THIS WILL HAPPEN SO FAST। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I speak to you today to share

my heart there is a stubbornness that

has taken root in many of my people a

refusal to believe what I am showing

you this Grieves me deeply not because I

need something from you but because this

unbelief and Disobedience hurts you my

beloved I have been calling you into a

new season asking you to leave behind

what is comfortable and familiar

I see the places in your life where you

have negotiated with me trying to

convince yourself to stay in situations

or relationships that are blocking my

purposes for you but I Am shifting the

winds and realigning you for this next

chapter the friction you feel is my

invitation out into deeper waters just

as I changed Saul’s name and identity on

the Damascus Road I am giving you a new

name calling you out of high fing into

courage and Clarity you are having an

Sal toall moment a shedding of dead

weight so you can run

unhindered I know change can feel

threatening but do not persecute the

very thing that will set you free

running from your calling will only

crush your spirit over

time so examine your heart my

child is there any unbelief or fear

holding you back from

me I am ready to meet you in unwavering

faith my living presence is here to

equip you each step of the

way but you must choose to shed the

grave clothes of the former

season as it is written no one who puts

their hand to the plow and looks back is

fit for service in My

Kingdom keep your eyes fixed on me the

Pioneer and perfector of your faith the

time for transition is now because the

Earth is groaning in birth pains hungry

for the sons and daughters ERS to awaken

there is an urgency stirring in the

Unseen realm and the wise are responding

in obedience and

Alignment I need my faithful Remnant to

carry the light to release hope

everywhere they go you each have a vital

role to play in this critical hour so

tune your ears to hear my voice above

the noise and clutter vying for your

attention my sheep know my voice and

will not follow another are you

listening for me

my words will lead you to life growth

and deeper intimacy with me if you let

them take root in your soul choose today

to hear and heed to leave behind false

Comforts and step into the destiny I

have prepared for you since before time

began I see such potential in you a

snapshot of my very image shining in the

world but you must break old agreements

that undermine my best die to false

humility and willingness to settle for

less I am leading you ever higher out of

limitations and into spiritual

maturity as your mind is renewed you

will discern my desires for you desires

not to restrict but to protect guide and

transform New Perspective changes

everything the path requires courage and

grit that only I can provide

self-effort will quickly burn out in the

intensifying battles

ahead this goes beyond positive thinking

or hoping for the best you must be

rooted in me

alone I never expected you to navigate

life independently so why do you keep

trying to walk this journey in your own

strength take my hand and let me lead

you on the ancient path learn from me

find rest for your soul in my

presence together we will walk through

every struggle grief or

Injustice I will show you where to bring

my light and Truth to Bear the places of

deepest Darkness are opportunities for

Rays of Hope to pierce through this is

no time to retreat in resignation or

cynicism about the future my light in

you is more powerful than any Darkness

but you must rise up in boldness and

confidence that I am with you for this

next chapter new gifts and ano oin ings

will be revealed in those who believe

signs and wonders will follow you my

very presence will overwhelm fear in

rooms as you enter them you will release

creative miracles from your hands anchor

yourself close to me so Heavenly

realities shape your perception on Earth

life and death are in the power of the

tongue so use your words wisely to

prophesy life hope and breakthrough in

alignment with my heart speak Redemption

into despair even when you cannot yet

see an

answer as you bless you will be

blessed open your hands freely with

those I bring across your path joyfully

obey every subtle nudge of my

spirit you will discover Unexpected

Grace as you pour yourself out with


love my burden is light when you allow

me to Bear it with you above all know

that you are so deeply loved and


my affection for you is not fickle

earning your place one moment and

anxious the

next I sing over you I have planted

eternity in you woven into the fabric of

your being because I crafted you for

immortality I see your stunning Beauty

your identity and belonging already

secure the opinions and performance

traps that shackle many have no hold on

you you have nothing to prove only

receive my love and gift it forward from

a place of rest if today you hear my

voice come walk in tandem with me so I

may transform hardship into Joy there

will be challenges that refine you but

together we will produce the Peaceable

fruit of

righteousness I’m remaking the ruins

bringing water to Desert lands

reconciliation is at hand as division

crumbles hope awakens where apathy once

ruled light permeates and darkness flees

The Lion and the lamb will lie down

together as you walk with me fear gives

way to awe and wonder turmoil surrenders

to outrageous peace flooding your soul

every place your feet tread will

overflow with new life because my living

water flows through you beloved all of

creation is expectantly waiting as you

are being unveiled in brilliance and

Splendor the radiant ones are appearing

and will soon shake the Earth with joy

the time for hiding in the sh Shadows is

over Arise My Child clothe yourself in

Courage step boldly into your calling

walk humbly in Holiness and Purity

beside me my loved one your journey

stretches out before you into Uncharted

Territory as the path winds higher leave

behind the baggage weighing you down I

have seen the hidden tears the secret

doubts you Harbor bring them into my

light and watch me transform them into

dancing where you have felt stuck I will

give you wings I know the critical

voices Echo lies that you are not enough

that something is wrong with you but the

truth is you are made in my image woven

together with purpose and

Beauty the parts of you that feel

awkward or broken have never lessened my

extravagant love for you allow me to

show you who you really are allow my

affection to heal your de deepest hurts

yes let my love saturate the parched

places so you overflow with joy that

cannot be contained The Joy I give is

irrepressible defiant in the face of

sorrow and

despair not superficial happiness that

flickers out in the wind but profound

Joy rising from our unbroken

Unity I am celebrating you singing Over

You Feel My Delight as I Lift Every

burden off your shoulder ERS now is the

time for radical trust to step forward

even when the way seems

unclear I am amplifying your courage so

you can walk where others Fear To

Tread you will go without knowing

beforehand because your steps are

ordered by me I will speak Direction

when you need it I am investing upgraded

wisdom and strategies so you can

successfully navigate the days

ahead none of this Journey needs to be

walked in striving or hustling as the

world does our partnership thrives in

the rhythm of Grace there are adventures

in the Unseen realm awaiting you I have

so much yet to show you precious one you

have only begun to taste the authority I

am entrusting to you I will push back

Darkness display mercy and Empower

captives to be set free my very presence

in you reveals my manifold nature to the

world around you you carry healing in

your hands to pour out everywhere not

just physical healing but deep

restoration at the root of Brokenness

wounded Hearts will be tended captives

will be liberated my extravagant love

will meet every Outcast hungry Souls

will be nourished where there has been

lack and austerity my abundance suddenly

floods in you have the privilege of

stewarding these Miracles above all

remember you are loved with an

everlasting love my affection will never

wait favor or evaporate it cannot be

earned or lost you are safe with me no

amount of failure or imperfection

changes how I see you rest in my

unconditional Grace knowing it carries

you through uncertainty you have full

access to my power wisdom and resources

no problem no Injustice no stronghold

can stand against the infusion of Heaven

on Earth we will demonstrate beloved as

you step forward know that your identity

is secure In My Embrace you’re not

defined by past mistakes or current

struggles but by the Limitless potential

I see in you I am reshaping your

narrative turning every trial into a

testimony of my

faithfulness the world’s noise and Chaos

cannot drown out the Symphony of love

and purpose I have composed for your

life the journey ahead is bright with

promise you are equipped empowered and

deeply loved

rise up walk in confidence and peace

knowing that your every step is held

within my unfailing love and Sovereign


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