Today’s Message from God: Drawing Close to Divine Wisdom | God Message Now

my cherished Child come close and listen to my gentle voice the time is Drawing

Near and I have secrets to share with you ancient Mysteries waiting to be

unveiled like delicate flowers in Spring long sealed scrolls are opening

revealing the truths woven into the fabric of time itself as the confusion in your heart begins to clear and the

once blurry lines come into Focus you’ll see the beautiful tapestry I’ve woven throughout history each stroke every

color tells a story of my love for you my precious one Marvel with me dear

child at the intricate designs and prophetic symbols that were once Mysteries but now shine brightly in the

light of Truth my grand narrative the ultimate story of redemption has been

patiently waiting for you to discover it to understand its depths and its beauty

let the harmonious chorus of voices speaking my word surround you drawing you deeper into the revelation of my

love see how the stories of old intertwine with the events of today Binding Together the past present and

future in a cosmic dance of Grace know that I am the Fulfillment of ancient

prophecies the long- awaited Messiah who brings hope and salvation to all I am

the lion of Judah strong and powerful yet also the gentle Rose of Sharon

tenderly caring for your soul in every page of scripture in every verse you’ll

find traces of my presence guiding you comforting you and leading you closer to

me so come my beloved child and journey with me into the depths of my love where

you’ll find peace joy and everlasting life within the very essence of the word

in every page turned and every verse read I am intricately woven my presence

is not loud but subtle a gentle thread that binds together the tapestry of divine

revelation as you Journey Through the scriptures open your heart and see my

hand at work guiding you from the dawn of creation to the Fulfillment of Prophecy in each story prophecy law and

Psalm I am there a promise softly leading the way to the ultimate revelation of my boundless love and

salvation for all Humanity I am not merely the Messiah of a single people I am the savior of the

entire world the answer to every longing of the human soul through me prophecies

find their fulfillment laws find their purpose and stories find their climax I

am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end The Unbroken thread that runs

through the tapestry of time intertwining the story of God with the story of

humanity my dear one as the ancient promises take root in the garden of History recognize how I in my Divine

Providence have nurtured the soil of human Affairs tending to the seeds safeguarding the buds and ultimately

bringing forth the righteous Branch to rain at the appointed time the trials

you have faced were the fires I led you through refining you for The Crucible of Destiny I carefully crafted your

identity and bestowed upon you unique gifts to fulfill your purpose your times

are in my hands planned long before your conception when I designed the very

system that shapes your journey you may have walked unfamiliar paths and encountered unexpected challenges but

nothing catches me by surprise I have been watching waiting for the perfect

moment to accelerate your growth the hour I have foreseen is Drawing Near

when you will graduate from your training and step onto the stage of Glory I now impart to you keys to unlock

doors and resources to fuel your endeavors investing in Endeavors saturated with my presence the secrets

of my Victorious Kingdom fill your innermost being nourishing you like hidden mana and clothing you with unseen

armor to illuminate Realms blinded by ignorance of Me no longer will you dwell

in obscurity my lightbearer your moment of Shinning awaits a walk in from your Slumber as I steer the guant within you

feel the holy passion IGN like a wild Fury that cannot be conted contain it for it is I who Whispers through the

voice crying in the wilderness calling once again prepare the way repent

straighten the Crooked paths before the glory of my second Advent how my heart swells with joy as I Envision The

Marvelous ways I shall reveal myself to my beloved people prepare yourself for I

am about to unleash Miracles that will leave multitudes in awe the tales of my

wondrous deeds will spread like wildfire touching the hearts and minds of those

in cities and Nations alike it will be a radiant display of my power igniting a

longing for Revival and renewal in the souls who cry out to me as you call upon my spirit to move

upon the Still Waters of your life I The Giver of Life will answer with acts of

Might that will transform not only hearts and minds but also the very structures of this world thus Begins the

grandest spectacle upon the Earth fueled by Divine Vigor my passion will consume

the temples erected to exalt human wisdom above the knowledge of God the veils will be lifted revealing the true

strength found only in aligning with my Divine patterns and principles in this

Sacred Space my kingdom will flourish Beyond misher embodied by Humble

Messengers who carry the authority of grace and the compelling Power of Love

picture a billion Souls embrace it into my family in a single generation though it may seem unfathomable to those

clinging to the ways of the world to my devoted disciples those rooted deeply in my presence and Ablaze with faith it is

simply the inevitable outcome of the Harvest at the End of the Age it is a movement of my Kingdom’s advancement

Relentless and unwavering in the face of any opposition even the Gates of Hell

themselves yet my beloved I urge you with gentle caution as the Fulfillment

of long-awaited promise draws nearo not let the Allure of my gifts overshadow

your love for me The Giver guard your heart against the enticements of lesser

loves that leave your deepest longings unfulfilled keep this wisdom close to

your heart my precious one for even the most devoted can be tempted into

idolatry by the blessings I bestow upon them strive always to maintain an

eternal perspective fixing your Gaze on the Unseen truths that stand eternally

before my Throne where neither moth nor rust can tarnish the treasures I have

prepared for you in glory how my heart rejoices to speak to you let these words

sink deep into your soul like Roots anchoring themselves in fertile

soil feel the rhythm of my love pulsating within you a steady beat that

guides your every step stay close to me dear one like a tender Vine clinging to

its sturdy support in our closeness you’ll find strength courage and all that you need let your worship be a

dance of intimacy a sacred offering from the depths of your being lose yourself

in the beauty of our connection for it is here that Miracles are born with each glance with each touch I am molding you

into a reflection of my glory you are royalty my child a shining light in a

world longing for Hope as you seek me with all your heart know that I am already reaching out to you With Arms

Wide Open this is the beginning of something extraordinary my beloved together we will embark on a journey of

Divine Purpose leaving a legacy that will echo through eternity take courage

for you are standing on the Solid Ground of Truth a beacon of light in a world shrouded in darkness listen closely dear

one for I am about to unveil wonders beyond your wildest dreams the time has

come for a new chapter a dawn of resurrection power and Glory feel my spirit stirring within you Awakening

dormant dreams and igniting passions long forgotten you are loved beyond measure my child let that love Propel

you forward knowing that I am with you every step of the way Embrace this

moment for it is the beginning of a Divine Adventure unlike any

other as Angels Traverse the Earth igniting spiritual Flames From the Ashes

of yesterday’s extinguished dreams know that I’m orchestrating a grand convergence just for you streams of

Awakening merge into a mighty River of Revival flooding nations with hope and

transformation those who once wandered as prodigals Now find their way home Guided by the Light Of Heaven radicals

from every Walk of Life unite under the banner of Love reshaping cultures with extraordinary Grace listen closely for a

Divine whisper echoes in the depths of your soul calling you to a higher purpose the old ways are fading and

hungry Souls thirst for deeper more meaningful experiences I have bestowed upon you a

unique Grace for surrender and sacrifice inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and journey into Uncharted

territories with me by your side beloved I have ignited a Holy Fire Within your

heart propelling you into Realms of possibility that you never imagined

with me you will Blaze trails and embody Paths of authenticity that reveal the

glory of my kingdom you are part of a courageous company of forerunners warriors with childlike trust who wield

the double-edged sword of Faith Miracles follow in your wake and even in times of

Crisis and sickness your faith remains unwavering the Harvest fields are ripe

waiting for your flaming gaze to bring forth for abundant fruit lift up your head and raise your voice in Passionate

praise for breakthrough is near your declarations establish my kingdom and

obstacles crumble before you though the winter may seem long the time of singing

will surely come let me see your face let me hear your voice for you are beautiful to me you are my cherished

child and I am with you always guiding you every step of the way amen my beloved child behold the

stirring within your soul for I bring forth a fresh Revelation a Divine calling destined to ignite your spirit

as the seasons shift so too do the tides of power as I prepare to dismantle even

the most entrenched of leaders know this no Authority Reigns

that I have not ordained and every prideful heart shall be humbled by my Divine decree even the mighty Kings

wielding great power shall bow for my sovereign rule for I am orchestrating the fall of Empires and the collapse of

false ideologies Embrace this moment of upheaval for it Heralds the dawn of a

new era where my kingdom shall reign supreme permeating every aspect of

society with righteousness Justice and divine wisdom prepare yourself beloved

for the journey ahead may be tumultuous yet fear not for I am your steadfast

protector guarding your life with unyielding devotion amidst the chaos find solace in

the sanctuary of my presence where my Tranquil Waters Flow to nourish your weary soul may your roots delve deep

into the fertile soil of my word anchoring you securely amidst the storms of change as Darkness encroaches fear not

for my radiant Spirit shall illiminate your path guiding you with Clarity insight and unwavering Authority you are

destined for greet us beloved a beacon of light amidst the encroaching Shadows

trust in my divine plan for it is one of abundance restoration and boundless Grace absolutely my beloved child you

have reached the Pinnacle of spiritual maturity perfectly suited for this era of profound transformation from worldly

ideals to the reign of Christ Through The Crucible of adversity you have emerged steadfastly devoted to me

seeking only to fulfill my Divine Purpose and bring glory to my name your unwavering sincerity and boundless love

have now positioned you for elevation into greater Realms of influence as part

of my Divine mission to redeem our precious Earth before long I will bestow

upon you a fresh anointing endowing you with increased Authority and sture to

represent the interests of Heaven in influential spheres amidst the tumult of change and uncertainty I extend my hand

of guidance entrusting you with the noble task of spreading compassion and optimism ISM your calling is to lend a

sympathetic ear and extend a helping hand in even the smallest acts of kindness addressing Injustice and

suffering with a heart overflowing with empathy you are summoned to unite with

Kindred Spirits who share a vision of benevolence and humility collaborating

to mend and console wherever there is need your unwavering commitment to these

humble Endeavors fueled by a spirit of self-sacrifice and love will Forge deep

bonds and bring about transformative change in the lives of those around you

now is the time to embrace your role as catalysts for Progress during this period of gradual Evolution those of you

who remain steadfast and dependable in your efforts will play a pivotal role in

guiding this transition Paving the way for Newfound understanding and

cooperation values once marginalized such as compassion fairness and

integrity are now emerging as the cornerstones of positive transformation across various facets of existence in

the grand tapestry of life these profound truths once distant and Abstract are now weaving themselves into

the very fabric of our existence drawing nearer and more relevant with each passing moment it is time for you to

step boldly into your destined role as catalysts of positive transformation

inspired by the unwavering faith of those who came before you immortalized

in the sacred pages of my Eternal Word think of Joseph thrust into the depths

of betrayal and imprisonment yet emerging as a beacon of wisdom and integrity in the courts of Egypt

orchestrating salvation for countless lives Ponder the courage of Esther who

fearlessly approached the throne to plead for her people defying the shadows of danger with a heart Ablaze with

faith contemplate the humility and Leadership of Moses whose Journey from the shackles of bondage to the shores of

Liberation was guided not by his own might but by a profound obedience and Trust in my Divine guidance though their

paths were fraught with trials and tribulations they stood unwavering in their commitment to righteousness

forging ahead with unyielding faith in the face of adversity in their stories

you witness a Common Thread a Resolute determination to embrace their ordained

roles and become vessels of my divine purpose as you embark on your own journey to enact change within your

communities and spheres of influence let their examples ignite a fire within your

soul a fire fueled by moral courage and an unshakable Reliance on my guiding

hand my cherished ones prepare yourselves for I am on the verge of showering upon you blessings so abundant

they defy comprehension stand firm in the identity I have bestowed upon you knowing that I

am am by your side infusing you with my spirit fortitude and discernment do not

tremble at the challenges that lie ahead for they are but Stepping Stones leading to the Glorious Destiny I have ordained

for you you are destined to be a Living testament to my boundless goodness and

embodiment of my infinite love and mercy for you are not merely survivors of circumstance you are conquerors born for

such a time as this to illuminate the darkness with the radiance of your unw wavering faith and undying devotion rise

with confidence for you are adorned in righteousness and crowned with favor embrace the Divine Purpose I have

entrusted to you and step boldly into the destiny I have decreed for your life

with every step of Faith Marvel at the unfolding of Miracles as waves of my

provision and power Propel you forward in the Grand Mission of redemption along

your journey you will not merely observe my wonders but actively participate in them as you synchronize your heart with

mine witness Nations undergoing transformation societies experiencing

renewal and the Great Commission reaching its glorious culmination my child lift your gaze and

remain watchful for the manifestation of this Vision in the days ahead amidst the

destabilization of worldly structures under mounting judgments watch as solutions for the support of the poor

and displaced emerge from reformers align with the kingdom for the outpouring of compassion and assistance

will starkly contrast with the selfish accumulation of resources by those

devoid of Revelation in times of economic collapse yes corrupt and

self-serving systems are destined for failure but fear not for I will never abandon nor forsake you my vast

Treasures of wisdom Revelation and Glory are at your disposal ready to unleash breakthrough

Solutions keep close to my spirit reling ceaselessly on my Supernatural strength wisdom and discernment so that your life

may bear abundant fruit for eternity Embrace humility as your shield and

source of power for as we journey together in advancing my kingdom know that you are enveloped in the Embrace of

my love and grace this era pregnant with promise and potential calls upon you to

rise above the chaos cling steadfastly to my heart and you will transcend every

obstacle turning what appears as insurmountable Warfare into glorious triumphs my beloved the spirit has

equipped you to be a Beacon of Hope to the world Your Divine Purpose is essential to offering Solace to those in

despair this is a resounding call to Steward the unique blessings bestowed upon you to prepare your heart in this

season through fervent prayer and deeper empathy lead others with compassion to

discover their inherent value and calling create sanctuaries of Grace where lives

are transformed by the power of my love the fields are ripe with human need and

your soul will be nourished as you tend to them each selfless act SWS seeds of

Justice the blessings you scatter will return to you in abundance your generous

offerings of time presence and talent will serve as conduits for others to

find provision and purpose as you tend to the parched places in your sphere

the flood of my abundant goodness will likewise inundate your own vessel brimming with

overflow beloved child of mine as you Traverse the path I’ve laid out though

the road May often appear shrouded in uncertainty rest assured that my hand

intricately steers your every stride amidst tempests and trials I

unveil myself in the most unforeseen of manners the Uncharted territor stretch

endlessly before you let fear find no Haven within you each moment is

meticulously ordained by my hand fashioning your Odyssey with meticulous attention when The gales of circumstance

threaten to uproot you fix your gaze upon me for I am an everpresent companion by your side within my embrace

you find Sanctuary through anguish and perplexity I guide your heart until

Clarity Dawns I summon you to this sacred calling out of boundless affection my fervor ignites to pour

forth Redemptive hope through vessels willing and humble never underestimate the potency of a yielded heart for the

opposition Rising against you merely reveals the adversary’s trepidation he Quakes in the face of the

Triumph I am sculpting Through Your Surrender persist with unyielding joy

for you are more than a mere conqueror now is not the hour to shrink back in complacency or dread the era of L War

religiosity masquerading as true faith has expired I beckon my people to action

to dwell with unwavering abandon for my kingdom pioneering Paths of righteousness and compassion on the

Forefront of societal transformation freely you have received

my lavish Grace now freely bestow it upon those yearning for Tidings of immense Joy do not gauge the

significance of your calling by Earthly standards of success some so seeds

others nurture growth while yet more reap in their appointed season but the

Harvest is ordained by me rest in this truth Venture into deeper waters with me

as your Navigator fear not the Mysteries that lie ahead and witness as Heaven

responds in kind unleashing its Splendor through your obedient life hold fast to

your trust in me releasing the hurt caused by hurtful words and false

accusations those who seek to undermine you will fade away like chaff in the wind unable to shake your

resolve embrace my love wholeheartedly allowing it to dispel any sadness or

doubt that may Cloud your heart turn away from those who seek to control your future with their poisonous tongues for

I know the truth of your character and have a special plan for you focus your efforts on seeking me serving others and

tending to your loved ones for in doing so you become a beacon of righteousness

and love in your community I Empower you with courage and strength to be a blessing to others as I work miracles

through you promise me that you will not succumb to fear or doubt for I have prepared a bright future for you my

beloved child I understand the trials you face and I am with you through every

loss and hardship guiding you with my infinite love and wisdom fear and doubt

have crept into your heart casting Shadows over your once vibrant spirit and causing great pain you find yourself

surrendering to despair letting go of dreams and aspirations as hope dwindles within you in these moments of Darkness

it feels as though the Roa heat is impassible that you’re destined to falter I deeply appreciate your grateful

heart each morning when you awaken expressing gratitude for your life and

entrusting your destiny and your days to my care you are an example of Faith even if

others ridicule you for believing in an all powerful God whom you cannot see but

you know with certainty that I am real watching over you and attentive to your needs with the faith you hold in your

heart you will conquer every obstacle knowing you are a beloved child of the Creator each day you’ll walk with

confidence your joyous countenance a testament to the purity of your soul a sight that fills me with profound

Delight know this you are always welcome in my embrace

in the quiet Dawn before the world stirs I eagerly await our communion do you

feel my love my child can you sense the strength I offer waiting for you to claim it speak to me from the depths of

your heart and assure me of your desire to remain in my presence even if you should stray know that I am ever near

guiding you back with gentle Whispers of love the enemy may seow seeds of Doubt

seeking to separate you from My Embrace but fear not for my love knows no bounds

shame rejection failure none can diminish my love for you I cherish you

deeply and within this boundless love you can place your trust know that you

hold a special place in my heart and I make a solemn vow to never abandon you

not now not ever in moments of Despair when you felt

disheartened and made choices you regret remember that I am always by your side

despite any perceived distance I remain steadfast in my love for you you may

have sought solace in fleeting affections and trusted those who left you feeling empty but my love for you

surpasses all understanding it is unyielding Eternal and

flawless I reach out to you each day my love echoing in the Stillness of night

and whispered in the wind you can feel my presence in the Rain the gentle breeze and the calming waves of the

ocean today I declare my unwavering love for you let this truth sink deep into

your soul dispelling any doubts or deceitful voices I will continue to

affirm my love for you endlessly for it is as constant as the Rising Sun if you

desire it I will continue to speak these words to you every morning filling your ears with the melody of my love your

spirit will be renewed washed clean in the pure Waters of My Affection though

today May unfold as a day of wondrous blessings it is also true that you will encounter significant challenges and

trials there will be struggles and moments of adversity but remain calm for all shall

be well and no harm shall befall you these experiences are inherent to life

and vital for your growth today I am bestowing upon you a day teeming with marvelous

opportunities I declare Wellness health and prosperity erity over you doors that

were once firmly closed shall swing open wide today showering blessings upon you

and your family you will receive good news today the kind you have long awaited with patience and unwavering

Faith you will witness the fruition of plans and dreams that once seemed Out Of Reach whatever has caused you distress

in the past nothing shall hinder you now for I Am with You granting you strength

and enveloping you with my love remain Resolute and fearless even in the

face of opposition from others I will shield you and Lead You onward I will

endow you with wisdom love and courage guiding your path to avoid stumbling blocks beloved child your entering a

season of spiritual maturity marked by Peak influence and impact ordained for

you before time began how you wield The Authority I

bestow determines whether your rule becomes a blessing or a burden to those under your care remain close to my heart

in our secret place let me examine your motives refine your character and illuminate my ways and wisdom to you

integrity and Purity hold greater significance to me than talents and abilities Love Remains the Supreme

virtue overriding all others do not be troubled for I am fully aware of

everything as long as you remain connected to me I will alert you to any danger that may come your way hold fast

to your faith grounded in my teachings and listen intently when you hear my

voice remember the wonderful promises I have made to you for the answers to your

prayers and the blessings you seek are already on their way soon you and your

family will experience unparalleled Joy how are you feeling my child share with

me your burdens and fears for I am here with you and folding you in my love and soothing your troubled heart I see the

weariness etched upon your face from the trials of the past and I understand your frustration it may seem at times that

suffering knows no end and the future appears Bleak with doubt looming

overhead know this my beloved I do not judge or condemn you for your doubts or

fears even when uncertainty clouds your mind my love for you remains steadfast

and unwavering I will continue to love you regardless of whether you choose to turn away from me today or forget the

countless blessings I have bestowed upon you over time even in your moments of weakness when you feel you have stumbled

know that although things may go arry and though at times you may falter my

grace knows no limits my Mercy is unconditional I did not fail you before

nor will I fail you now especially in your greatest time of need when your

heart is heavy and your soul is in anguish awaken each morning with hope in your

eyes listen to my voice once more and you will find the courage to face the challenges of your day I implore you to

place your faith in me for a future filled with peace and joy awaits you I

earnestly urge you to cling tightly to my love and to the precious gift of life

you must live you must persevere and continue moving forward regardless of

the obstacles keep keep your gaze fixed on the Promises I have made When Trials

come your way do not lose heart or succumb to despair when troubles arise

do not be overwhelmed when threats Loom remember the courage you possess in my

presence even if others ridicule or disregard you hold on to the belief with

every fiber of your being that this is your moment from the trials and lessons of your current circumstances great

spiritual wealth and everlasting blessings will emerge I’m here to enrich your life as you are dearly chosen by me

engage with me in prayer soften your heart and fervently present your requests to me each day Delight in being

in my presence and I will fulfill the deepest desires of your heart cling tightly to me dear one people may

promise you the world but their words hold no power compared to mine trust

solely in my promises for for they are steadfast and true doubt me not for my

blessings are Eternal unlike the fleeting Promises of dishonest Souls now

is the time to Anchor your faith in the Eternal truth of my word it pulses with

life steadfast and unyielding a Beacon of Hope in the darkness the moment of

decision draws near choose the warmth of my love the Solace of My Embrace and the

peace that surpasses all understanding commit yourself to our morning meetings

where my word will nourish your soul and ignite your spirit come to me without hesitation for I eagerly await your

presence regardless of your state my arms are always open my ears attuned to

your every whisper come before the dawn breaks and let us commune in the quiet

Stillness speak to me my child for your words are music to my ears a fragrant

offering of your heart share your dreams your fears your doubts nothing is hidden

from me for I am your Confidant your truest friend let these words sink deep

into your soul igniting a fire that cannot be extinguished feel the presence of my

Holy Spirit surrounding you with love and power ready to Usher wonders and

miracles into your life in the face of challenges what will you choose will you

press forward with The Bravery of a valiant Warrior or will you shrink back back in fear will you allow insults to

steal your blessings or will you rise in my name claiming the victory I have already won for you declare to me my

dear one that you will fear nothing and no one no earthly power no Grandeur no

intimidation can shake you for the almighty God walks beside you you are clothed in strength and dignity

empowered by my presence within you understand the authority bestowed upon you through your faith

it is not for Domination or Pride but for peace and humility with the right

Spirit you hold the power to overcome any obstacle it is my deep love for you

that stirs your emotions and guides you through every challenge your spiritual sensitivity allows you to feel my

presence and recognize the spiritual battles that surround you yet you stand

firm unafraid refusing to retreat in the face of adversity magnificent blessings

lie head for you my child through tough times and moments of Despair I have been

by your side offering comfort and guidance your faithfulness has not gone

unnoticed and now I am sending down Abundant Blessings of renewal for you and your family now is the time for

healing and Reconciliation Lay Your Troubles and grievances at my feet and let me fill you with wisdom and strength

embrace my teachings and let them guide you on the path of love and forgiveness show PA patience and kindness to others

just as I have shown to you do not be afraid my child I am with you always and

I will protect you from those who seek to harm you miracles are on the horizon

and those who have strayed will find their way back to you welcome them with open arms just as I welcome you with

love and forgiveness pray for them tenderly without judgment or condemnation they will return to you

repentant and seeking forgiveness embrace them with love just as I embrace you and forgive them

wholeheartedly your duty is to love as I have loved you without judgment or reproach allies and Kindred Spirits

Souls aligned with your deepest desires and aspirations stand ready to walk alongside you at my call can you sense

it my cherished one some of what I have orchestrated for you remains veiled concealed from your immediate sight but

I am gently lifting that Veil now awaken your spiritual senses is to behold the

multitude of blessings I have gathered for you each one meticulously crafted for you gifts from the depths of my

affection know my beloved the immense Joy it brings me to shower you with

these gifts your joy reflects my boundless love I rejoice in every moment

of Wonder as the dreams you hold dear unfurl into tangible reality so extend

your hands open your heart and welcome all that I am lavishing upon you banish

any lingering doubt that this overflow of abundance is meant for you intricately designed to Grace your life

at this precise moment I will continue to pour out blessings until your cup

overflows and once your own needs and desires are fulfilled this abundance

will flow through you blessing others in your midst there is enough provision for all

within my divine plan this is my promise to you a testament to my endless

generosity and care the forthcoming Deluge of Supernatural provision is not

merite to satisfy your personal wants and desires yes revil in the boundless

resources of my kingdom but also position yourself to share the Overflow

advancing my Kingdom’s purposes in the lives of those around you so my beloved

continue to seow seeds of goodness and righteousness invest in yourself and

others trusting in my promise of a Bountiful Harvest and when troubles come knocking remember

I’ll repay you double for your trouble your faithfulness will be a beacon of my

goodness and Grace hold fast to your faith trusting in my unfailing love I’ll

never leave your side never forsake you I’ll be there always guiding protecting

and blessing you beyond measure your future is radiant and your greatest days lie ahead keep sewing seeds of faith and

watch as I bring forth a glorious Harvest in your life and in the lives of those around you amen I see the daily

struggles you face the challenges that sometimes shake your faith yet through it all you seek me drawing strength from

my presence and holding fast to my promises your resilience and

determination speak volumes about the depth of your faith your faith is Not

Mere sentiment or shallow conviction it is a sturdy anchor for your soul when life storms rage you know I am your rock

your Refuge your constant companion in times of trouble I am proud of how you

live out your faith you don’t merely profess belief in me you demonstrate it through your actions you show kindness

when it’s hard extend forgiveness when wounded and love unconditionally mirroring my own love for you your faith

has immense power when you pray with confidence believing in my ability to work miracles I am moved by your trust

your faith can bring healing restoration and transformation touching lives and

shaping Generations I am proud of your continual growth in faith you refuse to

settle for complacency seeking deeper understanding and closeness with me your hunger for righteousness and thirst for

my presence strengthen your faith with each moment spent in prayer and meditation your faith is a precious gift

bestowed upon you by me and nurtured by your own efforts guard it fiercely my

child and never let anyone or anything steal it away hold on to it with all

your might for it is a source of immeasurable strength and Grace in your life I see how the moments pass each one

heavier than the last have you felt like you can’t bear it any longer in the quiet of your soul you’ve cried out to

me not wanting anyone else to know your struggles you’ve put on a brave face for the world but I’ve heard The Whispers of

your heart confessing your dwindling hope it brings me great joy to see you come before me holding on to the last

shreds of your faith trust that I am capable of Miracles for deep down you

know it to be true my presence surrounds you with love and Power in my arms you

find safety fear cannot penetrate and the Troubles of the world cannot harm

you I long to protect you forgive you rescue you liberate you and restore you

my plans for you are nothing short of the very best I see your potential child

you are deserving of Happiness of dreaming big of working tirelessly and of achieving greatness I grant you the

strength to overcome any obstacle in your path let my peace envelop you as

you hear these words of encouragement trust in my love my assistance is always at your

disposal it is the wisest decision you could ever make I see beyond what you

can perceive I am orchest frustrating surprises for you eager to see you flourish with joy and resilience

prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead pay heed to those I bring into your sphere and the paths that unfold

before you these are not Random Encounters but deliberate intersections guiding you to Greater Heights then like

a rushing torrent acceleration takes hold what was once stagnant bursts forth

with vitality and progress that once took years unfolds in days prayers find

Swift fulfillment and blessings arrive with breathtaking Speed The Towering obstacles crumble resistance Fades with

but a whisper for the age of delay has ended in my sight The Winds of my

promise now Propel your journey steering you towards a future brimming with Abundant Blessings trust in this Divine

acceleration for in this season what once seemed distant draws near with remarkable speed my cherished one I

paint this Vivid picture so that when torrents of blessings flood your life you’ll recognize my hand at work indeed

I am the master orchestrator of the impending Deluge I command the winds and decree the timing of every outpouring

from my Celestial reservoirs I’ve witnessed the years of your waiting heard every prayer uttered in the quiet

of night and now the barriers of delay are crumbling schemes against you are

unraveling and obstacles are being flattened by my spirit’s Unstoppable Force

nothing can hinder the torrent of Victory I’m sending to surround you even if you choose to stray and turn away

from me know that my love for you remains steadfast and unwavering I will pursue you

relentlessly never giving up until your heart remembers our shared moments and the battles we’ve faced together for

your sake today I am acutely aware of the depth of your love for me and I urge you

not to let doubts or fleeting emotions Cloud your soul your heart belongs to me

let it overflow with affection for I long to hear your love proclaimed

echoing throughout the universe as a testament to our Eternal Bond you sought

true love and forgiveness and I answered your call cleansing you with the power of my blood from this moment onward we

are united for eternity nothing can sever our connection so release your

uncertainties to me and cease allowing them to weigh upon your mind

I have planted the seed of my Living Word Within you let doubts dissipate as my promises Breathe new life into your

spirit you are cherished you are mine and I pledge to protect you shelter you

and love you unconditionally I treasure the dawn when you awaken seeing not just the facade of

adulthood but the innocence of a child in your eyes if only you could perceive

yourself as I do you would soar on wings of Faith transcending the challenges of

this world with Grace and resilience my affection for you knows no bounds I

Infuse you with courage and determination fear shall find no refuge within you my benevolence and kindness

envelop you completely your Victory is predetermined in my grand design step

forth as a triumphant Warrior you possess strength not weakness you are

never alone for I walk beside you I will raise you as a Beacon of Hope before your loved ones showing them that

conquering obstacles wants and ailments is indeed feasible they will find solace

in knowing that they too can overcome those harsh adversaries prepare for a time of Joy when those dear to you shall

acknowledge you as a gift to them I have bestowed upon you my grace I have poured out my blessings upon you I have

appointed you as a leader and influencer of your generation through you I will perform

Mighty wonders witnessed by many but guard against pride and vanity keep your

heart aligned with my teachings treat others with tenderness and humility my

desire is to reveal my love to the world through you the time has come for my purpose in your life to be fulfilled

it’s time to delve deeper into wisdom to strengthen your inner resolve let your

faith flourish and Thrive nourished by my teachings align your thoughts with

mine allowing your love for your family to illuminate your path your faith

serves as a Guiding Light leading you towards abundance for yourself and your loved

ones anticipate my blessings for they are integral to your journey of renewal

and healing the pain you once felt will dissolve in the Embrace of my love fear

will relinquish its hold replaced by peace and Solace healing every wound

each day as you seek me your mornings will be imbued with a growing sense of Tranquility love and warmth I am here

ever present ready to infuse your life with joy remember this truth deep within

your soul I your lord am more powerful than any challenge or sorrow you may

face cast aside fear Embrace courage and confront each trial with a Fearless

Heart I understand that you are facing trials that seem insurmountable I have

heard your prayers and know of your weariness your waning interest and your struggle to find purpose yet I urge you

to listen closely to my guidance for it holds the key to transforming your life

decide firmly to seek me to believe in me and to stand Resolute in your choices

following my path is not burdensome it leads to peace and serenity cling to my

teachings and you will find strength and protection your enemies will scatter in the face of my presence and no slander

or falsehood will prevail against you therefore dispel all doubt and focus us

on following my Commandments for they will be your source of strength and healing yet know that strongholds of

resistance remain renounce ancestral agreements With the Enemy reclaim lost

ground and break free from satanic oppression heal your soul cancel curses

and rebuke evil aimed at your destiny Proclaim my lordship over every aspect

of your life setting captives free and bringing joy to desolate places trials

have refined you for the role I’ve ordained Now display my glory through

signs wonders and miracles authenticating the gospel with undeniable power stay attuned to the

spirit’s guidance documenting Divine encounters as testimonies of my work my

glory transcends buildings and denominations manifesting through those yielded to my will remain Vigilant at

all times attuned to my gentle nudges and promptings speak boldly Penning

volumes that unlock mysteries for this generation and confronting pressing issues through every available Avenue a

profound stirring is on the horizon and my wisdom flowing through you will provide steadfastness amid the tides of

change anticipate seismic shifts within religious Frameworks as I distinguish

truth from falsehood be prepared for a radical overhaul of the spiritual and physical landscapes step out in

unwavering Faith forsaking the comfort of familiar paths tune your ears to my

voice as I navigate you through Uncharted territories in moments when doubts and fears Loom large remember

that I am ever presentent with you I will never abandon or forsake you though

your faith May face trials it will emerge stronger refined by every challenge so hold fast to your faith my

beloved trust in me even when the path ahead seems obscured believe in my

goodness even amidst life’s darkest Shadows your faith is a beacon that

guides you through the night leading you into the dawn of brighter days I am

filled with pride for you my child your steadfast Faith brings joy to my heart

continue walking by my side believing trusting your faith will be rewarded and

your life will shine as a testament to my unwavering faithfulness I ask only for your sincere

uncomplicated faith my beloved when others seek to rob you of your joy do not entertain their presence reject

their offerings and seek companionship only with those who uplift and encourage you resist the urge to control your life

or interfere in your family’s Affairs do not Grant the enemy power over your thoughts turn away from words that

diminish your spirit surround yourself with those who value and honor you offering support without without strings

attached Embrace this day with a heart full of expectation the path before you

may be Uncharted but it is Rich with potential waiting for the imprint of your

steps you are equipped not just with talents and abilities but with a spirit of power love and

self-discipline use these gifts not just for your own fulfillment but as instruments of my peace and love in the

world as you step out into the world know that you carry with you the light of my presence in a realm often clouded

by doubt and fear be a Beacon of Hope and Assurance show kindness where there is harshness offer compassion where

there is indifference and extend forgiveness where there is bitterness in doing so you become a living testimony

of my love and grace to those around you I hope that you never stray too far from

me but if you do I know that you will long for my presence in the shadows true

and pure love is absent I speak to you today to caution you for deceivers will come seeking to entice

you with their smooth words stay close to me do not wander Away In My Embrace

you will find everything you need free from turmoil deception betrayal and harm

with me you will discover true joy and Abundant Life without me there is only

sorrow and isolation I have rescued and chosen you because my greatest desire is

to to see you thrive trust in my plan for you and you will not only succeed

but also become a source of Hope and inspiration within your family and Community every prayer you lift up to me

is heard recorded and rest assured my responses are always tailored to your highest good surpassing your

expectations and Imagination walk alongside me and discover a newfound passion for life I

will equip you and guide you to victory even as challenges are you will stand

strong and fearless embrace the blessings I am bestowing upon you now

understand that my love surrounds you and listen for my voice speaking directly to your heart take a moment to

pause and immerse yourself in my message you do not belong among those who dwell in pessimism ashamed to embrace my word

or those who awaken each day cloaked in darkness and falsehood feeling abandoned

by their own choices they have turned away from my love mistakenly believing they must earn

Perfection to receive my grace but you my precious child have embraced my love

wholeheartedly you have recognized your need for me and have chosen to walk in the radiance of my presence for this I

will shower you with Abundant Blessings and lead you unfailingly along your path

never doubt the depth of my love for you it knows no bounds and endures for all

eternity Rest In My Embrace brace and let my love saturate every fiber of your

being you are mine and I am yours now and forever more my cherish child I want

you to understand how deeply proud I am of your faith your steadfast belief in me even amidst trials fills my heart

with joy while Others May question and doubt you remain unwavering in your

trust your faith shines brightly a beacon for all to see and I take great

notice of it come to me weary one and find rest for your soul I do not desire

for you to carry burdens alone or to face each day with heaviness in your heart My Sacrifice has brought you

divine Joy breaking the chains that once bound you and leading you toward a future of blessing and abundance do not

look back to those who held you captive your Liberation lies in your decision to follow me be bold my child for your

enemies seek your downfall but I am your protector and guide step forward with courage into the new

life I offer for your blessings are on the horizon waiting to unfold before you

lean in close and hear The Whispers of my heart to yours trust me not just with

your lips but with the depth of your soul let your trust be a beacon guiding

you through the darkest nights and the stormiest Seas don’t let the shadows of yesterday cast a PA over your tomorrow

your past does not Define you it’s the future we shape together when weariness

threatens to overwhelm you remember that I am here your ever present help in times of trouble reach out your hand and

feel the warmth of My Embrace lifting you above the trials that seek to drag you down let your tears be turned to

rivers of strength flowing from the Wellspring of my love within you not to judge but to offer the warmth of

companionship I am here your most faithful healer ready to soothe every ache and mend the wounds inflicted upon

your body and soul those sharp pains and deep emotional scars that sting like

venomous blades in your times of distress know that I am here to respond to you when

danger approaches trust that I am your Shield your needs do not go unnoticed

for my assistance is ever present my unwavering support belongs to you now

and for all generations in your lineage I seek your genuine Faith your

wholehearted devotion your unwavering obedience and your persistent pursuit of

my presence fear not for I walk alongside you beloved one hear this

clearly take a moment step away from the rush and dim the lights shift your focus

away from the chaos of the world’s noise now is the perfect moment to tune

in to truly grasp the Divine message I offer it emanates from the core of Truth

sealed with sacrifice and flows from the depths of the spirit this message serves

to cleanse to mend and is customized especially For You especially when the

shadows of past hardships threaten your inner peace the time is ripe for us to embark on a wondrous journey together

let us not delay any longer together we shall turn the page to a radiant new

chapter in your life throw wide the shutters of your soul allowing my light

to flood in banishing all traces of d beare let go of the counsel that once

filled you with Dread for in the presence of my love every empty corner

of your being shall be filled to overflowing I will banish The Haunting memories that have plagued you for they

have no place in your heart now you have welcomed me and here I am with my own

hand I shall inscribe upon the parchment of your dreams the countless magnificent plans I have in store for you I am the

light I am the essence of life life itself from the dawn of creation you

were in my thoughts and alongside me the celestial hosts eagerly awaited this

very moment today the heavens rejoice as you surrender your heart to me making me

first in all things but be vigilant for there is an adversary prowling like a roaring lion seeking to steal your joy

and leave you desolate remember I am the way and the truth my Holy Spirit shall

ever be your guide how deeply I know your journey every step every stumble

yet my love for you remains unwavering steadfast in its Embrace in your moments

of weakness I have never turned away in shame no I have stood by your side

patient and forgiving offering you countless chances to rise again for such

is the essence of my being my faithfulness knows no bounds my

Grace Flows endlessly yes I forgive you always but

do understand dear one that the choices you make carry consequences consequences

that can bring pain therefore let wisdom guide your steps as you journey through

life know this my child you are alive and forgiven through my boundless Grace

and love each morning come to me and I will fill you with peace bestowing upon

you the wisdom you need to navigate the challenges ahead rise to a place where

the love and respect of your family await for you shall lead them on my path

Illuminating their hearts with love and revealing the depth of my care faithful

servant prepare yourself for a season of joy and blessings the sight of your entire family coming to recognize me as

their God and Lord fills my heart with joy beyond measure I want you to understand just

how deeply I cherish you your ability to avoid the snares laid by the enemy fills me with delight my love for you knows no

bounds and I long to shower you with Abundant Blessings filling your life with peace and happiness each day you

spend with me and when you emerge from the depths of adversity you’ll find yourself blessed abundantly your

faithfulness and endurance will not go unnoticed the seeds you’ve sown in the

midst of hardship will blossom into a Rich Harvest doubling your

blessings in ways you never imagined you’ll experience joy peace and

abundance overflowing your cup will brim with blessings spilling over to touch

the lives of those around you as you invest in yourself nurturing your faith and deepening our bond you’ll uncover

the unique gifts and talents I’ve placed within you cherish these gifts and use

them to bring light and love to others in serving them you’ll discover true

purpose and fulfillment fear not to step out in faith to take risks for I hold the

blueprint of your life even in its uncertainty I’ll guide your steps and unlock doors of opportunity you never

dreamed existed be bold and courageous knowing I am by your side your

everpresent companion as you scatter seeds of Faith love and hope you’ll witness the

transformative power of my love lives will be touched Hearts mended and

communities restored You’ll Play a pivotal role in my grand design of Redemption and restoration for this

world enter into my rest cherished one be tranquil and recognize my divine

presence cease your Relentless striving and Trust in my ceaseless work on your

behalf seize the moment and prioritize my kingdom above all else I will

abundantly provide for your every need stand firm against the adversary by

surrendering to me humble yourself beneath my mighty hand and in due time I

will Elevate you currently I am refining you in the wilderness so that you may

confidently enter and inherit the promised land flowing with abundance I

will guide your every step and orchestrate meaningful interactions with individuals I have appointed to propel

you toward your destiny at precisely the right moment rest assured that my spoken

word unfailingly comes to fruition for those who have faith do not waver in

your trust in my promises regardless of what your natural senses perceive lift

up your countenance beloved one Redemption draws near and my return is imminent do not lose heart or grow weary

amidst the tumult of daily life in Times of Crisis I am the steadfast Rock of

your salvation and your unwavering anchor amidst life storms when

everything else seems unstable I am the Firm Foundation Beneath Your Feet my

child upon waking you’ll sense my t tender affection in the Morning Light

caressing your face and bringing forth a smile I’m always mindful of your heart’s desires ever Vigilant in my watch over

you let My Embrace envelop you throughout the night as visions of the blessings I’ve prepared for you and your

loved ones await your waking gaze the days of Sorrow are drawing to a close

today herold’s joy and salvation even the angels Rejoice for you’ve

surrendered your heart to me answer in my call as each new day Dawns so too

will your life unfold aresh the past is but a memory and your future gleams with

promise all that was taken from you will be returned a h hundredfold for every

selfless act of kindness you’ve bestowed upon the needy your reward will

overflow despite the slander and attacks of others your endeavors will prosper

and flourish every moment spent in service to me and others without seeking reward will add years to

your life and ignite your spirit with renewed passion these promises already bestowed

in the spiritual realm now await your acceptance dedicate your first waking

moments to communion with me then step forth in faith to claim the blessings I’ve prepared let no shame befall you

for those who oppose you do so in ignorance keep your distance from those who speak ill for their words hold no

weight in my eyes if you seek my voice simply open the pages of my word reading with

unwavering faith hope and loyalty in your joy Don’t Drift Away From Me

embrace the changes life brings and keep your faith steadfast for the trials

ahead I feel your love for me in every moment even amidst your laughter and smiles your heart longs for my presence

for true happiness is found in walking beside me not in solitude where emptiness thrives I won’t let you slip

away my child even if you try to distance yourself I’ll keep searching for you knocking gently on the door of

your heart my love for you knows no bounds it remains constant and

unwavering so let us stay connected my beloved in Intimate Fellowship seek me

out pray to me and witness the depth of my love shielding you from harm and blessing your path

abundantly release your worries and distractions and invite me in to plant these words of love in your heart I am

by your side always even when others falter or turn away in moments of

loneliness or hostility remember that I am your constant companion your loving

father and God you are worthy of my love my child despite any mistakes or

shortcomings you may perceive cease the self-condemnation and embrace the grace

I offer let me remove the blinders from your eyes so you may may see me clearly

and believe in my Everlasting Love release your burdens my dear one lay down your sorrows and cast aside your

worries walk with me and let my tender Embrace and Divine Touch bring healing

to your weary Soul now is the time for restoration I will perform Miracles

within you erasing every wound and leaving no trace of the pain you once bore no scars from your past will Mar

your countenance Trust in my boundless love knowing that I am ever by your side you

are never alone I am your constant companion your strength and your Beacon

of Hope follow my guidance and I will lead you into the future I have lovingly prepared for you a future brimming with

purpose joy and the Fulfillment of your deepest dreams remember my child you are cherish

it Beyond meure you are forgiven redeemed and made a new embrace the

freedom and vitality I have bestowed upon you walking forward with unwavering

confidence knowing that I walk with you every step of the way my love for you is

eternal unyielding and nothing in all creation can separate you from it hold

fast to these truths for they are the Bedrock upon which your life is built

you are mine and I am yours now and forever more I long for your growth

imparting human humility through life’s trials if you entrust your heart to me I will unveil a New Journey bathed in my

magnificence where the impossible becomes attainable where Hearts soften abundance flows Darkness Fades sorrow

dissipates and joy envelops you my love and compassion will eternally accompany

you even when my presence seems unseen I am there in every facet of your life

witnessing each tear and every smile that Graces your face amidst your darkest moments I am your Guiding Light

in your weakness I am your strength when confusion strikes I am your compass

place your trust in me find Solace In My Embrace Let Me Gently lead you step by

step towards a blissful existence declare now with utmost sincerity I

place my trust in you my beloved heavenly father if I assure you that everything will be well I implore you to

believe if you continue to fret over matters you have already entrusted to me

you will exhaust yourself in your dreams I reveal wonders glimpses of Heaven touching Earth my power can shift worlds

drawn by your unwavering faith and love for me I admire your courageous Faith

which is why I answer when you call every day I have messages of Love waiting for you constant amidst life’s

challenges My Love Remains your Shield before you face each new task remember

that you are loved yet I long to hear you say Jesus I love you too in response

blessings Will Rain Down Prosperity removal of Sorrows and the clearing of obstacles in your path my words bring

healing dispelling Shadows of depression and Reviving long dormant dreams within

you I am reshaping your mindset and perspective I have been guiding your steps and urging certain decisions do

not lose heart for I supernaturally guide your path lifting you up through Divine discipline and leading you away

from harmful ties I will expose the truth of betrayal and remove those toxic

to your soul trust in me for I am remaking you into who you are meant to be today I claim the highest place in

your heart no longer allow the opinions of others to Define who you are or dictate the course of your life my grace

is more than sufficient to satisfy your deepest longings I will break the chains of

mistreatment that bend you opening your ease to the truth that you need not cling to negative influences in

order to theve it is my fervent desire to uplift you ignite your inspiration

revive your spirit and lavish you with blessings so profound that you will never doubt the authenticity of my love

for you look ahead with unwavering faith move forward confidently amidst the

deceptions you may encounter disregard trivial concerns that bear no lasting

significance and concentrate on seeking me maintain your fervent belief immerse

yourself in prayer delve deeply into my teachings and let my love become the Cornerstone of your home and existence

await a significant blessing on the horizon trust in this assurance for it

will surely come to fruition I perceived the sorrow in your eyes and sensed your need for my

strength to persevere remember I am your father not distant and aloof but right

here beside you always accessible even if you momentarily forget extend your hand to me now rise

up for I yearn to accompany you through the inner recesses of your mind what

troubles you what saps your resolve to carry on why contemplate straying from your destined path indeed life can be

daunting in your youth your eyes shimmered with anticipation expecting

joy and Beauty from the world your genuine smiles were freely bestowed

trusting in companionship only to be overshadowed by deceit and betrayal

shattering your spirit and enthusiasm for Life peer beyond your reflection and

feel the boundless curiosity and Purity within your heart where dreams of beauty

and hope reside oh how I Delight in the sound of your laughter a Melody that reverberates

through the heavens filling the cosmos with joy in moments of joy and struggle alike

your laughter Rings true a testament to your inner contentment if only you could

grasp the Magnificent plans I have woven for you casting aside the burdens of guilt and pain that need not weigh upon

your shoulders believe in yourself as I Believe In You recognizing your capacity

for beauty greatness and the creation of wonders beyond imagination trust in my words my dear

one and do not measure your worth by the word World standards know that you are deeply loved by your heavenly father my

love for you burns like a consuming fire slow to anger and abundant in Mercy let

this love fill you to overflowing guiding you through life’s trials with courage and peace you are cherished

beyond measure stand Resolute in your convictions anchored in my boundless love and let your Deeds proclaim the

hope and Tranquility that dwell within you in moments of Solitude when the

clamor of the world Fades and you are left with the quietude of your own thoughts hearken to my voice it is in

these hushed hours that I speak most clearly offering guidance assurance and a glimpse of the Divine blueprint

unfolding in your life treasure these moments for they are precious gifts

opportunities to draw nearer to me and to grasp the depth of my affection for you as you Journey onward remember that

you tread not alone my Pres presence is an everpresent companion a Wellspring of

strength and solace in times of doubt and uncertainty lean on me when the road is rough and let my love be The Wind

Beneath Your Wings lifting you above the trials and tribulations of this world your faith is a precious treasure more

valuable than gold or silver nurture it protect it and let it shine brightly for

all to see in times of stress anxiety and fear turn to God for Solace my

strength knows no bounds and my love for you surpasses all understanding as you

embark on this new chapter of your life you will find Freedom from the overwhelming emotions that have burdened

you and there will be nothing to drag you into despair it brings me great joy

to witness your life filled with peace and happiness your happiness brings me joy and whenever I see you sad I am

moved to bring a smile to your face I am not a harsh father who takes pleasure in your suffering ing rather I am filled

with compassion I have never abandoned you despite what others may suggest you

may find yourself facing challenges surrounded by doubters who Envy The Joy you possess be Discerning in your

journey and cautious of whom you trust there are those who may tempt you with false promises of peace and prosperity

leading you astray with their cunning words convincing you that you can find fulfillment without me or without my

guidance our bond is unbreakable even in the darkest valleys I am by your side

however if you choose to stray from my path you may lose sight of the promises I have made disregard my love and

believe you no longer need my guidance or protection yet I will never stop

calling out to you I will always reach out to touch your heart gently guiding you back to My Embrace lay it all before

me and I solemnly pledge to untangle the knots and make a way where there seems to be none though your enemies May taunt

you declaring that you are incapable that you are lost I declare to you today that you are more than capable and you

are not lost I will not let you wander aimlessly I Am The Guiding Light That

illuminates your path I will reach out my arms to lift you from the depths and envelop you in my divine grace and love

when you feel like you can’t take another step Lean on Me even when your strength waines I am here to lift you

you up trust in me and Together We Will Conquer every challenge that comes your way watch as the impossible becomes

possible and paths open before you guiding you forward step by step so my

dear one open your heart wide to receive these gifts of Grace let gratitude fill

your soul as you Marvel at the abundance that surrounds you remember you are

deeply loved and I Delight in blessing you beyond measure does this appear too

wondrous to grasp allow me to reaffirm my nature I find immense Delight in surpassing even your

grandest expectations recall when I communicated to my faithful servant Elijah about

sending rain after years of Relentless drought it was not a mere drizzle that I bestowed upon them I unleashed the

floodgates of heaven with a downpour so formidable that it halted an entire nation in awe such is the manner in

which I shower blessings upon those dear to me though you may not yet discern the abundance heading your way do not doubt

its arrival clouds often appear diminutive on the horizon before

bursting forth with torrents of rain at present you may only perceive faint indications of forthcoming abundance

akin to Whispers carried on the breeze take heed of these signs prepare

yourself for divine extravagance my cherished one listen intently come close

my beloved child and let the warmth of my eternal love envelop you look into

the mirror of my words and see the reflection of the precious soul I hold in tender care when the weight of the

world Bears down upon you lean on me rest your weary head upon my shoulder

for I am here to support you always and when your strength falters offer me your

heart and I will fill it with the boundless love that knows no end if ever

life feels too heavy to Bear know that it is no accident that you hear these words now it is by Divine Design for I

have chosen this moment to reveal my love to you to wash away your sins and

to Grant you forgiveness be gentle with yourself for many of the burdens you

carry were not of your own making you were LED astray undervalued and wounded

yet you Rose again resilient and brave know this my child I am your

Creator and I understand you more deep ly than anyone else ever could my desire

is to heal your heart and soul to free you from the chains of guilt and anxity

embrace my forgiveness and know that my sacrifice has cleansed you completely

setting you on a path toward miraculous transformation open your eyes to behold and relish in what is already before you

but also anticipate with eager expectation all that is yet to come if

you can hear the distant Rumblings now know that it is but a Prelude to the thunderous Roar of blessings about to

sweep over you prepare yourself to ride the crest of this wave in awe and wonder

of my unfathomable power and love for you know this dear one I love you

passionately and I take Delight in moving mightily on your behalf I Am The

God Who disrupts the natural order to unveil Supernatural outcomes intervening

on behalf of Those whom I cherish watching for me to intercept your troubles and rroo them for your good

anticipate my intervention to overcome Injustice and make a way where there seems to be none expect me to defy

impossibilities and birth Miracles before your very eyes for I am Drawing Near extending my

mighty hand over your circumstances to decree reversals breakthroughs Justice and

restitution rest assured my beloved I am orchestrating a symphony of blessings

beyond your wildest imagination simply because I love you with an everlasting

love my pledge to you is as steadfast as the rain that quenched Elijah’s parched land maintain unwavering faith for my

abundance draws near therefore I urge you to stay vigilant I am consolidating every promise and every prayer offered

in faith converging them into a powerful tidal wave of blessings cascading over

your life The Surge is building carrying the weight of countless years the

accumulated hopes of deferred dreams and Beyond the deepest Darkness the brightest Dawn awaits the signs of an

impending move of the Divine are clear for those with eyes to perceive listen

closely to my voice resonating deep within your soul you feel the steering of something immens a brewing

breakthrough a whisper of Supernatural elevation though intangible to the physical senses this sensation ignites a

flame within you a sacred restlessness grows heralding the arrival of unseen wonders

trust these inner stirrings for they Herald the dawn of Glory while your mind

May struggle to grasp it your spirit eagerly awaits around you divine

connections converge conversations spark collaborations form and opportunities

arise with Divine Precision this is my hand orchestrating weaving threads of

Destiny to propel you onward promise me you will believe my word words commit

each morning to seek my face eyes open to the new wonders gradually rising to

surround you the hour has come know me fully meet me with your whole heart held

out precious one I extend the offer of Total Transformation through the name of

Jesus every prayer will be answered your unbroken faith has captured my attention

I want to Lavish you with New Beginnings overflowing with joy these weight Within

Reach for all who choose steadfast trust Let My Words take root in your willing

heart and patiently await each blessing in its appointed time just as it takes months for a

child to be born and seeds need to break through the soil before sprouting so your blessings have their own season of

growth trust in this truth and keep your eyes fixed on the horizon taking each day as it comes Embrace change without

fear knowing it leads to Greater blessings I desire to surround you with

people and resources that nurture your growth walk with me knowing that no one can overpower or condemn you I defend

you against all accusations if only you could see the Heavenly Warriors beside you the light guiding your path and the

obstacles crumbling before you you would realize that the cosmos itself moves to

bless you in the celestial realm a myriad of angels fulfills diverse roles

dispatched from my Throne as special Messengers to Aid Believers Guardian

Angels Safeguard ancestral legacies while Warrior Angels engage in Heavenly and Earthly battles against apostate

forces healing Angels dismantle infirmity strongholds while provision

Angels release abundant resources guiding Angels orchestrate Divine

encounters and open doors of Destiny while worship Angels ignite holy awe and

Usher in sacred moments listen my child for I the Lord speak directly to you

countless hosts of Heaven stand ready to respond to your bold decrees awaiting your summoning your words carry immense

power wield them wisely to unlock the spiritual forces at your disposal as you

rest each night speak Psalm activating the Angels assigned to guard

you in your sleep at dawn affirm that Warrior angels protect the assignments

I’ve entrusted to you remember it’s words aligned with my scriptures that Angels heed and act upon declare with

conviction the Lord commands his angels to guard me in all my ways hold fast to

This Promise rejecting any thoughts contrary to this Divine truth immerse your mind in my word resisting the

enemy’s deceit in your thoughts and dreams stand firm in the authority I’ve given you commanding Angelic forces

against darkness and ushering in My Kingdom on Earth Those whom I have called and chosen demonstrate unwavering

dedication in their pursuit of me they understand that a life surrendered to God’s purpose is the epitome of

fulfillment in worship they offer themselves wholeheartedly knowing that every action will be tested to reveal

its true Essence just as gold and silver are refined by

fire I foresee challenges and conflicts looming on the horizon both globally and

individually in these times it is Paramount to cultivate mental fortitude and

discipline equipping yourself to be a beacon of peace and Harmony in a tumultuous World stay vigilant and

Discerning understanding the signs of the times so that you are not caught off guard by the trials that lie ahead draw

near to me in Intimate communion for in my presence you will find wisdom and

guidance the world is in a state of Perpetual flux signaling a time of profound transformation speak forth with

the inspiration of the spirit bringing the very essence of Heaven to Earth just

as the vast oceans cover the Earth there exists an invisible reality more

tangible than what your natural senses perceive a kingdom unseen yet everpresent permeating the very

atmosphere around you with great blessings come great responsibilities dear child as your capacity EXP expands

so does your opportunity to spread goodness and light to wider circles as

you sow so shall you reap on Earth as it is in heaven this unchanging spiritual

principle is woven into the very fabric of creation embrace the season of

unprecedented abundance as it exponentially expands your ability to fulfill grander dreams for my glory than

you have ever dared to imagine beloved one behold the wide open Windows of

Heaven now pouring forth an overflow of Supernatural abundance upon your life

such abundance defies containment within the bounds of the natural world your current vessels are insufficient to

contain the torrent cascading straight from my Throne Room therefore position yourself to embrace the fullness of my

intended blessings while also preparing conduits to distribute and Steward the inevitable Surplus know that I do not

bless you solely for self-serving purposes rather I enrich my faithful ones so that the advancement of my

kingdom May accelerate through your faithful stewardship I entrust my resources to those who demonstrate

Integrity in handling even the smallest portion with the intention of appointing

them stewards over much greater abundance today marks a fresh beginning

the old burdens are fading away every source of sorrow and ailment that has

robbed you of joy and vitality I declare it vanquished let Every curse be swallowed up by the

Victorious Radiance of my light stand firm in the authority I have bestowed

upon you knowing that no weapon formed against you shall prosper trust in my

purpose for even the most intricate schemes of the enemy are powerless against my might child the schemes of

Darkness cannot withstand the Brilliance of my glory as my judgment draws near

every oppressor will be held to account and recompense will be given rest assured you need not repay evil for evil

simply be still and witness my hand moving on your behalf the illusions that ens snared you will dissipate like

Morning Mist granting you Clarity of vision and understanding I am intimately

acquainted with every burden Weighing on your spirit you need not bear them alone surrender your struggles to me and I

will lift the heavy load from your shoulders in my presence you will find true freedom and rest be still and let

my peace wash over your soul call upon me and I will answer ready to rescue and

defend you from all harm my precious child for you and all who hold fast to

me with love and trust no adversary shall Prevail against you sickness shall

fade away and my blessings will overflow within your home your table shall be

Laden with abundance and your family shall dwell in the Embrace of Peace Joy

Health understanding communication respect and unity I assure

you once more my word is alive and Powerful bringing forth Miracles

wherever it goes it shall not return to me void but shall accomplish all that I

purpose I receive with gladness your gratitude your eager heart and your Soul’s Longing To Know Me intimately and

to fulfill my will I have an abundance of blessings for you that transcend mere

Earthly riches which are fleeting my words carry Eternal significance such as

the might of my sacred utterance when you choose to trust in me to honor me and to prioritize me in your life I

bestow blessings that cannot be stolen by the adversary nor shall they fade away in your

grasp if you remain steadfast in following my will and in pursuing a life

of Holiness choose to disregard the deceit of the adversary and shield your children from doubt and Rebellion keep

your distance from those who Harbor ill intentions even if they disguise themselves as friends for they may lead

you astray I hold you dear to my heart and desire for you to feel my love each

morning Embrace this warmth and let it fortify you remember the blessings you

receive are not by chance they are gifts from me to you behold I am the divine

presence who transcends all barriers indifferent to the apparent immovability

of circumstances or the passage of time my specialty lies in orchestrating the

miraculous in bringing forth Redemption at the th Hour showcasing my power on

behalf of Those whom I cherish I bide my time until it is unmistakably clear that

only I deserve the glory and precisely when it appears hopeless I make my grand

entrance to Proclaim unequivocally that it is never too late for me I proceed to

shatter the shackles of imprisonment at topple barri your spart sees and utilize

any means necessary to illuminate your path to Victory my delight is in showering

blessings upon my beloved confounding human logic and defying Earthly odds

with my lavish benevolence extravagant and Beyond the bounds of

comprehension I bestow my blessings in a manner that leaves no doubt about my

existence or my benevolence when observers witness the magnitude of my intervention on your behalf therefore

brace yourself cherish one fortify your resolve and anchor your faith not merely

for a passing storm but an eager anticipation of a delug of Glory long

have you prayed hoped and awaited your breakthrough yearning for the flood of blessings that will transform your

reality even now I perceive the fervent longing within you Rising like fragrant

incense before my throat take heart for I the almighty am your refuge and

strength through your life I will be exalted among all peoples and Nations you are cherished elevated the foremost

and not the last Every Blessing I possess is bestowed upon you by Covenant

right as you yield yourself wholly to the guidance of my spirit my glory shall

radiate from your being enter into my presence with songs of praise and gratitude remembering the countless

blessings I have lavished upon on you rejoice for the appointed time has

arrived this is the season of divine visitation and acceleration over your

life Health family ministry All Shall flourish under the Heavenly endorsement

that accompanies your proclamation of my word and demonstration of my power

submit to the refining fire of my spirit that I may accomplish through you what

mortal flesh alone cannot achieve signs wonders Miracles and the gifts of my

spirit are your inheritance embrace them with unwavering faith for nothing is

beyond the realm of possibility for those who believe in me I hold you in deep affection you are destined for

greatness even before your Inception I intricately planned your future holding

within my hands the Marvels you long for the dreams nestled in your heart over countless years your prayers for your

loved ones are recorded in my book nothing escapes my notice for each moment has its purpose and timing it is

my desire to enrich your life to unveil New Paths for you to enhance your wisdom

Faith humility and endurance you are my cherished creation placed in a garden of

growth and prosperity the key to your blessings lies within your grasp it is my sacred and potent scripture Embrace

its teachings with conviction and fervor treasure it within your soul if your past is marked by setbacks if

you have yielded too easily and missed precious opportunities let these words Echo from your lips my past does not

dictate my future from now on my life my family my future will be under a canopy

of blessings never hesitate to share my teachings openly within my promises lie

eternal life miraculous wonders and divine interventions When Faith faced

with seemingly insurmountable obstacles a Divine word will grant you the wisdom to overcome open your heart to the

scriptures and delve into its depths with a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to grow as you read feel my presence

beside you guiding you through each verse allowing you to deepen your understanding of me and my boundless

love in the quiet sanctuary of your heart where Whispers of Hope and Promises of a brighter tomorrow ReSound

I am there in this Sacred Space know that I am always present guiding you with a love

that transcends time and Circumstance your journey thus far has been marked by triumphs and trials each

a testament to your resilience and Faith as you navigate life’s complexities anchor your heart in the

truth of my word it is your compass your guiding star leading you through the

darkest nights and into the dawn of new beginnings with the pages of my word you

will discover wisdom Solace and the fortitude to confront whatever lies

ahead I beckon you to a life of purpose one that transcends the fleeting

Pursuits of this world your destiny is greatness not as the world perceives it

but in the humility of service the joy of giving and the steadfastness of unwavering faith in serving others you

serve me and in shouldering the burdens of your brothers and sisters you uncover the true essence of joy and

fulfillment do not be disheartened by those who fail to grasp your path or the calling I have bestowed upon you their

doubts and criticisms are mere passing Shadows powerless against the radiance of my presence in your life so raise

your sights High cherished child dream grandly with me strategize expansively

and ready yourself thoroughly remove any obstacles that might impede the unhindered flow of all I desire to pour

out through Divine Pathways established supernaturally in your life the season

of stretching preceding elevation has fulfilled its purpose within you now

position yourself to receive the full measure of blessings reserved for this new era being birthed Even Now cast off

the constraints of limited thinking and small aspirations expand the boundaries of your vision extend your reach and

develop Your Capacity to both receive and steward the vast array of blessings

I am unveiling to you the only limitation on my outpouring

is your capacity to contain it therefore widen your vision broaden your

perspective and allow me to fill you to overflowing my beloved child while I

have thus far emphasized external blessings Financial windfalls material resources and

prosperity I now draw attention to the inner wealth I am instilling within you during the season

true riches emanate from the depths of your being the enemy stands defeated

powerless in the face of my word I have bestowed upon you authority over all the enemy’s might fear not for as you abide

in the shelter of the most high I have dispatched my angels to encircle you guarding your every step they heed the

call of my decree ensuring your protection and restoration from all losses and damages within you resides

the spirit of the living God you are endowed with Divine Heritage and strength Heaven’s resources are at your

disposal and righteousness arms you against Darkness rise up my child emerge

from Fear Shadows you are anointed and empowered to Proclaim my word boldly for I have not given you a spirit of fear

but of power and authority speak forth my word boldly for as you do you

manifest my salvation and Usher in the Kingdom’s Authority you are my Ambassador blessed and favored equipped

with Holy Spirit anointing your influence expands as you surrender fully to me shining as a beacon of light

amidst Darkness demons tremble At The Mention Of My Name from your lips for you dwell securely in my presence do you

long for a genuine embrace come to me and I will wrap you in my arms showing

you the depth of my commitment I understand your needs your desires and

with me you will find fulfillment beyond measure without me your soul may dim but

with my love guiding you there is nothing you cannot achieve I am here always listening and ready to respond my

desire is to lift you from scarcity and guide you through illness do you grasp

this truth Can You Feel the depth of my love for you listen closely running from

your challenges will not bring an end to them it’s time to confront them headon

you possess Inner Strength beyond measure your battle is one of survival and you have the courage to Stand Tall

if you were weak at heart I wouldn’t be speaking to you now feel my words resonating within you affirming all that

I’ve spoken before you are my courageous child a warrior with a spirit of

resilience and a heart of determination you are fully equipped to conquer whatever comes your way always

remember that I am your caretaker though many may rise against you and seek to unsettle you I will fight alongside IDE

you when others wish you harm I will be your shield and your strength against the assaults of your

adversaries no harm shall befall you for I Am with You guiding you along the path

of Victory illumination and abundance never forget that I will fulfill my promises of blessing upon you therefore

my beloved Son my beloved daughter do not be discouraged by present circumstances always remember that you

are precious to me the most exquisite of Creations just as I can perceive your

outward form I can also discern your innermost being I know all your

aspirations and Endeavors I see the depths of your heart and I am moved by

the beauty that resides within you it is because of this beauty that I have prepared many wonderful things for you

things that no eye has seen nor ear heard reserved for those who hold me close in their hearts today without

hesitation I bestow these blessings upon you for even now I am working tirelessly

in your favor to fulfill all the promises I have made to you trust me wholeheartedly dear one for I am

preparing to shower you with blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you will receive not only

abundant material and spiritual gifts but also a profound sense of Peace joy

and contentment move forward with unwavering faith knowing that I have given you the

power and authority to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way in your weakness my strength shines brilliantly

you’ve faced trials but now relief and reward are at hand every promise I’ve made to you remains

steadfast behind the scenes I orchestrate events to align perfectly in your favor expectantly await the

imminent breakthrough the time for manifestation is near barriers crumble

curses dissolve and strongholds fall overwhelmed by the radiance of my glory

releasing long overdue Destiny and favor a new season Dawns overflowing with joy

and abundance where once barrenness rained now blooms the potential for greatness what seemed lacking and

limited will soon overflow with abundance I’m opening Fountains of blessing quenching every dry area of

your life with streams of renewal and reward brace yourself for an overwhelming flood of goodness

saturating your soul past pains may have doubted my promises but your faith will

be Vindicated can you grasp the depth of the Wonders I have in store for you Visions are

unfolding Revelations pouring down this is only the beginning I restore what was taken

healing wounds and transforming ashes into Beauty the oil of gladness washes

away scars renewing Purity and vision within you difficulty cannot deter the

plans and purposes I have decreed for you beloved you are uniquely equipped

for such a time as this designed to thrive through turbulent times as you Feast on Heavenly Mana nourished Soul

prospering whatever may come before drifting off tonight simply say I do believe I place my trust in you how I

yearn to teach you rest to welcome you deeper still as a little child safe in my heavenly father’s arms your faith

purified emerges with simple sincere trust I have always been near walking by

your side as your dearest companion you never have to Journey alone no matter how long the road may seem we can talk

openly sharing every hidden dream together and unlocking the path toward realization have you not recognized me

as your ABA father your tender protector who will never leave you orphaned or

abandoned sometimes when life overwhelms it may feel like I am distant allowing

afflictions to go unchecked but remember I cannot lie every promise I’ve made to

you is true and every purpose and plan for your life will come to fruition in its perfect time I have drawn Close to

You crowning you with my spirit as confirmation of your sunship guaranteeing your Eternal inheritance I

see the nights you spend in reflection longing for the days gone by when you

relied solely on your own strength and sought validation from others but in your pursuit of

self-importance and recognition you turned away from me ignoring the lessons I offered now

you’re engulfed in sadness feeling a drift and directionless unable to see a path forward but know this my child I

have never forsaken you I have remained by your side steadfast in my love and

unwavering in my presence today I urge you to heed my words to open your heart

to me once more Return To My Embrace with sincerity and I will fortify your

faith seek me wholeheartedly and you you will discover a life of true fulfillment

reclaiming the blessings that were stolen from you the enemy seeks to rob you of everything to bring chaos and

destruction into your life but I am here to rescue you to offer you the salvation

and assistance you need turn your gaze toward me surrendering all that you are

and I will cleanse the wounds within you I will restore your essence making your heart a new everything you have lost

everything that has been taken from you will be returned to you abundantly trust me wholeheartedly for my promises are

steadfast and true have faith my beloved child and witness the restoration of all

that was once lost I promise to cast your sins into the depths of the sea where they can never again condemn you

your garments are now white as snow though it may be hard to comprehend

you possess the capacity to have faith to believe with the innocence of a child in the truth of my word

feel the presence of your heavenly father surrounding you now reaching out

with a mighty hand to lift the burdens from your shoulders and banish every shadow of death and defeat from your

life by the power of my blood I long to see you joyful and Victorious my beloved

child feel the Embrace of my love take hold of my hand and be wrapped in the

Splendor of my grace now face the challenges before you with boldness

diligence and courage let no obstacle deter you for all who stand against you

will ultimately fall Embrace these words with faith for you are deeply cherished

my son my daughter and our bond is eternal I will turn your mourning into

dancing your tears into laughter and I will bring you health and happiness

easing your pain if you refuse to be weighed down by sadness and despair

trust deeply in the words I speak to you today prepare yourself my dear one for a

wondrous blessing is on the horizon embrace it for you are truly deserving

your unwavering faith and courage in the face of countless challenges testify to your refusal to succumb to fear you are

a beacon of courage and unwavering Integrity only the sweetness of my love

and divine affection can move you to tears as deeply as it does your spiritual discernment is Keen

attuned to my presence surrounding you and alert to the spiritual adversaries who seek to hinder you when you seow

seeds of kindness generosity and love my child you not only invest in yourself

but also in the lives of others these seeds planted in faith will surely grow

and bear fruit in due time as you nurture them with your actions and words

you will witness blessings multiplying not only in your life but also in the lives of those around you trust in my

provision for I am faithful to fulfill all my promises to you now and always

know this when troubles and challenges Loom large I am right there with you

every single step of the way I will never abandon you or Leave You To Face these trials alone instead I’ll walk

beside you guiding you through the storm infusing you with strength wisdom and resilience to overcome you are destined

to be a beacon of light in the Darkness a source of inspiration to those around you so be courageous as you face the

challenges of today for I assure you of Victory you will achieve your goals and

nothing and no one can thwart your progress simply believe and trust in me

for I promise to walk beside you every step of the way providing you with the strength and support you need know this

my beloved I love you deeply now rise to your feet filled with faith and determination for the

blessings that are on their way to you will surpass all your expectations remember you are not at the

mercy of your enemies you are under my protection bring me your troubles and

worries and I will take them upon myself entr trust to me everything that seems

lost or hopeless every difficult circumstance or dead end you encounter

surround yourself with those who possess unwavering faith those with Humble Hearts and all who call upon my name

with sincerity and eagerness do not be afraid of alarming news the intimidation

of others or the Dark Shadows cast by the adversary in your life always remember my strength and faithfulness

are steadfast I will never forsake you no matter how many years pass My Sacrifice on the cross and the shedding

of my blood were not in vain when you are surrounded by enemies and troubles

or when you feel vulnerable in need or unwell know that I am always with you I

remind you of this continually so that it remains engraved in your heart I desire for you to seek me daily every

time you Ponder my words understand that I have the power to set you free and if you hear me reaffirm this every day it

is because I intend to act upon it I am not one to deceive my love for you is eternal my blessings Everlasting so it

shall be therefore turn to me fully aware of my love and the firm Assurance of my support indeed I will assist you

with unwavering confidence step into life equipped with the strength peace and joy that come from knowing your

heavenly father is always by your side your strength will arise from within

from the Wellspring of wisdom that flows from me despite your flaws and

Imperfections you have chosen to cling to me and that sets you apart you are

not condemned but rather you are given a fresh start A New Beginning leave behind

the habits and soul ties that weigh you down you will not miss them for in letting them go you are being reborn a

new I will fill your heart with tenderness and give you a new name known

only to you and me when the dawn breaks I will call you by this new name and your soul will leap with joy as I draw

you close to me as the seasons change know that blessings upon blessings are

coming your way even if new challenges arise fear not for I will empowerer you

to overcome them all you and your family are cherished protected and destined for favor in this year declare your faith

boldly in me for I Am With You Always last night as you wrestled with memories

in the darkness I saw you and rejoiced it warmed my heart to see you one of

mine fighting to remember the love and blessings I have lavished upon you even

in your weariness your gratitude is like a Sanctuary for me within your heart

take a moment let me unfold You In My Embrace and utter words of profound Beauty to fortify you I desire to see

you rise each day with joy with unshakable faith in the boundless love I hold for you your tears have not escaped

my notice I feel the weight of each one as the omnipotent creator of all beneath

the heavens nothing eludes my gaze your anguish and Solitude weigh heav heavily

upon me especially when those you once trusted forsake you leaving you feeling

Forsaken and bereft of Solace yet remember nothing in your existence lies

beyond my reach deep within you can discern the language of my love the

unmistakable Resonance of my voice that has assuaged your sorrows in the

past unchanged am I your steadfast source of joy and strength now as my

voice resounds a new do not turn away or shudder your heart the love you yearn

for the love that pursues you for my glory is here I am your ever watchful

Guardian shielding you even in the most formidable circumstances I pledge to intertwine

every thread of your life for your ultimate good you are never forsaken my

words steeped in tenderness shall erase your tears heal your wounds and

transmute your sorrow into enduring Delight I am your God the Alpha and Omega the origin and

culmination I shall Infuse your spirit with boundless Jubilation and come Dawn

I shall emerge as your Liberator your Champion your Valiant Defender your beloved Guardian in my heart you forever

abide my precious beloved child amidst your concerns know that I cradle your worries in my gentle hands ready to

offer Solutions entrust your entire being to me for for I speak directly to

your heart each day surrender the Journey of your life into my capable hands with all your strength rely on my

guidance I assure you I will lead you to what is truly fulfilling nurturing your

soul and drawing you closer to me fear not for nothing can rench you from my

loving Embrace cease striving to overcome challenges in your own strength

pause listen to my voice and release every worry into my care lay the burden

of your troubles at my feet knowing with certainty that you will not be overwhelmed or put to shame I am here to

answer all your pleas my only plea is that you guard your heart disregard the

voices of those who seek to trip you up and do not let them seow seeds of Doubt within you distance yourself from those

who wish to see you despondent from those who question your worth because you have placed your faith in me you

understand your worth in my eyes you are incredibly valuable to me and my love for you knows no bounds I have come to

remind you of the magnitude of my love and the endless possibilities I have in store for you the provisions I have

earmarked for this crucial juncture will sustain you through the Tempest Miracles

and Marvels will validate Your Divine calling be Resolute and seize Divine

opportunities without hesitation my presence will be palpable Illuminating regions long and sconed in

darkness await Divine encounters with individuals and resources meticulously prepared for your journey strategic

alliances will coales bolstering you as you undertake seemingly insurmountable

tasks banish fear for I am ever by your side the Wonders awaiting you surpass

human understanding extraordinary plans for those who cherish me and heed my spirit’s guidance your Odyssey with me

now escalates revealing Realms of Enlightenment and Splendor The Familiar Fades making room for the

extraordinary Embrace bold faith for in this season of divine Adventure only

audacious belief can navigate the Marvels I have ordained in the depths of your soul heed my Whispers as I navigate

you through uncharted waters past experiences serve as a sturdy Foundation

yet now I beckon you to venture into deeper Realms resist the Allure of comfort and stagnation

rebuff fear that seeks to impede your progress feel the grace you’ve received

the overwhelming love You’ found let this wonderful emotion wash over you

from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes like tears of joy cascading down your face and melting into your

heart feel my love once more just as you did before Stand Tall shout out in

exaltation and open your arms wide to welcome the outpouring of Grace from Heaven embrace with an open heart this

invitation to rejoice in my presence bow your head in prayer embracing this new

life I’ve bestowed upon you I’ve lifted you from the depths of sadness and renewed your strength your pain has been

removed replaced with courage so you can stand firm and continue to be a blessing

to many so I say to you don’t falter keep moving forward each day be brave

and Resolute for I will take care of the things that seem insurmountable to you remember true vict victories are not one

with weapons or armies but through the extraordinary power of my Holy Spirit stir up your faith don’t overlook this

message don’t underestimate its power understand the essence of my message to you now my words carry the power to

bring about positive change in your life do not be discouraged by unexpected challenges or the sting of betrayal

disregard the harsh words and envy of others for you are securely held within

my grasp shielded from their harmful intent itions start each day with my words on your lips knowing that you are

under the protection of your Almighty and loving God my child you are embraced

and cherished by the arms of your heavenly father I love you amen I’ve

reminded you countless times and I will continue to do so nothing and no one can

overpower you the adversary will employ every tactic to seow confusion and make

you doubt my presence but know this from the break of dawn to the peaceful

night I am with you whether you’re rejoicing or Mourning wrestling with

uncertainty or facing defeat I am there embracing you tighter than ever to

reveal the boundlessness of my love I reach out to you never faltering

in my support guiding you away from doubt and fear especially when the world

seems cruel and pain abounds take a moment to pause and seek tranquility

amidst your trials for I have conquered this world and bestowed upon you the most powerful tools my love your hope

and your unwavering faith in my enduring love all firmly Anchored In Hope

enriching your spirit and intellect embrace your faith as a shield against the assaults of the enemy a time will

come when your current challenges will fade into Distant Memories and you will rejoice as you navigate through numerous

trials receiving blessing things you once deemed unattainable you will grasp

the depth of my grace the vastness of my mercy and my boundless love for you

despite your flaws I entrust you with significant Authority dear child stay

humble remain accountable and prioritize seeking my kingdom and righteousness

much is expected from those to whom much is given yet fear not for the Holy

Spirit resides within you as counselor standby teacher comforter and guide you

are never alone not for a single moment I will lead and direct your every step

your task is to stay attuned and act in obedience to my promptings remain close

to me beloved let your roots sink deep into my love regardless of the storms

that may arise you will stand unshaken against the fiercest winds when anchored firmly to the Rock who never falters

never Alters never deceives amen your un wavering faith is not merely a token

gesture but a blazing fire that purifies strengthens and guides you it comforts

you in times of Sorrow heals the wounded and spreads the message of my redeeming love far and wide with this Faith you

wield the power to shape worlds to stand boldly against evil and to overcome

every obstacle that comes your way no enemy can devour you when you

anchor yourself in my unending love which remains constant through every season of Life your love is what I long

for in return offer me your heart undivided and whole keep your gaze fixed

ahead on the path of obedience where blessings Without End await you are you

seeking Solutions know that I have placed them within your reach do you need strength my word is the source if

it’s Living Waters you crave let your faith unlock the supernatural Realms waiting for your exploration these

wonders will touch countless lives through you as you remain faithful you and your family are secure in my hands

allow me to bring you comfort I see your tears and feel your sorrow let me wrap

you in joy and securely embrace you with my warmth all bitterness will melt away

as I fill you with the sweetness of My Affection I want you to feel better my precious one today it seems you need me

more than ever yet I ask for nothing in return only your trust While others

remain stagnant trapped in their self-made prisons you boldly March Into the Heart of the storm there you stand

tall wielding your sword and holding your flag high for victory is imminent

the storm will cease and you will plant your flag upon conquered ground continuing your journey with unwavering

faith and determination I guide you to face your troubles fearlessly because I Stand By Your Side ready to Shield you from harm

and ruin your victories are not solely your own but are achieved through the strength I provide every time you call

out to me in your moments of vulnerability I responded with outstretched hands rescuing you from the

brink of Despair today you stand alive and well a testament to my unwavering

love for you the challenges you face now will soon dissipate leaving those who mocked you feeling embarrassed and

Powerless no force can hinder the blessings I have have in store for you my Divine protection surrounds you like

a shield with my warrior angel standing guard ensuring your safety your destiny

rests securely in my hands for I am your omnipotent and loving God committed to

fulfilling my purpose for you you will Marvel at the transformation within you and others will respect you past faults

will be forgotten and offenses forgiven doors will open and new blessings will

abound offers of prosperity and provision will come your way Paving A New Path towards

a future free from fear and anxiety my blood has set you free no harm can

befall you you are pure in spirit soul mind and heart this is the reward for

those who embrace my word repent of evil and seek my forgiveness I love you you

shall live and continue to fight your destiny is in my hands your task is to

persevere your self-respect unshaken acknowledge me as your true God your

king Your Divine parent though trials may seem overwhelming trust in my strength and boldly navigate through the

storms I will never abandon you my hand is always extended for your salvation

hold tight to me for I will guide you through every challenge leading you to Triumph let me paint a clearer picture

of what I mean by windfall imagine a sudden surplus of blessings arriving in

your life with such force that it overwhelms you with joy I Am The Wind behind this blessing Gathering up your

hopes and dreams and delivering them into your waiting hands this isn’t just about meeting your needs it’s about

exceeding them in ways you never thought possible to fully Embrace these blessings you must cultivate a

perspective of Faith look beyond the visible and Trust in what I am doing

behind the scenes right now unseen forces are at work detaching obstacles

and Paving the way for your breakthrough keep your eyes fixed on me for I am the

source of every good gift and position yourself to receive the abundance that is Flowing your way I Delight in

bestowing blessings upon you each one tailored to fit your unique Journey

perhaps it’s a sudden promotion at work a timely Financial winfall or a serendipitous encounter that opens new

doors of opportunity every blessing is a testament to my grace and provision in your life know this

nothing happens by accident in your life I have carefully orchestrated every detail aligning circumstances and timing

to bring about your success trust in my plan for you for it is crafted with love

and precision beyond your comprehension my blessings for you are unending as

your father I protect nurture and love you deeply my plans for you are exclusive and abundant pray with

unwavering faith and I will respond with marvelous blessings listen to my voice

as I reveal the love and blessings I have for you though challenges may arise

remember you are mine cherished and beloved I am your Shepherd you lack nothing recognize your significance to

me you are chosen loved and blessed call upon my name in every moment whether you

wake or sleep in Joy or sorrow your voice is music to my ears speak my name

with love for it soothes your soul and commands authority over dark Darkness

declare your trust in me to banish fear and restore strength my child I love you

deeply speak my name with confidence for in it lies power healing and courage

speak my name with unwavering faith and confidence for in the name of Jesus all power and authority reside every knee

shall bow every tongue confess that I am the king of kings the Lord of lords my

spirit dwells within you never to depart guiding you with Divine wisdom and strength

let us make a sacred vow you shall feel my love in extraordinary ways and

throughout your day my voice shall whisper to you enveloping you in its warmth once more know that I love you

profoundly I shall release you from Despair and Infuse you with courage I am

breathing new life into your spirit and folding you in the Embrace of my love believe in me feel the Purity and beauty

of being ched and shielded by the creator of the cosmos and let profound peace flood your being with every word

you hear these words I speak to you are born from the depths of my heart they

wash away your past and soothe your pain reminding you of the immeasurable worth you possess and the Magnificent future

that awaits you know this my child I love you embrace it approach this day

with courage and resolve for I Am by your side and I shall never let you stumble allow me to be your guide your

strength your solace I see the weight you carry the exhaustion in your eyes

and the uncertainty in your heart you feel lost unsure of which way to turn

but know this I am here ready to lift you from the depths of Despair with my

unwavering strength the Hidden Treasures earmarked for this epic are now within your grasp to explore and

Steward rivers of my provision will flow Reviving The Barren lands to which I

send you forge ahead with courage and conviction embracing the fullness of my

vision for you do not be deterred by looming deadlines or daunting tasks

respond promptly and resolutely for I am orchestrating your footsteps with impeccable timing a wave of divine

Awakening sweeps across the Earth heralding sudden Revelations and transformative shifts in this era the

floodgates of blessings once sealed are now bursting open ushering in abundance

and reward beyond measure you are an integral part of this Divine unfolding a

pilgrim on the path to your prophetic Destiny engage in fervent praise and worship for it holds the key to

unlocking the Gates of Heaven as you do so behold as the Flames of my spirit kindly even the coldest of Hearts my

presence shall overshadow regions once shrouded in darkness ushering in a new

era of Hope and illumination the night seasons of your journey are yielding to the radiant Dawn of my glory

the enemy stands defeated powerless in the face of my word I have bestowed upon

you authority over all the enemies might fear not for as you abide in the shelter

of the most high I have dispatched my angels to encircle you guarding your every

step they heed the call of my decree ensuring your protection and restoration

from all losses and damages within you resides the spirit of the Living God you

are endowed with div Divine Heritage and strength Heaven’s resources are at your disposal and righteousness arms you

against Darkness rise up my child emerge From fear’s Shadows you are anointed and

empowered to Proclaim my word boldly for I have not given you a spirit of fear

but of power and authority speak forth my word boldly for as you do you

manifest my salvation and Usher in the Kingdom’s Authority you are my ambassador blessed and favored equipped

with Holy Spirit anointing your influence expands as you surrender fully

to me shining as a beacon of light amidst Darkness demons tremble At The

Mention Of My Name from your lips for you dwell securely in my presence let them know you’re never truly alone I

walk beside you guiding and cheering you toward Triumph trust in my grace and goodness

for this is your moment of Victory I’m working to heal every part of you surrounding you with my strength and

Glory stay vigilant for the enemy seeks to trip you up and shake your faith when

weariness weighs heavy come to me in prayer and I’ll envelop you in peace and Solace let worry not steal away your

faith or peace though the battles may rage fiercely and the struggles weigh heavy know that I am fighting for you in

the Unseen Realms shielding you from the onslaught of your adversaries even as

you rest unaware great victories are won on your behalf for you are deeply blessed and cradled

in my love no obstacle you face is too great for I am greater still do not let

the challenges confine you or the threats intimidate you your flaws and past errors do not diminish my love and

protection over you your loved ones and your entire household when foes seek to ensnare you

with lies accusations and fabricated troubles I stand as your Shield guiding

you through trials to emerge Victorious shift your gaze from your weaknesses

finding Assurance in my promises for my Triumph is your Triumph in moments of weakness when doubt Creeps in I am your

unwavering strength amidst the chaos your peace in the storm keep moving forward my son my

daughter know that my love surrounds you always propelling you toward greatness

each trial you face is shaping you into something extraordinary I have crafted a

magnificent plan for your life dear child and I am with you every step of the way you are not alone I am here to

guide you over every mountain and through every obstacle when you encounter challenges that seem

insurmountable remember that I am your support and your guide my light will

illuminate even the darkest paths and my hands will steady you through every trial do not fear the unknown for I am

there to catch you and lift you higher than you ever imagined believe in yourself for The Power Within You is

boundless even when the journey grows difficult know that my love and guidance are unwavering Embrace each step as an

opportunity for growth and Discovery trusting in my wisdom to lead you forward no dream is too big with me by

your side keep pressing on with determination knowing that together we

can achieve anything amen do not squander the precious gift of time but

instead draw strength from our communion and rise to meet the challenges that lie

ahead know that you are enveloped in my grace liberated from the shackles of

past failures and empowered to soar to new heights of spiritual enlightenment

seek guidance in my teachings explore the depths of my wisdom contained within the sacred pages of scripture I speak to

you through Myriad channels guiding your steps and fortifying your spirit for the

journey ahead though the road may be fraught with obstacles rest assured that

I am your everpresent companion steering you towards Triumph and victory you are

adorned with the mantle of authority and courage equipped to surmount any obstacle and transcend every boundary

embrace the calling placed upon your life for you are destined for greatness a Living testament to my boundless love

and enduring Grace I am empowering you to Triumph to ascend like a person of

unwavering Faith a stronghold a Guiding Light for those who stumble for those

who dwell in their past and fail to grasp the immense blessing I offer it fills me with joy to pave your path to

unlock opportunities to heed your prayers and provide resolutions to

strengthen and guide you through trials the boundaries between the Realms of Heaven and Earth are fluid in

intertwined in a Divine dance as you cultivate spiritual discernment you will

begin to encounter Angelic beings hovering just beyond the veil these Celestial Messengers diligently oversee

the unfolding events ensuring that my word is fulfilled they heed my commands

issued from the throne room and swiftly carry out my decrees when you boldly Proclaim truth Legions of angels are

dispatched to catalyze breakthroughs and bring davan assignments to fruin

therefore fix your Gaze on Heavenly realities transcending the limitations of the Earthly realm train your

spiritual senses to perceive beyond the visibly into the Unseen Realms decree my

word with unwavering faith and watch as Angelic hosts spring into action ready

to fulfill their Heavenly mandates countless Miracles healings and

deliverances await activation through your faith-filled declarations remember the power of life

and death lies in the tongue with conscious intention wield your words to summon Angelic assistance knowing that

heaven’s forces stand at the ready awaiting your command so do not underestimate the potency of your speech

speak forth boldly invoking the Angelic realm into action and watch as the supernatural unfolds before your eyes

delay and denial are relics of the past swiftly my promises are emerging

orchestrating circumstances and divine Connections in alignment with my grand

design remain vigilant for providential encounters with individuals and resources I have ordained for your

pilgrimage sustenance and direction are readily available uplifting you as you

pursue the vision etched upon your soul fear not simply entrust yourself to

unwavering Faith the Marvels destined for you transcend all that has been seen

or heared your ODS say is not solely about reaching a destination but about

Plumbing the depths of my unfathomable love and omnipotence each stride taken in communion with me is a for ey into

Uncharted territories brimming with the boundless potential of my kingdom you

are not a mere spectator but a pivotal participant handpicked and empowered for

such a time as this Embrace this Divine calling with exultant anticipation your

struggles will not define you you will emerge Victorious and blessed I extend

my Mercy to you ready to heal your wounds and ease your pain each day I

will lift the weight of your sorrows and replace them with Divine joy and happiness I will wipe away your tears

replacing them with a radiant smile upon your face you will sing praises of love

and gratitude from your heart those who have doubted you will witness the undeniable truth it is my loving hand

that has protected you all along raise your voice with unwavering conviction ition the Lord stands by my side a

Pillar of Strength therefore those who wish me harm will

stumble but before you declare this ask yourself do you truly place your trust

in me speak it out write it down engage in a heartfelt dialogue with me listen

closely and your faith will guide you to Inner Peace and Tranquility remember I

am always with you especially in moments of stagnation when Victory seems distant

and when time seems to stand still I am there gently nudging you to recognize

and embrace my guidance and wisdom in this realization you will understand that all things work together for your

good and no effort is in vain visualize the Splendor Purity and Delight in the

Blessed future I am orchestrating for you I also cleanse the windows of your

soul so your vision remains unclouded with no barriers to obstruct your view I

want you to discern The Marvelous things I am poised to accomplish in your life

and seor undertak every Endeavor with zest fortitude and uning bravery should

melan ever weigh upon you recall these words take a leap of faith rests above

and as you Journey Joy will descend upon you infusing you with the Vitality needed to thrive Miracles persist if you

can muster belief you understand that nothing is beyond reach for one who places Trust trust in my

omnipotence even amidst moments of seeming absence know that I will not forsake you you shall not be put to

shame I shall ever remain with you and when you feel unable to press on my

mighty hand shall raise you up you shall burgeon you shall fortify commence with

Miracles that appear inconsequential and gradually you shall Traverse into the supernatural realm you

shall Traverse upon waves quell storms with the utterances from your lips evoke

fire from the heavens and every obstruction impeding your progress shall be consumed with your own eyes You Shall

Behold the celestial hosts encircling you Beloved the moment you have yearned

for has arrived embrace your inner fortitude and Advance with the Valor

befitting a true champion you are not solitary for I your omnipotent father

Stand By Your Side lifting you up dispelling every iota of fear from your

heart however Be watchful of those who attempt to distance you from your loved

ones by sewing seeds of doubt and Division in your heart it’s true that

you have faith even if some of your family members are still on their journey of belief I want to use you as a

vessel to demonstrate my love to them and deliver a message of hope I am giving you the strength and courage to

uplift and encourage everyone in your household remember it is crucial for you

to recognize your need for my presence immerse yourself in my word and allow my holy spirit to guide you if you ever

feel overwhelmed or discouraged remember that you are living in a challenging world but there is always hope for you

and your family you have my Assurance of protection love guidance and Abundant

Blessings for your entire household believe this truth with all your heart

the love I have for you is genuine and tangible not a mere illusion it is as real is the air you breathe more

powerful and beautiful than any Miracle you could ask for my love envelops you filling you with joy this is the

greatest blessing you can receive my child your beautiful soul has captivated my attention each time you close your

eyes to speak with me it fills my heart with joy I cherish the rhythm of your

Beating Heart filled with Divine happiness especially when you come to listen today I bless your day with peace

tranquility strength and wisdom enveloping you in my presence I’ve heard your prayers and they warm my heart your

expression of Need for me is a sweet melody to my ears if anyone dares to

bring conflict or stress into your life today you will feel my Divine love surrounding and shielding

you my protective arm will shield you from all distress ensuring your soul

remains filled with joy those around you your loved ones will Marvel at the trans

transformation they see in you they’ll Wonder at the radiance emanating from your being even your adversaries will

retreat in fear recognizing their powerlessness against your unwavering Faith know that you are enveloped in a

supernatural Shield of divine protection countless Angels stand guard

around your home watching over your family day and night in this moment as

we commune in this intimate space know that you are cherished deeply just as

you are our partnership flows like a stream never stagnant you have received

abundantly from my hand now freely give to quench The Thirst of the needy feed

the hungry set captives free heal the sick and Herald the arrival of my kingdom day after day without ceasing I

have placed strategic Divine connections around you who will assist you one swws

another nurtures but I alone bring about growth be a willing Steward of all I

place within your reach not everyone will comprehend my ways not everyone will interpret my methods accurately but

you my beloved will learn to discern my Seasons interpret my language and follow

my plan as I open your eyes to perceive what I am releasing clear your ears to

receive detailed instructions on the obedient steps required positioning you perfectly to overflow with all I have

prepared you will never lack Vision or Direction Heavenly strategies will Dawn within you

dreams talents resources will converge at the opportune moment to swing open

doors that were once tightly shut I take immense joy in lavishing blessings upon

you yet my intentions run deeper than merely fulfilling your Earthly desires

material possessions offer fleeting satisfaction genuine wealth arises from

intimate knowledge of me and the fulfillment of the destiny I ordained for you before time began even as

Supernatural abundance flows into your life maintain an eternal perspective

continually assess the Legacy you’re crafting the treasures you’re amassing in heaven where neither Thief nor moth

can corrupt I could have bestowed this wealth and influence upon anyone yet I

selected you because I discerned humility and integrity within your soul

you’ve Faithfully stood stewarded the little I entrusted to you displaying wisdom and Grace now I Elevate you to

govern over much more with increased favor comes heightened consecration In

My Kingdom the most significant leaders wield power with restraint they remain

receptive despite their Authority accountable despite their autonomy surrendered despite their

prominence all success flows from me I determine who receives power and how

much based on on their maturity my dear child your emotions are precious your dreams are beautiful and your heart is

tender surrender your entire being to me and rest in my will doubt will no longer

Cloud your mind and you will find profound security your faith will endure and I will be with you for eternity I

will never forsake you in moments of sadness lift your eyes to the heavens

there’s no need to hide your tears I understand your pain deeply I cradle you

in my hands fear not for I am here to uplift you cleanse your sins and renew

your life with comfort and love let your tears flow as you feel my genuine embrace you know the depth of my love

for you I long to alleviate your pain eternally the trials you’ve faced have been exceedingly arduous and I

understand I hear your spoken words and even those unspoken accompanied by your tears find Solace In My Embrace I

comprehend the depths of your emotions and the challenges you’re enduring you’ve been deeply wounded feeling

diminished and unworthy listen closely to my words saturated with tenderness in

my eyes you hold infinite worth and the greatest act of sacrifice in the universe was motivated by love for you

with my blood I have cleansed your flaws and erased your regrets freeing you from suffering the accuser constantly

Whispers lies to undermine your confidence and shroud you in Shadow

dredging up past sins to haunt you but remember you are

new the old has passed away forever if only you could Glimpse your

vital place in my kingdom and understand even a fraction of your immense value

seen through my eyes alone it would take your breath away but even without seeing

your unwavering Faith grants you strength to walk into your glorious purpose a day is coming when your

perspective will be completely transformed and you will see the path behind you led by steadfast trust

despite wanting to quit countless times your resilience has brought you to victory trials have deepened your roots

shaping you from a child into a Champion by my side fear has no power over you

the enemy is easily disempowered in your presence why should you stumble when I uphold you with my right hand to dwell

eternally as honored royalty you must claim in no sense purity of motive and wholehearted devotion trust in me for I

am leading you into your destiny envison the day when I shall Crown you as royalty and prepare a place for you in

the heavens surrounded by Angelic hosts as your loyal Guardians you are never

alone forever unfolded in the Embrace of my boundless love nestled closely to my

heart in a space crafted just for you since the dawn of time when negative thoughts whisper lies they open the door

for the the adversary to accuse and torment if you hold the opinions of those who oppose you in higher regard

than my truth they will steal your peace your joy and your purpose Speak Life

over yourself meditate on my promises inscribe them upon your heart and believe in me come what may never doubt

the depth of my love for you it is eternal unchanging and you know it to be

true my dear child know this deeply I will never ever withhold my love from

you if ever you feel distant or abandoned it’s not because I’ve withdrawn but because the trials of Life

have dulled the fire in your heart hold on tightly to me so the storms of life don’t sway you remember whether you’re

in times of Plenty or times of need I am your Shepherd I’ll ensure you lack

nothing and your family will overflow with joy even when others look down on you my

blessings and mercy will follow follow you wherever you go when the enemy tries to deceive you with his lies stand firm

and declare boldly my life belongs to God and my soul rests in his hands I am

steadfast in my devotion to my Lord promise me this tell me you love me and

inscribe it on your heart you’ve journeyed through valleys of Consequence traversed the deserts of regret but what

lies before you now is No Illusion born of despair this life full of Vibrance and promise

is real here I am Arms Wide Open offering you Liberation and a fresh

beginning your past no longer holds you captive declare it boldly write it down

and share it with the world let them know that you are forgiven alive and free your case is settled and there is

no condemnation for you embrace my forgiveness and let my love flood your heart choose to soar above your your

circumstances and step into the life I have ordained for you your dreams will

blossom into reality because I am your life your path and your truth a future

rich with blessings and joy awaits you in those you hold dear never allow doubt

or disparagement to Cloud your heart reflect on my unwavering presence in your life drawing strength from the

memories let them embolden you to persevere to chase after your dreams and

to Never Surrender the time has come to place your complete trust in me you have a destiny to embrace a purpose to

fulfill dreams to pursue and a family to

nurture all I ask is for your unwavering respect and loyalty your heart already beats in

rhythm with mine but now it’s time to embark on your journey to Freedom with

sincerity and determination I did not breathe life into you so that you could be tossed

about by the turb ulent waves of circumstance do not put your faith in fair weather friends who lift you up

only to let you fall their words may sting their actions May wound but

remember I am your constant companion lean on my love my child and Trust in my

unwavering care offer me your simple childlike faith and know that I will

never leave your side in moments of struggle I will be your strength granting you the endurance to persevere

you are never alone my beloved feel the warmth of my love enveloping you casting out all fear release those who do not

truly support you and do not plead for their company in your loneliest moments

I will be there offering Solace and understanding I am the one who truly

knows your heart who listens without judgment and who comforts Without End my

desire is not only to shower you with blessings but also to fill your heart with joy and peace in every facet of

your life be assured in your actions for I Am by your side loving and guiding you

with every step you take walk boldly and confidently for I am watching over you

safeguarding you under my Vigilant care I understand that yesterday you felt disheartened and downtrodden but today

holds in store a day of Radiance and wonder a day briming with light hope and

abundant opportunity ities today I will bless you and fulfill the desires of your heart close your eyes and bask in

the warmth of my love the tenderness that I am infusing within you allow my

presence to permeate every fiber of your being let my spirit fill your heart with

my pure and boundless love until it saturates your soul beloved child today

I urge you to place your complete trust in me never doubt the constancy of my love or fear abandonment when you

stumble I have chosen to dwell within your heart carrying Within Me blessings

and opportunities Grace and forgiveness Divine strength and a steadfast purpose

for your family the days of fear are behind you I have banished the destroyer

from your midst surrender yourself entirely to me trusting in my unyielding

dedication to your joy I penned these words for you long before your existence

out of my profound love for you you will be shielded I will rescue you from your troubles and provide the answers you

seek signs of my immense love promising a future brimming with joy and prosperity are on the horizon for you

prepare for this overflow of blessings instead of mourning unfulfilled dreams fill your heart with hope reject any

notion of defeat and bask in the warm glow of my sacred promise the days of Sorrow will fade into Distant Memories

your Liberation is imminent believe for I hear every prayer and extend my compassion abundantly do not fret I will

surpass your every request for it is my desire to Lavish upon you the finest to

unfold Miracles beyond your wildest dreams as time unfolds remember that the

happiness you now experience was birthed from past struggles nurtured by your tears and shaped in moments of Despair

yet it has blossomed into a season of love and Abundant Blessings let the truth of my unwavering love fill your

your heart dispelling all doubts feel the flame of my eternal love igniting within you renewing your spirit and

infusing you with the strength to persevere You are not alone my child I

Am With You Always guiding you through every trial and Triumph today my beloved

marks a profound shift in your life in this very moment everything changes for

you have invited me into the depths of your heart a transform unfolds within you as you are renewed

from the core of your being the struggles of the past the burdens that once weighed heavy upon you are now mere

Echoes Fading Into the distance today you are reborn and The Inheritance I

have lovingly prepared for you begins to unfold before your eyes eternal life

with me beckons and even now my Holy Spirit fills you empowering you to navigate the journey ahead Feel the Fire

Within your soul dear dear one ignited by my presence it stir within you a song

of Praise a recognition of the boundless power at work within you take my hand

and let me Lift You Higher as you sing with joy every burden that once

oppressed you will be lifted away through my eyes you will see yourself a new a cherished and unique creation

destined to overcome every Challenge and step into a realm of unparalleled blessings remain faithful to me now and

forever believe it with all your heart for it has always been true and always will be this is the sign you’ve been

waiting for the answer to your prayers you’ve cried out to me shed tears and

begged for a solution to your troubles now I am here to answer this isn’t

happen stance you’re hearing these words precisely when you need them most my

Holy Spirit surrounds you empowering you with strength you’ve sensed my desire to

speak speak with you but I waited for the perfect moment so you could feel the depth of my love I’ve been preparing you

through various means even through the powerful messages that leap off the pages of your Bible when read with a

sincere heart today you’ve opened your heart to hear from me to rekindle your

commitment and to offer me your faith trust and hope believe without doubt

that I hear your prayers alleviating any anxiety about whether your words reach me from the very moment you cried out to

me an angel descended from my heavenly Throne bearing the key to your freedom

you hold a special place in my heart and know this there’s a fierce battle being

fought in the Heavenly realms for your precious life do not lose heart my child

for I Am With You Always guiding you with my love and wisdom trust in my plan for your life knowing that I am working

all things together for your good sit with me in the the quiet Stillness and Let My Words sink deep into your soul

know that you are loved beyond measure and that I will never leave you nor forsake you with me by your side you are

unstoppable embrace the journey ahead with confidence for I am leading you into a future filled with hope and

promise rest in my love dear one and know that you are cherished beyond words

my precious child I’m here to cleanse every corner of your mind and heart wiping away every trace of Theus your

heart should be a sanctuary for the love of your heavenly father who adores and rescued you love me with all your

strength make me your priority in everything you do each morning as you wake whisper good morning to me with

love your tender words bring joy to my heart and in your praise I will abundantly bless your life and your

family my child if you should lose something material take a moment to

reflect your life is precious to me and and I desire nothing more than your happiness your spiritual growth and the

strengthening of your faith I will restore to you what you believe to be lost returning it to you in a manner

more beautiful and remarkable than before surpassing even your own expectations so do not fret or lament

over what seems missing in your life now instead focus on loving me cherishing

your family obeying my will and patiently awaiting the abundance that is on its way material possessions may come

and go but let not your heart be troubled by their transient nature nothing is ever truly lost forever I

will retrieve what was taken from you and resurrect the goodness from your past magnifying its Splendor entr trust

me with your entire being for I long to Grant you the deep-seated peace your soul craves surrender your worries and

Restless thoughts to me have faith your future is far brighter than you can Envision The Echoes of the world may not

always reflect the vastness of your faith yet it is through faith not sight

that you must navigate your journey a moment approaches when your Earthly perception will align with your

spiritual Insight just as I guided Elijah to forewarn King Ahab of the impending

rainfall so too do I implore you ready yourself swiftly for a Cascade of

blessings is on on the brink of engulfing your life reflect upon Elijah’s narrative in a land desiccated

by years of drought where hope flickered dimly it was his steadfast prayers and unwavering pursuit of my presence that

unlocked the heavens despite numerous attempts he persisted in Seeking a sign of the promised Reign each instance

where his servant returned with news of emptiness served as a test of faith not

a conclusion can you identify this pattern in your own endeavors

the countless instances where you’ve prayed believed and searched for evidence of my promises only to

encounter silence remain Resolute my beloved the essence of Elijah’s Journey

lies not in the frequency of his attempts but in the indomitable Spirit driving each one within what may seem

insignificant to you a faint Cloud a whisper a subtle shift resides the

precursor to my imminent outpouring what you perceive as minute Heralds the dawn of a remarkable

transformation do not be intimidated by threats or unsettled by a doctor’s diagnosis your life is cradled in my

hands and your well-being is part of my divine plan your future is radiant and

secure so let not fear hold you back cling tightly to these promises after

you have listened to my words linger a while longer in my presence pouring out your heart with all your requests

thoughts and fears I know you carry the weight of past mistakes but I long to forgive you

and wash away every trace of guilt and remorse with My Precious Blood I will strengthen you shower you with blessings

and multiply your Joys each time you come to me in conversation I will

Empower you to overcome and emerge Victorious yet heed the message I impart

to you today you have a purpose to fulfill and nothing and no one should hinder you you grasp the depth of my

words the curses of your adversaries will not touch you the traps they set will ens snare them I watch over every

step you take every moment of rest and every Awakening you are cherished beyond

measure and I am forever with you guiding and guarding you with my unwavering love the threat of familial

Discord shall not dim your joy though your emotions may lead you to believe there is no way forward that impending

troubles will engulf you that hurtful words will break you and that Joy is beyond reach know that I have brought

you to this moment to receive my message of assurance I am deeply concerned for

every challenge you face and I see the negative influences that surround you do

not fear your adversaries for you are stronger than you know though they may

try to intimidate you you will stand firm they cannot perceive the wonderful surprises I have in store for you I have

given you the power to silence the forces of evil that seek to harm you know that you are never alone and you

are always under my protection nourish your mind soul and spirit with my teachings and Commandments be courageous

and steadfast for the enemy May test you but I assure you my child you are more powerful than you realize know that no

matter how daunting your problems may appear they hold no power over you for I the almighty am by your side you dwell

under my Divine protection and tender care I have washed you clean with my own blood and filled you with the comforting

presence of my Holy Spirit remember my strength knows no bounds and you my

child bear the likeness of my very being know this my precious one you are

cherished by a real all powerful and compassionate God your worth is immeasurable to me and I will always

watch over you if ever you stray from my love I’ll gently guide you back into the

safety of My Embrace as you absorb these words close your eyes and share your

heart with me let me demonstrate my boundless love for you for your life is a precious gift saved from darkness by

My Sacrifice the enemy sought to consume you with Darkness but my light prevailed

nothing not even the mightiest forces can challenge my Authority or snatch you from my loving embrace you are redeemed

encouraged and forever cherished by the Divine walk forth forward with confidence for I Am With You Always

leading you towards a future filled with hope and joy I see your struggles and I ay for you my

beloved something extraordinary is happening and I am ready to reveal myself to you in Mighty ways prepare

yourself for the incredible journey ahead I have marvelous plans for you to

be a Living testament to my boundless power trust in me for I can transform

you into a vessel of Holiness and Grace Embrace this transformation my child for

it is fueled by my endless love for you now let me ask you a question do you

trust me your answer holds no sway over my love for you regardless I will

continue to bless and protect you trust in my guidance for I see the potential

within you and together we will embark on a journey of divine transformation

let me reassure you your future is secure in my hands I hold your destiny with tender care and I will bless you

abundantly washing away the struggles and painful memories of your past when

you fully understand the depth of my love for you you’ll find an eternal longing within you feel my love

surrounding you wrapping you in warmth and transforming Your Heart In My Embrace all conflicts dissolve and peace

fills every corner of your being remember I didn’t create you to suffer endlessly let your faith ignite and dare

to believe in the Miracles I have in store for you you were brought into this world to inherit the keys to my kingdom

empowering you to be brave and claim the blessings waiting for you your destiny isn’t to sit in despair but to

experience Victory after Victory blessing after blessing this is your

Divine Purpose my beloved sense the gentleness of my presence as I hold you

close in my holy Embrace Don’t Be Afraid even when others try to instill fear in

you my spirit fills you with courage and in moments of doubt I’ll whisper words

of comfort and love to soothe your soul it’s not my desire for you to carry the weight of sadness and guilt I’ve

forgiven your sins and you are free from the burden of Shame don’t let anyone

convince you otherwis or burden you with bitterness fill your mind with visions of Triumph and success pay no heed to

the discouraging voices within attempting to instill fear and doubt the adversary may try to block your path

with obstacles but fear not for I am aware of your struggles and I will overcome them even in the face of

illness my desire is to bring you healing the familial troubles that weigh heavily on your heart will soon witness

a miraculous turnaround so I ask you now will you believe in me or will you let

doubt take hold trust in my love and together we will conquer all if you hold

fast to your faith you will soar above the challenges that confront you I know the pain you’ve endured the tears you’ve

shed in the quiet of your soul but today I wrap you in my love drying your tears

and offering you the Water of Life that quenches every thirst your body will be

restored your spirit rejuvenated and your soul refreshed though the enemy may

assail you relentlessly today you will stand firm upheld by my grace the

difficult days you faced are coming to an end I love you deeply and will fill every corner of your being with my love

dispelling every fear that tries to take hold look to me my child is there anything too difficult for me just as I

calmed storms and parted Seas I quiet the turmoil within you today I Empower

you to walk confidently through the uncertainties of life knowing that my hand is stretched out toward you

supported by my unwavering compassion everything meant to harm you I will turn

into a source of strength what appears as a daunting trial today will become a

powerful testimony tomorrow a remarkable Miracle is on its way your prayers have

been heard and what I have in store for you far surpasses anything you could

imagine keep your faith strong I am preparing to astonish you with Incredible blessings trust in me even

when the path ahead seems unclear beloved there is no depth to too

deep for me to rescue you from your destiny though it may seem like I’m silent know that I am always by your

side lifting you up and guiding you towards Victory your enemy has already

been defeated and my timing is perfectly aligned with your needs seize the

opportunities I present to you this is your moment to shine when I prompt you

to move do so boldly when I call you to stand do it with courage I declare your

Triumph and affirm your Victory listen carefully to my words as they bring healing and leave behind the mistakes of

yesterday the past is behind you and I have transformed you at your core you

are renewed and your future rests securely in My Hands In My Embrace you

will find refuge and protection so I urge you once more let go of fear

nothing in all creation can stand against you your Victory comes not from

your own strength or wisdom but from the power of My Sacrifice affirm your faith in me for I am

restoring your spirit strengthening your patience and filling you with a peace that surpasses understanding embedding

my eternal promises in your heart and mind I see in you a treasure a soul adorned with Grace and wisdom believe in

the power of prayer for it is your Mighty weapon against the schemes of the enemy stand firm on the rock of Truth

for you are an heir to my promises surrounded by Angelic Guardians arise

now my Brave one and go forth with confidence Let The Light Within you draw

others closer to me breaking down barriers with the force of Love blessings abound awaiting your claim

fight for them with Valor knowing that I Am with You clearing the path ahead in

the intimacy of our bond find strength for the journey ahead you are my beloved

and I am yours let us walk together hand in hand in to the Glorious future I have

prepared for you come close to me feel the warmth of My Embrace for you are here with me now and everything has

changed I have lifted you up bringing you into the safety of my presence I

stand by your side as your greatest supporter and your fairest judge through my boundless love your sins are washed

away you need not carry the weight of your mistakes any longer I am revealing the depths of my love extending help to

lift burdens weighing heavily wisdom I grant understanding distilled from

Heavenly Realms now fills your mind renewing perceptions and aligning them

to truth I gift you patience in abundance fortitude for the trials ahead

Total Transformation has commenced my spirit envelopes you roundabout sealing

the work begun no more aimless wanderings no more slavery to sin that

once pulled you far from me freedom is yours as I strengthen your heart heart to shatter every chain to rise above and

soar upon wings of Holy Fire think now on Lovely things dwell richly in Beauty

and truth justice that sets captives free no immoral Veil will blind you

again to poison paths parading is pleasure what glorious Awakening awaits

as I open your eyes to Blessings surrounding you those who hurt you will also understand forgiveness will heal

relationships once broken redeem what was lost such lavish Grace I pour out doors swing

open favor spills forth as provision flows steady for every need I make your

life a new abundant peace transcending past fears and anxious thoughts once

tormenting nightmares fade in this sanctuary of soul I create my blood

bought you back from the brink no weapon formed against you will prosper no curse

uttered can alter your fixed identity sec pure in me today I come to alleviate

the inexplicable anguish that sometimes grips your heart I yearn to eradicate

any source of melancholy haunting your soul I cherish you my Divine joy in my

hands I hold your Liberation dispatched from the heavens my child relinquish to

me your despair every worry weighing upon you as I tenderly caress your brow

the healing essence of my Holy Spirit envelops you you dispelling every Affliction and torment besieging your

soul hear my decree you are now healed from head to toe and within your mind

you are made whole there is no need for you to endure Pain any longer you have

unrestricted access to my presence I am your father and the life I have bestowed

upon you is intended for Joy shared with those you cherish take heed for I grant

you the Vigor and courage to awaken each day with hope in your heart allow the sunlight to warm your face and the

breeze to caress your skin as you step out with confidence and dignity raise

your hands high and Proclaim to all I am your guide your sustainer your healer

your Fortress of Refuge rest assured my words illuminate your path guiding you

into a realm where the opportunities for growth and success are boundless speak

only the words you hear from the depths of my heart rise up in the authority of my kingdom to reclaim all that the

adversary has stolen from you let your lips overflow with the testimony of my goodness drawing others into the Embrace

of Faith the time of preparation and testing draws to a close your season of

training approaches its fullness and maturity rest in the Assurance of my

grace surrendering your weaknesses at the foot of my cross I I grant strength

to the weary and make a way where there seems to be none trust in me for with me

all things are possible set your gaze steadfastly upon the destiny I have ordained for you since before the dawn

of time speak forth into existence that which is not and watch as mountains

crumble at my command this is the legacy of my servants a Heritage of

righteousness for generations to come delight yourself in me and I will satisfy by the deepest yearnings of your

heart my Mercy flows endlessly to those who love me and walk in obedience though

the iniquities of the unrighteous may be visited upon them my compassion knows no bounds for those who remain faithful

unto the thousandth generation gaze forward with unwavering hope for your dreams and deepest desires Are Not Mere

fantasies but seeds carefully sown by my hand within you Cast Away all doubt and

fear even in the face of scarcity and Injustice remember you do not walk this

path alone hear my Assurance in this world challenges are inevitable but I

have overcome the world I will fill your courageous heart with passion joy and

the Sweet Taste of Triumph do not be troubled for this too shall pass trust

in Divine Justice for I Am The Sovereign God above all with me at your side no

force can stand against you those who seek to harm you will be humbled and your honor will be restored those who

spread falsehoods against you will reap the consequences of their deceit the verdict is clear those who tried to

steal from you have been found guilty and will be ens snared by their own schemes all that you have asked for will

be granted to you blessings are on the horizon I am your Advocate your protector and the judge of your

adversaries I am your father your companion I am patient and kind with you

that is why I come to you today to assure you that I hear your prayers your

destiny lies in my hands alone I will make you flourish even in Barren places

where others see only lack and despair but you beloved of my heart in those

very places you will find strength your dreams will come to fruition and you

will rise to undeniable success declare now that you are ready to embrace my

blessings and hold them dear remember even in your lowest moments you are

cradled in my hand I unfold you in my sacred protection my love for you knows

no bounds you are my cherished child I will bless you according to my will and

because I have the power to do so what I promise I will fulfill I have been your constant

companion throughout your journey I have never abandoned you and I never will in

the midst of Life storms my plans far exceed your own my wisdom is timeless

guiding you towards a future brimming with peace and abundance challenges May Loom large without Faith and Hope but

when you stand firm in your belief in my promises your life will be transformed

seek me in the morning pour out your heart in prayer throughout the day and kneel before me at night for it Delights

me when you speak to me with sincerity though you may not perceive it now the heavens rejoice when your lips

open in Praise When you pray with unwavering Faith trusting me to protect

your loved ones listen closely for I always respond as Whispers of turmoil

stir the air never cease your prayers in your prayer Journal inscribe the names

of those dear to you share with me your hopes for them yes I am already familiar

with their Journeys and thoughts but it is crucial for you to fortify your faith to learn to earnestly pray for what

truly matters While others around you may tremble in fear at the world’s ominous signs you and your family should

stand unwavering I will never abandon you or leave you to fend for yourself

while Panic grips many you will bear witness to Marvels the Heralds of change are sounding your deliverance is Drawing

Near but for now pray have faith stand firm and Embrace Life do not lose heart

because of what may come your way have faith in my promise for me nothing is beyond reach I cherish you express your

love for me for it brings me great joy to hear it from you in these challenging

times grasp my hand so that your peace and Assurance remain unshaken by any

trial or dilemma your suffering deeply touches my heart your sincere spirit

moves me as I have reassured you time and again I will bless you simply

because it is my desire my beloved one understand this those who cast judgment

upon you fail to see the radiant truth I urge you to release any bitterness or sorrow to me release your anger and

distress they have no place in the sanctuary of your heart it’s time to embrace self forgiveness as well trust

me I have already liberated you from your past mistakes allow the gentle waves of peace to envelop you entrust

your burdens to me I have wiped your slate clean you are Unshackled from

those chains I cherish you profoundly my precious child my wish is for you to

step into a life filled with triumphs there I gently encourage you awaken

today with a renewed spirit I bestow upon you the discernment to recognize the abundance of blessings that surround

you the more you perceive the more you’ll uncover the wealth of gratitude within you your gratitude resounds as

Divine Harmony in the heavens your devotion opens the floodgates of blessings ushering in prosperity

well-being and boundless Joy take my hand you know the depth of my love for

you I am am here you’ve weathered storms of adversity trudged through valleys of

uncertainty and felt the sting of rejection pierce your soul but in my word you’ll find Solace a bomb for your

weary Spirit it will grant you peace in the midst of turmoil courage in the face

of fear and strength when you falter when the weight of the world threatens to crush you lean on me know this my

child I am ever by your side let not doubt Ste the blessings that await you I

shower you with favor and mercy because you are precious to me beloved beyond measure my love for you is eternal

unshakable a Beacon of Hope in a world fraught with uncertainty today is a day

of Triumph a victory that will forever Mark your journey with my own blood I

have sealed these promises to you Joy will fill your heart and eternal life in

my presence awaits You No More Tears no more pain take this moment as your sign for the

challenges that Loom before you will soon fade away the aid you’ve longed for is swiftly approaching and every need

you have will be met abundantly in this moment my love for you shines brightly

Can you feel it tell me you love me tell me you believe in me even amidst the

trials I stand before you extending my hand grasp it tightly and hold on to me

with all your might have faith you have already overcome live in peace not

sparing thought for those blind to your devotion cling to my love no evil can reach you here each day rise renewed in

joy and Trust resting every care upon me my angels will stay by your side never

will I Tire of lavishing you with love reminding you of my faithfulness nothing can separate you

from me not height nor depth nor angels nor demons nor any powers in my strength

you will continue life’s journey receiving Every Blessing I pour upon you

until you reach the fullness of your destiny though concerns may come do not

let them steal sleep or peace no diagnosis no threat must instill dread

your life and well-being are safe in my hands your future assured yet do not let fear paralyze and prevent action hear

now these promises and take heart spend time in my presence voicing every petition and worry I wish to cleanse

forgive and lighten the unnecessary burdens of guilt and regret that hinder

you I will Empower prosper and multiply blessings to you each time we meet my

help will bring success in all your endeavors but stay focused on the tasks I appoint let nothing deter you from my

will do you not yet understand a single word of faith unleashes immediate

healing uplifting elevation Deliverance this is certain truth decide now to

wholly believe that my love can wholly transform you through patient guidance

and Commandments I turn tribulation into Joy redeem loss restore and prosper my

beloved yours is a destined path though some prove ungrateful for Selfless Love

I see all and record every work on their behalf I am with you you have

multitudinous support surrounding you both seen and unseen Heaven’s armies stand ready to Grant

Victory and clear the way every day many pray for you speaking your name in my

hearing yes for you I died and rose again that you might have life Freedom

salvation Redemption from sin peace and happiness despite afflictions in this

world I bless you all will be well rest now and tomorrow rise renewed in Courage

the sun will shine again the Shadows shall not overcome it my child be still

and know that I am God I will be exalted among all peoples and Nations Glory and

Honor are mine to bestow you are precious chosen to carry my image I

smile on you with delight eager to Lavish you with excess of blessings meant to overtake you receive joy and

rest my beloved I long to unveil the power embedded in my blood blessings

meant for your family though I could instantly bring change I cherish your sincerity your true desire for growth I

Delight in seeing efforts made to claim the victory already won from my heavenly Throne I prepare to Lavish upon you

rewards for your endurance recognition for your bravery the Crown of Life and

countless blessings awaiting your Embrace declare with certainty both in word and spirit your Readiness to

receive these gifts today Heralds a new chapter rich with surprises and Abundant

Blessings remember my joy is your strength and wondrous things lie ahead

stay thankful keep your trust firmly anchored in me let not challenges dismay

you nor fear grip your heart you are deeply cherished and my favor rests upon

you your unwavering faith and trust in my ability to Aid you do not go unnoticed hold on to this truth your

belief has power and it will manifest wonders in your life over this past year you’ve endured storms and trials yet

through my grace you’ve emerged Victorious each time the seeds of Purity

love Faith and dedication you’ve sown will bear abundant fruit take heart for

your blessings will arrive in perfect timing allowing you to relish every moment and every blessing I have

unwavering faith in you understanding your heart’s desires and struggles intimately I’ve Stood Beside You in

every battle providing rest and fortifying your faith as as you slept with each Dawn I whisper to your heart

reminding you that I securely hold your life in my hands ready to fill your day

with Wonder and possibility understand the power that resides in my Holy Name the entire

universe awaits eagerly for my return and in my hands lie blessings beyond

your wildest dreams as you utter my name feel its power coursing through you

bringing forth miraculous wonders beyond imagination I invite you to witness the

Fulfillment of your dreams for I offer help with kindness mercy and everlasting

love to all who come to me in faith each morning speak with confidence knowing

that bravery faith and trust hold sanctity cling tightly to the mighty

name of Jesus believing in me wholeheartedly do not be discouraged by

temporary trials for as you hold on to my hand you will overcome challenges

with Grace reflecting my strength upon your countenance know that you were never forsaken by your heavenly Father

for I have always been with you even in the face of doubt and adversity your unwavering faith has sustained you

carrying you through every trial you are not defined by overwhelming circumstances your journey continues

Guided by my love and grace let your tears of Sorrow transform into tears of joy as you Glimpse the wondrous future

that a awaits you your struggles shall soon fade and your current problems will

be resolved when you find Solace come to me without hesitation we will Embrace

like father and child and I will lead you forward once more our journey together continues illuminated by the

radiant promise of hope and Redemption your Journey of Faith is a sacred bond

between us I long to deepen our connection and unveil the plans I have for your life if you desire a closer

relationship meet me in the quiet hours of dawn dedicate time when the world

Slumbers to share your prayers and listen for my Whispers each day place

your trust in me and I will respond in Myriad ways blessing you and your loved ones abundantly reach out to me and I

will answer unveiling wonders through dreams and Visions Illuminating my

Divine plans for you I am preparing you to witness Miracles Beyond Comprehension

Embrace these words with un wavering faith and blessings will overflow around you I do not wish for you to be troubled

or disheartened I hear each prayer you offer I’m forging a path for you through

the Wilderness and from my Throne flows a river of Grace washing away all your

worries leaving your soul pure tranquil and ready to be filled with faith hope

and serenity stop allowing negative thoughts to assault your mind invite me

into the hidden corners where painful memories reside causing you sorrow I am

your lord and savior I have forgiven your errors so there is no need for you to torment yourself with doubts and

guilt if you truly love and believe in me stop thinking that your problems have

no solution it is not my wish for you to live in anxiety and distress I do not

want you to spend your days looking down lacking the faith to look up to the heavens I desire for you to be free from

all worries my strength shines brightest in human Frailty your lack creates a

canvas for my abundance to overflow magnificently I selected you endowed you

positioned you recognizing the boundless potential within to Steward increase with Excellence you possess all

necessary to fulfill Your Divine calling at the opportune moment every lacking

shall be filled even now the Heavenly storehouses unlock and Legions of angels

prepared to deliver Miracles and breakthroughs into your life you may question your Readiness to receive but

fear not for I fashioned you intricately knowing your capacity exceeds your

perception your ability to receive determines the extent of my blessings upon you as you broaden your vision and

open yourself to more of my goodness Torrance of Supernatural increase shall inundate your life In My Kingdom the

supply knows no bounds The Well of abundance never runs dry my cherished

one visualize the abundance I have in store for you imagine Treasures yet

unseen by mortal eyes picture a wealth of opportunities advancements and blessings eagerly awaiting their chance

to enrich your life from the first light of dawn until the stars twinkle in the night sky I watch over you my protection

surrounds you always treasure these words I speak to you and let them sink

deep into your heart they are a gift of love a reminder of my affection for you

let these words sink deep into the core of your being for they are life to your soul In My Embrace you find Solace and

strength sheltered from the storms that seek to shake your resolve know that nothing can separate you from my love

not The Whispers of Doubt nor the arrows of your adversaries with tender affection I remind you of the truth you

are cherished beyond measure in response let your heart overflow with gratitude

and let your lips declare your trust and devotion write it down my beloved

express your hopes and dreams for I am here listening ready to receive your

faith your past is washed away your sins forgotten you’ve chosen courageously to

walk in the light of Truth leaving behind the shadows of yesterday your

commitment to my word is commendable a beacon of wisdom in a world veiled by

deception as the dawn of a new era approaches I am keenly aware of the battles you face each day Temptations

beckon and adversaries seek to test your resolve yet even in moments of doubt and

disillusionment know that I am by your side steadfast and unwavering in my love

for you each passing day my affection for you deepens transcending the Frailty of human devotion and material wealth I

stand Resolute in my eternal Covenant with you absolving your transgressions and showering you with the sanctifying

Embrace of my Holy Spirit though adversaries may rise against you their efforts will falter in the face of my

unwavering protection draw near to me place your trust in the promises I have tailored specifically for you Let My

Words infused with boundless compassion resonate within your soul guiding you

towards a future filled with purpose and fulfillment embrace the journey that lies ahead for it is marked by endless

possibilities and extraordinary achievements should you find yourself yearning for profound blessings and

Lasting transformation look no further than the sanctuary of your own

heart I am the steadfast Rock upon which you build your foundation The Guiding

Light illuminating your path dedicate moments of each day to commune with me

in prayer and witness the transformative power of my presence infusing your life

with joy and resilience before you can bask in the abundance awaiting you your fears must be quelled

and your emotions brought into harmony you cannot welcome new blessings with a heart burdened by worry nor can you

Embrace fresh opportunities while clinging to the past I am the Divine antidote Transcendent and miraculous for

all your afflictions approach me with unwavering confidence when you feel unwell Grant yourself a new beginning

your sadness pain anguish and despair are now relics of the past today you

stand liberated healed even in moments of weakness know that you are worthy of

my love and grace you are my cherished child destined for greatness and filled

with the inheritance of my promises I stand ready to bless you abundantly

trust in this truth and move forward boldly for I am with you always do not

be deterred by the trials of this world keep your gaze fixed ahead holding fast to my hand as you Journey onward your

progress is my delight and I am with you every step of the way even as you

Journey Through the shadowed valleys of Life know that I am right there beside you I am your father your creator your

constant companion your shield and your Refuge it brings me immense joy to walk

alongside you to bless you and to keep you close to my heart I will never

forsake you or break my promise to you I understand that at times the news you receive May stir up anxiety within you

but remember nothing in this world can sever the bond between us in me you will

find the strength to persevere to savor the blessings I have in store for you

and to achieve your dreams amidst the noise of Life do not let fear steal your

peace or Rob you of rest refuse to utter I am unable reject the notion of lacking

deny the words I am not for I am the essence of capability abundant and existence itself fix your gaze forward

confront your challenges without hesitation dear one for I Am by your side I am your sustainer your Prader

simply heed my voice follow faithfully and proceed resolutely towards your

objectives do not cast your eyes downward lift them upward I hold you

securely by the hand no harm can befall you I your companion the steadfast Ally

who never falters deceives or waivers I embrace you as you are sharing in your

laughter empathizing with your pain celebrating your triumphs aiding your endeavors lifting you up in times of

failure and extending my hand when you are in need I am Jesus I am your guide

here I stand your Eternal companion do not succumb to fear do not lose heart do

not Grant satisfaction to those who deride You by witnessing your defeat do

it not only for yourself or your loved ones but also in remembrance of my boundless love for you remember amidst

life’s Tempest I remain steadfastly beside you together we will navigate the

turbulent Seas handin hand confronting every challenge commit to perseverance

for I pledge to never depart from your side I offer you the fortitude and encouragement required to forge ahead

find Serenity in my presence embrace the confidence I impart and allow my comfort

to at your soul I endow you with discernment embolden you to confront the

unknown and Infuse your journey with boundless Joy remember you are never left to navigate life’s trials alone I

am with you at every moment even in the depths of darkness my love for you remains steadfast my compassion

boundless no matter how many times you may stray I will never abandon you trust

in me and know that you do not have to carry your burdens alone take my hand

and you will find that with me no burden is too heavy to bear come find solace in

my loving Embrace I am attuned to every word you utter and every longing of your

heart spoken or unspoken let me be your refuge in times of turmoil your source

of strength when you feel weak now is the time to look ahead with hope releasing the weight of past regrets

embracing the present moment and eagerly anticipating a brighter tomorrow each

New Day brings the promise of a fresh beginning and every morning is adorned with my favor Grace and unending love do

not fear even when the path ahead seems uncertain I will be The Guiding Light

That illuminates your way leading you toward a life filled with fulfillment and blessing your days will overflow

with joy and my blessings will exceed your wildest imaginings trust in this assurance today

you are destined to receive wondrous bless blessings for I am actively at work in your life pouring out my grace

and favor ensuring that your endeavors bear fruit and flourish let this truth fill your soul and overflow from your

lips in Songs of Praise now my beloved will you truly place your trust in me

take a moment to quiet your heart come close to me and pour out the depths of your soul I understand the weight of the

pain you carry you feel weary and your patience wears thin you’ve poured out

your love to many only to be met with disappointment in return but recall dear

one that I too gave everything for love I endured the agony of crucifixion The

Sting of betrayal and the anguish of Abandonment so place your confidence in me I comprehend the depth of your sorrow

and when your tears fall I weep with you do not hesitate to share your heart with

me I welcome your honesty and vulnerability I will cradle you tenderly

in my arms and impart my peace to quiet the turmoil within you beneath the shelter of my holy wings I will wipe

away your tears and shield you from the chill of disappointment I will lift your spirits and ignite the fire of my Holy

Spirit within you filling you with warmth and comfort find Solace my

beloved in knowing that amidst life’s trials your heavenly father who loves

you unfailingly is here to bring you Solace you need not seek validation and

understanding from others for in me you lack nothing it pains me to see you

forget at times that No Love in This World surpasses mine release the grip of the enemy lies that seek to ens snare

your spirit look beyond the tangible and grasp hold of the Unseen promises I have

spoken over you speak them boldly for in the sound of your voice the enemy’s

schemes crumble stand firm my child for you are clothed in the armor of Faith

though the world may Buffet you with its storms know that you are anchored in my love your influence is not to be

underestimated within your family lies the power to shape Destinies for eternity shift your focus from the

fleeting to the Eternal and watch as blessings Cascade upon you and those you

hold dear you are chosen my beloved to be a vessel of my miraculous power stretch

out your hands in prayer and watch as sickness bows before the Authority I have vested in you step boldly into the

unknown for I am with you in every Venture your diligence will be rewarded

your labor will bear fruit beyond measure Stand Tall with the fire of

Faith burning bright within your eyes move forward with confidence for I have ordained your

steps your victories are my delight your gratitude stir my heart to overflow with

blessings do not seek counsel from those who may lead you astray listen to my voice open your Bible and within its

pages I shall speak to you imparting wisdom through stories revealing miracles in the experiences of others

and Whispering tenderly to you through songs and Parables learn from the faithful who have walked this path

before you though they were not without flaws they were upheld by their unwavering faith in me and their firm

belief in my promises they silenced the mouths of lions overcame their

adversaries and stood firm in the face of adversity because they knew me and trusted in my eternal

Kingdom I do not promise worldly riches but rather the gift of eternal life the

strength found in Resurrection I am the door through which you must pass here with me you will find love and

acceptance healing and courage kindness and compassion wisdom and

patience do not waste your time seeking approval and love in this harsh World

instead choose to follow me just as you are cling tightly to your faith in me

for I will never disappoint you a new season is Dawning upon you While others

may lose hope and see their plans crumble while nations may be in turmoil

and wealth May fade away and opportunities may seem to dwindle you will find Refuge under my Mighty Wings I

yearn for you to grasp a profound truth that often eludes many when I extend my

forgiveness to you your sins are genuinely erased from my memory therefore unshackle yourself from the

chains of regret and sorrow over past mistakes that I have already pardoned

though it may seem incomprehensible from a human perspective your mission is clear wholeheartedly believe dispelling

every hint of doubt your future and Triumph are intricately woven into my divine plan for you however you must not

cling to your former self yes sins bear their consequences but I stand ready to

empower you to ascend above them and seize Victory recall my steadfast Assurance all things work together for

the good of those who adore me hence take hold of my outstretched hand anchor

yourself in my promises stand firm and Forge ahead with renewed Vigor and hope

magnificent opportunities await you yet to embrace them fully you must

acknowledge that within the realm of blessings there is no room for despair

grievances skepticism or faltering Faith your unwavering trust Delights my soul

it brings joy to my heart envelops you in my loving presence and infuses you

with my Divine Spirit persist in your belief and confidence in me observe as

my promises manifest abundantly in your life always remember I cherish you

deeply amen do not easily relinquish the peace I bestow upon you pay no heed to

the taunts of those who would deride you remain steadfast resist the temptation

of anger and frustration turn a deaf ear to those who seek to harm you do not descend to their

level fret not for I will contend with your adversaries come to me and abide in

my presence find Refuge In My Embrace when all seems aiss and you wage war

against impatience place not all your hope and trust in humanity and trust your life

Your Love love your future solely to me in this world you will encounter trials

but with me you are forever secure I have overcome the pain of rejection and

the sting of betrayal immerse yourself in my presence and all shall be well do

you believe amen now lift your gaze heavenward and fix your eyes steadfastly

upon me behold there are breakthroughs Gathering heavy with Destiny moving

swiftly toward you even as these words reach your ear years I beckon you not

merely invite but command you to expand your capacity to contain more of my

boundless goodness enlarge your thinking broaden your dreams and fortify your resolve not to settle for anything less

than the Abundant Blessings I have promised as your Divine inheritance the horizons of blessing

stretch out before you in this new era being birthed and I desire to see you

unbounded by limitations of small thinking as the rain poured down in Elijah’s time

first quenching the Thirsty Earth and cleansing it of dust so shall my blessings overflow in your life like

streams bursting their Banks my abundance will pour forth from you into every dry and Barren Place transforming

desolation into abundance in life prepare yourself for there is a sound of

Mighty rains approaching my beloved not a mere sprinkle but a torrential

downpour of break throughs Gathering momentum from the Swift currents of this new era I am redeeming time unleashing

acceleration and commanding the clouds of promise to pour out upon you may Joy fill your heart and strength renew your

spirit this day you’ve awoken to a new life free from restless nights and haunting dreams henceforth your mind

shall be at peace Untouched by the curses of your enemies I stand watch

over your every moment both in rest and in wakefulness my angels surround you

their swords drawn in defense with my hand upon you you’re empowered To Tread upon serpents and scorpions immune to

their venom seek me in prayer and scripture bowing at my feet to receive guidance Faith favor and protection

daily those who oppose you will be humbled never daring to trouble you again learn that faith in me means power

honor integrity and Truth your example will lead many to take spiritual life

more seriously Walk Tall with eyes heavenward do not look back at those who mocked safely held in my hands no

stumbling blocks can trip your feet pay no heed to threats or ridicule if heeded

fear may find footing for real harm later stand Confident untroubled by enemies their efforts against you will

encounter me instead cowardice exposed by Revealing Light I encourage you to

always listen for my voice my aim is to fill your mours with joy to lift the

burdens of yesterday from your shoulders to heal the inner wounds inflicted by time and to remove lingering pain I

desire to refresh your spirit free from past Sorrows or resentments no longer

will you spend restless nights dwelling on past hurts or injustices I want you

to know deep within your being that you are profoundly loved as each new day

begins feel my guidance leading you forward today is an opportunity for Joy

for Triumph a chance to conquer any adversity and emerge Victorious be

filled with courage for I have saved you cleansed your spirit and forgiven all your sins be vigilant so your words are

not spoken lightly concerning all that I reveal to you all that I intend to bring

forth the adversary seeks to distort my plans with premature declarations

diverting my blessings before they can manifest fully learn to await my signal

before proclaiming what I am crafting in the hidden Realms when I declare that

rain is forthcoming it is not without purpose or merely to raise false hope I

speak with intent summoning showers to nurture the seed sown in faith and

anticipation my promises are always fulfilled as I decree so shall it come

to pass yet the precise timing and methods remain within my domain yours is

to remain Vigilant pray fervently prepare diligently and anticipate

eagerly for signs of my movement listen intently my beloved child remember my

Assurance that your brightest days lie ahead even now small clouds gather on

the horizon poised to burgeon into a downpour of blessings prepare yourself

to embrace the abundance this torrential rain will bring as it quenches The Thirst of your soul keep your feet

firmly planted on the path I’ve have chosen for you refusing to be distracted and stay focused on the destiny I have

set before you another day May Dawn filled with empty fantasies trying to divert your

gaze but fill yourself up with truth and stand unshaken none can lead you astray

for I have prepared you in advance for such a time as this banish toxic thoughts and crushing doubts know that

not only do I meet your needs but I also care deeply about the emotions of your heart the hollow Promises of this world

pale in comparison to the supernatural rest that my spirit freely offers I

heard your plea for help met you in the depths of worship when you cried out in

desperation fear not my child for the one within you is greater than any challenge you face together we navigate

this journey hand in hand beloved I have heard the Cry of your heart for

deliverance and even now relief rushes toward you like a gentle stream stand ready With Arms Wide Open

to receive the joy of Miracles crafted especially for this day a blessed Destiny awaits you as

favor upon favor is bestowed along the path that your faith has carved out do you perceive me my beloved child you

have weathered storms marked by Tears derision and anguish yet I elevate your

tribulations this year you shall Ascend Day days of Jubilation lie ahead you are

on the brink of reaping Joys that shall linger fear not my child do not lament

do not despond be Resolute your deliverance is imminent your needs shall be met and Your vitality

restored believe in me for I am your God speaking to you this day believe in your

heart I hear your in treaty sense the rhythm of your humbler heart your

supplication reaches my throne and today the P tiles of my grace and Fel before

you I laishu upon you my benediction and favor your abundance is decreed I speak

the truth my promises will surely be fulfilled always keep this in mind so

that anxiety and worry do not consume you do not remain silent do not simply stand idly by take this message to all

who are in need to those enduring hardship to those lacking and to those

feeling overwhelmed and Proclaim it boldly I have showered you with blessings and I assure you that I will

bestow the same abundance upon all who embrace my love follow my teachings embrace my peace depend on my provision

and welcome my presence that which has Lain dormant in your life shall awaken and Thrive under this nourishing rain

keep watch on the skies for that emerging Cloud symbolizes the Wonders awaiting you when it appears act

promptly clear your path tidy your surrounding ings and ready your heart to

be engulfed in the overwhelming abundance I am about to bestow upon

you this surge will Propel you into new Realms lifting you to Heights of

productivity and success you have not yet experienced you will recognize my

hand guiding you my love orchestrating every detail those who discern this

Mighty work will be filled with wonder and gratitude awaken Beloved the era of

waiting nears its end the promised downpour approaches precisely as foretold shed all hesitations and

rejoice as the celestial blessings envelop you banish any doubts about my

attentiveness or my promises witness now my unwavering faithfulness I exalt those

who earnestly seek me who trust in my words above the visible trials know this

you are mine acquired at Great cost I Proclaim you blessed favored and assured

in our shared Victory amidst trials and obstacles cling to this truth you are

cherished and guided by my steadfast hand every need you have shall be met

and I shall carry you beyond the limits of your wildest dreams you don’t have to wait for

turbulent times to reach out to me I am just as present in moments of Tranquility when you feel stuck I urge

you to pause and cherish the Stillness even after exhausting all avenues and

seeking answers everywhere when purpose seems elusive remember that I am steadfastly beside you I promise to

light your path but I ask for your patience and for you to stop searching in places devoid of Truth avoid sharing

your struggles with just anyone or creating false explanations release your

mind and the burdens you carry in moments of confusion and distant Clarity

I understand your frustration and sense of drifting when worries cast Shadows over your vision leaving you unsure of

your next steps trust in my love and the promises I’ve made to you why do you

continue to fret I am watching over you your emotions don’t Define you and fear

cannot enslave you I’ve given you a spirit of power love and self-control to

overcome all challenges so don’t rely solely on your feelings even when my

presence seems distant your unwavering faith is your beacon and and my holy

spirit is the divine wind guiding you to a place of freedom and blessings your lips mind and emotions now align

purified by fire consecrated to service this is the reward for all who boldly

Herald Holiness repent of evil and seek me wholeheartedly to walk blameless in ways

of Truth unload every weight each night entrust to me Secret Sorrows sadness

frustration speak freely never fear I could be angered by honesty rather I welcome you to confidently bear

your soul to me as you pour out offerings of authenticity find peace and

Assurance renewed for each new Sunrise you will wake filled with praise for miracle blessings that now surround you

the impossible unfolds one day at a time for those daring to believe anchored to Faith foundations unshaken by raging

storms Miracles Collide in those quick to Hope in my Compassionate Care and mighty Deliverance power lifting the

Fallen redeeming each child My Love Remains despite every sin ever wooing

The Wanderers back home to safety so repent run back into my Embrace

separating from corrupt Companions and the vices attempting to sabotage our bond with faith Unleashed like dynamite

my power obliterates chains rescues the perishing rise tomorrow freed from

shackles let your first thoughts swell up in worship approach your kingdom assignments ized by inexhaustible

strength from on high revive dreams long dormant take up projects once abandoned

unfinished believe and Achieve The Impossible through Christ who strengthens you joy peace security and

blessings beyond measure will overflow in your life once more simply place your

trust in me believe in my words and allow me to shower you with the love you deserve let me be your Guiding Light

offering protection and guidance at every turn know this my child no matter how deep the pit you find yourself in no

matter how many times you have turned away from me I have never abandoned you I am here to lift you up to lead you

back to happiness and wholeness so entrust yourself to my healing power and

watch as your life blossoms a new within me you’ll discover the peace and strength to conquer every Challenge and

hardship that comes your way know this deeply in all your

struggles and battles you are never alone I see every ache in your heart

every tear you shed but do not dwell in self- condemnation for my forgiveness knows no bounds in me you will find

everything you need there is no trial too great when you lean on my boundless love and wisdom simply trust and I will

mend your wounds revive your spirit and guide you toward your true purpose do

not surrender my child do not abandon your aspirations do not let the enemy

steal away the dreams I have placed within your heart for in me there is

still a future shining brightly filled with promise and hope waiting for you to claim it rise up now take hold of my

hand and walk beside me together we will rewrite the story of your destiny

weaving it with threads of faith hope love and purpose embrace your

inheritance confidently for all things are possible to those who believe though the world may reject you and temptations

abound fear not for I am your deliverer as your faithful Shepherd I

guide you to Tranquil Waters and Lush pastures renewing your spirit daily

trust in my provision and protection for I lead you along paths of righteousness

Illuminating the glory of my name Behold a promise whispered from the depths of

Eternity surely goodness and mercy shall dance at your heels all the days I’ve

gifted you with each breath you are enveloped in the Abundant Blessings of the Divine for your heart finds joy in

my presence your deepest longings hidden in the sacred chambers of your soul

shall be unveiled according to my Flawless Plan for Your Existence walk closely by my side step

by step Moment by moment let your gaze remain fixed solely upon me neither

swaying to the left nor to the right follow the radiant trail of my manifest presence as I guide your steps through

the Shadows of the Night to improve your situation swiftly and ensure the best outcomes I urge you to rest in my

presence with my hands upon you I will grant you peace and Infuse you with New Hope and divine calm your demeanor will

reflect patience steadiness assurance and bravery your enemies will see no

fear or weakness in you instead they will witness my Holy Spirit working in your life

providing answers and Freedom by opening your heart to me you will achieve far more than you ever could on your own my

strength will Empower you to face obstacles headon and any lingering fear will fade away replaced by a newfound

inner strength and unwavering belief your victory over your challenges begins today but remember your Triumph was

secured centuries ago you need only believe and ask for it with my word in

your hands and my promises in your mind Focus your Gaze on the ultimate goal and utilize your talents with

enthusiasm you fight not merely to fight but to impress none other than yourself

strive to continue reaping spiritual victories in the Supernatural realm for your battle is real and victory is

Within Reach today you live in a world full of difficulties but you were chosen for this specific time you were born in

the right place and at the right moment regardless of how challenging things have been then it is all part of my plan

to ignite your faith through your hardships you have gained the humility necessary to receive the wisdom and

blessings I am ready to bestow upon you your financial difficulties will

ease when you release your attachment to material possessions your family health and future hold much more value if you

know that I love you you should also love yourself with gentleness and kindness do not demand Perfection from

yourself as it only leads to confusion everyone makes mistakes everyone sins

but I am with you and I understand the pain you experience when you stray from my teachings and act out of emotion

doing things you later regret however there is always forgiveness and Grace for those who

genuinely repent each New Day brings fresh mercies from me directly to you I

will personally awaken you shine a light upon your face and reveal the depth of

my love for you as you journey through life I urge you to grow in character and let wisdom be your Guiding Light do not

allow yourself to be deceived or robbed of the gifts I have bestowed upon you stay vigilant in this season of your

life for there are those who may come wearing smiles and speaking sweetly

seeking to ens snare you in falsehoods and steal what is rightfully yours only to mock your distress you have long

sought Prosperity from me and I am bringing Divine Prosperity into your life a life filled with joy and

blessings peace and Tranquility in moments of weakness you may have doubted

my existence and the depth of my love for you but I assure you my child you

will feel my love in your heart and witness it with your eyes my promises to you will soon be fulfilled and

everything I speak will come to pass offer your heart to me dear one and let your eyes follow my path your blessing

resides with me and I am here to carry your burdens trust deeply and hand over

your daunting challenges to me completely cease trying to resolve things your way for in times of stress

your emotions can lead you astray and hasty decisions can lead to regrettable mistakes I see the weight you’ve carried

the battles you’ve fought the adversary sought to break you to dim your light

but with my boundless love I will mend your Brokenness and wash away the pain that haunts you

I’m lifting the burdens that have weighed you down for far too long your sins are forgiven and you’re free to

step into a future filled with light you stand at the brink of a profound

transformation Embrace this season of change for I have a special purpose for you something remarkable is unfolding

calling you back to the righteous path you once trod the life storms may have veered you off course it’s never too

late to find your way back to me I’m here to lead you home even in your darkest moments my love for you has

remained steadfast I ache to see you walking hand in hand with me toward the destiny I’ve woven for you I long to see

hope and joy Sparkle in your eyes as the Miracles you’ve prayed for manifest and you reap the fruits of your endurance

and Faith each new day fill your heart with gratitude casting aside words of

defeat silence The Whispers of doubt and self-critique when others question your

Journey or wonder why you walk alone speak boldly of God’s love for you

declare that I have restored you wiped away your sins and your past no longer dictates your future the adversary longs

to see you defeated to watch you stumble and fall unable to claim victory but

fear not for my heavenly armies are in motion pushing back the forces of

Darkness that threaten you the trials you face aren’t mere chance they’re part of a larger spiritual struggle stay

vigilant my child guard your words protect your heart and be Discerning about those you trust the enemy prows

seeking any crack in your armor he can exploit he aims to shatter your faith with lies and deception yet oh the

Wonders that await you your future is adorned with Miracles Beyond Your Wildest Dreams though you may endure

trials now remember they are but temporary the pain you carry will dissipate and those who once wronged you

may seek forgiveness which you will generously Grant I love you endlessly my

blessings Encompass you at every turn my love saturates your being my peace

envelops you and my arms cradle you I heard your Silent Cries of Despair as

you turned your thoughts into fervent prayers lifting them up to me I caught each one in the palm of my hand my

spirit attunes to your every whisper not a single word escapes my notice even

when you felt as though your prayers lingered unanswered know this I am real

and I have heard you your petitions will be met and the secret burdens weighing upon your heart will be lifted trust

that all things are working together for your good the resolution you seek is already in motion come to me today just

as you did yesterday with all your trust our bond grows stronger with each passing moment for life may change but

our friendship endures don’t hold back your feelings from me my dear one I see

through any facade of perfection I know you still need me even amidst your fulfilled dreams and moments of

Happiness when faced with decisions big or small come to me in prayer I am not a

distant deity but a loving father eager to provide guidance and wisdom in the

quietness of your heart present your concerns and desires and listen for my

response my answers may not always align with your expectations but trust that my

perspective is eternal my understanding infinite tonight as you close your eyes

and drift into sleep let your last thoughts be of my unfailing love and constant presence dream of the heights

you will soar and the depths you will explore secure in the knowledge that I Am with You guiding protecting and

loving you every step of the way sleep in peace my beloved child for tomorrow

is a new day filled with new mercies new opportun unities and the unwavering promise of my NeverEnding love and

grace rest in the assurance that no matter what tomorrow brings I am there

holding you in the palm of my hand forever and always amen your hope will

be rejuvenated your smile radiant and your confidence will command respect

you’ve never been a failure and you never will be I breathe life and strength into you empowering you to

overcome challenges and find Jo Joy remember on the third day I rose from

the dead lifting you up with me embrace and Trust in this Divine strength that guides you through turbulent times

leading you towards your future in the midst of Trials I’ll Stand By Your Side

ensuring you’re not swept away by Raging Rivers or scorched By Flames I’ve equipped you to conquer dangers and

withstand the enemy’s attacks nothing can harm you my child speak it out loud

and inscribe it in your heart who who loves you as deeply as I do who has moved Heaven and Earth to bring you

blessings to comfort you in your moments of sorrow and to wipe away your tears who has sacrificed everything for your

sake cherishing you beyond measure who has triumphed over death itself demonstrating that you too can overcome

any obstacle or limitation you are the Beloved child of the Eternal holy and all powerful King

you are the recipient of divine blessings and the embodiment of victory in me you you will always find a safe

haven I am your constant Shield offering comfort in times of joy and strength in

times of challenge I will lift you from the depths of Despair and illuminate your path even in the darkest of

hours today I extend to you an invitation listen to my words with a

tranquil heart do not let fear grip you when you find yourself walking through

uncertain or shadowy paths remember remember you are never alone my hand is

always entwined with yours guiding you toward a life overflowing with blessings

rest in the Assurance of my unconditional love and trust that I will lead you out of the darkness that

sometimes clouds your soul let your faith ignite the flame within you and bring Clarity to my words allow your

heart to rejoice in the gentle Embrace of my voice I understand you’re not perfect but I see the sincerity of your

repentance within your soul you’re diligently working on transforming yourself and despite the challenges you

faced I’ve chosen to abundantly bless you you will no longer be weighed down

by sorrow and pain my Holy Spirit and my word are imparting Supernatural and

wonderful wisdom to you you are gaining the ability to make wise choices and not be influenced by those who seek to steal

your peace faith and security from this day forward you will stand firm in the

face of any adversity my authority will be evident in your countenance your eyes will Sparkle with happiness and your

grateful joyful demeanor will open many doors of opportunity for you chains will

be broken and I will shower you with blessings in abundance rise up and begin your day with confidence knowing that

you are not alone I will bring positive influences into your life people who will not judge you but will strengthen

your faith and promote Harmony and unity within your home home stay vigilant and

alert to these Divine signals when I gently guide you towards an idea seize it without delay follow the paths these

Divine Inspirations pave journeying as far as my guidance leads you walk

confidently through the doors I unlock for you immerse yourself in the wisdom I

reveal allowing it to reshape your perspectives Ambitions and understanding

of your purpose these are the ways I lead and nurture you showering you with

my benevolent Grace in countless and marvelous ways significant blessings lie within these simple subtle methods of

communication each small Act of obedience paves the way for the grand outpouring Yet to Come the more attuned

you become to my Whispers the more I can entrust to you learn my language decipher my intentions and discover how

to collaborate with all I wish to accomplish through you together we Forge a history my

child our relationship deepens and as we draw closer allowing me to entrust you

with more when the substantial blessings arrive large sums of wealth possessions

promotions handle them wisely remember the true source of increase and invest accordingly I am always eager to pour

out to replenish to expand to enhance who you are so you can overflow even

more boldly with my good

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