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my child you are cherished and loved

beyond measure though storms may arise

in life do not lose hope for I am with

you always I will never abandon you

trust in my steadfast love surrender

your worries and burdens to me for I

care deeply for you I understand when

you feel weary but I will renew your

strength if you call upon me I will

uphold you with my righteous hand walk

in the light of my teaching

pursue a life of Integrity kindness and

compassion towards others avoid hatred

greed and pride

instead cultivate humility forgiveness

and generosity of

spirit though trials will come cling to

me in faith I will deliver you and

shower blessings upon your life In Due

Time be patient be courageous be at

peace my plans for you are good plans to

to prosper you not to harm you you are

my beloved child I knit you together and

know you

intimately you have nothing to fear for

I am with you always my love is

unconditional and my mercies are new

Every Morning Place your hope in me look

to me as your Firm Foundation refuge and

strength I will lead you on the right

path if you trust in me wholeheartedly

listen for my gentle guidance I will

speak wisdom to your heart when you seek

me in Stillness and Solitude have faith

my child believe in my promises and walk

in the light of my love together we will

write a beautiful story with your life

keep your eyes fixed on me and you will

accomplish great things for my glory my

beloved child though storms arise cling

to hope I’m forever beside you upholding

you with my hand walk in my light

avoiding greed and pride cultivate

humility mercy and love I know your

struggles come to me when weary I’ll

renew your strength I understand when

life buffets you my words bring peace

amidst the storm I’m your God and also

friend share your heart I cherish our

bond I forgive your mistakes lift you

from despair the past forgotten now you

have a fresh start if you felt unloved

before now love envelops you if support

was lacking now you have my blessings

your destiny is

unfolding step into my light a day of

rebirth comes fall in love with life

though some misunderstand my love is

steadfast you’re not defined by words of

others but by my grace I sacrificed to

redeem you claim your worth walk in

faith though trials come anything’s

possible if you believe doubt makes the

journey harsher trust in me completely

and you’ll see wonders listen for my

gentle guidance I’ll speak wisdom I

Envision peace and joy for you work

within and through you be a light while

spreading my love together we’ll write

your story beautifully keep eyes on me

you’ll accomplish great things my love

knows no limits or conditions I’m your

father besides you always reach out your

hand when you forget I understand you

completely as Creator come walk with me

share your heart I know your burdens

I’ll bring new dreams you’re cherished

adored safe with me value friendships

that uplift you you have immense worth

trials are surmountable with me I’ll

address your plight I won’t let you down

have faith when my presence seems

distant my commitment stems from

profound love stand strong foes will

vanish walk in faith and determination

you’re exactly where you need to be I

watch over you bring healing keep your

eyes on the path I laid do not look back

gaze forward renew your prayer

commitment entr trust your thoughts and

decisions to me live by faith anything’s

possible miracles happen for those who

believe my love is Limitless unwavering

have Assurance I’m here supporting you

smile I fill your life with joy remember

my presence amidst trials my love is

unconditional blessings Perpetual let

not anxiety halt you I chose you before

you knew me destined blessings will be

yours my might turns adversity into

blessings I call you to fulfill my

purpose declare your willingness proceed

in faith my glory will shine upon you

Darkness will

fade cast worries upon me Solutions come

in Stillness trials test but strengthen

you cling to me amidst storms I’ll carry

you to safety you are dearly loved a

miracle comes believe it I Break Every

curse and chain my light and blessings

fill you doors of opportunity open your

faith will Flo is prosperity is yours

celebrate for I set you free my dearest

child fear not for I Am everpresent by

your side a constant source of Solace

and strength amidst life’s trials I see

the weight of fear that has burdened

your heart for far too long shackling

you to the shadows of your past but fear

not for the time of Liberation is at

hand I am here to dispel the pervasive

fear that has held you captive to free

you from its suffocating grasp know that

the fear anxiety and anger you’ve

endured do not reflect my Essence they

are but Shadows against the backdrop of

my perfect love which knows no bounds I

see the roots of your fear Tangled in

untruths and misleading narratives that

have woven themselves into the fabric of

your life but you are not powerless you

possess the strength to transcend these

falsehoods and I I am here to guide you

with wisdom and compassion every step of


way the journey to Freedom may be

challenging but it is a journey we will

undertake together with each falsehood

Stripped Away my love will fill the

voids within you mending every broken

part of your being as misconceptions are

brought into the light fear will lose

its hold over you my perfect love will

cast its light into the darkest corners

of your soul dispelling fear thoroughly

and permanently

and with fear

diminished abundant Revelation and

knowledge will flow into your life

illuminating your path with insight and

understanding the spirit of

counsel understanding and discernment

will be poured out upon you enabling you

to Steward this new revelation with

diligence and Grace moreover

breakthrough is on the horizon for the

heavy and overwhelmed areas of your life

freedom from weariness will allow you to

rest joyfully in my presence as you

cease from striving in your own strength

and instead trust in the completed work

of my son indeed my favor surrounds you

and the seeds of past prayers will

Spring forth in due time even amidst the

storms of life my peace will guard your

heart and my spirit will Breathe new

life into your weary Soul so my beloved

rise up in boldness transformed by my

Mercy shine br brilliantly as a

testament to my healing Grace and do not

fear the future for it is secure in my

hands walk with me hand in hand and

together we will Blaze a trail of

blessing through every desert Place do

not lose heart for I am with you always

ready to comfort and guide you through

the darkest valleys listen for the

gentle Whisper of my spirit amidst the

chaos and find Rest In the Still Waters

of my love know that you are never alone

for you belong to me always and your

place in my family is unshakable so lift

up your eyes and

expectation for the richest blessings

are yet to come as we journey together

into the radiant warmth of eternity’s

embrace my cherished child heed my words

with attentiveness and Swift obedience

for Urgent action is required though you

may feel your obedience has faltered in

the past know that I see and acknowledge

your efforts

I am pleased with your desire to align

with my will now I call upon you to

boldly step into the open doors and

favor I have prepared for you the time

of preparation has ended it is now the

appointed season for advancement through

my trusted Messengers I declare that

your moment has arrived the days of

waiting and obscurity are giving way to

a time of Greater visibility and

influence indeed my plans for you pass

your imagination regardless of your

background I will display my power and

purposes through your

life take heart for I do not make

promises lightly what I have spoken

throughout the ages will surely come to

pass trust in my perfect timing and

purposes for my words will accomplish

everything I desire you may feel

ordinary or ill equipped but I have

chosen and prepared you for this unique

moment do do not allow fear or

self-doubt to hinder you any longer the

opposition may seem formidable but

remember that no weapon formed against

you will prosper I have placed a circle

of protection around you and you are

safe in my hands press forward with

boldness not

timidity Envision Victorious outcomes

rather than defeat for where you are

weak I make you strong cease striving in

your own understanding and fully trust

in me I will be exalted among all people

and Nations through your life do not

discount yourself based on past mistakes


shortcomings rise up and take your

rightful place in My Kingdom for the

assignments I am unveiling are conduits

of great blessing Untold Bounty will

flow into your life as you step out in

obedience though trials and testing may

come remember that greater is he who

lives within you than any force that


you I will s silence every accusing

tongue raised against you you are my

chosen vessel and nothing can

successfully challenge my plans for you

draw close to me pour out your worries

and fears and allow me to refine you for

the adventures

ahead I am turning what was meant for

evil into platforms for the

demonstration of my goodness through you

pay close attention to the promptings of

my spirit for I am guiding you into

alignment with my purposes

Rejoice for your time of Liberation and

Vindication is at hand the story I am

writing over your life is filled with

grace favor and Supernatural

blessing do not underestimate the vital

role you play in my Redemptive purposes

on the earth though you have endured

hardships know that I take no pleasure

in watching you struggle I identify with

your hardships and my heart aches to

intervene on your behalf

yet through trials lasting spiritual

fruit is cultivated do not retreat in

resignation or fear but boldly serve My

Kingdom Agenda resist the lies that

suggest you are unprepared or

disqualified my power finds expression

through yielded vulnerability as you

align every area of your life before me

in full surrender watch as I open doors

once tightly shut and turn Skeptics into

supporters though opposition may arise

know that I am with you through every

storm dark valleys will give way to

mountaintops if you walk with me Rejoice

for brighter days are Dawning and my

goodness and mercy will meet you at

every turn you are safe In My

Embrace my dear child before leaving you

are requested to share this video with

your relatives and friends because just

as I am your father I am also their


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