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signs but it seems like you are ignoring

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said my dear son I ask you to pause for

a moment and listen to this message with

the depth of your being I invite you to

grant me just a brief moment of your

precious time dive deeply into every

word I better letting the distractions

of the world fade away the message I

share today transcends all Earthly

concerns it is a call for you to connect

with the deepest essence of your being

an invitation to open your heart to the

Divine allow yourself to share your most

intimate and authentic feelings without

reservation or restriction this is a

Sacred Space where you are free to be

who you are without judgment or or

expectation know that you are loved

beyond words and that your journey is

sacred amid the adversities of Life

remember that you are not alone there is

a greater force that guides and sustains

you every step of the way trust in your

ability to overcome and know that I am

always by your side guiding you with

love and light may this message be a

reminder of your worth and your inherent

Divinity you are a unique expression of

love and light in this world and your

presence here is a precious gift may you

always remember your inner power and

deep connection to the Divine may peace

and serenity envelop your heart in this

moment and may you feel strengthened by

the presence of divine love in your life

know that you are loved beyond words and

that your journey is sacred may you find

comfort and inspiration in this moment

of connection and know that you are

always being guided with love and light

Let Me Gently lift the burdens of

sadness and weariness from your soul in

my loving Embrace I offer you a peace so

deep a calm so complete open your heart

to me allow yourself to be enveloped by

my care my words are not empty nor are

my promises Hollow my intention is to

uplift your spirit to paint a smile on

your face with each Dawn as you seek my

presence may my loving presence

illuminate your path and bring Comfort

to your heart I am here to guide you and

love you unconditionally in every moment

of your journey as written in Matthew


– come to me all you who are weary

and burdened and I will give you rest

take my yoke upon you and learn from me

for I am gentle and humble in heart and

you will find rest for your souls for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light I

extend to you an invitation to fully

Embrace Divine love to find joy and

peace amidst

tribulations in every moment I have been

by your side upholding you with my grace

and unconditional love trust in me for I

am your safe Refuge the Firm Foundation

upon which you can rest your worries and

fears as you awaken each morning feel my

presence enveloping you with love and

protection allow my light to dispel the

darkness that seeks to obscure your path

remember my words recorded in Jeremiah

for I know the plans I have for you

declares the Lord plans to prosper you

and not to harm you plans to give you

hope and a

future these words are a reminder of my

my constant love and care for you even

in the darkest moments know that I am by

your side guiding you with tenderness

and compassion therefore trust in me

with all your heart and do not be shaken

by what is around you stand firm in

faith for as written in Proverbs

and trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways subm MIT

to him and he will make your path

straight May these words strengthen your

spirit and nourish your soul with hope

and courage always remember that you are

loved beyond words and that I am always

by your side guiding you with love and

grace trust in me for I am your Eternal

companion on this journey ready to lead

you to the fullness of life I have

planned for you trust in my guidance

trust in the flow of life that will lead

you to your highest Destiny remember the

inspiring words of Psalm he who

dwells in the shelter of the most high

and rests in the shadow of the almighty

can say to the Lord you are my refuge

and my Fortress my God in whom I trust

do nothing can shake your unwavering

Faith your unshakable trust in the

Divine promise that sustains you rise

with courage in the face of challenging

is knowing that I am your protective

shield your unyielding

Fortress Advance with determination for

every step you take is Guided by my

loving hand every challenge is an

opportunity for growth and strengthening

May these words penetrate deep into your

heart and Grant you the peace that

surpasses all understanding you are

infinitely loved and your purpose in

this life is grand trust in me for

together we will overcome all storms and

celebrate the victories to come

recognize my beloved that you are not

defeated but rather triumphant rejoice

in your Victory and Trust in my

protection for I will move mountains for

you stand firm in faith pray with

conviction and walk with unshakable

strength in your heart Despair and

sadness have no place in you for I am

aware of the family concerns Weighing on

your heart causing distress if you need

relief seek moments of rest Solitude and

prayer in these moments my Holy Spirit

Will Comfort and heal you you were not

destined for Endless sorrow nor to be

burdened by past mistakes failures and

disappointments my love for you is

unwavering when you feel overwhelmed I

will be here to lift you up you you will

not live in defeat your heart is pure

and beautiful do not hide it in the

shadows but step into the light let your

face shine with joy and rejoice in my

name Jesus for I Am by your side in

every journey in every challenge trust

in my promise that you are more than a

conqueror allow me to guide your steps

and renew your hope your faith is the

anchor that will sustain you in the

stormy seas of life

so rise with courage my child and walk

with confidence for I am with you until

the end of time do not allow yourself to

be discouraged if you feel ignored today

or if the judgments of others hurt you

instead focus on the gifts and blessings

I have granted you each of these gifts

has a specific purpose and I want you to

know that I am in complete control of

your life your attitude towards

diversity is of utmost importance as is

your faith and how you choose to believe

these choices you make will shape your

destiny and lead you to new heights of

fulfillment when you find yourself in

moments of weakness seek strength and

renewal in my words take time to kneel

and pray for it is in these moments of

connection that you will find the peace

and comfort you need even when you feel

drained and unable to move forward look

to the sky and know that I am there by

your side guiding you with love and

protection do not allow the

circumstances around you to overpower

you instead stand firm in your faith in

me your thoughts will be scattered your

emotions turbulent some days will bring

joy While others sorrow without my

influence reigning in your heart

instability will prevail you don’t have

to face this struggle alone I ask only

for your heart and Faith allow your

devotion and Trust to constantly grow

never regressing but always advancing

make this crucial decision now surrender

your life to me for eternity each

passing day is not a day lost but a day

gained for you will be with me

forever together we will Marvel at the

extraordinary miracles of creation

surpassing all your expectations and

hopes Abundant Blessings will be poured

upon you and your family will be United

and thriving let my presence be The

Guiding Light for your steps bringing

peace to your heart amidst the storm

trust in me and let my grace transform

your life filling it with joy and

Purpose By surrendering completely to me

you will find a happiness that

transcends all Earthly Circ

circumstances and together we will enjoy

the fullness of life in Eternal

communion with love God I hope this

message has been an inspiration to you

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