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my beloved

child allow me a moment of your time

this is not a mere coincidence that you

are hearing from me now your heart

Echoes a deep yearning and it’s in

response to this that I come before

you let this be clear I wish for you to

have faith in me today and always and

may you never disregard my words with

the deepest love I speak to you every

moment every day my aim is to see you

flourish to bestow blessings upon you

and to let you feel the holy anointment

I place upon you recognize that you have

transformed you are no longer bound by

past struggles mistakes or the chains of

those who belittle you and doubt your

worth stand up for you are

freed escape the confines of your mental


today I break every spiritual bond you

are no longer bound to to harmful habits

or the desires of those who mean you

harm you are my precious child my

beloved my love for you is immense

Beyond human comprehension a mighty

Divine Force rejuvenating your faith

today you will stand strong you will

rise Embrace and joyfully accept the

blessings I am laying before you you

will hear my voice in your Slumber feel

my presence upon waking and wherever you

go be filled with

bravery you will tread upon Embers and

remain untouched even amidst the

tempestuous Seas attempt to swallow

you rise and proceed act now walk

steadfastly on the water step after step

keeping your focus ahead never lose

sight of your aspirations the beautiful

destination you’re meant to reach behind

you flows my blessings like a powerful

River carving through valleys flattening

mountains uprooting the deepest rooted

Thorns demolishing barriers and

unlocking doors these blessings are

unstoppable no power can thwart them

wherever your path leads my love will

always envelop you reaching the furthest

Corners where you’ll find my peace Grace


blessing my love for you is so profound

that it challenges human understanding

simply feel it embrace it and receive it

with faith in the days to come come I

will reveal my presence to you in

extraordinary ways rest assured nothing

will be missing for I have promised I am

your provider ever watchful of your

situations and needs do not agonize over

your current

trials close your eyes remember my

teachings your mind and heart will be

filled with peace and

Tranquility surrounding you are numerous

opportunities awaiting your action step

forward and knock on these doors with

determination and resolve I urge you to

do this fearlessly I will guide your

words when you speak make the choice

today to progress on your journey do not

be paralyzed by

fear as you stand and move forward the

windows of heaven will open for you I

will shower you with abundant genuine

blessings and you will experience an

overflow of provision you will be

liberated from death and financial

burdens receiving more than you expect

enabling you to share to give to bless

and to

invest you will continue to harvest and

sew starting today and into the future

every day every month every year thus

revisit and reflect on these words until

their meaning is Crystal Clear heed my

command immerse yourself in my teachings

and move forward with purpose it is time

for you to to awaken for your faith to

flare up grow stronger and

accelerate the plan I have for you

requires leaving behind past defeats and

guilt choose to persist to fight each

day and ignore the Whispers And attacks

of others forgive Forge ahead leave the

past behind and

progress my words will protect you your

faith will be your weapon I will help

you navigate through any challenges you


resolve to endure for I give you the

strength to persevere remember I am your

Shepherd your provider I am aware of

your needs and will supply all that you

lack and more declare with your words

and your whole heart that you will

continue to strive to live to believe do

not be troubled by alarming news I

understand the purpose of my

actions I hold supreme authority with my

power I can calm stormy winds split the

sea enable you to walk on turbulent

Waters raise you from sickness heal your

body and comfort your

soul I collect your tears when the world

inflicts pain and suffering upon you in

your faith find shelter love and belief

my presence will envelop you again

filling you with love and peace in times

of despair

time alone cannot heal wounds only I can

heal them completely leaving no Trace

life’s trials will not harm you rather

they have helped you grow and become

wiser I will also free you from the

burden of painful memories my hands were

nailed to the cross enduring suffering

for you cleansing your sins with My

Sacrifice offering you my grace and

easing your heart’s burdens and

sorrows in joy and in sorrow in health

and in

sickness my presence will never leave

you this is my Solem promise I will

perform powerful miracles in your life

demonstrating what’s possible when my

word is embraced and obeyed by a humble

heart one that accepts both trials and

blessings I will change daunting

circumstances for your benefit

challenges and tests will lead you to a

better place conflicts will strengthen

you and you’ll face situations that will

grow your wisdom if I allow

it this is for your good and if I say I

will be with you and protect you from

harm it’s because I

will you will prosper as I have decreed

every good thing you receive will be

multiplied and blessed believe without

doubt without letting past failures hold


back if you believe in me with all your

heart also trust in my

forgiveness for full blessing ings

ignore the accuser pay no mind to

criticisms or slander don’t let them

occupy your thoughts disregard the

envious words about your future instead

of fear and anxiety feel my hand on your

heart be filled with joy peace hope

faith and confidence I will Infuse your

life with joy and put Praise on your

lips your life will

transform blessings from heaven will

fill your home home you will be free

from the chains of debt and past

Financial mistakes even in times of

scarcity trust in my words and view your

surroundings with

faith stay alert to open doors and

opportunities treat everyone you meet

with kindness and respect I will bring

special people into your life to help

you just as I do be friendly amiable and

respectful to all for I will bless you

and use you in ways beyond your your

imagination in times of adversity the

wonderful things I plan to do with you

will become apparent you will rise and

shine amidst Darkness you will bear

witness to this secret wisdom you are

reading and hearing I share it with many

but not all believe and some reject my

gifts they make excuses and listen to

those who keep them bound to misery sin

pain and sorrow ignoring my blessings

words and

promises but I tell you that I love you

believe in me so you don’t miss out on

my blessings I know you are different

I’ve seen it many times I know you

believe in me and I dearly love you

receive my blessing now you are in my

hands under my protection fear not those

who oppose you for they will contend

with me even though your problems are

many I will deliver you those who fight

against you will be confused in shame

am even now you can see how they

surround you but I will intervene I will

help you in a few days you will look

around and your enemies will be no more

many are Furious because they can’t

defeat you they don’t know or understand

that your greatest friend your God your

savior defends

you believe and have faith for with me

nothing is impossible trust and act for

I am with you act and make progress

knowing that I have fortified your faith

and given you the power to walk on

Waters you will combat and overcome all

evil forces for

fear no longer holds you the anxieties

and fears of the past are left

behind lift your sword and persist in

the battle prepare yourself for the

blessings that are to come you shall

claim the land that lies before you I

will provide you with answers and

Solutions in every situation

I have anointed you with my spirit to

heal and uplift many hearts I will bless

your family and bring peace and Harmony

to your home soon you will notice a

change my presence will dominate your

household all the harmful forces that

have caused distress will vanish and not

return seek me and you will find rest

for your soul in my promises in my word

place your trust in me for I am your God

your rock your health your strength your

salvation take my hand and never falter

I am your protector your lord your

healer Proclaim now with all your might

that you believe in me and hold tightly

to your faith I love you I have been I

am and I will always be with

you pray for your family it is essential

for your prayers are effective and


you have seen many times how I have

responded when my presence arrives the

challenges your family has faced have

brought forth trials you may see Smiles

on their faces but inside they

struggle come to my altar On Bended

Knees start to intercede and plead I

will surround your family with a

spiritual Shield I will not let the

enemy harm them I will rescue them from

illnesses and accidents I will endow

them with wisdom I will open doors that

were once closed they will discover many

hidden favorable opportunities I will

provide you with strength peace calmness

and inspiration to speak lovingly to

your loved ones never utter harsh words

to them truly understand their emotions

and the tough situations they

face when you are with them embrace them

tenderly stroke their heads and as you

do pray

my anointing will flow from your hands

my power will erase all sadness from

their souls I will break every chain and

bring healing to their hearts share my

word with them let my promises not be

forgotten in your home my name will be

spoken with reverence you will witness

the gradual resolution of problems and

my presence will prevail in your family

a time will come when you will joyfully

witness the TRU transformation in their

lives their character will evolve and

many who seem lost will find their path

and reach their destined

blessings in these moments it is crucial

to hold fast to

me do not be discouraged by the negative

things you see I have a grand plan and

my plan always comes to pass unaffected

by any

obstacles in your home there must be

someone who believes in me holy

wholeheartedly with true sincerity

praying for their loved ones with

steadfast Faith you are that person pray

for your family and obstacles will fall

Victory will be yours I love you and I

love them too find rest in me for I hold

your present in my hands your future in

my heart the blessings that are to come

in your life are proof of my favor as

long as you believe in and cherish my

word those who wish to see you

humiliated will be astounded by the

supernatural Miracles I will perform in


days I will lift your spirits dry your

tears and bring you peace I will fill

you with joy come engage daily with my

promises open your Bible sit in

quietness read and feed your Hungry

Heart grow stronger feel the immense

strength that I am instilling in

you sometimes you look look up hoping

for a sign from heaven but now I tell

you to look ahead for I am already

answering your prayers and requests I am

granting you the things you have asked

for according to my will so that you may


Thrive and your life may be filled with

freedom and

prosperity the abundance I bring into

your life will not be accompanied by

sorrow you won’t need to accumulate Dept

or Mort Gater your future no one can

take away or Rob what I give you do not

see yourself as unworthy or feel

undeserving of the blessings I pour into

your home they are yours I give them

because I love you and choose to bless

you however be aware that the adversary

will try to seow doubt aiming to steal

your blessings and dreams I grant you

wisdom to discern between those who give

sound advice and those who deceive you

with lies they may use soothing words

pretending to love you but when they see

you caught in their traps they will try

to harm you be vigilant I caution you to

stay alert and avoid the snares laid by


adversaries I promise to protect and

watch over you you must pray daily and

in doing so I will envelop you in my

presence persist in your faith in my

word and trust in me I will encircle

your home and family with my CEST forces

do not let doubt invade your thoughts my

love for you is Everlasting and your

life is cradled in my hands I am here to

help you overcome challenges conquer

discouragement focus on the future and

maintain steadfast Faith so you can

Triumph and flourish trust in me for I

am your heavenly

father feel free to speak to me confide

in me and express your needs for I am

your great friend always attentive to

you my ear is always open to your

voice sit and Converse with me use your

own words to share your thoughts plans

and the depths of your heart voice your

feelings for talking with me heals your

soul and instills peace in your mind by

verbalizing your emotions you activate

your faith and miracles start to

unfold today is the day to tell me all

you wish to say but also to listen to my

responses I am not here to judge scold

or remind you of past errors my spirit

Whispers softly to you affirming my love

for you eagerly waiting each morning for

you to awaken to express your need for

me and your love for

me your words of Love are your worship

your praise rising to my Throne like the











morning son my presence fills your life

with love and protection reminding you

that in your trials I am ready to help I

will not withhold any good thing you ask

of me every thing you seek for your

blessing I will grant swiftly enveloped

in my

love entrust me with your thoughts your

heart hand over your concerns that are

wearing down your faith and dreams and

surrender your worries that make you

doubt my love you need not endure these

mental storms alone do not let the Winds

of Despair drag you through the streets

of Sorrow whose voice will you listen to

the cries of despondency the lies of

failure or the loving tone in which I

speak to

you you don’t have to struggle in

anguish when I’ve shown you time and

again that if you believe in my word I

will open the gates of Heaven wide for

you you are my child and my children do

not dwell in

darkness my spirit is with you offering

Comfort wherever you are in any place

you find

yourself it’s no accident that you’re

receiving this

message I’ve seen the toll that life

struggles have taken on you how past

adversaries have left you

wounded and the reason behind your


pain yet I am here now ready to save you

from this anguish if you choose to

embrace me I aim to Shield you with my

wings and cover you in my shelter I urge

you to listen closely to read my words

attentively and to take them to heart

for I earnestly request your belief I do

not not want you to suffer any longer

your current trials are not a sign of my

wrath or

retribution my love for you is deep and

everlasting I am here to lift you up to

heal your Despair and to lead you out of

failure you must rise even if you feel

weary even if your heart is still aching

and carrying the weight of pain take

steps of Faith trust in me again and you

will experience miraculous healing the

moment you decide to believe in me each

step you take will bring you strength

and complete

healing stand up now for your life is

about to change and tomorrow will be






because I love you I am with you and

that is all you need to understand

today you might feel downhearted and sad

but as you read and listen to my words

your heart will be filled with peace

peace Joy encouragement and

faith I ask you to remember my Tender

Love repeatedly today yet do not linger

on the painful experiences that have

scarred your life a new era of

restoration and Recovery is approaching

you will see the return of lost

blessings and I will open doors that

were previously shut from Heaven I will

shower you with numerous blessings that

will bring prosperity and comfort to

your soul

from this point forward walk with

confidence knowing that I your God and

Heavenly Father filled with love for you

am always by your side igniting the

passion to live a purposeful and

meaningful life in your

heart embrace the fervent desire to obey

the Commandments of your king and Lord

and never feel ashamed to believe in me

and my word rejoice in the wonders I

will perform in your life and for your

family all who believe in me have the

right to be heard in my presence and to

reap the rewards of their faith and

obedience anticipate extraordinary and

wondrous Miracles soon and you will see

many positive changes in the lives of

your loved ones filling you with

happiness so even amidst challenges and

occasional hardships remain assured that

I will never abandon you I will be by

your side in every moment and situation

I’m here to assist you and with

confidence and Faith you can speak to me

however it’s essential that you also

take the time to listen immerse yourself

in my written word through it I will

reach out directly to your heart

infusing you with my spirit you’ll

discover a strength that is unshakable a

gift from me commit yourself promise me

that you will seek me every day with

love and faith

I will be there waiting for you know

this I love you deeply and this is

certain I have come to communicate with

you to touch your heart at this very

moment when you need me most my love for

you is boundless sincere and

everlasting nothing not even your own

mistakes or sins can sever you from this

immense love I hold for

you even in times when you felt distant

from me my tender hand was extended

rescuing you from that which bound you

and dimmed your will to

live whenever you call on me I am here

when you cry out in your darkest hours I

open the doors of my heart wide seeing

you kneel my eyes look upon you with

kindness and my grace envelops you

though your journey may take you through

perilous and bitter paths my presence

will shine brightly in your life

dispelling all Darkness even before your

birth I knew

you I selected the precise moment of

your arrival into this world and nothing

in your life unfolds without my consent

or blessing while you may not always

understand or appreciate my workings in

your life one day you’ll see that all I

did was for your benefit to fortify you

to Foster your growth and because I

always have greater PL stand for you my

intention is to elevate you to higher

Realms of faith and

dedication I desire to place a gleaming

sword in your hands so that when you

declare my word miraculous events will

unfold around

you do not feel Unworthy of what I am

eager to accomplish in you cast aside

those doubts recognize who you truly are

a child of the almighty God a valiant

Warrior filled with resolve strength and

destined for Triumph believe this for it

is the truth born from embracing and

accepting my love you are not meant for

defeat Beyond these trials which you

will surmount through your faith awaits

the Glorious blessing of Victory


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