see the blessings in your life and you must remain steadfast

persist in prayer regardless of your circumstances do not be swayed by moments of Joy or discouraged by trials

do not allow illness to steal your peace I assure you I will not burden you with more than you can bear I will never

forsake you when feelings of discouragement arise persevere in prayer

my promises are unchanging my word unwavering Embrace firmly this

unshakable truth no power can divert you from your destined Journey embrace the

depth of my Divine affection and you will discover that no setback or sorrow can reach you always hold close the

memory of my selfless sacrifice for you you’ve heard my assurances ReSound with

certainty reach out to me and I will unveil to you profound and concealed

truths what I admire in you is your trust in my promises your Readiness to

lay your most urgent supplications at my feet your trials may have appeared overwhelming almost insurmountable yet

your heart and eyes have witnessed my response to your plea therefore I affirm to you once more I will meet your

current needs with even greater and more remarkable blessings you will soon witness this and even now you can sense

the tranquility and Solace I Infuse into your spirit persist in your belief in

your efforts in your incessant prayers and in your endurance my Flawless timing

will bring you the reprieve you seek the day approaches when I will entrust a beautiful Marvel into your care I adore

you take a moment to absorb the tenderness of my words the affection and the fortitude that emanate from me in

the midst of your thoughts Laden with deep need you have reached out to me I am here to reveal the enormity of my

love for you in this very instant prepare your heart to witness the manifestation of my glory as dark

Darkness flees in the radiance of my light every adversity shall be overcome

every obstacle surmounted for I am your strength your salvation your Fortress

unyielding take hold of my hand and let not doubt Cloud your vision for I am

your guardian your Sovereign Lord your healer Divine declare boldly your faith

in me for your prayers are potent and effective shaping Destinies and shifting

realities as you intercede for your family know that I stand ready to defend

and protect them from all harm my hand shall Shield them from illness and

Misfortune while opening doors of opportunity and favor Beyond

expectation let your words be seasoned with kindness and understanding for

therein lies the power to mend wounded hearts and restore Broken Spirits

embrace your loved ones with tenderness offering prayers as gentle as a soothing balm for my presence flows through you

bringing healing and restoration to Every Soul speak my word with conviction

for it shall not return void let it dwell richly within your home a Beacon

of Hope and solace in times of trouble watch as conflicts dissolve replaced by

Harmony and understanding as my name is exalted in your midst do not be disheartened by mere appearances for

beyond the hurdles that seem to block your way lie great blessings and divine gifts awaiting your Discovery I am

imparting wisdom to you my cherished child unlocking doors that were once thought to be firmly shut I am Paving

the way for you to move forward with confidence knowing that no obstacle shall be too great for you to overcome

From This Moment forward rest assured that no one shall intimidate disgrace or

belittle you for I your heavenly father the almighty creator of all stand beside

you as your unwavering protector and Champion do not fear the schemes of men

for I have seen the countless instances when envious individuals conspired against you spreading lies and eagerly

anticipating your downfall yet their plans were feudal in the face of my

Divine Providence here you stand today still standing strong and resilient a

testament to your unwavering faith and steadfast commitment to my teachings I

instill in your heart a re rejuvenated zest for life and a joy that no one can take away for you are my beloved child

cradled in the palm of my hand in every trial and Triumph remember that I am with you yesterday today and forever

more walk in the fullness of my love and know that nothing can separate you from

my boundless Grace a time will surely come when you will witness with overflowing Joy the incredible

transformation unfolding in the lives of those around you their very essence will

evolve and even those who may seem lost will discover their true path and bask

in the blessings destined for them in these profound moments it is imperative

that you cling tightly to me do not let the negative occurrences around you dishen your spirit remember I have a

magnificent plan and my plan always unfolds unaffected by any obstacle that may arise within the walls of your home

there resides someone whose heart beats in syn with mine someone who believes in me wholeheartedly offering up sincere

prayers for their loved ones with unwavering faith that someone is you pray earnestly for your family and watch

as barriers crumble before you Victory will surely be yours know this my dear

one I love you and I love them too find solace in me for I hold your present

within my hands and your future within my heart be mindful that the adversary will attempt to seow doubt seeking to

rob you of your blessings and aspirations I bestow upon you the gift

of discernment enabling you to differentiate between those offering genuine counsel and those cloaked in

deceit they may cloak their intentions in honeyed words feigning affection but

once and snared in their webs their true motives will emerge stay vigilant I urge you to

remain Vigilant and evade the traps set by your adversaries I assure you of my

protection and Vigilant over oversight make it a habit to pray daily and in doing so you will find yourself

enveloped in my divine presence maintain unwavering faith in my teachings and

rely on me I will encircle your home and loved ones with my most powerful Guardians refuse to let doubt infiltrate

your thoughts my love for you knows no bounds and your life is cradled securely in my hands I stand ready to help you

surmount obstacles overcome despair fix your Gaze on the future and steadfastly hold on to faith leading

you to victory and abundance trust in me for I am your heavenly father I

comprehend the depths of your soul the lingering doubts that cloud your mind and the tempests that threaten to engulf

your path yet my beloved know this entrusting your fears and worries to me

is an act of profound surrender a testament to your acknowledgment of my

sovereignty trust formed the Bedrock of our relationship and I empathize with

the inner turmoil you face when relinquishing control over your plans and concerns to my Divine will never

doubt the magnitude of my love for you it knows no bounds it’s Flawless and

everlasting throughout the Sacred Scriptures I extend a resounding invitation to place your trust in

me Proverbs here beckons trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean

not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight these Timeless words

are a covenant assuring that by placing your trust in me your journey will be guided by my infinite wisdom and

boundless love before you were even born I knew you every moment of your life is

Guided by my loving hand and everything that happens to you is part of my divine

plan though you may not always understand my ways trust that everything I do is for your ultimate good I have

great things in store for you my child I want to equip you with the tools you need to spread my message and bring

about miracles in the world you are not Unworthy of my blessings on the contrary

you are a beloved child of mine destined for greatness believe in yourself for

you are capable of overcoming any obstacle with faith and determination Victory awaits you on the

other side of your trials and I will be there every step of the way guiding you towards the Fulfillment of

your Divine Purpose amen here your perspective will undergo a profound transformation shifting from Earthly to

Heavenly once you catch a glimpse of my Majesty you will never settle for anything less the inferior will be

overshadowed by unrivaled Beauty and the counterfeit will be exposed in the piercing light until only that which is

born of my spirit remains in this elevated realm of unveiled truth I will

will release you from constraints you never knew existed misconceptions and partial truths will dissipate like

Morning Mist and divisions of Doctrine and denomination will fade away into

Oblivion here Revelation flows like a mighty River constantly refreshing

revitalizing and expanding as you drink from the Living Waters so come behold me

as I am not through the lens of human instructors but with eyes wide open directly in countering my glory

experience me for yourself unfiltered and undistorted as you surrender completely

to my transformative power at work within you I will reveal Mysteries once

hidden impart gifts uniquely chosen for you and entrust a distinct aspect of my

multifaceted purpose for you to fulfill in the midst of life’s trials and

tribulations know with unwavering certainty that I am always by your side

I stand ready to guide guide you through every challenge offering my support and assistance whenever you call upon me but

remember communication with me is a two-way street take the time to listen

immerse yourself in the wisdom of my teachings and allow my spirit to speak directly to your heart commit yourself

to seeking me each day with love and faith and I will be there waiting to embrace you rest assured my love for you

knows no bounds it is steadfast sincere and eternal

nothing can separate you from my infinite love not even your own mistakes or shortcomings even in your darkest

moments when you feel most alone know that I am there extending my tender hand

to lift you up and lead you into the light whenever you call upon me I will

answer my grace surrounds you like a warm embrace guiding you through the trials and tribulations of life I am

lifting your faith to new heights Awakening with in you a sense of divine connection that transcends Earthly

limitations if it takes daily reminders from me to keep your focus steadfastly

on my presence then consider it done feel the weight of your worries being

lifted your emotion being sooe head and your heart undergoing a profound transformation in my loving Embrace

witness firsthand how I walk along seed you supporting and guiding you through every Twist and Turn of your journey I

am not just a distant deity I am your constant companion your ever watchful guardian and your unwavering

protector courage dear one courage do not let doubt or discouragement derail

your path I have endowed you with the strength and wisdom necessary to navigate this season of your life with

Grace and resilience under the shelter of my wings you are safe from the schemas of the enemy shielded from harm

and for to feed against despair when weariness threatens to overwhelm you I

am here to lift you up to comfort you with the warmth of my love and to restore your weary Soul should you ever

find your burdens too heavy to Bear Alone come to me with an open heart unburden your soul and share your

deepest Secrets I am not here to judge or condemn you your confessions are safe

with me held in the Sacred Space of my boundless compassion and unconditional love do not be swayed by the criticisms

and slander of others for their words hold no power over you instead focus on

feeling my hand upon your heart filling you with joy peace hope faith and

confidence as you walk in faith doors of opportunity will open before you and I

will bring special people into your life to guide and support you in times of

adversity remember the wonderful things I have in store for you you are destined to rise above the darkness and shine

brightly with the wisdom and Grace that I have bestow it upon you though some may reject my blessings and Promises

know that I love you deeply and desire to shower you with my grace fear not

those who oppose you for they will ultimately contend with me even now as your enemies May surround you I will

intervene on your behalf trust in my Deliverance for I am your greatest friend your God and your savior in just

a little while you will look around and see that your enemies have been scattered for for I am faithful to

defend and protect those who believe in me summon your courage and turn a deaf ear to the naysayers those who perceive

the world through a lens of cynicism and doubt bereft of faith and enthusiasm pay no heed to their

discouraging words for their intent is to thwart your progress and shroud your heart in darkness embrace your authentic

self with steadfast determination persist unwaveringly for you are

eternally cherished upheld blessed and embraced I enshroud you in the Embrace

of countless Warrior Angels stand tall and rejoice for you are precious beyond

measure to me I hold you in the depths of my heart cherishing you with boundless affection dedicate moments

each day to immerse yourself in my teachings mindful of your thoughts and actions guarding your vulnerabilities

closely I shall orchestrate the arrival of trustworthy companions into your life

allies who will bolster uplift and stand bes IDE you through every trial and

Triumph the burdens that weigh heavy upon your shoulders are not yours to Bear alone I possess the power to

alleviate them and I shall do so without fail this I solemnly vow unto you amen

do you remember the moment when I breathed the very essence of life into your being it was a profound Act of love

an eternal gesture that resonates through every fiber of your existence with each Sunrise I continue to nurture

and sustain the divine Divine spark I ignited within you so when the trials of

Life weigh heavy upon your shoulders know that I carry each burden alongside you though the answers to your prayers

may not always manifest in the timing you desire have faith that I am diligently orchestrating every detail

behind the scenes my timing is Flawless and every moment of waiting is an

opportunity for you to deepen your trust and spiritual fortitude in times of

uncertainty let your heart be open to me my responses may come in ways you least

expect yet each one is infused with Divine insight and purpose trusting in

me is not a sign of weakness but rather a testament to your spiritual resilience

amidst life’s tempests rest assured that I am your steadfast Refuge just as I

command the tumultuous Seas to be still I can calm the storms that rage within your soul have faith that I am

everpresent even in the darkest of nights guiding your path with the radiant light of my

presence your talents your resources your sphere of influence may appear insignificant in the grand scheme of

things but in my hands they possess the capacity to shake the very foundations

of Darkness to nourish multitudes yearning for truth and to liberate captives from the chains of Oppression

will you relinquish what I have entrusted to you for the sake of my glory cease fixating on what others

possess that you do not refrain from making excuses for why the present moment is not opportune instead boldly

invest the gifts I have already bestowed upon you and you will harvest Bountiful blessings as I Prosper the work of your

hands demonstrating faithfulness in small matters qualifies you for greater

responsibilities just as I tested Joseph’s Integrity in Piper’s household before elevating him to governorship

over Egypt I am refining you through lesser spheres of influence to prepare you for higher positions of authority

can I entrust you with the true Riches of spiritual power Supernatural Insight

innovative ideas and financial abundance when you have not effectively manage the

resources I entrusted to you long ago no it is only as you exhibit faithfulness

and maturity in your current assignments that I will release greater Heavenly Provisions for you to Steward beloved

can you see it my power is changing everything breaking down greed and Corruption revealing hidden motives

truth and goodness are flowing making everything better my kingdom is coming to life as people live with honesty and

kindness you’ll see sick people getting better people discovering their purpose and blessings pouring out even cities

and nations are being transformed those who were lost are finding their way back to love Barren places are becoming

fruitful and ruined areas are being rebuilt there’s so much good happening

like Fields producing lots of crops after being empty for so long I stand

Here eagerly awaiting your call ready to embrace your struggles and pains with tender understanding speak to me with a

faith that stands firm with a hope that shines ever brighter as you open your

heart to my guidance you’ll discover not merely Solutions but a pathway to Inner

Tranquility a midst life’s tribulations listen closely to my gentle

summons do not shy away from my comforting words each utterance is a

loving caress upon your spirit bringing Solace to your troubled soul enveloped

in my constant presence feel the warmth of my love guiding you towards peace and

Assurance rest assured I am here to calm your fears and uncertainties to lead you

with a Serene confidence know that your heavenly father extends his hand to you

ready to uphold and strengthen you in every step of your journey you possess

the resilience and strength to overcome any challenge I grant you the fortitude

to pursue your dreams and fulfill the Glorious Destiny I have ordained for you

trust in my unwavering love and guidance so my beloved fear not the

trials that lie ahead with steadfast determination Forge ahead on the path I

have set before you embrace the challenges with courage knowing that I am by your side empowering you to reach

Greater Heights you are capable you are cherished and you are destined for

greatness in the boundless expanse of faith and belief you find the Cornerstone of Miracles for in my

presence all things are possible hold steadfast to this Truth for I walk

beside you guiding your steps with unwavering love and grace as you take action fueled by your trust in me know

that I have imbued you with the strength to accomplish Feats beyond your imagination like Peter walking on the

waters you too shall tread upon the challenges that once seemed insurmountable gird yourself with

courage for fear no longer ens snares you its grip has been broken by the power of my presence within you leave

behind the shackles of past anxieties and uncertainties take up the sword of faith and press on with unwavering

determination for ahead lies the Promised Land awaiting your claim adorned with blessings beyond measure in

every trial I shall be your Refuge offering wisdom and Clarity amidst the storms of life my spirit dwells within

you anointing you with the power to heal and uplift those around you your family shall be a testament to my grace as I

bestow upon them peace and unity transforming your home into a sanctuary of my presence yet with a single

beckoning as my call echoed through the depths of your being you stepped into the the radiance of my Divine

illumination the old faded into Oblivion replaced by the blossoming of the new

Grace defying logic propelling you beyond the constraints of Reason Minds

were renewed habits transformed decisions harmonized all under the influence of my indwelling spirit

guiding your every thought utterance and deed thus Brokenness found Redemption

evolving into wholeness scarcity was overwhelmed by abundance and Frailty

became a conduit for my boundless power every Valley was lifted every crooked

path straightened as my righteousness propelled you ever upward with faith as

your compass you seized hold of each promise spoken over your life until every dream you dared to conceive or

petition you dared to offer was lavishly poured out surpassing even the loftiest

expectations but know this my cherished one this is m the Genesis the horizons

of possibility are ever expanding beckoning you to Traverse new Realms and accomplish greater Deeds I am the Lord

who commands the winds and waves to be still with a mere whisper I am the same God who parted the Red Sea creating

towering walls of water so you could pass through safely no obstacle is too vast for me to

overcome on your behalf I can part any sea allowing you to walk through

unscathed cry out to me with urgency and witness how I fulfilled the desires of

your heart identify the current Red Sea in your life symbolizing your need for

breakthrough and deliverance by faith declare that it is being parted for you

at this very moment now step back and observe as I extend my hand of Salvation

healing provision and intervention your victory was secured long ago at Calvary

simply believe and accept what I have already accomplish lished for you it is finished my child walk forward with

confidence knowing that I am guiding you towards a Victorious breakthrough my beloved I have uniquely gifted you with

talents abilities and resources tailored to your capabilities I have entrusted

you with exactly what you can handle your talents may seem modest or ordinary to the world but they hold great purpose

and Power in building my kingdom even amidst life storms and the enemy’s cunning SCH Ms to disrupt your

peace within your family your work your Sanctuary you have remained steadfast

standing firm in your faith I see the complexity and heartache these trials bring stirring turmoil within you

testing your spirit and strength but today I am here to mend the fractures in

your life march forward be courageous stand tall and keep your head held high

the adversary has tirelessly sought to impede your journey yet here you stand and fortified by my grace unyielding the

hardships you’ve faced the adversities you’ve encountered they do not define you my precious one you will not be

defeated in this battle while Others May perceive your current state as a downfall I am intervening with my all

powerful hand and my Legions of angels decreeing your elevation your prayers

have reached the heavens your life is poised for divine transformation be cautious for many walk in doubt

overlooking the Miracles unfolding daily questioning my Essence my love my power

but you my child are not of that fold your faith will endure Untouched by fear

in due time all will witness the remarkable shift in your life and will come to acknowledge the greatness of

your lord therefore keep your gaze fixed on me cling to my promises and Trust in

my faithfulness do not rely on the fickle or entrust your destiny to those

who falsely profess their love your heart that tender and Precious Heart

Belongs to Me you have devoted It To Me Above All Else love me supremely for I

desire for you to be forever mine amen

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