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Jesus my beloved child under the

protective mantle of my love you find

peace and security that surpasses all

understanding do not let the confusion

of this world Lead You astray hold on to

my hand tightly and keep your focus on

me each day is a precious opportunity to

keep fighting and the burdens of the

past no longer have power over you start

by renewing your way of thinking

beginning with your words let wise and

uplifting words flow from your lips for

they have the power to bring growth and

edification do not let the enemy

convince you that your future is filled

with defeat and problems with me all

things are possible and I can change

your circumstances if you ask me I

suffered and gave my life for you so you

could have an abundant free and happy

life believe in my words and let your

mind undergo a true transformation

replace confusion with Clarity sorrow

with joy and depression with a strong

desire to live love and forgive give me

your heart today and I will fill you

with joy and strength to overcome every

obstacle I have loved you as you are but

I also desire to transform you

completely accept my invitation humbly

and be filled with courage for I will

bring many changes around you stand firm

on the path of my love and do not give

up even in the midst of storms I am your

protector and I will guide you to

victory know that you matter deeply to

me and I understand your pain and

struggles trust in me and I will renew

your joy increase your faith and give

you a new vision built on my promises do

not waste your time trying to convince

those who discourage you focus on your

journey toward victory for I am with you

every step of of the way if you feel

lonely or in need of support remember

that you have me and I will send the

right person at the right time share

this message with others so they too may

find strength and encouragement in my

love with boundless love your heavenly



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