Today, listen to me attentively as I convey God’s message. God says, “Pay heed to my words.”

open your eyes for the tough times

you’re facing will vanish and the help

you’ve been seeking is on its way the

support you require will be provided to

you today I am proving my love for you

you asked and I heard you I’m here to

give you these promises so you can

accept them with faith my word gives you

assurance and my promise is solid your

Victory is certain coming straight from

my Throne soon you’ll reap the rewards

for your perseverance bravery and

steadfastness the Crown of Life and

endless blessings await you speak out

loud and believe in your heart that you

will receive them even if you’re feeling

exhausted today fear not for I am here

to strengthen your legs stabilize your

spirit and uplift your soul can you feel

that spark inside your heart as you

listen and read your soul is bursting

with eagerness to rise and Chase more

winds that’s how much I care about you

my child I hate seeing you downtrodden

beaten by thoughts of defeat and despair

your body suffers because of the burdens

Weighing on your mind but I don’t want

to see you like that every night as you

shut your eyes and let me take over your

rest I’ll visit your dreams and whisper

sweet nothings no more tossing and

turning for you you’ll sleep peacefully

like a child and when morning comes I’ll

be there stroking your hair and

preparing your soul for the day ahead

wonderful blessings are coming coming

your way you’ll see your family come

together again and meet new people who

mean well your journey continues leave

the past and its tears behind I am

setting you free from chains and fears

giving you Liberty as you Embrace this

blessing promise to Value

it I am strengthening your bravery

you’ve always been courageous and I am

proud of your good heart faith and hard

work when you find success and feel my

blessings enriching your life with joy

remember to come back to me daily even

though you’re strong and courageous

you’re still my beloved child be close

to me experience my love and always

remember you have a place in my heart

I’ve seen your challenges your

resilience in facing life’s unfairness

and obstacles I know your feelings well

your tears and your calls for help for

light for support you’re never alone at

night scared or isolated because I’m

with you surrounding you with my

presence and truth even if you can’t see

me know that I am there you can feel my

presence every night when you go to your

room and kneel by your bed to talk to me

in prayer I never leave your side I’m

always there giving you peace showering

you with my love strengthening you and

refreshing your

faith I watch over you sending my angels

to keep you safe from the fears that

come at night when fear and worry try to

attack you I I’m the one who stops them

and keeps you from being overwhelmed

have you noticed how sometimes you go to

bed overwhelmed and sad but wake up

feeling calm strong and refreshed your

troubles will never be bigger than your

God morning might last through the night

but joy comes with the new day

experience my love listen to what I’m

saying and dream about the wonderful

future you want but remember what I have

planned for you is even better

incredible things are waiting for you

love unity success and New Opportunities

maintain your faith do not allow sin to

take hold of your life stand firm and

when malevolent thoughts seek to seduce

you recall my promise and remain

steadfast in my ways when confusion

clouds your mind when you feel powerless

and directionless pray Speak to Me Feel

My Love let my security enter your heart

dispelling all fears and doubts do this

my child and no enemy shall harm you

I shall pour my peace upon you and it

shall be your strength to make the right

decisions on your journey I love you I

am your father your protector your guide

no harm shall befall you I am with you

always listening to your prayers I shall

restore what is rightfully yours I am

pleased with your character though it

has been assailed many times causing you

pain you do not deserve I will keep

showering you with Abundant Blessings

accept them and don’t worry about those

who try to scare you you are greatly

blessed hearing messages and insights

that many have not stay strong and don’t

wander off the path people who were

jealous tried to trap you in

difficulties to pull you down and speak

ill of you but you remain firm you

haven’t given up on your faith I praise

you for seeing the importance of what

really matters and ignoring the harmful

words and schemes of your foes they

can’t stand the brightness shining from

you my presence in your life annoys them

and the blessing on your family makes

them extremely angry while they lie

awake at night filled with frustration

you sleep in peace because I’m watching

over you your family your home and your

job I will calm them down and change

their focus they’ve seen that their

actions don’t bother you at all their

families suffer because they turned away

from my teachings and love I offered

them guidance for their good but they

ignored it and moved away from me but

you chose to stick with me knowing that

I have the answers and the way out of

every problem you face you’ve given

yourself over to my plans completely you

believed in my word entirely without

doubt you know that not everyone is like

you look around you many could be reving

in my love but their hearts have

hardened things have never unfolded as

they desired and they blame me you are

different now you understand well that

your happiness and your future do not

hinge on people your life and your

blessing blessings depend solely on me I

want you to continue in this manner each

day you shall become better stronger

until even your enemies shall come to

seek you out to beseech you to speak of

me there is a greater blessing in store

for you further down the road maintain

that faith in your Fidelity I’ll be with

you every single day keep on fighting

and never give up I cherish you deeply

my timing is impeccable never too late

or too soon your hearing from me today

because I have a special message for you

I’m listening to your requests I’m not

ignoring your please there’s no delay on

my part I’m not upset with you if I

haven’t responded yet it’s because I’m

preparing something even better for you

what I plan to give you will exceed your

requests I’ll also provide you with

wisdom to value and treasure your

blessings the dream you’ve been holding

on to is about to become reality soon it

will be within your reach significant

blessings and new opportun ities are on

their way you’ll encounter new positive

friendships and leave behind those who

block your path criticize you constantly

and aim to bring you down they plot in

their hearts concocting schemes and

traps to hurt you I wish for your peace

and calm I don’t want you to feel

alone look for friends who encourage

your growth not those who mislead you in

your times of need you call thank you

for watching I hope you enjoyed the

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next time God bless you

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