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my beloved

ones I’m speaking to your hearts today

asking you to think deeply about what

I’m saying know that tough times won’t


forever brighter days are on the way

even when things seem hard remember that

I’m here with you like a loving father

by your

side life can be tough sometimes but you

can trust that I’ll always be here to

support you no matter what challenges

come your

way in this world there are any

challenges but trust me for I have

conquered suffering I hold the keys to a

fulfilling life and I want you to

embrace it with

joy your successes one after another are

what I desire for you may your future be

abundant with blessings and victories

and may you never feel

defeated don’t be afraid of hard times

because I’ll be right there with you

leading you encouraging you to conquer

challenges safeguarding your hopes and

supporting you as you chase your

dreams I want your faith to Glow

brightly with passion and kindness

always remember that your inner strength

drive and love for life come from my

endless love for

you let’s go back to believing in Hope

feeding your spirit with the promises

and truths I’ve given you even when life


tough I also desire your loyalty it’s

easy to seek and love me when things are

going well but even in tough times don’t

give up on your journey journey in

prayers keep walking and praying with


faith you might face tough times and

shed many tears whether it’s raining or

storming in your life but if you keep

going without giving up I’ll calm the

storms and bring peace to your

life I’ll handle your conflicts and

solve your

problems however what I truly want is to

see you always loving and seeking me

making me your top priority in

everything you

do you’ll see that this strong faith

will be like a powerful weapon against

evil it will help you overcome your

weaknesses and give you the spiritual

and Supernatural strength to beat

Temptations fears problems and any

challenges you

encounter before you step out of your

home take a moment to Bow your head

offer up your plans and all your

concerns to me and pray for your

family speak words of faith and peace be

glad because I am your guide and I’ll

take care of

you you are like my beloved children my

precious little sheep I’ll lead you to

Peaceful places and calm

Waters there won’t be any more yelling

or chaos in your home and the conflicts

that trouble your heart will fade

away focus on the wonderful pure and

marvelous things I want to bring into

your life avoid negative friendships and

don’t go back to those who never lift


up I am your provider and I can also

bring you Joy so you don’t need to seek

acceptance or approval from

others just as I don’t need anyone’s

permission to bless you you shouldn’t

seek anyone else’s approval to love and


me the answer is simple you can only

find pure and unbreakable love in me it

Comforts and heals

you I’m the only one in this universe

who died and rose again for you so you

can have salvation and eternal

happiness I will get rid of those who

bring trouble into your home those who

steal love and disrupt

peace I’ll root out all sin and

wrongdoing that lurks in the shadows

trying to spoil your faith and

joy I’ll take away your sadness and you

won’t see any suffering or lack at your

table you’ll have what you need when you

need it I’ll open the windows of heaven

and blessings will pour down on

you there will be more job opportunities

chances for education and new paths to

grow I’ll help you get rid of any bad

habits or addictions that threaten your

integrity and Faith we’ll walk together

and I’ll hold your hand

firmly I don’t desire your offerings

unless they come from a sincere and

thankful heart that’s when blessings

truly flourish and make a difference in


life however if you receive an answer to

your prayer and forget the God who

helped you thinking you achieved it all

on your own then be

cautious your blessings May slowly fade

away like a flower wilting without

water if you ask for abundance I’ll

ensure that everyone in your household

has meaningful employment and dignified

work don’t Grumble I’m giving you the

opportunity and the path to earn your

livelihood don’t be anxious I’ll open

doors for you go where I lead you and

there you’ll find Prosperity through

your hard work and integ

I want to shower you with Abundant

Blessings because I want you to learn

how to handle them

wisely blend your thankful heart with

the wisdom you’ve gained and you’ll

receive many wonderful things I also

desire peace in your

home do not be afraid my dear ones

because as long as you follow my

guidance no harm will come to

you it’s not hard or impossible to do I

don’t expect you to be perfect I know

you’re human and you might make mistakes

along the

way what I ask is for your heart to be

devoted to me and for you to stay

focused on my

teachings nourish your prayers with

praise offer Thanksgiving at my Altar

and cherish and value everything you

receive no matter how

small even if I don’t give you exactly

what you ask for trust that I always

provide something much

better as your father and Creator I know

what’s best for your future your family

your spiritual journey and your heart if

you seek Prosperity I’ll wipe out your

debts be grateful now you’re living in

Freedom maybe your bank accounts are

empty at this moment but no one will

come knocking at your door to

collect your persistence in prayer and

your eagerness to be a vessel of my

grace working towards building a better

world these things bring me great

joy listen once more to the words I’ve

just shared with you engrave the into

your soul for you’ll need to recall them

when discouragement tries to sway

you understand that I am the one who

heals you brings prosperity and lifts

you from despair I wrap you in love and

mercy I unveil the door to a


realm it’s my desire for you to receive

the Miracles you seek from me but I also

command you to cherish them you bring me

joy take my hand and never forget that

I’ll walk beside you giving you the

confidence to pursue all your

dreams my greatest wish is to see you

happy which is why I’m here to guard

protect and bring you

peace my love for you is sincere and

unwavering so don’t be afraid for I’ll

never leave you alone I am your adviser

your companion and your

Shield I’ve moved Heaven and Earth to

ensure your Victory I don’t want to see

you fail for I’ve paid the price for all

your mistakes

now is the time to open your heart to my

grace and accept my

forgiveness come walk with me now put

your complete trust in me let my love

Empower and transform

you there’s no need for sorrow or fear

when you’re in my care for I always

watch over you don’t be afraid of your

enemies I am your

protector when you face those who oppose

you I’ll be there like a valiant Warrior

extending my hand to lift you up high

ensuring your

Victory now is the time to entrust your

future to me and Stand

Tall I value your efforts in seeking me

and I take Delight in hearing your

prayers and expressions of gratitude

Your brave Spirit brings me

joy remember these words for they will

be etched in your soul when voices of

discouragement try to sway you you’ll

need to remember

them understand that I am the one who

heals you brings prosperity and lifts

you from

despair I have enveloped you with love

and mercy drawing the very Breath You

Take from your heart your life and your

family are a Divine Testament to my

love my beloved now ask for this

everlasting love to be bestowed upon you

the miracle you’ve been waiting for will

come and the issues troubling you will


resolved your prayers have reached my

heavenly throne and your answer will

arrive soon soon but when it does don’t

forget who granted it to you as many

do instead use these past struggles to

gain wisdom in your heart as you see

everything falling into place get ready

for a life filled with gratitude and

prayer every day it’s effortless to open

your eyes and simply say thank you God

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