Today’s Message from God: I Shall Remain Ever Beside You | God Message Now

my beloved child I’ve been there for you since yesterday and I’m right here with you today never leaving your side I

unfold you in my tender Embrace holding you gently because you mean the world to me your safety is my promise and my love

serves as your Shield that’s why I choose to speak softly and patiently aiming to touch your heart delicately

and provide you with the Heavenly strength you need join us in spreading the Light Of Hope and Faith give a

thumbs up to this video and comment Amen to unite in our shared belief your

interaction fuels our mission and together we shine brighter on this journey of spiritual

enlightenment my child challenges will arise your adversary will persistantly

try to Cloud your mind divert you from your aspirations and undermine your worth they’ll try to lure you into the

depths of Despair and sorrow but deep down you know the truth with unwavering

certainty you’re not alone in your struggles I stand as your Mighty protector guiding you towards Triumph

move forward with faith I’ll be your unwavering support blessing your journey

and enriching your life with abundance there will come moments when I’ll gently prompt you to pause and rest recognizing

the importance of self-care even amidst life’s distractions I’ll gently nudge you to

slow down to seek solace in prayer and to find sustenance in my words I commend

and shower blessings upon you for the precious time you dedicate to our communion each day your steadfast

devotion brings profound healing to both you and your loved ones let go of the hurtful words others may speak you

possess wisdom patience and intelligence you navigate your path with confidence

because you place your trust in me your heavenly guide while some may Envy the

blessings unfolding in your life and Others May judge based on superficial appearances I see the depth of your

heart and understand you completely rest assured anyone who seeks to harm you

with falsehoods will answer to me don’t tremble my dear one I walked beside you in your darkest

hours and I will continue to stand by your side as you display your loyalty

and grow in faith in trusting your life and the lives of your loved ones to my

care was the wisest decision you could make you are cherished secure and shielded within My Embrace in the days

ahead you will exhibit tremendous bravery you must stand firm for your family and you will Triumph Forge ahead

with all your might I am orchestrating every detail every circumstance every individual perfectly as you heed my

counsel you will feel my strength bolstering you your Victory is assured and I will place it within your reach

but your faith must remain active continue to trust and most importantly have faith in yourself some have sought

to tear you down with harsh words even within your own family understand that their actions stem not only from malice

but also from Envy they recognize the unique Light Within You sensing something

extraordinary however release any bitterness and let go of thoughts of retaliation if unexpected challenges

arise this week if adversaries arise if you labor tirelessly to provide for your

family and find find yourself overwhelmed with concern pray for those who wish you harm they seek to thwart

your progress crush your hope and disrupt my plans for you rest assured I

am dispatching a legion of Mighty angels to stand against those who oppose you keep moving forward my beloved do not

falter or hang your head I am with you and you are under my protection seek me

in the morning reach out to me at night lean on my strength I will accompany you every step of the way I will shield you

as the dawn breaks and when you rise I will be there to accompany you together

we will confront the obstacles of this week I have prepared Abundant Blessings for you and your family it all hinges on

your faith in me your resolve to persevere without faltering but I know you well and I anticipate your decisions

you will remain steadfast you will cling to my promises this week when you least

expect it your Victory will unfold before you you’ll find solace in me and

I’ll be right here ever presentes whenever you feel the need know that you

can always come and confide in me I’ll continue to demonstrate the depth of my

love for you both through my words and my actions the days of Sorrow are fading

and the era of feeling despondent is coming to a close I long to envelop you

in my love and tender care invite my presence and affection into your life

for no one can cherish you as profoundly as I do I perceive every Whisper of your

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