“THIS SURPRISED EVEN ME” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my dear child I want you to know that even when it feels like no one around you truly cares or understands I am

always here for you I haven’t forgotten about you and my love for you is

unwavering my focus is on your Eternal well-being your Everlasting joy and your

ultimate Redemption after hearing these words let them sink deep into your heart allow

your spirit to be refreshed your courage to grow and your strength to be

renewed you may not have expected me to speak directly to you but as you listen

your determination to persevere will increase remember to smile knowing that

I am aware of your need for me in your Quiet Moments talk to me and trust that

you are never alone you have me as your God your heavenly father and your constant

companion be thankful for this incredible gift let me remind you once more you are not

alone I will fill you with my spirit fortify your soul Grant you wisdom and

Surround you with my infinite love success will follow you in all your

endeavors reflect on your life the challenges you’ve faced the obstacles

you’ve overcome and the trials you’ve endured yet here you stand still pushing

forward your resil iance and determination are admirable this message serves as a

reminder that worry is unnecessary don’t allow fear to rob you

of your aspirations approach challenges with confidence knowing that I am by your

side helping you achieve your goals take a moment to ponder this you

have demonstrated remarkable bravery think about the situations that seemed

insurmountable yet you managed to conquer them all from the moment you entrusted your life to me you haven’t

lost a single battle so let your heart be at peace and continue to have

faith when everything seems to be falling apart and conflicts threaten to overwhelm you it can be challenging to

remain calm and hold on to your beliefs but in those moments my child

tune out the enemy’s Whispers And disregard the intimidation of fear keep moving forward trusting in my

promises you are precious to me even before you were born I had incredible

plans for your life I am tending to every detail every

moment I am constantly watching over you don’t allow sorrow to consume you I will

fill your heart with gladness continue to walk with eyes of faith for victory is

certain what I have in store for you surpass passes your wildest dreams I love you and will remind you of

this truth each and every day when you awaken I will be

here you will sense my presence and hear my voice in your heart when you seek me

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