Three minutes for me| God Message Today For You | God Tells You| God helps | Jesus affirmation

my cherished and beloved Sons and

Daughters pause for just a moment and

heed my call I the almighty the creator

of heavens and earth draw near to you

with a message of profound love and

significance Take minutes to devote to

Jesus for he Bears something crucial to

impart to you today amidst the Whirlwind

and the dawn of your lives I urge you to

Halt and open your hearts to the

presence of my beloved Son Jesus Christ

he embodies Divine love a Beacon of Hope

hope in darkness and a sanctuary of

Peace amid the storm he longs to walk

alongside you guiding and comforting you

at every turn of your Earthly Journey

listen closely dear children for Jesus

brings words of eternal life to share

with you his message transcends the

constraints of time and space resonating

in the deepest recesses of your souls

thirsty for meaning and purpose he

beckons you to embrace an intimate

relationship with the Creator to bask in

the fullness of of his love and the

abundant grace that flows in a world

teeming with distractions and

superficiality Jesus implores you to

look beyond the material and seek

Treasures of Eternity Embrace love

forgive generously and stand firm in

unwavering Faith amidst adversity he

exemplifies humility selfless service

and compassion towards your fellow

beings my beloved Sons and Daughters do

not let this Divine opportunity elude

you set aside if only for a moment your

worries and obligations and make space

for Jesus in your hearts permit his

transformative love to permeate every

facet of your existence leading you to a

heightened spiritual consciousness

remember dear ones your connection with

Jesus extends Beyond fleeting encounters

it is an ongoing journey of growth and

communion let his light illuminate your

path his guidance steer your decisions

and his grace fortify you in times of

trial so I pose the question once more

do you have minutes for Jesus he

yearns to enter your lives to reshape

them and to bestow upon you unimaginable

blessings Embrace his presence and revel

in his unconditional love may this

invitation ReSound deeply within you

igniting a desire for a closer bond with

my beloved Son Jesus may his grace and

peace be your constant companions today

and for all

eternity if you are ready to receive the

Divine blessings reserved for you today

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