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hi everyone it’s Annie back with you

once again let’s dive straight into the

message without further delay

the inspiration behind this message

Matthew chapter verse left an

indelible mark on my heart and mind the

scripture reads you are the light of the

world like a city on a Hilltop that

cannot be hidden allow that to sink in

you are the light of the world like a

city on a Hilltop that cannot be hidden

in the grand scheme of Our Lives we

often feel unseen unacknowledged

but God assures Us in this season your

light will shine so bright that it

cannot be concealed your aura will be so

radiant that it will attract attention

far and wide

recently my nights have been filled with

profound Revelations God has been

keeping me awake in the quiet hours of

the night praying and interceding for my

friends my family and those nearest to

my heart

a recurring Vision has been presenting

itself to me one of an explosion

this vision is not of Destruction but

one of a geyser erupting a remarkable

liberation of suppressed power it’s a

symbolic illustration of how rapidly and

dramatically things can swing in our


God is showing us that it only takes a

single divine intervention one Divine

moment to totally revolutionize the

course of Our Lives

I cannot emphasize enough the gravity of

this Revelation in the spiritual Realm

God is preparing us for a blessing so

immense it’s like an explosion

it’s as if you’ll retire to bed one

evening living one reality and by the

time the sun rises your life will have

transformed in ways you couldn’t have


God is set to change your life so

profoundly and so suddenly that it will

feel like a miracle your crowning moment

dear friends is indeed upon you and in

the blink of an eye God proclaimed it’s

going to burst forth this divine

revelation is not Universal it’s a

prophetic message meant for specific

Hearts you’ll recognize it if it

resonates with your spirit

God is priming you for a period where

you’ll cease to Simply blend into the

scenery he assures I’ve already removed

the blinders from their sight they now

perceive you as the individual I planned

for you to become they might appear

unconcerned yet they are cognizant of

your existence have faith in my words

allow me to recite a narrative that

might illuminate this matter for you

I was recently engaged in an in-depth

conversation with a colleague strolling

down memory lane about my initial forays

into the realm of gardening

the year was when I first laid

hands on my personal patch of green

transforming it into an oasis

I brought in a young woman an

up-and-coming landscape artist to help

me shape and nurture this space if she

happens to read this she’ll know I’m

only speaking the truth

the garden bloomed into a spectacle

surpassing all my dreams

however as our working relationship

blossomed I noted a shift in her

attitude you know that unsettling

feeling when someone belittles your

capabilities treats you as if you’re

somehow lesser than them

I experienced a similar sentiment with

her a mild disregard a diminishing

commitment in her craft that didn’t

quite align with my values

in short I decided to end our

partnership but as it seems God had

other ideas he led me to re-engage her

services for a new undertaking when I

approached her once again her reaction

was unexpected

she addressed me by my full name despite

the fact I hadn’t introduced myself in

such a formal manner

it was clear that her view of me had

evolved she treated me with a newfound

respect and admiration a striking

departure from her earlier Behavior it’s

captivating to see how perceptions can

shift over time

there’s a profound lesson in this it’s

remarkable how in one season while

nature is still shaping you individuals

might fail to recognize your worth

they may regard you as ordinary as a

common person because they have yet to

grasp your true potential

however as God guides you onto a path of

growth as he positions you Atop The Hill

making you visible to all as he

amplifies The Light Within you that’s

always been there he also reveals the

true colors of those around you those

who fail to recognize your worth who

treated you indifferently suddenly start

acknowledging your presence

they try to reconnect acting as though

they’ve always valued you

this is the Divine Way of teaching us

about people’s changing attitudes as we

evolve and grow

as we move closer to our crowning moment

we become more visible and those who

overlooked us before will start to see

us in a new light

one of my friends attended an event

recently where she encountered this same

young woman

she was brimming with enthusiasm as she

recounted our association mentioning me

as a client and all the work we had done

together it was in that moment I

realized in this season God is rewriting

The Narrative he is transforming the

words of your detractors

he’s reshaping the lens through which

people see and talk about you whether

they Harbor fondness for you or not they

will be compelled to acknowledge your


this young woman who once failed to

recognize my potential is now boasting

about our professional relationship it

reminded me of the importance of never

underestimating anyone you must treat

every individual with respect and

kindness for their current state doesn’t

Define their future

today’s Underdog could be tomorrow’s

ruler shaped by the hands of God himself

when I observe this transformation it

was as if God whispered this is your

crowning moment this message is not just

for me but for anyone who has been

overlooked underestimated and spoken ill


God is saying I’m reshaping their

perspectives and stories the

misunderstanding the Betrayal the

persecution all were part of a divine


God needed you to recognize who was

meant to Journey with you and who was


for when he unravels your blessings akin

to a geyser erupting when the massive

shift in your life occurs you will

instantly discern who genuinely supports

you and who is merely drawn to your

success your position your wealth or

your status

while contemplating this insightful

realization I couldn’t help but burst

into laughter

it appeared as if a Divine message

resonated Within Me conveying the notion

of becoming accustomed to such


prepare yourself for individuals

exclaiming ah I recall her vividly we

were acquainted during our school days

brace for encounters where people


Eternal affection as if it had always

been cherished

in this season of your life your

crowning moment God is rewriting your

narrative redefining your relationships

and setting the stage for you to shine

in all your glory he is making way for

your light to illuminate the world it’s

your crowning moment it’s your time to

shine a multitude of individuals only

join the bandwagon once they perceive

the fruits of your labor assuming you to

be an overnight sensation

little do they know it took years

perhaps even months of sacrifices and

unwavering obedience to God to reach the

place you are today they were oblivious

to your journey because they

underestimated you didn’t consider you

to be the one to ascend to such Heights

they overlooked you

but God is declaring in this season in

your crowning moment that you will no

longer be disregarded

he is placing you on a hill where your

light cannot be obscured where your

Radiance will be so brilliant that it

will be impossible for anyone to ignore

everyone will behold your Luminosity

Your Divine spark I hear it in my spirit

in the Silence of the Midnight Hour God

is about to turn things around

last week I had a dream where God was

emphasizing specific dates these dates

specifically October th through the

th I don’t know what significance this

period holds for anyone watching this

but I urge you to embrace it by faith

pray for whatever God is orchestrating

in this interval it will be a time of

divine fulfillment

you’ll find yourself reminiscing about

this period feeling a sense of divine

timing and thinking it was about time

expect a series of About Time moments

that will leave you laughing in

disbelief as God moves in miraculous

ways to answer your prayers

this prophetic word might be for someone

specific those dates of October th

through the th were highlighted in my


God kept drawing my attention to them

indicating that something remarkable

something explosive is about to occur in

your life through you and around you if

you have the faith to believe it seize

it pray over it and watch God act on

your behalf

I hope you can accept this blessed and

prosperous word take it back to God it’s

undoubtedly a prophetic word but I want

to remind you once again this is your

crowning moment what exactly is the

crowning moment

a crowning moment is the Pinnacle or

highlight of an event or achievement

representing the ultimate culmination of

success Glory or recognition

God has positioned you on a hill no more

hiding we’ve been talking about being

the light of the world and about how God

is getting us ready for something big

something we can’t even imagine

let’s talk about readiness being ready

doesn’t mean we just sit around and wait

for things to happen it’s about actively

preparing ourselves getting our hands

dirty and being proactive in our faith

and actions

it’s about getting rid of any baggage we

might be carrying and freeing ourselves

from doubts or fears

now God keeps telling us we are this

light but being light is not just about

shining it’s about being solid being

substantial light is the most

substantial thing there is it’s

everywhere and it gets everywhere it’s

real it’s physical

and I’ve been hearing a lot from God

recently about sudden changes about

fast-paced shifts in our lives he keeps

showing me that this sudden shift is

going to be more tangible more physical

more real than we think we’ve got to be

ready to move to act to step up when the

moment comes I know many of you have

felt unseen like people just don’t get

who you are or what you are about I’ve

been there too but God is saying that’s

about to change people are going to see

you really see you for who God made you

to be and you know I’ve been talking to

some friends and acquaintances about

their experiences about their feelings

of being overlooked and one thing that

struck me is how often we don’t see

ourselves clearly we let others Define

us put labels on us

it’s time to shake off those labels and

see ourselves as God sees us he knows

our worth he knows what we are capable

of there’s a reason God is focusing on

the relationships in our lives it’s

often through these relationships that

we Define ourselves that we understand

our place in the world

but God is shaking up these perceptions

these definitions

he’s making us look at ourselves and

each other differently

when God puts us on that hill and makes

our light visible to all it’s not just

about being seen it’s about seeing it’s

about understanding each other better

getting to the heart of who we are and

understanding the essence of those

around us

it’s about mutual respect real

connections and genuine interactions

it’s about being attentive being alert

to what God is doing in your life during

that time it’s about Understanding God’s

timing and being in sync with his plans

guys it’s easy to get caught up in

appearances in The Superficial aspects

of life it’s easy to focus on success

wealth and status but God is calling us

to be more to go deeper he’s calling us

to be substantial to have a genuine

impact on the world around us we need to

remember it’s not about proving anyone

wrong or showing off our success it’s

about being authentic being real it’s

about living out our true selves the

selves that God created us to be

God is redefining our stories showing us

our true paths our true selves and yes

it’s going to be surprising it’s going

to be unexpected but it’s also going to

be real tangible it’s going to be about

solid relationships about real changes

in our lives

so let’s be ready let’s be substantial

let’s be real Let’s Be The Light not

just Shine the Light let’s get out there

and live out our true stories the

stories that God is writing for us now

let’s pray real quick and to the point

heavenly father with a heart filled with

gratitude and reverence We Gather here

today United in spirit and faith we come

before you humbled and uplifted to offer

a prayer

in this sacred moment we lift our voices

and souls to express our deepest

appreciation for your profound message

may we open our hearts to receive these

Revelations understanding the weight

they carry in the spiritual Realm

you dear father are preparing us for a

blessing so immense it resonates like an

explosion shaking the very foundations

of our existence we are humbled by the

magnitude of your love knowing that by

the dawning of each new day our lives

can be transformed beyond our wildest


with awe and anticipation we await the

Miracles you have ordained for us

teach us O Lord to regard every

individual with respect and kindness

understanding that their current state

does not define their future as you

guide us on the path of growth and

position us Atop The Hill reveal to us

the true colors of those around us

help us discern those who genuinely

support and uplift us from those who are

drawn only to Our Success position

wealth or status

father as we embark on this journey

towards our crowning moment we are aware

that you are rewriting our narratives

redefining relationships and

Illuminating our paths we stand in awe

of your transformative power for you are

turning the words of our detractors into

testimonies of faith

grant us the wisdom to embrace these

encounters with Grace and understanding

recognizing that every misunderstanding

betrayal and persecution was part of

your divine plan

in Jesus’s mighty name we pray amen

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