This Will Happen In Your Life I God Message I Prophetic Word I GodlyMessagesToday

my beloved children I come to you today

with a message of Hope encouragement and

uplifting truth in this world you will

have troubles trials and tribulations

but take heart for I have overcome the

world though storms may rage around you

I Am with You guiding you through the

Tempest into calmer Waters you are my

precious ones Chosen and set apart and I

Delight in you I knit you together in

your mother’s womb and brought you forth

into the this world for a Divine Purpose

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

do not listen to voices telling you

otherwise the accuser is a liar who aims

to steal kill and destroy but I came to

give you life and life abundant this

world and its burdens May weigh heavy at

times but cast your cares upon me I will

give you rest refreshment and renewal

come to me when weary and worn and find

strength I will exchange your ashes for

beauty your mourning for Joy place your

hope and trust in me alone not in Fleet

leading Treasures I am able to do far

more than you can ask or imagine my

plans for you are good not evil to give

you a future and a hope as you seek me

first walking in obedience to my ways

you will find purpose meaning and

fulfillment the path may not always be

easy or straight but follow me one step

at a time I will order your steps and

lead you on the right path though trials

will come I have overcome and you too

are an overcomer in me no weapon formed

against you will prosper I give you

authority to tread upon scorpions and

snakes the enemy seeks to devour but I

am your Defender and strong tower run to

me and find Refuge under my wings I know

the plans I have for you plans to

prosper and not harm you plans to give

you hope in a future I Delight in you

and sing over you with joy you are the

apple of my eye engraved on the palms of

my hands I will never leave you or

forsake you my love for you is

Everlasting constant and sure so do not

fear or be dismayed by the Troubles of

this world I am with you always my

spirit lives within you abide in me and

I will abide in you for apart from me

you can do nothing stay connected to the

vine and you will bear good fruit

nourish yourself on my word and Living

Water meet with me daily in prayer and

worship seek my face continually I have

called you to shine as a light in the

darkness let your good works glorify me

so that others may know me through you

share the hope lives within you and

speak truth to those lost in lies be my

hands and feet to a hurting World loving

others as I have loved you together we

will walk this journey of life keep your

eyes fixed on me not on the wind and

waves I will lead you home my love and

mercy are new every morning I am

faithful when you are faithless my grace

is sufficient for you rest in my love

abide in my presence trust in my

promises I bless you with my peace that

surpass passes understanding know that

you are loved beyond measure you are my

precious child and I am your loving

father come to me now if you are weary

find rest for your soul hear my words of

life and love you are safe in my hands

now and forever my child I see you and

know you fully I know the deepest

desires of your heart even the ones

hidden from others or even yourself I

know the areas where you feel inadequate

or afraid lay all your insecurities and

fears at my feet there is no

condemnation from me only unconditional

love you need not strive to earn my

approval it has already been freely

given stop striving and rest in my

finished work all your sins are washed

away in my mercy and Grace you are made

righteous through Christ wear this new

identity with confidence humble and

grateful my power is made perfect in

weakness when you are weak then you are

strong through me do not despise times

of Brokenness and vulnerability these

are opportunities for my light to shine

brighter through the cracks and display

my strength what the enemy means for

evil I will use for your good beloved

one there are Treasures waiting for you

if you persist through the Wilderness

seasons do not give up hope or slack in

your pace keep seeking me and moving

forward one step at a time The Darkest

Night comes just before the dawn Joy

comes in the morning you have been

refined like silver in the furnace

tested and tried but you will emerge

even more more beautiful for just as

gold is purified by fire your authentic

Faith proven genuine will result in

Praise Glory and Honor when Jesus Christ

is revealed my timing is perfect even

when it feels slow wait patiently on me

as I work all things together for your

good my ways are higher than your ways

trust in my infinite wisdom and

sovereignty over all things I am always

working behind the scenes on your behalf

rest in the comfort that I hold the

whole world World in my hands I sit

enthroned above the circle of the earth

there is nothing that takes me by

surprise I allow hardships for a time to

produce perseverance character and hope

within you but I will not allow you to

be crushed or abandoned my grace is

always sufficient you are more than a

conqueror through my love and strength

within you courage dear one do not lose

heart or give into despair The Battle

Belongs to Me Victory is assured as you

stand stand on my promises and face each

day in the power of the Holy Spirit he

will be your helper Advocate comforter

and guide your mistakes and failures do

not define you they are opportunities to

grow as you humbly realign your steps to

walk in tandom with me though you

stumble seven times you will rise again

as you rely on my strength forgive

yourself as I forgiv in you press onward

I have uniquely gifted and equipped you

for good works I prepared in advance for

for you say yes to my calling my beloved

step out in faith to walk in your

purpose do not despise Small Beginnings

stay the course in due time and season

your Harvest will come the path of

wisdom leads to righteousness and

blessing I take great Delight in your

Soul’s Prosperity continue to nourish

your spirit with my Living Water our

relationship is meant to be one of

intimacy honesty and vulnerability pour

out your heart to me listen for my voice

of Tender Love and guidance come to me

daily and be refreshed in my presence I

am your firm foundation in life’s storms

I will lift up your head with joy and

Crown you with steadfast love and mercy

I bless you with my peace that passes

all understanding you are never alone my

precious child you have no idea what I

have in store for you if you remain

faithful hold tightly to your hope stand

firm in your faith brighter days are

ahead you will shine like the dawn

flourish like a well-watered garden from

glory to glory Glory I am transforming

you into my likeness the desert will

Bloom beauty from ashes keep following

me our journey together is only just

beginning I am smiling over you I sing

for Joy over you you are deeply loved

intricately known my hand is upon you

rest here safely in my presence your

life is hidden in me abide in my love

now and always my beloved child do not

fear the unknown future or dwell on the

unchangeable past be fully present here

with me now this moment is a gift open

your eyes to see and enjoy my blessings

today tomorrow will hold its own

challenges sufficient for the day is its

own trouble lay down the burdens of

hypothetical tomorrows and find my rest

anxiety cannot add a single hour to your

life rather trust my provision and care

which never fails your past failures and

mistakes have led you here today

perfectly equipped for all I have

prepared for your future my my Mercy is

new every morning my forgiveness full

and final what is behind is covered in

my blood the old is gone and the new has

come you are a new creation in me let

thankfulness be your attitude in every

circumstance and season cultivate a

heart of gratitude for all I have done

my grace abounds all the more even in

suffering my power perfected in your

weakness I work all things together for

your good because you are called

according to my purpose I bless you with

discernment to know my voice above all

others shut out distractions and fix

your eyes on me I will lead you on the

right path even through the valley of

Shadows take my hand and walk in step

with me keep in step with the spirit his

wisdom guidance and comfort will fill

you I have loved you with an everlasting

love that will never fade or falter

never give up or lose patience I have

carved your name on the palms of my

hands such love has no fear rest

securely In My Embrace there there is

now no condemnation for those in Christ

Lift Your Head dear one your Redemption

draws near the day of my return is

coming soon when I will wipe away every

tear and make all things new what awaits

an eternity far outweighs any temporal

troubles hold tightly to this Living

Hope which is your anchor you are chosen

and sealed as my own marked with my seal

of ownership no one can snatch you from

my hand I give you eternal life and you

will never perish no power in creation

can separate you from my love be

confident of this continue to fix your

eyes on things above not Earthly things

set your mind on who you are in me you

are my child my beloved the apple of my

eye you are loved valued and precious

beyond measure this is your true

identity everything else Fades away go

in my strength today walk in the

confidence that my spirit lives within

you empowering you to do far more than

you could ask or imagine take hold of

this new day I have gifted you choose

joy and gratitude love others well rest

in my presence my peace I leave with you

my peace I give you I have told you

these things so that you may have peace

in me take heart my child in this world

you will have trouble but I have

overcome the world stay strong and

courageous I love you always

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