THIS IS THE KEY TO… । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved draw close and receive my

words of life in the secret place of our

fellowship I shall unlock Mysteries and

reveal that which eyes have not

seen what I now unveil has remained

hidden for appointed times and

Seasons kept secret until the fullness

of days when hunger and Readiness

Embrace that day is here the hour has

come for unprecedented

Discovery I am beside you to comfort and

guide at the point of your need

current realities expose symptoms of a

planet in travail crying out for

Liberation I have heard the misery the

prayers arising have breached Heavenly

Gates stirring great activity in my

Throne Room know that behind the veil of

visible sight and indiscernible Realms

plans Break Forth on behalf of my people

things are not as they appear in this

hour of conflicting kingdoms and social

churning I dwell enthroned above the

chaos chos orchestrating Deliverance for

Humble Hearts

seeking my face as storms rage and proud

Towers fall my strong arm moves in ways

obscured from those fixated on fleeting

Shadows Vindication comes but first a

cleansing work must ignite as my fire

consumes impurities among those claiming

my name even in the darkest night

glimpses of approaching day console the

weary watcher these glimpses sustain

hope against swirling

Gloom Dawn moves toward Earth even as

Darkness reaches its Zenith but brighter

shall the holy day be that follows this

Dreadful night Redemption draws nigh can

you not discern its approach signs

emerge among those prepared to receive

my bounty principalities clash and

invisible forces V for souls and lands

in escalating War yet in Heavenly Realms

Victory is a

assured among the first signs marking

this significant era is a release of

long awaited Harvest accelerated

momentum toward Global

Awakening evidence of my seated

Authority breaking through the hellish

barriers erected by devilish desperation


sabotage my plans also comes visibly

before you but only eyes open discern

the meaning of what unfolds in the


days blessed are they who see and here

as Heaven engages Earth more

dynamically Two Worlds connect visibly

before a stunned generation witnessing

signs and wonders Break Forth in unusual

frequencies and

manifestations I am still Sovereign even

as demonic frenzy erupts in last ditch

efforts to restrain what cannot be

blocked have I not determined the end

from the

beginning I am Alpha and Omega before me

no God was was formed and after me none


stand nothing transpires but that which

I allow to fulfill Eternal purpose

therefore fear no approaching

Darkness its depths serve only as

contrast to

display my greater glory revealed

through yielded vessels the deeper the

Gloom the brighter my light shines

conveying hope through humble hands and

feet When leaders fail and kingdoms

crumble my righteous ones remain

standing unshaken sheltered in me

external turbulence peacefully passes by

I am your refuge in strength a very

present help in trouble therefore you

shall not fear though mountains heave in

arrogance raises its fist my child you

have heard it declared of old through my

prophets and Witnesses from the place of

prayer and Stillness profound power

flows by my wisdom the cosmos came into

order and by humility’s mystery chaos

yields to Destiny

Awakening my heart sees through to your

deepest need my love Embraces

unconditionally that which others would

reject in Stillness strength arises

Stillness centers the scattered pieces


reveals my next step upon which you can

stand despite raging storms intent on

sabotaging Destiny’s delivery Stillness

is moving Heaven’s armies and releasing

resources to Aid them out of deep

Stillness Revelation comes like

lightning cracking through darkness that

concealed truth’s

Radiance are you willing to explore

Realms of Glory your peers shy away from

for fear of failure or

rejection fear not the coming shakings

unmoved you will remain every false idol


crash only what is forged in my fire

remains when flames of testing

emerge in difficult times or periods

when you feel unnoticed remember that

these moments are important for personal

growth it’s during these times that you

develop strength and resilience just

like how a plant’s Roots grow deep to

find water remember how you have

overcome past hardships and how these

experiences have ultimately led to

something good in your

life stay humble and realize that you

have a lot of potential and Power power

that you might not be using fully many

people don’t see the opportunities and

responsibilities they have in life break

free from this and embrace the

leadership and influence you have

there’s so much I want you to learn

about fulfilling your

potential to reach New Heights in life

you need to have a vision and be bold in

pursuing unexplored

opportunities don’t let the routine of

everyday life dampen Your Enthusiasm and

creativity spend time with me me and

you’ll find inspiration and direction

for your

life be proactive and act on the dreams


share don’t think of me as

distant realize that I am very close to

you always with you and that we are


connected live

confidently knowing who you are and the

power and authority you have through our


relationship true fulfillment comes from

being in Union with your creator only

when you let go of your Independence and

embrace this relationship will you truly

find where you

belong when you’re honest and open with

yourself you’ll find me ready to welcome

you with open

arms as you grow closer to me you’ll

experience more of my presence and power

in your life this will be evident to

others as well be ready to face

challenges and to show others The Hope

and promise in life even in tough times

in times of trouble remember that I am

there to help and protect you stand firm

in your faith and don’t be swayed by

difficulties I am always with you giving

you strength and peace even in the midst

of chaos don’t lose hope during periods

of waiting these times are preparing you

for what’s to come keep praying and

trusting and you will see how past

difficulties have led to Blessings

hardships are part of the journey

towards fulfilling your destiny be

patient and let your character develop

through these challenges keep your hope

alive brighter days are ahead stay open

to new directions and opportunities that

I will show you be ready to embrace new

challenges and to make a difference

stand firm in your faith and let it

guide you through life

storms as you continue on this journey

remember that it’s important to let go

of unnecessary distractions and focus on

the deeper aspects of life that truly


in doing so you’ll find a rich source of

inspiration and strength that will fuel

your vision passion and Spiritual

Authority this comes from putting me and

our relationship first in your life in

your interactions with others always

remember the power and influence you

have use it wisely and kindly to help

and Inspire those around you you’re not

just living for yourself you’re a part

of a larger community

and your actions can make a significant

difference in the

world when facing obstacles or

opposition trust in my strength within

you you are stronger than you realize

and with my support you can overcome any

challenge stand firm in your beliefs and

convictions and know that together we

can achieve great

things even when life gets tough and you

face storms of various kinds maintain

Your Inner Peace by staying connected to

me let go of the need to control

everything and instead trust in my plan

for your life this trust will bring you

peace and resilience in the face of

adversity remember the promises and

dreams I have for you may not always be

immediately visible but they are always

there waiting to be

realized keep moving forward even when

the path seems

unclear your faith and perseverance will

guide you through the

unknown as you continue to grow and

mature in your faith and understanding

be ready to explore new territories and

experiences embrace the unknown with

courage and an open heart knowing that I

am always with you guiding and


you prepare yourself for the Greater

Works and responsibilities that lie

ahead your journey is not just about

your own growth but also about how you

can impact the the world around you stay

humble yet confident in the authority

and power given to you always seek the

truth and stay under its protective

cover in a world filled with confusion

and Chaos the truth is your anchor and

shield keep your heart and mind open to

my guidance and you will navigate

through life’s challenges with wisdom


Grace remember this journey is not just

about reaching a destination but about

growing and becoming more like me in

every aspect of your

life stay true to our relationship and

you will find the deepest fulfillment in

joy in your journey with me

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