Today’s Message from God: TRUSTING GOD IN UNCERTAIN TIMES | God Message Now


the Divine eagerly awaits to share a

profound message with you don’t overlook

this opportunity he stands prepared to

confront your challenges and provide

Heavenly wisdom your every query will

find its answer in the final moments

stay tuned for these Heavenly

Revelations until the very end my dear

one I am the Lord your God the Alpha and

the Omega the Inception and the

conclusion it is I who fashioned you who

understands you deeply and who cherishes

you with an eternal love you are called

by name and you belong to me today I

reach out to you my valued child with

Promises of Hope healing and

rejuvenation for I have witnessed the

heavy burdens you carry the errors that

have tripped you causing you to doubt

your worthiness of My Affection however

know that I am here ready to purify your

heart and absolve your sins should you

open your heart to me know that you are

a gem in my eyes a masterpiece shaped by

my hands I wo you together in your

mother’s womb and from your very first

breath I set forth a life filled with

purpose and hope yet I understand that

life’s journey is fraught with hardships

you’ve encountered trials and

temptations moments of doubt and despair

that may have left you feeling

inadequate yet despite these challenges

it is crucial to remember that you have

never disappointed me nor have you ever

lost my love my love for you is

steadfast and unwavering unaffected by

your actions or imperfections I do not

keep a tally of wrongs I am not a god

who condemns or shuns instead I am a

deity of grace mercy and unfailing love

I view you with compassion eager to see

you restored and whole walking freely in

The Liberation I have secured for you

therefore I urge you my child to let go

of your heart’s burdens and mistakes and

let me replace them with my peace joy

and righteousness for I Am The God Who

forgives who heals

and who renews all things the burden of

guilt and shame is substantial I know it

can make you feel undeserving unlovable

and hesitant to approach my throne of

grace but those feelings are not from me

they are the enemy’s lies aiming to

undermine your worth and disrupt your

peace there is no sin too severe for my

grace to envelop no fault too dreadful

for my Mercy to erase I sent my only son

Jesus to endure the cross bearing the

punishment you deserved so that you

could be forgiven and made whole his

sacrifice is the ultimate demonstration

of my love for you A Love That Will

Never falter so I implore you release

the guilt and shame that have

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