a life-altering shift is about to take place in your family my darling kid as you take in these words my love and

support will surround you guiding you through this time of incredible transformation your words Deeds stare

demeanor and very being convey tremendous importance to your function

you play a pivotal role in this remarkable transformation your value to me is Limitless and my affection for you

is Limitless as well those you care for and those who put their trust in you

deserve your love and I beg you to give it to them pause for a second if you

want to show how much you care and how empathic you are put a gentle hand on their head bless them and pray earnestly

for them then prioritize spending time energy and money on your closest loved

ones particularly those living in your home as you think of your parents both

the loving ones and the ones who have drifted apart due to arguments in the past bear in mind to forgive and love

them to be kind to everyone and to see your family become stronger as a result

of your prayers and your efforts show patience and be their protector

construct an oasis where people may rest easily and experience love without

conditions after tough days there will be opportunities to help them learn from their errors and move forward pray for

them if they don’t accept Your Love they won’t be open to your advice during

times of family Strife I ask that you seek me in prayer avoiding becoming angry or irritated since I am working in

their hearts and they will understand their mistakes and follow my guidance

let those who are oblivious to my presence deal with such unpleasant feelings there are answers to your

questions and solutions to your problems allow me to ease your worries if you

want to keep my Holy Spirit from being disturbed in inside you instead of reacting angrily turn to my power

whenever the weight becomes too much I take comfort in being alone in your hour of need call upon me and I will answer

rest assured I am here for you at all times prepared to lend a helping hand in

the Holy Haven of your home I will lead you gently so that you may rest easily your home will be a Haven of peace

happiness and Limitless Prosperity this much is certain rest confident that with

my benign presence adorning your Haven no ambition is out of your grasp give in

to the Everlasting company I provide welcome the Tranquility I bring and let its soft currents permeate your whole

body always remember that my Holy Soul is with you no matter where life takes

you without a doubt my loving hug will envelop you in its comfortable warmth

echoing inside the depths of your soul and serving as a Perpetual reminder that our lives are inseparable you are

bestowed with the sacred right to live separate from the turbulent flow of Earthly concerns so that you may enjoy

the inherent Tranquility that is yours by right of birth treasure this deep

Tranquility a feeling that means a lot to me and I pray it gives you boundless happiness as a couple whether it’s first

thing in the morning or at a peaceful moment as the day progresses we may all take part in this Divine communion and

chat about something more profound than the everyday day if only you could understand the enormous significance of

these moments in the great scheme of your life and the ability they possess to alter you I confirm and announce your

particular position in my heart whenever you clutch my hand and kneel before my Divine Throne I Proclaim to all of

creation that you are indisputably mine when my words resonate with you and my

love fills your mind feel your Viewpoint change before your eyes you have an

unshakable belief in your your ability to do great things and you have been blessed with blessings of tremendous

scale my darling who dares to stand in opposition to you with my unwavering

backing you can confront any challenge headon realize that my love is greater

than the comprehension of Earthly parents and more powerful than the fleeting mistakes made by humans in the

present moment as you take this insight to Heart it will be bathed in the depths

of my love a Heavenly real reality enjoy my heavenly presence so much that words

fail us our time together is precious and we let go of our worries you are

going to exude My Serenity and calmness the moment you enter this planet I am

here prepared to shower you with affection like the sunbeams on a new day so you need not be afraid of the stormy

feelings of other people you have no idea how much I Long for Your Presence

my love for you is Limitless take a moment each morning to consider my point of view how could I possibly fail to

treasure and be grateful to someone as special and beloved as you I want nothing more than to give you

Everlasting salvation so that you may live a life free from fear and fully certain of my love and protection as you

face this world with unshakable faith and my love that has no bounds think of my death on the cross

not as a sign of failure but as an act of Victorious surrender in exchange for your Triumph

while the common Human Experience effects of loneliness rejection and pain attempt to insens snare you remember

that you are unique and that my resurrection served as an empowerment a Divine Catalyst propelling you towards

an extraordinary existence that surpasses the mundane Pursuits of

materiality remember this the next time you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges emotionally drained or

overwhelmed by the clutches of weakness AR rise and raise your arms in Triumph

this is a public Proclamation that you are my beloved children blessed with fortitude bravery and the ability to

Prevail over many challenges you are unstoppable therefore Stand Out Among the courageous and accept that fact you

reject the Gloom and despair that surround you because you know that you are never really alone bow down before

me because I am calling you to come to my holy presence and picture my Legion standing before for you with shining

swords slicing the winds and destroying the evildoers as you stand before the

majesty and power that envelop you you will strike Terror into the hearts of your spiritual enemies despite their

distant threats they aren’t Brave or strong enough to hurt you you will shine brightly in my love a symbol of strength

and bravery knowing that my heavenly Embrace will protect you from harm forever I’m reaching out to the

courageous and strong willed with my heavenly message and you’re right up there with them take in the deep meaning

of my words and let them strengthen your spirit May the words of this message

ReSound like a beautiful hymn in the depths of your being as you raise your

arms in a triumphal gesture and Proclaim I am loved Forever by my heavenly father

my great Lord and my God I embody the resistance and loyalty of a true Victor

along with health Freedom insight and knowledge this is the condition I want

for you every morning my beloved child a belief deeply rooted in the core of my

holy message I am always here for you and I don’t need anyone else’s approval

or company believe in the little ways that my love has no bounds reiterating

your unwavering commitment to me whether your prayers are large or small they will all be answered by me and the

answers will be magnificent and of the highest quality as we travel together

you will enter a new era of your blessings Guided by trust not only in

times of struggle but in times of loss and suffering as well because I am here

with all the might of my Majesty to protect you like a loving father enveloping you in love and

kindness belief in the unchanging love and worth of your heavenly father

beautiful sweet Majestic peerless Divine Everlasting and Supernatural remains

your most powerful weapon even in the midst of the most difficult times when it seems like your enemy has conquered

you there is no feeling more delicate than receiving love and protection my

Holy Spirit in your heart will strengthen you when you fall covering you in mud and you will continue to walk

this path with faith love devotion hope and honesty making admirable progress

aware that despite the difficulties a life full of benefits anointed by my kindness and compassion awaits take

pleasure in the joy and stability with which you face each day feelings of isolation and sadness no longer consume

you freeing you from the chains of the past every day you remind me that my

power is real and I am filled with excitement at the thought of doing much more with you as you hold on to the

miraculous Faith you give me the most lovely gifts are those that come from the heart and are filled with trust you

will fly to Great Heights because you know deep down that I will respond even

if you can’t see it just yet music no matter when you call upon me I will hear

you because my holy Throne is always open I adore you and I will always keep

you safe in my holy hands the time has come to believe these words the drought

is over and harvesting will soon begin you are now ready for the huge benefit

that is coming your way because of the hardships you have gone through I hear your anguish and doubt in your voice as

you want me to promise that my word will come true the realization of my promise

is about to pound open the door of your life it is not some distant fantasy

assume your responsibility stand up and open the door to the forthcoming blessing with the resiliency and

confidence of a Victor keep your faith strong and do not allow doubt or hurdles to discourage you here on Earth special

abilities will Thrive remember that you are more than a fragile flower imagine yourself as a sturdy tree that offers

shelter to anybody who seeks my company it is my hope that you will radiate

Beauty in the garden I have chosen for you your scope is broad your purpose

extends beyond your own needs you are to provide joy to your loved ones Comfort

to the downtrodden and a boom to your household my beloved make sure you have everything

you need the Harvest time is almost here you’re one of my chosen ones so go out

into the field and smell the success Aroma I will Empower you and help you

reach Great Heights when I say I will eradicate want and deprivation from your life I mean it be careful when listening

however those who ignore me will lead you down the road of wasting your good fortune on meaningless Pursuits Grumble

and I are the ones they hold responsible for attempting to thwart the benefits I am about to bestow upon you you are the

intended recipient of the next harvest’s Bounty keep the blessings I have given

you for yourself make sure your house is safe from the wolves and that your children are safe as well every morning

wake up with me I will bestow upon you the knowledge that is necessary for your advancement and prosperity guaranteeing

a bountiful crop also this isn’t a a passing phase it’s the foundation for an

even more remarkable future for you have faith that your heavenly father has

greater things planned for you and look forward to them with eager anticipation this is more than just a

small blessing for me my blessings are upon you in abundance adopt it for

yourself believe in it and tell me you love me every day I am your compass and

I will lead you out of the desert into the Victory and happiness that your soul craves

Your Love motivates me to achieve all this in my view you are very valuable

and your life is being led in a meaningful Direction pay close attention to the Deep truths that unfold before

you echoing in your mind and revealing themselves to you overflowing with

profound significance I understand the obstacles that have hung above it’s an

enormous challenge to welcome each new day with true Joy standing on the edge

of an amazing Supernatural transformation you have endured lock facing trials in The Crucible of

adversity that have tested your entire Essence the turbulent Waters of this

world attempted to muddy your eyesight and shake your faith to its very core on

the other hand my beloved kid you have come out on top a shining example of

perseverance when faced with challenges your harrowing Trek across this Barren

Wasteland characterized by days of confusion ion and loneliness is almost

over I recognize the depth and breadth of your suffering and I proclaim a

change in the cosmic Tides bringing out days that shine with luminous Delight as

a testimonial to the transformational influence of my heavenly intervention others around you will see the

revitalizing power and vigor flowing through you now my Limitless wisdom will

be your Lighthouse guiding you through the Maze of difficulties that have been Fallen you you were weak and vulnerable

as you trudged through the deserts of loneliness and exhaustion but you kept going because of your unfaltering faith

love for me and dedication to your family your tenacity has not gone

unrecognized and now I am sending out clouds that will bring a rare rain Living Water that will soothe your tired

spirit I am steadfast in my promise to you I listen to your prayers with

undivided attention and when you call upon my holy name I will bring miraculous Wonders that will embrace you

and your family may my love fill your soul like an Elixir healing wounds and

putting your fears to rest this clearly demonstrates your dedication unfaltering

devotion placing Your Fate In My Loving Hands trust me when I say I will not budge from my promise to you my darling

you are never really alone in this vast Cosmic tapestry since my deep love for you is an unwavering bring anchor I do

not want anything bad to happen to you and I am well aware of the complexities of my intentions for you please repeat

your most profound wishes and I who am here in the Heavenly regions will listen

intently and Grant your every deepest desire the hour of your anguish is over

and the day of your Victory is just around the corner so Rejoice let your mind wander my darling do you think I’m

real are you aware of my constant support while you’re with me is the possibility that I may leave you ever

cross your mind on this joyous occasion I want you to know that my everpresent love holds each tear you shed and that I

am sensitive to your prayers you have a unique and irreplaceable spot in the

recesses of my heart and I’m here to tell you how much I love you and reinforce that recognizing you as my own

kid brings me more Delight than anything else aside from being your God I am also

your parent sibling and father come to me with unfaltering faith and no shame for I am

here to welcome you hug you and help you reach New Heights my good-hearted Offspring see this your love for me has

been and always will be an Endless River brimming with Limitless Grace and devotion I am a deity of immutability so

my love for you is eternal and infinite whatever it is that you wish for do not

hesitate to ask me for it today is the day of your incredible breakthrough the day of your thunderous Triumph surely if

I have generously given you anything my son you may have faith that I will offer it abundantly through him be strong in

your faith and rely on my promises may my name resonate in your midst curing

all your ailments and compelling evil spirits to submit to my name exalted above all names this is the day when we

will meticulously unravel the intricate web of your family and finances you can

only put your unfa ing faith in me I will be your Champion the one who has

always been there for you lifting you up and giving you new strength to keep going when everyone else has given up

you may be sure that I have always had faith in the Limitless potential that I have skillfully implanted in you you

must now stand tall and proud I the Lord your God will never leave or forsake you

I am the source of your strength on this joyous occasion I invite you to take my

hand and begin our adventure side by side I will reveal the elaborate schemes

I have carefully plotted for your life embark on a journey of intimacy with me

if you talk to me I will answer all of your questions there is no limit to the duration of my affection for you if only

you could understand how much our everyday chats mean to you and how much they improve your health stress and

exhaustion in life often overshadow your desire to hear from me and be in my company worries and haste clutter your

thoughts when your energy tank is nearly empty join me so we can talk soak in the

river of life-giving water that pours from me and bring me your requests as

you answer this call see the miraculous changes happening in your life you will

experience spiritual elevation as well as physical and mental fortification I beg you to spare just a

little time I beg you please despite the many demands on your time to spare a few

moments I humbly request your unfaltering confidence feel free to try again please

I beg you again drop by whenever suits you best in the morning the evening or

even at random times be prepared you are the Well Spring of rock honey and

Celestial wheat when you’re with me I’ll feed you in a place where time stands

still your time with me will transform into a Wellspring of inspiration and

strength your life will be flooded with the benefits of heavenly knowledge Supernatural Zeal Serenity and Joy from

on high ascended to a higher level your soul shall find rest looking upon a

lovely scenery and your intellect shall acquire calm stabilizing your thoughts

if you approach me with unshakable trust Eternal and crystalline overflowing in

fullness from the skies above here is where you may find Solace my darling

stay here a little longer and allow everything this hallowed place has to offer offer to touch you keep these

presents close to your heart put them in your backpack and wrap yourself in the mantle of strength I’m offering every

day you bless me with the gift of holy moments and I am filled with an

indescribably wonderful and lovely experience as my delicate hand brushes

against your head and the fire of my Holy Spirit devours any

impurities as you continue on this sacred Quest you are painstakingly shaping the course of your life being

rushed is not an option do not be Hasty as time progresses allow yourself to

fully immerse yourself in the unfolding process gradually comprehending and appreciating its inherent value embrace

the chance to strengthen our bond to the point where uncertainty has no place in the safety of your thoughts even in the

midst of your most difficult struggles even when my voice seems mute without a

shadow of a doubt my love for you has never wavered and when the moment is right I will reach out to help you you

are poised to unlock new and improved opportunities that were previously unattainable I am personally taking on

the responsibility of reclaiming what was lost in the past and I’m looking forward to showering you with an

abundance of Priceless benefits that will collect beautifully in your life because of your unfaltering confidence

and belief in my Almighty power let go of the burden of past hurt

whether they were relationships or failures caused by your own mistakes we recognize your repentance break free

from the bonds of resentment and anger if someone has harmed you rinse your mind clean of any traces of Vengeance

betrayal or animosity now that you’ve beaten deceit it’s time to put your

newfound knowledge to use and learn to trust again do not give into the urge to

dwell on the past instead look at the fresh favors I am ready to provide you

with with let us go forward as one following a Less Traveled road to Triumph on the opposite side of the

Horizon you can see a magnificent Peak Rising conquer it with courage and

determination because the fields Beyond its peak are ready for the picking

embrace the precious life that flows through you my darling child know how much I treasure you and love yourself as

much as I love you every morning show your respect for me by taking care of

your Body Mind and Spirit In accordance with my Commandments wake up knowing

that you have a Divine Purpose and that your family will have a prosperous life after you succeed your success and

prosperity are not just possibilities but certainties in your future you

already have the wisdom to bring joy to suffering with all your heart embrace my

words and watch as boundless Heavenly Joy illuminates your mind soul and

spirit let go of any any sadness or despair that may be remaining within you right now and Let It Fade Away like the

Morning Mist before the sun’s warmth rather than being random occurrences the

wonderful feelings that are sweeping over you are actual representations of my infinite compassion eternal love and

Limitless Grace prepare yourself for a series of miraculous events that will

transpire and have a significant impact on your environment people will see the

Majestic light shining from inside you as they look at you but I beg you even

in this heavenly height to Be watchful protecting your heart from the dangerous Tangles of Pride my goal is very clear

to prove to the world that I can help the poor oppressed defeated and outcasts

those who have endured scrutiny and censure in the dark will bear witness to my unmatched power what is to come is

evidence of my Dominion I am the ruler of glory and I am merciful toward you

holding your loved ones and your life itself in the palms of my mighty hands

my Divine will is to write these words on your Soul’s tablet and let them echo through your heart’s chambers until they

become an indelible part of who you are I beg you to accept this love with the deepest humility so that I may bestow

upon you more blessings ignore the Temptations outside of your personal sanctuary and let your gripes and

complaints fill it think of it as a challenge to your patience and a chance to show that you can listen

but also accept appreciate and follow this sacred message that I imp planting

in you every morning when you wake up listen to my voice as you begin your

path acknowledge the many difficulties you confront and recognize that you may

lack the strength to overcome some of these challenges in these moments find

the strength to persevere gather your bravery and have faith that even a single Le Word of Faith Can Heal Elevate

and bring about immediate prosperity for many even though you may face ingratitude and a lack of recognition

for your Limitless love your unfaltering resolve to love without seeking return

is inspiring and I recognize and appreciate your efforts I have diligently noted in my heavenly book

Every Act of compassion and sacrifice you perform keep this in mind you have

company I am with you even when I am not physically there in support of your Voyage a

variety of witnesses both Heavenly and terrestrial rally the angels of War are

ready to fight some people love you deeply and pray for you I keep your name in my prayers every day I will also

defeat your enemies and remove any barriers that stand in your way no matter how hard things become always

keep in mind that I died on the cross so that you can have eternal life and freedom in the days ahead May may you be

filled with joy and contentment I will reveal the transforming power of my blood bestowing

benefits on you and your family even though I’m happy to lend a hand seeing your positive attitude and genuine

desire to improve brings me immense satisfaction witnessing your unwavering

will to succeed is an inspiration and I am filled with immense excitement for you I beseech you with all my heart to

affirm your faith in what I have said and to join me in listening each morning as you open your eyes wide in the hope

that a life filled with gifts lies ahead I understand the depth of your pain but

I want you to know that your tears and cries have reached the Holy Ground of my Divine Throne yesterday unexpected

hardships ruined your plans and left you feeling abandoned and betrayed by people you thought loved you especially when

you needed them the most I am here to remind you that you are never alone on

this Hallowed Ground you will create your destiny overcome your diseases and

find comfort in my presence during Your Darkest Hours you may be calm knowing

that no one has left you even when the people you depended on abandoned you I

remained by your side unwaveringly my presence continues to embrace you my beloved I pray that you

and your loved ones find refuge in the Haven of Harmony from The Darkness of

conflict and negativity within the tenderness and innocence of your soul I desire to bring

about miracles molding you into the being I see for you behold the fall of your enemies and your dishonest allies

who taunt you with their foolish knowledge they think they are strong and wise but they are really rather foolish

Envy consumes their lives shrouding them in a deep spiritual Gloom I bestow my

blessings on you my beloved child in spite of the fact that you may have to overcome obstacles

and fight off enemies you must remain courageous don’t be scared their Bluster

masks their weaknesses they put on an act of innocence and Purity to hide

their actual depravity however you my darling must remain steadfast because I am your

Champion there is support for you my love for you is real and I have shown my

might in your life your trust is not based on speculation but in me and Alive

the powerful real and Majesty God in spite of threats and lies you should not

give into despair or discourage yourself I stand beside you I am here to protect

you from harm death and illness accept my blessing believe what I say and

embrace my words by my dear I pay attention to your requests and the

prayers you offer I understand your anguish and the desires of your heart

everything has struck aord with me my darling if you remain faithful I will

shower you with blessings I will make you prosper in every way and your life will be a monument to my infinite love

mercy and Grace may all people see that I will never fail those who put their faith in me hold this truth close to

your heart my darling bye my dear a love so profound that it transcends all logic

and reason a love that can be believed only in the Timeless fabric of existence

no limits or circumstances can ever separate my love for you Embrace this reality remain steadfast in your faith

and let the boundless love lead you to Joy success and happiness have no doubt

my love for you is eternal my dearest child I want you to know that my words today go straight to the Center of Your

Existence your ability to remain cognizant of the boundless love I have for you is really astounding you are

without a doubt the most most prized possession an Exquisite work of art made

with the deepest affection prior to the unfolding of your life’s events I had seen you lovingly

crafting you and enshrining my sacred blueprint in your heart from the time you were born I held you in the bosom of

heavenly Love encircled by my watchful gaze throughout your life from the

happiest of times to the worst of times and even when you didn’t realize it I

was ever Vigilant and your development is a reflection of that you will confidently seize the opportunities that

lie ahead Guided by my Holy Spirit when you overcome your worries you’ll be able

to confront powerful people in this expansive world with unshakable resolve

nobody has the power to make you feel uneasy be friendly and approach them

with a genuine grin you will be the key that unlocks their hearts for you I am

capable of doing miraculous things things the difficulties you encounter will pass you shouldn’t let the presence

of Shadows depress you with blessings poured upon you you will regain everything you have lost and more you

must realize that this setback was not intentional your destiny does not include loss the fact that I Adore You

proves that you will succeed in the end I have been and will continue to be your

rock so you need not fear let your faith guide you now standing firm by your side

I bring blessings and strength I will always be by your side when you cry out

to me I will answer you hold my word in your heart a continual caution that the

feeling of being alone is fleeting in the midst of all the hardship you face I send Legions of angels to protect you on

your journey keeping the hidden dangers of the night from overpowering you once again taking on the mindset of a Victor

I want you to know that my love for you grows Stronger by the day I sacrificed my life to ensure your Abundant Life and

you found salvation I am here for you no matter what and I am always willing to

listen give yourself permission to be at ease have no fear I will never leave you

nothing can ever take the place of my eternal love for you you are my most prized possession give yourself a break

feel the Exquisite Serenity my Mercy exposes you to the world to me the most

important thing is that you are happy and well I wish I could listen to and comprehend the difficulties you’re

facing no matter what’s going on in your life you have my unwavering support

permit me to assist you in resolving any issues that may weaken or discourage you

you are filled with my Holy Spirit who gives you Mastery over your emotions embrace the present moment with

excitement and don’t rely on other people to make you happy entrust your mind soul and heart to me and I will

free you from emotional bonds resist sin and Temptation without using your own

power the selfless sacrifice of my dear son Jesus Christ is the deepest

manifestation of the Limitless love I have for you he made evident my

unwavering affection my dedication to your happiness and my sincere wish for

your abundant existence my son Jesus Christ was born

into this world to show you how much I love love you he came to Earth on a mission to rescue you from your troubles

heal your wounds and show you the way to Everlasting Joy you may have faith in my

unwavering commitment to you my darling when you need someone to talk to someone

to listen to someone to soothe you or someone to help you achieve your dreams

I am here for you more than ever you will experience an abundance of rewards

if you firmly establish your confidence in me alone you will be a living testimony to the

boundless love kindness and forgiveness that I have bestowed upon you therefore

my beloved child commit to your mind the truth that my love for you is

immeasurable this is the unfaltering support I provide to those who put their faith in me because of its complexity it

defies rationalization all you have to do is accept it and have faith that I will

always be here for you waiting to love you no matter what and leading you along

the road of pure pleasure and success your unwavering confidence and certainty

will remain unshaken in my stead my love for you is Limitless unending and

Immortal for the first time in our lives together I feel the overwhelming need to remind you of the immeasurable love that

I have for you by speaking straight to your heart you are more than a mere creature you are the Exquisite work of

art that my Limitless love has created for you before your life’s tapestry

unfolded I had already imagined you lovingly crafting each aspect and painstakingly enshrining my Divine

Purpose inside your heart you are not embarking on this journey alone my beloved I will always be here to support

you standing by your side when you’re with me doors open to a world of

possibilities you never imagined existed my intention is to shed light on your your journey filling it with happiness

success and contentment as my words reverberate in your heart at this

precise time even when you feel alone in your problems my presence is with you

nothing will ever diminish the Limitless love I have for you whenever you feel like nobody is listening to your screams

or understanding the gravity of your situation I am here to lend a helping hand shed light on your struggles and

Surround you with my boundless compassion know that I fully understand all of your subtleties the depth and

unparalleled affection I have for you compels me to seek you out I am here to

listen provide assistance and bestow happiness and wealth on you please my

darling do not run away from my constant support keep in mind that my promise to

you to never give up or let life’s difficulties dampen your optimism is unwavering put your trust in me to hold

you close while I Shield you from the evil spirits that would try to derail your journey embark on this holy Journey

Guided by my upright hand towards a place of rest joy and peace allow me to

console you I am here to help you find your way through the Maze of life so

that you can hear the sweet music of fulfillment day accompanied by The Echoes of virtue remember that I am

closer than you may ever think even even when it feels like your suffering is getting worse calm down my darling

daughter and my beloved Son I’ve got this have confidence and go forth

fearlessly I understand that things may sometimes move slowly but there are numerous tasks in my Flawless and

Supernatural plan all of which are progressing as they should keep calm I’m

making way for others you will accomplish the miracle you’ve been praying for when you Vanquish invisible

foes move mountains and eliminate obstacles a calm and Tranquility is

bestowed On You by me take it easy feel good about everything just smile right

now I want you to feel pleased take some time to appreciate the lovely things in your life avoid saying anything

unpleasant or discouraging to avoid making CTIC complaints look at the promises I have made to you Embrace

every moment with passion and use this time to talk about the things that have brought you pleasure and the things you

hope will happen with the mighty Miracles that be me every day I am already crafting your

fate pay careful attention to what I say when your faith wavers for I will reveal

surprising truths everything will be fine now that your life is going through a major change you will feel a release

of mental strain you come to me for help because you love me and my word is

steadfast let me help you relax and unwind take a bold step forward in

facing life’s challenges with confidence Serenity and the Delight that comes from

knowing your heavenly father is with you no matter what realize the infinite kindness and Grace that I provide in the

past I have never let you down in this your hour of need I will not let you

down either this morning listen to this truth as your spirit cries out in pain

listen once again drawing courage to persevere even when life’s obstacles obscure your view allowing you to

briefly lose touch with who you are and the higher calling that brought you here keep calm no matter how big or small

your aspirations and Ambitions are I am here to be your soft Shepherd ready to

light the way and help you fulfill your vocation because you are more than just a person you are my precious gem and

because you deserve nothing less than boundless Joy your ally is exerting tremendous effort to ensure that you

reach your goals your journey is filled with mist mistakes and failures and it can be hard to forgive yourself for them

but when you ask for forgiveness my Mercy knows no bounds and judgment has no place in my heart what matters most

is that you find a way to separate yourself from Evil while embracing the Priceless lessons that are a part of

your journey in the face of adversity you will rise to Greater Heights of

faith and the life you lead will be filled with purpose and rewards because of the lessons you learn from each

experience think of these challenges not as obstacles but as chances to grow and

develop see your trials for what they really are Stepping Stones to a deeper faith and a life rich with blessings and

purpose the ultimate aim of your trip Embrace this trip my darling as your success is not a goal but a constant

spectacular blossoming within the vast fabric of life may you prosper in

abundance and experience endless thriving no matter no matter what the future holds for you know that I the

almighty will be a constant Watchdog over your life no matter what obstacles may come our way my eyes will never

leave you I have strategized for every potential scenario and I won’t stop

until I’ve accomplished every commandment outlined in my Sacred Scriptures they are not to cross any

lines no one has the right to all over your home and family if they do

nobody can afford to be quiet you must always face them but I will give you the

courage Serenity and knowledge to do so be careful what you say even when you’re

angry since words may hurt or heal give my love and salvation to the little ones

you hold dear just as I have given it to you have faith that time will correct

and erase all errors and that your children will also experience the Salvation that has come into your life

once they come back home with blessings that will bring additional years of enjoyment to your household true

repentance will follow as you open the door forgive and offer Grace and keep

praying for your children he will engulf you in his Tranquility rest assured I

will take excellent care of your children you have a lovely personality and I love hearing the passion in your

voice when we speak as you shut your eyes I am filling you to the brim with

Heavenly delight and removing any pain disease or discomfort from from your

body feel really appreciated when you hear what I have to say discouragement

and heavy footfalls are not necessary responses to your situation there are a

lot of ways I’ll show you how much I love you today Divine love will envelop you anytime grief strikes your life even

in the midst of struggle experience my hugs comforting warmth as it lifts the

veil of sadness and replaces it with happiness an ethereal IAL barrier of

security encircles your house watched over by watchful Angels guaranteeing the

safety of your loved ones at all hours of the day and night as your joyous Newfound State engulfs even your enemies

you must accept this as true because my love for you is deep and unwavering it is as tangible as the air

you breathe and more wonderful and magnificent than anything you could ever hope for your appreciation has touched

my heart as my love is the greatest gift in my life every Dawn the skies will open

their doors and windows and your heart will testify to this immense love there’s no going back now you will long

for the days of Triumph you won’t be able to escape my powerful influence on your life if you pay attention to what I

say you will be able to experience genuine Joy regardless of the weather since your resolve will be

unwavering because of this heavenly inspiration your confidence will sore your agility will increase and a flood

of brilliant ideas will enter your head my holy spirit will guide you to leave your home and approach the doors that

require attention embrace the unknown confidence will fill you as you talk no

one on this planet is so great or important that they could possibly give you the Willies people will be more

receptive to you when you reach out your hand and smile They will receive blessings which will then lead to

miraculous ulous events the momentary difficulties you encounter should not depress you they should not indicate

your loss your world will be filled with benefits and everything that you have

lost will be returned to it keep in mind that failure is never in your destiny at

heart you are mine and I want to win with you because of my undying love for

you I will make sure that my words of Promise make you a Victor fear not I

have been where you are and I shall remain so get up and face the day with unshakable trust I will bless you

abundantly and give you strength rest assured you have company no matter how

difficult things become I will never leave you feel free to call me the power of my words is inside you always

remember that I am beside you while you face the challenges of this world I send an army of angels to watch over you and

Destroy any threats lurking in the dark have no fear and when dread tempts you

get back up again with the attitude of a conqueror keep in mind that my feelings for you are becoming Stronger by the day

my goal in dying on the cross was to save you so that you would have an abundant life whenever you need someone

to talk to someone to lean on or someone to provide you with peace I am here and

ready to give it to you you are a champion at heart and my word is in yours your unwavering Trust is the

remedy get up and persevere through the difficulties you have my undying affection and unwavering Faith make it

rockus and rewrite it God can do anything substitute yourself for me how

could I possibly not love and rejoice with a friend like you giving you Everlasting salvation is my deepest wish

have no dread you can be confident that I will always cherish and Safeguard you enter this world confidently embracing

my affection I died on the cross so that you would Triumph rather than shame even

though everyone had to deal with things like rejection anguish isolation and suffering I rose from the dead on the

third day so that you may have a life that is above everything this world has to offer if you’ve ever felt the

crushing weight of exhaustion emotional fog or Frailty you’re never the same as

you stand tall and proud Proclaim your status as my cherished Offspring to the

Four Winds you have won a thousand fights because you are powerful bold and

fearless there is no power greater than you because you are a champion among the great you are not an isolated individual

do not accept a life of melancholy and shadows in this same room I am summoning

you as soon as your knuckles hit the earth my Legions will charge into brandishing their glorious swords

causing the wind to break and evil to crumble your spiritual adversary will run away in fear as soon as it sees the

might and Majesty that surround you despite its menacing cries it is too weak to really hurt you listen up you

courageous Souls I’m addressing you here the purpose of this message is to uplift your spirit make sure these words stay

with you and touch your soul I am healthy free prudent and wise my

heavenly father the great lord loves me forever raise your arms again and say it loudly I am loyal and skilled as a real

Warrior and conqueror ideally you would wake up every day feeling this way this

Faith should establish firm foundations in my word my dear you don’t have to wallow in misery and despair over your

present situation since you heard my voice Revel in great love in many ways

you will feel the boundless love that I have for you today with the force of my words I will prove it to you my heavenly

love will envelop you even when we are at odds in times of Sorrow My Embrace

will provide Comfort enveloping your heart in an eternal state of bliss the way you’ve changed will Astound those

closest to you and they will wonder what brought you this new Joy after seeing

how you overcome pain and Terror even your enemies would be scared and

helpless Legions of angels will defend your house at all hours of the day and

night creating an ethereal sanctuary of heavenly protection around you accept

this truth with all your heart I like your thankful spirit and want you to know how much I appreciate it every

morning when you open your eyes for your unfaltering faith I’m eternally grateful

that you have placed your life your fate and each day in my hands even if those

who doubt the existence of an invisible all powerful God laugh it off it touches

me profoundly my actuality my watchful eye over you and my concern for your needs

are all things you perceive as long as you remain steadfast in your faith you

will live and feel like a child of the universe’s Creator you will walk tall

with unwavering confidence and a face filled with Limitless Joy I will be filled with tremendous emotion tomorrow

when the Sun rises and I anxiously anticipate the chance to hold you again because of your unfaltering character

thankfulness and compassionate heart my darling Child Take Action to alleviate

the difficulties you’re facing now I love you listen closely to what I’m saying my statements include a promise

but you must understand one basic fact your intellect and spirit connect you to the miraculous realm yet you maintain a

firm foothold in the real world problems will crop up disputes will escalate and

new foes will appear to do you damage this is something you will inevitably face on your path through life but

remember that you are unstoppable because I am here to help you every step of the way you are a champion at heart

and my word is inside you unwavering trust is the key to unlocking your full

potential get up and face your problems headon with a Resolute resolve you’re being strengthened by my profound love

Proclaim your faith in me without hesitation God can do anything imagine

how I would feel if I were unable to love and bless someone as wonderful as you my heart’s aim is to offer you

Everlasting salvation have no fear I will always love you deeply Shield you

from harm and let you hold your head high as you navigate this world I died on the cross so that you can live

triumphantly through this life free from fear of death and despair on the third

day I rose from the dead so that you too may have a life beyond this world when

you feel weak or tired feelings obscure your spirit remember that you are

special even if many people face loneliness sorrow rejection and anguish

in this world you are my cherished child stand up straight wave your arms

triumphantly and declare it to the Four Winds you are courageous powerful

victorious in a thousand fights and a champion of the great you are unbeatable

no one can thwart you you are not an isolated individual you don’t have to

accept a life of melancholy and despair per permit me to tenderly grasp your hand as I lead you towards the wonderful

fulfillment of the promises I have interwoven into the fabric of your Fai have faith no matter how overwhelming

the present difficulties may seem I will never abandon you you can always count on my constant presence to be there for

you offering support and enveloping you in my loving embrace my deepest wish is that your

life would be a beautiful tapestry of meaning and blessings this bounty has been pain takingly prepared to fulfill

your material needs as well as your deepest desires my beloved child please know that the idea of abandoning you is

completely incomprehensible to me no matter what you can count on me to be an

everlasting symbol of the boundless love I have for you you are more than a mere

product of my imagination you are a one-of-a-kind work of art meticulously

crafted to bring you Joy and success in this world observe how life’s Bey

abandons the dark Nooks where contempt covers the Weeping please know that I

care about you and I’m here to help and forgive you I will mold you into a brilliant future by bestowing upon you

abilities and skills that are very potent indulge in happiness calm and health take a stance for your veins and

stand up proudly Proclaim your trust loving father with the Royal Blood

eternally protected by your heavenly father I will clear the way for you as as soon as you provide the opportunity

you’ve been seeking please Earnest locate the solutions behold the change

that is happening in your life in your soul in your family and in your home

instead of dwelling on the past focus on what’s to come trust in the power of my

transformation let go of the weight that has engulfed you in the shadows your family is remarkable and your life will

be richly blessed if you set your sights on the Divine and reject Earthly OST presentations it will take more than

your own strength faith in my grace and power to make the goals I have for you appear attainable even your closest

friends May betray you so you shouldn’t put all your faith in them however I

assure you that I will never leave you the arrival of much anticipated blessings which will bring about a

period of holy calm and abundance in place of fear and scarcity is almost upon us it is critical that you trust my

word without reservation that is I will reveal my deepest secrets to you and you

will rise to your destined Heights unfaltering in the face of adversity be amazed by the magnitude of my love and

the abundance of my favors please answer me are you ready to welcome the good

things that are about to happen to you express yourself honestly your affection

for your Offspring is deep and abiding they are also very important to me in my

book I have recorded every aspect of their lives appreciate the tremendous

impact they have on your life this discovery has not Escape my notice calm

and let go of the pain that their decisions have brought if they became disoriented would it worry you you have

no control over these obligations therefore let go of them let me take care of your worries while you focus on

your own path stress saps your energy and disrupts Your Serenity

keep your strength and belief in God I beg you please pray that the time has

come to let go of what needs releasing your children are poised to so like doves pray for them and know that my

protecting arms will surround them so let them soar freely listen to my advice

and have faith in my schemes you put too much pressure on your thoughts when trying to make decisions or exert

control over your children leave these concerns to me you must never cross

certain boundaries and you will never compromise the Dignity of your household remaining silent will not help them fix

their mistakes I’ll give you the fortitude calmness and insight you need

to face them without wroth be careful what you say they have the ability to

cause or alleviate harm I have not treated you cruy I provide Redemption

and love do the same for your Offspring acquire this knowledge there will be

mistakes even though they will cry the Redemption you have experienced will also come to them and eventually they

will reach a turning point please turn from your sins and go back to your home

bless your family abundantly and enjoy many more years of joy as you join in

prayer for them may you offer them the gift of forgiveness and a fresh start

when you know that they are in my capable hands you can rest easy your humility is inspiring and I value the

wisdom you impart to me particularly When you pray with your eyes closed Divine pleasure is throbbing in your

heart and it offers me enormous delight and eases any pain disease or discomfort

my love for you has no bounds it flows endlessly unaffected by the passing of time or the constraints of any one’s

situation I shall be here waiting patiently for your return regardless of

what direction life takes you my forgiveness endures unending and

boundless in its kindness and Grace covering all your transgressions as a comfort for the

broken Spirit take comfort in knowing that I am not an impersonal thing but rather an agent of strength that you may

Channel toward overcoming any challenge that comes your way my darling in spite of everything going on around you my

deepest wish is that you understand how much I love you regardless of what you

do strive for or accomplish my little child you will always be my first and

foremost priority you have had my love which I give to you freely from the

minute you were born and it will last forever in this complex web of life my

love is unadulterated unwavering and everlasting I understand that there are

many obstacles that could cause you to feel uncertain insecure and desperate

when you’re going through tough times remember that my continual presence is here to help you overcome any obstacle

you face even when it seems like the weight of Despair and Dread is too much to bear as you experience changes in

your life my Limitless love will carry you through and my power will be more

than enough to turn your life into one that is not just full but overflowing

with blessings plenty and fulfillment you your loved ones and your

house will undergo profound changes keep your focus on what’s to come release

what has happened having faith in a total transformation set aside whatever is pulling you towards a pit gaze at

Heavenly matters Your Existence is precious you have an amazing family I

have grand intentions for you have faith in my power and Grace and you will succeed believe in those friendships

that say they will last forever while Others May waver in their support you

can always count on me to be there for you the moment when the favor you you’ve been hoping for will soon come pouring

down on you is nearly here a true and sacred abundance of calm will come into

your life replacing the days of worry and scarcity in order to persevere

through difficulties and be ready for a spiritually stirring Revelation your steadfast faith in my promises is

essential I’m about to tell you the most intimate secret of my life my love for

you is immense and the benefits I have in store for you will Amaze you talk to

me accept the advantages that are in store for you are you prepared let me in

on how you’re feeling your love for your children is evident and I share that sentiment the titles of my books include

every aspect of them don’t stress about their decision-making processes instead

focus on their hearts thoughts desires errors and wants it may seem like they’ve gone off course but instead of

becoming upset about things you can’t change just put your worries on me and concentrate on the things you can manage

like your own life this will only drain your energy and disturb your Tranquility

refrain from wasting time and trust it is time to let go of what you need to let go of and I’m inviting you to pray

about it the doves are now fully grown and prepared to so feel safe letting go

of them since my protective mantle is constantly around them my instruction will help you pray for your children in

a way that doesn’t cause them undue stress or Lead You astray from the desire to micromanage their

choices permit me to attend to these issues I have seen your struggles during

the night when you were afraid and anxious but I also saw the grin that returned to your face as the sun came up

it was clear that you were confident my daughter is this person my kid this is

him oh my I yelled out in Paradise Guardian Angels were standing by

prepared to lend you a helping hand eliminate obstacles and do whatever it took to make your aspirations a reality

I responded to your Cry for Help by telling you that I have given you extraordinary sights I have given you

strength your bravery inspires me and I feel driven to shower you with a wonderful blessing I am left with no

alternative I always follow through on what I say I will do you have shown the self control and dedication needed to

reach a higher spiritual plane in light of your current situation do not judge

yourself harshly all you have to do is concentrate on your own aspirations you

shouldn’t waste time being jealous of other people’s achievements whether they’re real or not some people only

ever a dream but you’re going to enjoy life to the fullest your ideas will remain fresh and undisturbed thanks to

your hard work and perseverance you have come this far and are are determined not to turn back now I sent you here so you

may take control of the country in which I have blessed you even if the world shakes and people complain about your

family’s needs the wonderful things you’ve wished for will finally come true

despite the morning masses you will receive blessings as opportunities diminish each morning when you hear me

out your thoughts expand out before you like a field as I Stitch new thoughts

uncertainties criti speaks and malicious remarks will germinate and then fade

away like morning duw under the warm light of the sun I will place a royal

crown of Victory on your head and erase the persistent curses as I orchestrate a deep restoration inside you today in

this critical juncture let yourself be fully present awaken to your spirit’s agitation and confront the unresolved

matter that has robbed you of your Tranquility today I bestow upon you the serenity you yearn for

a calmness that fills your whole being an opportunity beckons urging you to

seize it and embark on a meticulously planned path for your Ascent get ready

to be astounded by the most unexpected thing I will be there to lend you a hand

and bring about a chance meeting that is in harmony with the plan God has for your life my infinite kindness and love

are on display in your life right now so seize it my dearest child I beg you at

this Crossroads in your path to be steadfast and persevere through hardship your bravery and strength have gotten

you this far Let The Echoes of perseverance reverberate inside you but in no uncertain terms should you take

this as a sign that your wi is just around the corner gather your strength my beloved Son and Daughter and renew

your will to fight this day with unwavering resolution have faith that

your hard work will pay off in the end giving up is not an option see the

obstacles as opportunities for growth when You Face challenges on your path

through life my beloved take heart understand that these difficulties are

precursors to the great rewards I am about to give you beyond the flow of challenges lies the realization of huge

Ambitions that have been formed so keep moving forward undaunted my darling with

the power of my Heavenly Hands carve into your soul the unchangeable truth of my Limitless love a love that is

infinite unmatched and everlasting as you breathe your pulse and your Soul’s

size you are accompanied by a pervasive force a love that is beyond the limb of

perception I’m always here with you even if my shape eludes your perception my

heart’s goal is for you to be happy and prosperous have faith in the invisible currents of my love a constant power

that wants to protect you bless you and help you succeed my love is a steady unfaltering

lighthouse in the stormy ocean of life it will not let the world’s ups and downs obscure its light no matter how

chaotic this world becomes my love for you will remain unwavering and I will be

there to support you through it all I implore you my darling to put your faith in me so that I may unlock your heart’s

Gates and take charge of your life my love will always be a rock for you

embrace the freedom to let go of distractions and let me guide you through life’s Symphony of gifts put

your confidence in me and watch as I shape you into a person who is decorated with pleasure Prosperity success and

success you may have faith that I will always be here for you no matter what

and that my words of encouragement counsel and support will never waver you

are precious to me and my faith in you is unshakable with every new day light

returns to your face Smiles return and strength returns to your shoulders your resiliency is plain to see and your

tears have been the constant Companions of Terror and concern for your enemies allow me to Proclaim with pride that

this is my Offspring the celestial hosts are here to cheer you on hold your hand

and guide you as you pursue your heart’s desire when you call I’ll answer the

phone you have received Heavenly wisdom and spiritual ual strength your bravery

inspires me to bestow upon you numerous benefits I’m committed to honoring my

promises you have grown in knowledge and dedication and now you are prepared to go to the next spiritual level so they

will be satisfied steer clear of the comparison trap every person’s path is

unique and individual use the skills you’ve developed to pursue your dreams

fearlessly let go of jealousy over other people’s achievements real or imagin

and instead fully immerse yourself in your own genuine Journey your accomplishments and hard work will not

go unnoticed instead of running away you will emerge victorious in your own little Paradise in spite of the world’s

problems your genuine efforts will pay off in Spades and you and your loved ones will reap the benefits some people

may have passed up chances but I promise that every morning my lessons will grow in your memory as you listen you notice

hints of originality in what you’re saying these Concepts will soon come true indulge in the Bliss of boundless

love as the heavens open for you the Spectre of failure has disappeared and

now there is no turning back because of the depth of my influence in your life my words bring you true Delight each

morning and my presence becomes a shelter for you when you wake up you’ll

feel refreshed and motivated by a higher power this divine inspiration ation will

lift your soul strengthen your arms and give your legs swiftness a torrent of

ideas will overwhelm your mind you don’t need anybody else while I am by your side my darling kid refrain from begging

other people to befriend you or pay attention to you if I want even the tiniest detail to Captivate you my

beloved child I’ll keep looking for ways to do it could you please tell me whether you also love me deeply I care

about you and want you so try to be more patient with yourself please do not

question your value I have forgiven you and am ready to help I am not here to

punish you for your wrongdoings you are mine I have already cleansed and removed everything that was wrong in my presence

you stand untainted your face betrays my fairness even though it may be difficult

to accept that distractions and unexpected events led to your poor choices you should not be afraid I

empathize with your predic my intention is not to punish you or keep my love from you put an end to

assuming responsibility for the things happening around you I am aware of your struggles and understand your concern

about repeating mistakes and experiencing additional pain discover the Comfort I can provide embrace me and

hold my hand no matter what I am with you always protecting you and leading

you to do what is right take a deep breath and Trust in in God a seemingly

insignificant seed has the power to sprout into something enormous your faith will germinate into extraordinary

Miracles please Blossom take it easy on yourself your attitude is changing and

you’re becoming smarter as a result of the lessons you’ve learned from your failures accept my loving case

forgiveness purchased with enormous sacrifice the finest present I can offer

you you are now clean and complete so you may rest easily I do not want you to be in agony or

trapped by dread for long periods of time today I cannot stress enough how

important your darling kid is to me know that I am fighting for your Triumph even before you can say a word about how hard

it is I can feel your emotions and hear your thoughts as you navigate this

difficult day you have no idea how close I am to you my darling daughter and son

please relax I am in complete Command of the situation do not be terrified hold

on to your beliefs it may seem like a lengthy Road at times but I know that everything is working together according

to my Divine Design Keep Calm clearing Roots Moving Mountains removing

impediments and fighting invisible enemies are all part of my job description you will achieve the miracle

you want calm your spirit put on a smile and I shall fill you with tranquility

and peace embrace the joy that is here and now instead of using destructive

criticism or depressing Expressions focus on the positive aspects of life for which you are thankful let go of

your mouth look into my promises experience life to the fullest and make the most of every day by sharing your

happiness with others join me in my book as we discuss the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead and may our

faith grow stronger a huge Miracle is waiting for you and your fate is already

set in stone if you seek me out every day your trust will never wne as I

softly speak to you pay close attention for my words hold Mysteries awaiting

Revelation everything will be fine because your life is changing you will feel your burden lighter you know how

much I love you and how true my promises are that you’re looking for me help you

to rest easy and face each day with the confidence Serenity and Delight that

come from knowing your heavenly father is with you these words I am weaving for you my darling are a tapestry of

heavenly shity may they bring you comfort I the almighty have carefully

planned a route for you to follow so that you can remain faithful to your convictions throughout this season of

abundance May The Echoes of Bravery ReSound in your heart and may the roots

of Faith go deep into your spirit strengthening your strength the parched

days of the drought are over and the weak cattle of trouble will no longer be able to graze on your life’s pastures

witness this prosperous age as the sun rises and The Mists part a customary

path to wealth will be unveiled one that is made just for you and your family the

mystery that has so far remained unsolved will soon fade away my all

powerful hand will guide you through the obstacles you face turning them into possibilities that you never imagined my

celestial Guardians will watch over you as you Journey malicious individuals

will have their abilities nullified my angels will defend you from harm and no

power can break their Embrace those who attempt to trip you will fail miserably

my heavenly involvement inside you has been so magnificent that it has rendered their voices silent the brightness of my

light may banish the darkness lurking in the depths of your being as you travel

the road to happiness allow it to be your compass the time for the great miracle has arrived and I recognize the

tenacity of your patient waight when the threads of your life’s tapestry come together and you see the finished

product you’re in for a remarkable transformation I have arranged for you to shed happy tears in times of need my

words will remain with you as a reminder of my constant support think of me as a

white Shaw a refuge from the tempests of life that envelop you you when you’re weak keep in mind that my pity is

Limitless and my grace is Limitless when you feel like you failed my pity and

grace are Limitless I will not abandon you in this hour of need as I’ve done in

the past every morning when you wake up listen for my voice even when your heart

is heavy and your soul is crying therein resides my everyday fortitude and faith

in myself according to my vision peace and pleasure will always be part of your

future stay strong in the face of adversity keep your focus on my promises

and hold on to my passion for life itself I will help you overcome every

obstacle that stands in your way keep your courage in my sight because you are unfaltering in the face of danger I have

wonderfully selected you so trust in my blessings for Prosperity even in the face of mockery find me via humbly

requesting with deep reverence bend down and raise your hands in prayer every day

while you bask in my company I will satisfy your deepest desires happy to

hear these things spoken this year I promise you that I will bless you and your family if you take life and all its

responsibilities very seriously the depths of my love for you know no bounds I will return you to your

position of Honor if you let me into your life and embrace the forgiveness and comfort that my gentle love love

offers you will have a better life to enjoy you keep the promises inside of you with all your heart and soul trust

them do not be like those who talk a good game about love but don’t back it up they put human opinion first inviting

scorn and criticism in the process others clad in the pretense of religiosity and superiority impose many

under the pretense of love in order to take advantage of others and impose impossible demands on themselves they

can’t help but see you as the villain in every situation my dearest sinner I

release you completely so you can rest easy tonight my Holy Spirit Will Comfort

and guide you while you sleep healing your mind and spirit I will break every single one of those shackles and when

you wake up you will be free forever others opinions won’t determine your happiness you will remain loyal to who

you are my resilient bright sensitive and smart kid in the midst of Your

Darkest Hours you are a Beacon of Faith that is alive powerful passionate and

courageous when you feel insulted or wronged when you feel like there’s no use in trying cling to me you belong to

me get away from things that are making you anxious stay out of your enemy’s territory they are the ones who trap you

in practices that break my heart and lead you into things you’d rather not do

keep the peace in your heart because that is where your love Life Begins remain steadfast and do not let the

aggressive take away your happiness I wish to be your first priority in every area of your life before you do anything

major ask me for wisdom and I will save you from the clutches of evildoers and

the depths of Satan’s Abyss on a daily basis I wish to transmit knowledge to

your family may Their Blessings overflow and their souls Thrive as they rever my

word of prayer and discretion refraining from saying saying hurtful things they should also avoid believing everything

others say be wary of Habitual Liars not let others see the fears and grudges

they Harbor and come to me with all their troubles worries and emotions

always keep your ear to the ground and listen for the still little voice inside me as I speak to you throughout the day

be aware of where you are I want my glory to shine through you even if you bear the scars of others p

may your courageous eyes Elevate the spirits of everyone who sees you you are more than just a creation you are my

beloved child gifted with unique abilities intended for my glory don’t let fear obscure your future plans

because I have a purpose for you my love for you Knows No Limits and will last forever my plan is Flawless and will

come to fruition when the time is right I’ve known you since the beginning of time through your successes and failures

if you ever stray I will forgive you don’t hide in the shadows convinced that

I’m angry at you I have already paid the price for your transgressions have no fear I will never leave you to me you

are Priceless come to rest my darling because we are one let go of what’s

holding you back allow my grace to envelop you as you Embrace this Divine peace it means the world to me that you

are happy and healthy I want to understand the challenge you face and help you overcome them in whatever

situation know that I will always be there to Stand By Your Side and support you make a joyful choice and stop

depending on other people to make you happy I pray that you find release from the emotional storms and struggles with

sin that plague your heart let me tend to your soul mind and emotions avoid

situations that unduly burden you and steer clear of places where enemies tempt you to act against your spirit be

careful with your heart for it gives you life keep your ground defeat the aggressors and keep the fun for yourself

seek my counsel before making choices and I will steer you clear of harmful potholes and dishonest traps I wish to

be the focal point of everything that you do as they grow spiritually and value my lessons my daily goal is to

shower your family with insight and blessings prayer and the practice of articulate reasoning

avoid hurtful words that smear or defame be wary of trusting others particularly

those with a reputation for lying keep your anger and fear contained come to me

in prayer tell me all that’s on your mind and heart all day long my attention

will be on you and you will hear my voice instructing you to pay attention to everyone around you I want my glory

to shine through you elevating countless Spirits with your unfaltering Visage

even if many are suffering and their misery is visible on their features you mean the world to me you are both my son

and my daughter for the sake of serving me I have given you special abilities I

am beckoning you into my presence so that you may draw near for the glory of my name you will know your place when

you firmly plant your feet on the ground with shining swords in hand my Legions

will soar into the sky destroying evildoers when your spiritual enemy will

be afraid and spew Hollow threats when he sees the overwhelming power and Glory around you he will never dare approach

you because he is too weak and timid I wonder how many Brave Spirits I can reach out to I’m addressing you directly

hear me out we hope these words will strengthen your spirit stay with you in your heart and etch themselves into the

depths of your memory exclaim it loudly while raising your arms again amazing my

Lord and God my heavenly father loves me forever well I am free healthy cautious

and smart as a real Warrior a Victor I am loyal and skilled as a result I hope

this is a feeling you can cherish each morning I pray that this religion may become deeply engrained in you listen my

darling my word is with you you do not need anyone else’s approval or friendship beloved by my heart I will

keep looking for ways for you to understand my love even if it’s only a hint I want you to know that I love you

unconditionally you need to be kinder to yourself you are understood and loved you have my forgiveness and I am here to

help but stop questioning your value you belong to me just because you sin does

not mean I came to punish you I have already cleaned up and removed everything you did wrong in my presence

you remain untainted even if it’s hard to believe my righteousness is evident on your face distraction led to bad

decision making on your part do not be alarmed if you experience frustration

because things did not go as planned you are not intended to feel unloved or mean to me I completely understand stop

beating yourself up over the past and wallowing in grief over what you’ve lost

believing and affirming your acceptance of my love and forgiveness are prerequisites to what I have better

planned for you every day I vow to pay attention to the words I speak I

understand your feelings what worries and experiences I carefully observe your

wants needs and sorrows in times of Despair and isolation you have my

support I refuse to let go of your hand when you are anxious or upset I know you

will need someone to talk to you begged God where are you now this signifies

that I have heard your needs and will address them I am paying attention showing that I am here even if it may

not be quite obvious right now that a flash of insight will endure in your daily prayers because I am your father

my love for you is complete and I Proclaim my affection for you I invite you to sit by my side and learn who I am

have faith in me because everything I say is true you have welcomed me into your hearts and I am ready to perform

Miracles among you even if many reject my teachings and turn their backs on the one who served and died on the cross

humble yourself and do not give in to the devil’s Temptations protect your faith and Joy from the tarnishing

influences of impatience complaints and doubt by allowing me to increase your knowledge and provide you with genuine

calm I want the indwelling of a spiritual presence in my heart a continual reminder of your promises I

will listen to you carefully and attentively when you speak to me in times of difficulty I will listen

carefully and attentively I have faith that you have laid the groundwork for a

prosperous and peaceful future for me and I am profoundly appreciative of your kindness you have spiritual coverings on

your eyes but I’ll remove them because I know how tired and burdened you are I

will change your heart by letting you see me and then your faith will grow while we are together come to me and

rest I will give you the serenity you seek I don’t want your days to be hard or your mours to be sad My Sacrifice and

Resurrection are signs of my love and I will give you a life filled with Heavenly Delight today I am freeing you

from the bonds that have been holding you back those connections are broken set free anything that holds you back

from the wonderful future I have in store for you turn away from those who led you astray in the past doing so

would be a step backward it is entirely up to you to love and obey me your

safety and contentment are my first priorities your enemies want you to mess up so make every effort to be Brave and

go firmly towards the new life I give you I have already decreed your favor and you will soon witness its

manifestation do not wallow in self-pity instead welcome my message with

enthusiasm and confidence there is a future for you I say it again you are

wasting your time if you focus on the past keep in mind that I am your father and I love you even if you feel

overwhelmed by weakness and fatigue You Reach Out And Touch me I will be there

to help you you succeed let me hear you out soothe and comfort with words of love and life I hope you feel deserving

of My Affection since I value you so much tell me the truth about

everything oh my dear son and daughter I pray that you never have to go through life in misery or anxiety today you are

really valuable to me I promise that even when you don’t have the energy to talk about your struggles I’m working to

help you overcome them everything that’s going on in your mind and heart is audible to me living in

failure and misery was never my intention for you never listen to someone who constantly belittles calls

you a loser or criticizes you they are meaningless their words are powerless

and listening to them will accomplish nothing today I have the keys to Victory

and optimism free yourself from pessimism and self-criticism here my words may heal

wounds your heart is now overflowing with delight and I want nothing more than to see your happiness and smiles

your heart is now overflowing with delight and I want nothing more than to see your happiness and smiles your life

has come to a close you have a long road ahead filled with wonderful surprises

when I speak to decent people they answer and confirm that you will believe me cherish yourself and cling to my hand

keep holding on my love and compassion for you will never fade it is impossible

to undo this precious love I’ve got some amazing things planned for you peace and

happiness are within your grasp if you just take my hand being firm and persistent is more important than how

soon you arrive have trust in God be strong and Serene Don’t Look Away stare

Straight Ahead at me it will not take an eternity for you to come but even if your body and mind are telling you that

the day days are getting longer and that you’re sick of waiting you’re sick of letting your emotions control your

decisions you must know that my desire is to go ahead of your family preparing

them to confront challenges with courage you will never be alone in your faith and courage but I assure you that life

will not be easy bravely face the inevitable Triumph that is waiting for you accepting my holy promises will

strengthen your heart restore Clarity to your mind and cure your body I will free

you from the shackles of Despair and discouragement by casting out every kind of hopelessness lifting the weight off

your shoulders and casting doubt on my words if you want to avoid failure avoid

companions who are dishonest today all of these Illusions will go away do what

I say hold on to my love and I will perform a great miracle for you it is up

to me to decide what happens to you your trust in an invisible all powerful force

remains unwavering even While others question it I am constantly monitoring

you meeting your every need empowers you to rise live and walk confidently and

joyfully as a child of the universe’s Creator your unwavering determination

and the kindness in your heart will profoundly move me tomorrow in the Stillness just before Daybreak I long

for the chance to welcome you once again with boundless affection if you want to liberate yourself from your hardships I

value you tremendously pay close attention today if you want an answer

I’ll give it to you your predicament may seem intricate but keep in mind that you have already placed your faith in me to

choose your destiny you have an unwavering conviction that I am capable of anything my soul desires think about

this say it out yell it and put it on paper but above all believe it

wholeheartedly declare it with conviction for nothing is beyond the divine’s grasp feel this conviction

inside you heal your land and bring forth life-changing Transformations with

my ever vibrantly dispatched vow there will be occasions when my word

becomes null and invalid you are a child of the almighty God therefore even if

the change in circumstances seems daunting You are not alone you must immediately change your perspective you

carry the extraordinary power I bestowed upon you and my Holy Spirit lives inside

you great Marvels will occur when you speak my message lovingly are patient

with others control your anger and stop berating the people you love replacing

destructive Behavior with loving actions I’m showing you the astonishing Marvels

before you even look at me I want you to know that you can count on me pay close

attention set your ears to hear and seek my words on a daily basis God the Father

loves protects guides and always leads you no matter how you’re feeling no

matter what read your Bible and know that you have access to a supernatural World from the bottom of my heart I Will

Stand By Your Side this day you have already given me your life and your emotions therefore I will tell you the

answer even if it seems complicated for your position my spirit dwells within

you instilling the belief that I can do anything think about it say it yell it

write it but most importantly believe it now Proclaim it with unshakable

conviction when it comes to God nothing is impossible this conviction will

envelop you no matter how difficult the circumstances my word will never return empty for my promise is alive and will

heal your country and bring about change in your life I pray that you never forget that you are a special creation

of God the almighty you have have my Supernatural power and my Divine Holy

Spirit dwelling inside you so quickly change your thinking as you speak my

word lovingly be nice to others control your anger don’t yell at your loved ones

stop hurting others and allow love to direct your actions towards those you care about great Miracles will happen

I’m about to show you Marvels before you ever think about reaching out to me and then I will answer tune your ears to my

words and listen carefully y every day whether you’re feeling well or not open

your Bible and acknowledge that you have access to a supernatural world where your heavenly father loves protects

leads and directs you constantly true to my pledge I will never leave your side

understanding the interconnectedness of our Spirits holds immense significance you are grounded in nature even though

you have access to a country of Wonders as you go through life you may encounter obst obstacles disagreements and those

who want to hurt you but remember no matter how bad things get you will

ultimately emerge stronger I will always be here for you and I will do all I can

to help break free from the constraints that have been holding you back we free

you from the chains that have been holding you back from a future full of benefits avoid going backwards in your

quest for approval from those who were once able to locate you love and obedience to me are in your hands I care

about you and want what’s best for you your enemies just want to bring you down

therefore gather your strength embrace your bravery and walk firmly towards the new life I am offering you believe in my

message embrace it with confidence and Delight let go of self-imposed

limitations let go of fixation on previous errors let your future Blossom

as you let go of the past your blessing is C certain and its arrival is near

keep in mind that whenever you feel overwhelmed by fatigue and Frailty I am your kind father if you’d like me to

assist you just contact me listen to me let me hold you console you and fill

your ears with words of love and life I hope you understand how deeply I love you tell me your worries and hardships

without fear of judgment please when you come to me first thing in the morning

listen with with all your heart I hope that everything is well with you and that we have a future filled with peace

and many blessings I pray that there is Harmony and peace in your household and that no

one’s bad feelings cause friction you will witness the fall of your adversaries and false friends who

pretend to be wise but fail miserably every day they may think they are smart

but they are actually mired in spiritual misery I pray that you always have an innocent and pure heart because because

there are many wonderful things waiting for you inside their only choice is Judgment wherever you go you will

encounter both supporters and detractors you shouldn’t be scared of trials and tribulations because even

though they seem wonderful on the outside they are really full of sin and flaws you are my cherished Offspring and

I will protect you no matter what you have company you put your faith in a God

who is real strong magnificent and alive not in a god of fantasy I have shown you

what I am capable of and my love is real do not lose your composure fight the

impulse to weep and stand firm against the power of Deceit and intimidation we are one I will rescue you from the

clutches of evil including Peril poverty sickness and death take my message to

heart be blessed believe in me love me pray to me and I will hear and answer

your request Quest since the moment you entered this world I have known what your heart needed as your guardian I

have been there for you every step of the way supporting you and guiding you with my undying love as a quiet

companion through your Joys and Sorrows I kept a close eye on you I was always

there even when you couldn’t see me the Deep teachings of my son Jesus Christ

contain the Invisible Hand That guides you on your journey through life the indisputable evidence of my Limitless

Love For You by revealing my love for you to him I made my unfaltering

dedication to your happiness and my deepest desire for you to have a full and Rich life known his presence in your

life most profoundly demonstrates the depth of my love for you which is beyond comprehension do not ever doubt my

darling that you are my greatest treasure thus it is critical that you internalize the idea that you are of

infinite value to me in the complex web of existence your life is more than a

mere coincidence it has a distinct meaning be a shining example of my faith

a salt lamp that shines brightly and a gift to everyone around you I sent you

into the world to do great things and I know that my name is on you rest assured

I will be by your side during every moment of your life I am deeply intertwined with your heart so keep that

in mind when you’re alone and the world appears uncaring or when you’re facing

challenges I am here for you every step of the way I will comfort you when

you’re down and give you strength when you’re overwhelmed I will give you another

opportunity if you come to me with conviction and honesty embrace the unknown and put your faith in me when

you face the Mysteries that threaten to overwhelm you you have placed your faith in me and I will take care of you my

words will soothe you to the core of your your being my heartfelt words aim to guide you towards righteousness

assist you in overcoming your anxieties and strengthen your faith in me hold on

to these messages when you hear them because I am the unmovable rock that you may go to in times of need by sharing

them you may see the multiplicative effect of your happiness and serenity my love will fill your home to

the brim I will always be by your side watching out for you every day pray earnestly to me and I

will cover your heart with strength relax and do not be concerned if I have

a minute of your time I will laay your fears leave all worries and diversions

behind I want to plant this message in your heart so please open the door even

when the people who say they love you abandon you I will be there for you in the face of animosity and isolation know

that you have my support protected and loved by me you can trust me because I

am your parent God and confident it can be difficult to understand such a deep

love a love beyond all comprehension a tenderness that cannot be matched some

people find flaws in themselves and use them as excuses not to succeed if you

are worthy of such great love please stop judging yourself stop punishing yourself and don’t try to lower your

value when you do you just bring more misery and despair into your life I pray

that I can remove the obstacles that prevent you from seeing clearly and change your heart so that you can

believe in my love when you come to me with a heavy heart I will heal you and

give you the rest you need I don’t want you to have a hard time getting through each day or be discouraged because of it

as a token of my love I give you the gift of my death and Resurrection so that you can feel the pleasure of the

Divine and Release Yourself from the guilt you’ve been carrying as a result of what has

happened I understand that you have been through a lot and you sometimes worry about repeating past mistakes and having

to go through more pain you must learn to lean on me so you can always feel my

arm and hold my hand I am there to watch over you whenever you’re in danger you

need to be quiet and learn to trust that I will take care of you and guide you so

that you don’t stumble your faith no matter how modest is like a tiny seed do

not be too hard on yourself for it will grow into enormous wonders you’re

changing your perspective after learning a lot from your failures you are maturing sharpening your intellect and

accepting the greatest gift that life has to offer only I can deliver my love-filled selfless forgiveness have

faith that I am able to cleanse you and lead you to tranquility put an end to blaming yourself for what has happened

or lamenting your losses believe me when I say I have something amazing planned for you by swearing to listen to my word

every day you’re accepting my love and forgiveness I understand all your problems worries and feelings your wants

your pain your Despair and your tears are all very real to me I will not therefore let go of your hand count on

me recently you were so distraught that you cried out to my God have you gone

somewhere to show that I am paying attention to what you are saying and that I’m listening I am sending you this

message I am actively listening as is evident to everyone you won’t have to

wait until you’re completely prepared keep on praying daily sense my presence

by your side and grow in your understanding of me my love for you is

unmatched and I am your father have faith in my Declarations of love for you

have faith in me since I am truthful I pray that you are well and strong and

that you enjoy every moment of the life I give you get ready for what’s to come

I will send you sincere notes every morning to encourage you filling your heart with optimism now is the time for

you to flourish have faith in me I beg you your future is filled with happiness

prosperity and serenity Hold On Tight to my love and give life your all stand

firm in the face of adversity remain focused on my promises when challenges arise in the face of

adversity keep going keep going even when things get tough do you recall The

Bravery you showed in my presence have faith no matter what it’s worth it you

own this your present situation is preparing you for a moment of spiritual

and everlasting wealth listen to my words and go about your daily business in my presence seek me in prayer and

keep your heart humble your heart’s wishes will be granted now is the time for you my blessings are upon you and

your loved ones no matter what you need my love can provide it for you I will

restore you to your proper position and honor rest assured that my love has the power to heal and forgive you have faith

in the promises that I have written on your heart and believe them with all your being those who claim to love me

but lack Faith should not deceive you Embrace true freedom and reject scorn

and judgment as you sleep my holy spirit will speak to you breaking any chains

that remain in the morning you will be forever free not dependent on the

opinions of others having strong faith is extremely important for a smart courageous and sensible youngster

especially when things are tough always keep in mind that you are mine even when it’s dark hurtful or confusing I promise

a better the future so stay tuned quit being timid and contemptuous I love

support and forgive you I can provide you with a future brimming with Brilliance plenty of blessings and

impressive abilities help you find deep contentment happiness and health and

establish your appropriate position in the world take pride in your stature you are both a princess and a prince with

your Mighty Heavenly Father watching over you tell me what you believe and I will confirm it I am removing obstacles

opening doors and answering your sincere requests I have a strategy for you so

there’s no need to fret about the future my love has no limits and will last forever time will bring about the

perfect execution of my strategy please keep your mind and eyes set on the roads of righteousness that I’m guiding you

toward your successes and failures in times of transgression have been known

to me since the cosmos began ask for my part honestly and with trust Stop

Believing your life is over because of your mistakes and lock yourself in a dark place to cry it out because I’m

furious with you I’ve already made up for your wrongdoings long before you ever realized it if you come to me with

self assurance and sincere desire I will give you another chance do not be afraid

to bring your worries to me they are evil and intended to destroy you you

belong to me my love for you has become your life life’s Mission my words have a

calming effect on your whole being in all my communications with you I do it

out of love with the intention of leading you to the road of righteousness give up worrying and have faith in me in

turbulent times you may lean on me for I am your rock Embrace and spread these

words as soon as you hear them may my love fill your house and bring you much joy and contentment I am here to be your

steadfast friend your guardian praise earnestly to me every day and if given

the chance I will wrap your heart in strength calm your soul and help you let go of anxiety put this message deep in

your heart by temporarily putting aside all distractions and worries even if the

people who say they love you turn their backs on you I will be right there with you even if there are those who are

hostile toward you I will continue to stand with you I love you and I will

provide you with a place to stay if you ever feel alone you can trust me because

I am your parent God and Confidant your kindness and the depth of

Your Love are unparalleled you blame yourself and believe that your flaws make you Unworthy of Love hold off on

being hard on yourself never put yourself down doing so will only bring you misery and despair stay away from

the vile and deceitful they worship destruction their pursuit of material prosperity and and meaninglessness is

driven by their pursuit of hollow promises they attribute my presence and authority to those who flaunt their

deeds openly judging their value by their debts clothes and food choices

they reject me for who I am and hate my word you have welcomed me into your

heart and I want to accomplish miraculous things with you but they refuse to acknowledge the one who came

into the world as a servant and died on a cross if you shut your spirit down in humility and refuse the Devourer gifts I

will help you you will not get tired of your waiting canvas of joy and Trust because I will give you additional

insight and serenity by God’s grace I declare without reservation that I am

strong and that nothing can stand in my way I want a Heavenly feeling to fill your heart so that no matter what comes

your way you will always remember my promises as time goes by my love will

continue to play a Timeless tune in your heart take comfort in the fact that I am

always willing to hear you out with the power of my blood you may enter my

heavenly Dominion directly where I will patiently and affectionately answer your

prayers just as I would to those of a loyal friend instead of holding back your emotions let them flow freely to

cleanse your soul making room for the Tranquility I provide while realizing

this deep truth when you cry Joy will come and it will will be Limitless at

this moment when you are ready to really appreciate the many blessings I’m giving you I will bless you all of your trials

have led up to today the day you’ve been waiting for the day the heavens open and

pour forth their abundant benefits on you quietness brings me Tranquility no

matter what happens I will be here to console you and ease your soul you get

stronger every day as you seek my face and my word and your knowledge of me grows your unfaltering display of

loyalty knowledge and understanding is very inspiring let yourself feel the

healing and protection that my love brings as you shut your eyes and think about what I have said rest assured you

will never be alone when you close your eyes my heavenly presence fills you with eternal happiness say it with me I

believe in me amen

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