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my child I come to you on this blessed

day with an important message listen

closely and open your heart for I am

about to reveal my overflowing blessings


you for some time now you have been

sensing that something momentous is on


horizon your spirit has felt a

quickening an expectancy of my goodness


Near this is because I am preparing to

pour out my spirit over you in remark

able ways pay attention now and position

yourself to receive this Mighty

outpouring in the coming days and weeks

you will encounter my presence in fresh

and Powerful ways I will anoint you

aresh for the new assignments I have for

you the revelations of my word will flow

forth like a mighty River you will glean

new insights from the scriptures and

hear my voice with Clarity wisdom and


will be

yours this spiritual awakening coincides

with a time of promotion in the natural

realm the new levels of influence I’m

calling you to require a greater measure

of my spirit upon you without this

empowerment you will not be fully

equipped for the new territory I am

leading you

into but do not fear for the equipping

is coming even now the alabaster jars

are being opened streams of holy oil are

cascading down upon your head I

consecrate you as Kings and Priests In

My Kingdom I set you apart sanctify you

and designate you as my chosen

vessels you are marked with my

fingerprints and the scent of my

presence indeed a fresh Aroma of

anointing surrounds you signifying this

new season of

commissioning as I pour out my spirit

without measure be

expectant watch for the gifts I am

Awakening within

you discover the capacities I am

expanding and step boldly into your new

assignments with the courage and

empowerment only my spirit can

provide this outpouring will manifest

itself in numerous ways your ability to

discern my voice will become

increasingly clear you will receive

Visions dreams and words of wisdom like


before the scriptures will come alive on

the pages as you read you will speak

mysteries in tongues bringing forth

secrets from my Throne Room truly the

realm of the spirit will be more vibrant


ever the blessings of this outpouring

extend beyond the spiritual into the

natural realm as

well even as I mature you spiritually I

am also preparing to prosper you

physically and financially the business

ideas career opportunities and financial

increase you’ve been praying for are on


horizon your health relationships and

total well-being are all in my

hands in the days ahead Be

watchful look for signs of my abundance

washing over you like a mighty

flood I am the rain after the drought I

will restore what has been lost or

stolen from you even now the tide is

turning in your favor bear up under the

weight just a little

longer your expectation will not be

disappoint pointed for my promises are

true and my timing is

sure but beware of counterfeits sent to

distract and deter you the enemy knows

what I’m about to do and will try to

shortcircuit my purposes through cheap

imitations of the real thing do not

accept these lesser options for I have

something greater in store you have a

special call on your life that the enemy

wants to undermine through

impatience hold fast to me refusing


substitutes I know the desires of your

heart and will fulfill them in my way


time the key in the days ahead is

attentiveness to my spirit be sensitive

to my prompting Within You Follow My

Lead even when it seems unclear or

contrary to your own

wisdom lean not on your own

understanding but fully onto me I will

make your paths straight As you

acknowledge me stay near to me through

prayer and Trust avoid anxiety for I am

not a god of confusion and my way will

be made

known I bless you now with supernatural

patience for this next chapter unfolding

before you you have my word that

breakthrough is

coming do not settle out of Doubt or

grow weary in well-doing stay the course

and keep believing

soon you will witness my promises coming

to pass in your life it will be like the

dawning of a new day pay attention for

the signs are all around you I make all

things new even now I am doing a new

thing in your life can you not perceive

it expect to be astonished as I display

my power and goodness you will look back

at this pivotal season in Wonder and

recount my faithfulness truly your

testimony will inspire many as you

recount my marvelous Works my beloved

our journey together has only just

begun the outpouring of my spirit in

your life is an invitation into deeper

Realms of intimacy with

me as I fill you aresh your capacity for

knowing and experiencing me will expand

the depths of my love are unsearchable

there’s always more to

explore this infusion of my my spirit is

not a one-time event but an ongoing

Awakening the more you commune with me

the more I will entrust to you expect

our adventure together to become

increasingly exciting the borders of

your limitations will be stretched you

will grow in wisdom faith and wonder at

who I am there in the Stillness I will

unpack my plans for

you together we will chart the course

ahead my dreams will become your dreams

as you see through my

eyes you will recognize your unique role

in my purposes for you have been

handcrafted for impact keep this

perspective before you in the days

ahead when anxiety for your future

Creeps in remember you are securely held

in my sovereign

care no concern escapes my notice I know

the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and give you

hope my vision for your future is good

but more than your comfort my supreme

goal is the glory of my name through

your life all I allow serves this


purpose when ease escapes you trust I am

crafting character within you stay

malleable in my hands letting trials

shape you into the image of Christ the

path of Conformity to him leads to

Greater intimacy with me

intimacy produces

influence as you remain in the vine my

life flows through you the fruit you

bear nourishes those around you the

deeper your roots extend into me the

broader your branches will reach to

others abide in my love and your

capacity to bless will

abound this is the essence of my call on

every life to passionately pursue me and

selflessly pour out to

others two simple yet profound

Commandments form the basis for all I

ask of you love me and love them that’s

it in this is found the meaning joy and

fulfillment you long

for as you walk this out be assured of

my empowering presence You are not alone

in your

endeavors my spirit energizes and equips

you each step of the

journey when uncertainty looms cling to

me when weariness overwhelms let me be

your strength I never intended you to

Brave the storms Alone come to me daily

to be replenished drink deeply from the

living water I offer fill up on my

presence until you

overflow out of that overflow will

stream rivers of life-giving water to

those around you those whose lives

intersect with yours will get a glimpse

of me through you my child though sees

seasons change and trials arise I remain

steadfast my love for you is

unshakable let this truth be the anchor

for your soul When Storms toss the Seas

of your life I am constant when all else

Fades I know the greatness I’ve placed

within you even if you cannot yet see it

my seed of purpose has been swn in your

heart in due time you will witness the

Harvest of all I intended

until then trust the

process stay receptive to my work within

you the light breaks through gradually


surely what is happening in unseen

Realms will in time be

revealed as my spirit stirs dreams and

Visions within you speak them out

boldly give voice to the passions and

Inspirations my breath has

awakened do not underestimate their

importance or allow doubt to silence


voice the words I prompt are because I

intend to act position yourself to

receive the outworking of my

promises the revelations Glimpse today

are but a foretaste of all I have

prepared for you do not try to limit me

to your present understanding my ways

transcend human thought and

Imagination be willing to be surprised

by the workings of my hand Miracles


happen go now in expectancy for the time

of visitation is Drawing

Near your season of planting and waiting

is coming to an end the increase is at

hand Rejoice for you are on the

precipice of

flourishing I will visit you with my

bounty I will uplift you into new Realms


influence I am pouring out my spirit


measure together we will do great things

for my

glory be faithful in these critical days

soon you will celebrate my overflowing

blessings upon your life my child it is

well I am with you my promises are true

and amen receive this prophetic word

over your life The Best Is Yet To Come

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