Those who are truly devoted to me will never miss this God Message For Me Today


beloved child I have been by your side

throughout this entire day and I want

you to know that I am your everpresent

protector even in situations where you

may not be aware I am watching over you

guiding you along the path I have set

before you you are never alone for I’m

already there waiting for you it brings

me great joy to guide and carry you

through challenging times to be

constantly present with you all I ask is

that you focus on me not on the

distractions of the world around you

trust in me and surrender to my will for

I know what is best for you in times of

uncertainty remember that I am the light

that illuminates your path dispelling

all darkness when loneliness engulfs you

know that I am your most faithful friend

always by your side even when it seems

like everyone else has left

when sadness overwhelms you I am your

comforter wiping away the tears from

your face I want you to feel my presence

in every aspect of your life in moments

of Joy I Rejoice with you in times of

Triumph I celebrate with you in

challenging moments I hold your hand and

Propel you forward I am your Refuge your

strength and your secure shelter never

forget my child that you have a purpose

purpose in this Earthly Journey trust in

my plan for you for it is perfect and

filled with love and trust your fears

and worries into my hands for I take

care of everything that troubles you now

I invite you to take action open your

heart to me and accept my peace and love

seek me with unwavering faith and

complete surrender and you will witness

wonders unfolding in your

life fear not for I am with you in every

moment let me be your guide your

strength and your

inspiration always remember I am here

and I always will be I love you

infinitely and my love for you is




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