This will be my last attempt, son !|God Message Today For You|God helps|Jesus affirmation

my beloved Son at this pivotal juncture

I cannot overstate the urgency with

which I plead do not allow the adversary

to snatch away the victory that stands

ready to be claimed I beseech you with

every fiber of my being to unfurl the

parchment before you without hesitation

for within its sacred confines lies a

revelation of such profound significance

that it has the power to reshape the

very essence of your existence distance

do not underestimate the transformative

potential of this encounter each

syllable each stroke of the pen

possesses the capacity to unleash

Cascades of blessings upon your life

refuse not the gift that lies Beyond

this threshold permit me with all the

tenderness of a devoted father to

Shepherd you towards the triumphant

culmination and Liberation you so

desperately crave do not succumb to the

deceptive minations of the adversary

whose sole aim is to divert you from the

path of Truth and fulfillment your

destiny hangs precariously in the

balance and this missive serves as a

potent Arsenal to safeguard and fortify

the very core of your being tarry not my

son for time dwindles with every

fleeting moment with each tick of the

clock an opportunity slips through your

grasp to defy the adversary and lay

claim to Victory under the shelter of my

nurturing Embrace resist the siren song

of d distraction and apathy throw wide

the gates of possibility and unearth the

treasures that await your Discovery do

not yield to the forces that seek to

ensnare you in the shadows of Despair

rather seize hold of this radiant Beacon

amidst The Tempest Let It Be Your

unwavering guide steering you through

the turbulent Waters towards the

Tranquil shores of peace and purpose

deny the adversary the satisfaction of

witnessing your downfall seize with

unwavering resolve this inheritance

rightfully bestowed upon you by Divine

decree I beseech you my son to not defer

this momentous decision any longer do

not Grant the adversary the Grim

satisfaction of witnessing your

hesitation or indifference Embrace with

steadfast conviction the victory that

eagerly awaits your triumphant claim do

not allow the adversary to piler that

which is rightfully yours instead rise

with determination and seize it with

both hands do not resign yourself to a

life in chain by the adversaries grip

awaken the latent power that lies

dormant within you allow my boundless

love and wisdom to serve as your guiding

lights Illuminating the path to the

greatness that awaits you Beyond the

Horizon if you’re ready for divine

blessings today write Amen in the

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