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my beloved come closer and let me take you into my confidence I have an urgent message that I must share a revelation

meant only for you hush now and listen Let My Words wrap gently around your

weary Soul allow my voice to quiet your racing mind so you may receive what I

long to impart the burdens of this world have weighed heavily upon you of late I see

the storms raging threatening to submerge your tired heart again and again but I tell you a great truth the

Deluge will not Prevail so come set your gaze upon me now and drink deeply from

The Well of Grace I extend let it wash over your parched places renewing strength and vision once

more the path unfolding is yet unclear to you but Clarity will surely come have

I not gone before you since the beginning of time was it not not I who knit you together with Divine intent and

purpose do you think any power can thwart my good will toward you take

courage beloved you struggle now in swirling chaos overwhelmed by the

demands upon your time endless tasks and expectations batter your spirit until

you stagger under self-doubt and weariness each passing day feels heavier

upon your shoulders but I tell you a mystery what the world calls chaos I call

Opportunity where others see only confusion and chance I am orchestrating

each intricate movement according to my grand design so lift up your eyes Beloved the

landscape before you teams with potential for those who walk in sync with me let your steps fall in line with

my guiding beat I will part the waters for you carving a path through the most

unlikely spaces follow close on my heels and watch what

unfolds wonders await those who yield to my timing yes daily duties will always

seek to crowd your hours and distract your mind this is the plight of those dwelling in mortal flesh but you were

not made for drudgery alone I crafted you as a vessel to pour Glory into the

world around you though sorrow and hardship assail you now they cannot

Define or destroy what I have decreed hear me beloved you were destined for

more from Foundation to Pinnacle I established your frame to house Eternal

riches and treasures Untold but over time and trials my intent has been obscured in Your Vision

the grandest vistas faded as the mundane World loomed large before your

eyes confused and disheartened you settle for striving rather than

thriving but no more my beloved this day I break off every constraint and limitation trying to

hinder your becoming you shall bear fruit that testifies eternally of your Divine pedigree let all that kept you

small and fettered now recede into forgotten history I am taking you higher

beloved I am taking you free does the journey fill you with Dread do questions

and fears still lurk in the shadowed recesses of your mind be at peace and know this I will not abandon the plans

and Promises I have made over you my word is immutable and will never return

void take refuge in this truth soon your doubts will dissolve like Mist in the

Rising Sun come now and stand upon this Mountaintop with me look out over the

vast Horizon and catch a glimpse of all that awaits beyond your current range of vision Do You See Fields ready for

Harvest lands marked out and prepared for you since the beginning of time they await a faithful Steward who moves in

tandem with Heaven’s heartbeat one who yields wholly to Eternal purpose rather

than fleeting Pleasures One Like You beloved yes many paths Meander below

Twining through the Wilderness and leading toward false fulfillment but keep your eyes fixed heavenward the most

direct route to your Divine inheritance has long been paved I simply need willing feet to walk it

out will you now carry the Baton of faith and finish your leg of the race with

endurance of course the way is narrow even rugged and steep in places but have I not promised streams

of joy to refresh you along the higher Road do not doubt that I will uphold you

beloved until you reach the summit and oh what Splendor awaits your wildest

imagination cannot conceive the Wonders I have prepared even your most daunting

Earthly travails will fade to distant memory in the radiance of my glory

revealed do not fear impending threats or forboding headlines none can

circumvent my sovereign plan I imaged them all past present future Before Time

began not one takes me by surprise beloved if I fornew your trials

and heartaches do you think Solutions Escape me my catalog of creative

deliverances is endless no Enemy No adversity can derail my

resolve where you are concerned indeed storms will arise and the journey will test you but cleave to me beloved hide

yourself in the shelter I provide and watch as deadline pressures and Urgent demands are silenced my perfect peace

will guard your mind and free you to receive strategic Direction while storm clouds Collide

outside you will dwell secure Calamity must bow to me yes seasons of hardship and lack may

assail you but do not gauge Reality by what you see did I not sustain my

children for years in a desolate Wilderness yet in the midst of dire

famine a Widow’s flour and oil never ran out when chaos swirled was it not my

perfect order that multiplied Five Loaves and two fish to feed thousands beloved your circumstances are no match

for my miraculous provision you will face Giants and obstacles in days ahead

but tell me is there any name higher than mine to wield against them have I

not toppled proud goliaths with a single smooth Stone quieted raging Seas with a

whisper raised fortified strongholds with blasts of heavenly trumpets why should these coming trials

instill any fear when my undefeated record stands Eternal beloved nothing takes me by

surprise no crisis has power except what I permit I am never caught off guard or left

scrambling for Solutions therefore do not let anxiety govern your thoughts or misery

overshadow your soul The Battle Belongs to Me I am committed to your

breakthrough you need only trust and stand firm on my promises Victory is

assured yes your Humanity strains against the struggle longing to quit

this Wilderness Tre your frail flesh cries out under the load but can you not

see the weight of my very Glory balancing upon your shoulders endure a little longer and you will emerge

refined like gold stand steady and sure Beloved the culmination of this journey

nears and I promise every burden now will seem slight compared to the extravagance I have prepared for you do

you perceive the fullest extent of my commitment toward you beloved does my

vast un conditional love permeate your spirit today receive this vital truth deep into

your core you have never journeyed alone from conceptions first flickering

through every trial you faced I have been intricately involved behind the scenes before the Earth took shape I saw

this precise moment on my calendar I set my affections upon you with a fervor no

power can shake you are seen you are known you you are wildly loved never

doubt that I am able to sustain you beloved haven’t I carved Rivers through

desert places flung Stars into space stitched veins of gold and diamonds into

Barren rocks why should provision and breakthrough be difficult for the one who spoke all creation into being I need

no external resources at my word alone Mana Falls and Waters part trust this

beloved when I unleash my unlimited power no No Lack can withstand resplendant Redemption awaits

yes the way stretches endlessly before you some days mile after Mile with no

town in sight and your soul grows parched in this dry season desperate for

relief but beloved don’t neglect the wells of Hope I’ve already placed along

your path those promises yet unrealized has my word ever failed to

activate and accompl accomplish my purpose no tend these Wells dug deep into my

faithfulness draw boldly from their refreshing stores let them wash doubts

away until you stand renewed in spirit I am pouring restoration out upon you even

now oh beloved my treasured child there are remarkable blessings in store for

you do not despair that the way seems lonely and steep possibly longer than

you hoped I am keeping Watch Over All all my promises on your behalf they

shall burst forth like sudden rain upon thirsty ground yes the desperate places

will drink deeply and revive what was broken will surge with fresh life at long last just you wait and see rivers

in the Wasteland coming your way of course the Grandeur of my plans

cannot always be grasped all at once by those dwelling in flesh the mysteries of Eternity

transcend mortal re so for now you must trust without seeing the full

scope but truly I tell you none can fathom the Bounty I have reserved for

unveiling in your days it will far Eclipse any fleeting treasure this world can

offer just remain faithful beloved soon the veil shall part and your eyes will

behold wonders astonishing even Heaven’s Angels but tell me do you realize that

treasure itself means nothing unless coupled with the ability to Steward it

well true wealth is not heaped up for hoarding but rather distributed and

stretched judiciously by responsible hands this is always been my way first

testing one’s faithfulness in smaller things before assigning the greater so

if the financial margin feels thin at present fret not it is merely your

season for proving trust endure a little longer without wavering an exponential increase shall

have its day yes I see how the frenzied pace of Life assaults you beloved endless

demands competing constantly draining your reserves Soul weariness setting

in but there is Grace for The Daily Grind in this strenuous stretch take

special care to reinforce your roots draw lifegiving nourish ment from

my spirit let holy Mana sustain and strengthen rather than ephemeral

substitutes as my living water flows through you it will cut fresh channels

overflowing to the parched world around even in life’s pressurized

Seasons you can flourish beloved yield to my tender pruning that

maturity and fruitfulness May abound not just success by Society

standards but Transcendent Heavenly out Comes This is my desire for

you now is not the time to shrink back beloved no matter how Fierce the battles

raging around you no matter how inadequate you feel for the tasks at hand take up the holy weapons I provide

truth righteousness peace Faith wield them with boldness and confidence not in

your strength but in mine didn’t I establish you as more than a conqueror from the start I would never dispatch

you unprepared or unequipped my power in you ensures sure triumph over every

ascending enemy you shall fulfill your destiny when you grow weary and strained

of Soul come to the sanctuary I have prepared for you step out of time and

Earthly chaos into Rich communion with me let us talk heart tohe heart without

restraint unload your heavy burdens freely make your requests plainly known

and watch me rise to answer here in the secret place I will soothe your fretful

mind I will gently cradle your broken pieces near to my healer’s heart until warmth and wholeness permeate you

through and through I will wipe your tears away until Vision clears and you

see yourself as I see you dearly loved flawlessly beautiful radiantly Ablaze

with Heaven’s Splendor this is truth beloved let it

sink deep into your bone bones until you stand tall and confident Again cast off

constricting labels from the past cease striving to prove yourself worthy in people’s eyes rest in who I declare you

to be soon their judgments and dismissals will fade to faint memory but the Royal

Robes of identity I drape around you now Will Never Tear or fade they originate

from Heaven’s throne room after all yes looking through the lens of Earthly hardship alone your path seems dim and

uncertain but I implore you behold reality through Heaven’s eyes do not

lose heart in the waiting let not trouble or persecution shake your faith firm anchoring endure beloved you will

receive the Victor’s Crown laid up for you since before time was measured but today just run make no mistake the road

you travel leads straight through enemy territory but do not forget I clothe you

in body armor no assault can separate you from my love and I have assigned my

fiercest Warriors to lead Heavenly armies in guarding your Advance they sheath you night and day what enemy can

invade such impenetrable lines march on without hesitation beloved complete the

works I have assigned and at the end I will greet you with those stunning words my Champions long to hear well done

beloved one of course opposition arises in many forms along this narrow way but remember

no weapon formed against you can ever hope to prosper I break their Fury before it is

loosed I diffuse malicious words aimed in your direction my Angelic guard encamps a

hedge of protection all around and if for reasons Beyond understanding I allow a breach for a season only one response

is needed run swiftly to the shelter I provide hide beneath my Mighty Wings

beloved abide near to me where endless Grace and comfort flow until you are

renewed and restored the Gates of Hell shall not overpower those anchored to my

throne in seasons of hardship When Hope dims within you may be tempted to

conclude comfort and provision will never come but beloved there are mysteries on

the road ahead your human eyes cannot yet behold do not predetermine the outcome

while still on the front end hold to my promises and wait for heaven’s verdict

at Journey’s End the pages in between still brim with remarkable

potential of course you are limited by an Earthbound perspective the struggles and heartaches

before you appear huge and immovable but shift your Vantage Point higher from eternity’s balcony these

trials are compressed into dots and dashes brief pauses requiring only endurance

and Trust for Progress to continue the greater reality awaits just

beyond the next Bend keep walking beloved soon your momentary afflictions

will give way to Monumental Glory Beyond present imagining yes I realize the future

weighs heavy on your thoughts some days expectations and potential changes seem to loom over you like Gathering storm

clouds but can I not harness lightning and whirl winds to my purposes just as

easily calm seas and gentle rain why should shifting forecasts cause

my beloved to fret haven’t you witnessed my goodness dawn after countless nights of weeping seen me resurrect dying

dreams and turn weeping into dancing again and again take heart and lean calm

within my capable Embrace I am never intimidated by what looms ahead I face every storm with

you my beloved child I know at times you grow weary feeling as though my promises

ring Hollow you begin to doubt wondering if I’ve forgotten

you but banish those lies my dear one my plans for you are filled with hope and a

future I am working even in the shadows preparing the way for Bountiful

blessings to overflow in your life you need only persevere a little

longer consider the season of waiting a cultivation period like a farmer

patiently tending the soil before the Harvest your patience and faith serve to

nourish the seeds I’ve planted bringing you ever closer to their fruition do not lose heart but keep your

spirits lifted High fueling your soul with anticipation of the wonders in

store even When Storms descend and adversity rages do not despair the dark

Darkness only accentuates the light that will shine through I am choreographing each detail

to ultimately Cascade as a symphony of goodness into your life trust in my

timing dear one however mystifying it may seem I see the full picture while

you grasp only a fragment but know this spectacular blessings beyond your

imagination await you hold fast to me let my love and whisperings of Hope

drown out the lies that threaten to discourage you I am faithful and my every promise to you will come to pass

in due time you need only remain rooted in me my child you are stronger than you

realize stand firm in the knowledge that I will never permit more hardship than what you can endure consider it an honor

to be entrusted with such adversity for through it I am equipping you for higher

callings I am forging your inner fortitude resilience and trust in me so

come what may cling to this truth you have everything needed to not only survive but conquer the obstacles in

your path dark seasons and hardships cannot overpower you for I reside within

you as an everpresent help in times of need you need not fear the future or

troubles lurking for greater is he who lives within you than he who assails

you I impart to you my very own strength strength you have full access to my

wisdom courage power and resources so Arise My Child confidently confront

every giant withstand every storm keep your eyes trained on me not your

circumstances take hold of my outstretched hand I will lead you to victory today and

always my beloved child as you journey through this life you will inevitably

encounter seasons of difficulty and despair that test your resilience and trust in me some trials may even

threaten to unravel your spirit leaving you questioning if I’ve forsaken you I

assure you I am with you always even in the furnace of Affliction let not your

heart be troubled the trials that challenge you most are often the Prelude to promotion breakthrough and Destiny

remain confident in this I will never allow you to endure more than you you are able with every battle with every

load my grace will sustain you stand steadfast Renewing Your Mind to this

truth the heat of difficult seasons is merely the Catalyst to unveil the gold

within you my spirit and power at work in your innermost being just a little longer Dear

Heart the night of weeping will give way to Joy Come Morning radiant Dawn is near

relief Vindication favor and blessings beyond measure await you I have promised

and I am faithful to fulfill every vow declared over you not one word of mine

has fallen to the ground void my plans for you will Blossom to full fruition in due season until then

take heart and wait with hopeful expectation your greatest breakthroughs

often materialize on the heels of your heart hardest battles Victory is assured so lift your head child of mine

March forward boldly into your arising Destiny the future brims with promise

and purpose Mountains will move and Giants will flee as you advance armed

with my power and spirit infused strength trials will give way to triumphs storm clouds will clear

Darkness will evaporate in Dawn’s Golden Light ushering you into broad blessed

places of increase favor and joy a season of abundance and repayment is

slated to descend promises fulfilled dreams unlocked Revelations illuminating

your purpose path stand in Courage a little longer soon you will witness my

glory on display in your life my beloved child this world and all its glittering

enticements can never satisfy the deepest longings of your soul Soul its Pleasures are fleeting its trinkets

worthless its paths uncertain do not devote yourself to chasing its superficial

allurements they will only lead you into futility disillusionment and

despair instead I urge you invest yourself your passions Pursuits and

purposes wholly In My Kingdom build upon the Bedrock of my

wisdom and ways not the ever shifting Sands of cultural tides and Trends my

truth and principles serve as the only sure Foundation giving you access to the

plans and Destiny I have prepared for you before time began align every fiber of your being to

my will and word therein you will discover life’s greatest meaning joy and Mission you

were created for a unique special purpose to walk in glorious Freedom as

my cherished child reflecting my nature through all you do only by abiding in me will you become

who you were destined to be unlocking blessings beyond your wildest

dreams so resist the vain Temptations of worldly pleasures that seek to sabotage

and suppress your identity turn away from paths not ordained by

me those deadend routs paved with heartache refuse to be entangled by sin

that ens snares and leads to destruction instead walk the path of Life

illuminated by my truth Grace and spirit maintain your vigilance against the

enemy’s [Music] schemes his alluring Whispers SE doubt

meant to deter you from realizing Your Divine calling but you my beloved have power

over all the enemy’s devices though he pursues you stand unwavering against his

attacks take up my full armor and no weapon formed against you shall Prevail

my angels encamp around you my spirit empowers you from within you are anointed and appointed to fulfill a

sacred purpose so go forward boldly armed with my armor and fortified by my

indwelling spirit nothing can thwart my Providence at work within you no forces

seen or unseen can derail the destiny I have prepared for you remain rooted

steadfastly to me as you walk out your salvation with fear and trembling for I am working through you

to fulfill my perfect will as you abide in me I abide in you unveiling Divine

opportunities and favor at every turn together we will accomplish more than

you can fathom so stay close my child Chase hard after my purposes and you

will live fully and Thrive abundantly this I promise you my beloved child I want you to know

that you have everything needed to not just survive life’s hurdles but outright conquer them greater is my spirit living

within you empowering and equipping you than any forces in the world arrayed against you you need not approach your

future with even a shred of fear or anxiety confidently confront every challenge headon backed by my endless

power and resources no obstacle can ultimately overtake you when I reside within you

March forward boldly into each day knowing I am there to defend strengthen

and guide your every step take hold of my hand together we will crush every

stronghold and barrier as I lead you into the Glorious Destiny I prepared for you the battles you wage are ultimately

mine the burdens you carry I shoulder alongside you so stand unwavering filled

with courage and faith that my spirit within gives you full and complete access to everything required for

victory and breakthrough rise up my Champion confront those giants withstand

the Raging storms I impart to you my indestructible might be filled with my

Supernatural peace strength and strategies never will I abandon you we

will fulfill this race and finish Victorious together from Glory unto

Glory my beloved trials and tribulations are inevitable in this broken world but

do not give way to despair for I have overcome all adversity even what enemy means for evil

I transform for your good indeed promotion and breakthrough await on the

heels of your hardest battles I am strategically investing in your growth and maturation during this

training season conditioning you for all I have destined for you to walk

in Stand confident in this truth no forces in heaven nor Earth can halt my

ordained plans for you rest assured every Divine promise seated into your

life will blossom in due time until then wait patiently on me as I develop within

you Kingdom Pathways character and competencies the trials you now face are

but birth pangs ushering you into Destiny soon you will gaze back with

Clarity understanding your journey was essential for shaping you into all I intended for my purpose and

Glory so lift your head high beloved child the future is filled with promise

and Grand purpose Advance boldly with me into broad blessed places of Divine

Alignment and increase I have prepared for you together we will do Great and

Mighty works that radiate the knowledge of my goodness throughout the Earth my beloved child there are times

your path seems desolate and lonely when silence and obscurity dominate your

days dark Seasons descend when my voice Falls quiet in guidance Stills leaving

you questioning if I’ve abandoned the promises whispered over you these Wilderness places test Your

Allegiance and trust in me unlike anything else but I assure you I remain

Sovereign over every aspect of your life when Clarity eludes you anchor to this

truth I am good I am faithful and I will never forsake you the delays and detours

on your journey serve my greater plans for your spiritual growth and

maturity could you Glimpse how I am working every detail together for your good orchestrating people and

circumstances strategically like chess pieces on a board you would gain peace

and perspective but for now what I ask of you is deeper dependence upon my spirit

to walk by faith not sight allow your trials to deepen your roots into my

unchanging nature let confusion and obscurity produce greater connection and trust that I am guiding you even when

the way seems unclear know there are blessings to be found even in these Bleak places

Treasures emerge through difficulties that cannot take form any other way so stand steadfast refresh that your

sufferings today will unveil strength character and Authority Uniquely Yours

to tomorrow as you partner with me in Destiny for now rely upon my word as

Bread and Wine for weary Souls take comfort in my presence and

Promises which assure you I will never leave you stranded soon your mourning will turn to

dancing as breakthrough floods your Barren ground until then allow this

season of isolation and adversity to establish roots of faith and fortitude

as you walk with me my child do not buy into the deceivers

lies that you are forgotten or abandoned his falsehoods seek only to disarm and

deter you from seizing all I have destined for you rise up and dismantle every mental

stronghold attempting to instill fear or prevent you from realizing your full

holy potential as my precious child walk in the freedom Authority and

power I have provided through Christ refuse to languish as a victim or waste

another moment paying heed to those Sinister Whispers wishing to keep you bound and broken instead immerse

yourself in my truth Renewing Your Mind reframing your

self-perception allow my words to richly dwell within you transforming you into

the Bold courageous Warrior I’ve called you to be clothe yourself each morning

in the full armor I Supply through Grace keep your weapons of warfare ever near

stand your ground and never stop advancing my kingdom greater is the one living in you than all enemies targeting

you my angels guard you and my spirit empowers you Victory is assured now step

forward confidently into your destiny and life purpose watch in awe as I

accelerate blessings and overwhelm adversaries Through Your Surrender and Devotion to me no power of hell can stop

my plans for you our work has just begun

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