dear child God is the one who will always be there for you providing joy and Tranquility connect with me on a

deeper level and delve into the profound knowledge of my one-of-a-kind

ebook I welcome you to enjoy the ride a life of pleasure and contentment is

yours for the taking because I have left you an everlasting message in the Bible

pause for a mirror image and remember to memorize a few passages when interacting

with the Bible whenever ever you are going through a tough period this Holy Scripture will be there to encourage you

and give you comfort keep in mind that I am the one who will lift your spirits

and protect you from becoming jealous of other people’s achievements represent my

ever present company in your life saying prayers in jesus’ name may be a strong expression of my support and love as a

token of my boundless love I humbly acknowledge the kindness that is always there for the challenges I face based in

life which have both helped me mature and Made Me Stronger in my Independence

I am eternally grateful it goes against the grain of World Knowledge that my

country considers dependency and strength to be intimately interwoven I

created you to accompany me on this Earthly Journey with unwavering loyalty

in my ample Grace I give you things to ponder about and when you have issues it

shows how much you depend on me gather gather yourself when times become rough

things will work out for the best if you trust me tasks that seem insurmountable

become thrilling Adventures when we collaborate we strengthen our closeness

and are better able to face life’s obstacles together I want you to know that I am here to support you through

whatever challenges you face the more problem-solving abilities you gain the more safe you will feel I admire your

determination to overcome challenges in life my love and grace are sufficient

and being in my presence provides peace so all I have to do is enjoy myself you

seek me out at various points during the day because you like interacting with me relaxed since I will keep my gaze fixed

on you at all times I’m always keeping an eye out for you even if the world around us is full of diversions we tend

to forget about our connection I’m always here for you so keep that in mind anytime you feel like you’re going off

course the issue becomes even more precarious when one breaks up with a former sweetheart if you find yourself

in this situation seek repentance and return to me whoever enticed you to

leave me you should investigate you have my sincere apologies if you want to

change your focus and make me your world you should team up with me while you

succumb to my presence contemplate my role as the luminary of the sector and master of the universe may the Limitless

light of my life guide you and others around you through the Apparently insurmountable challenges that life

throws at you bringing them my love joy and peace you may use the fact that I am

competent when we collaborate to make me seem unable you have my undying support

and my Readiness to lend a hand which are essential pieces of this jigsaw even if I am realistic about your limits

please let your racing heart rest on my chest in times of need I will shoulder

your burden and lead the way instead of worrying about things you can’t change put your strength into strengthening our

relationship no matter how many times you look for my face you still follow my every move because you think I’ll show

you the path before you see how inadequate you are to find me you talk to me often and see your Voyage as a

shared experience I hope you may comprehend the boundless magnitude of my love for you as we confront the

challenges of life side by side you need to make a distinction between knowing me

and understanding how I serve you individually if you want to savor my loving presence to its fullest you can’t

function without the revitalizing energy of my spirit in order for you to really

understand the magnitude of my love I beg you to pray that he will strengthen your soul I have lived in The Wider

place you provide for me in your heart because of your Redemption the more love I can pour into you the more room I will

have I can expand this space by spending time with you enjoying my presence and

reading my word maintain a steady Cadence when conversing with me Paul admonished his followers not to cease

praying as long as this pleasurable habit persists you will stay near me

lastly I want my love to permeate you permeating everything that you say and do my affection for you has been

transformed into an invaluable diamond as a result of this with the exception

of me Elsa this may offer you happiness and even more importantly respect for

all intents and purposes a treasure is an item of Great Value and reverence hold on to me for I am the one who

rescued you who is God and who is with you at all times realizing that I’m always with you will amplify your

happiness and fulfillment holding me in the utmost esteem as your Priceless rescuer

demonstrates your unwavering commitment to making me your life’s focal point you

start to forget about everything else in the world keeping tabs on your ideas while you sleep might teach you a lot

about how you really feel you can always teach your mind to remain focused on me

so there’s no need to quit if you find places that require adjustment perhaps

if you committed certain scriptures to memory particularly those that draw you nearer to me that might assist my loving

presence fills your house and workplace when you ask my soul who Delights in

guiding you for direction you will get it you may discover Redemption by

relying on me I am no longer an impenetrable wall I welcome you and all my chosen lovers with open arms it was

my intention to enter the arena in order to bestow on you rich lives a one-of-a-kind bureaucracy is required

for the intricate workings of every individual’s existence if you want to make the most of every moment stop

comparing your life to other people’s it used to be that you needed a lot more money or stuff to be happy than your

neighbor the ability to live a happy holy life is a huge plus I have provided

you with food and clothes the two most fundamental necessities of existence and

I hope you enjoy them try to be happy with the blessings I give you no matter how many there are whatever you own

don’t obsess over it or feel jealous of others who don’t you risk losing who you

are if you cling to anything other than me in The Darkest Hours of your life you

will find me when you are happy and beautiful I am easy to discover in spoken back prayers however I am also

there when you are sad and ugly and your trials are chances for you to grow in Grace and experience my loving presence

more deeply so in the depths of your darkness in every Beyond and Beyond you

seek seek me out if gloomy Recollections and old scars keep tormenting you I ask

you to join me in those broken places so we may fix them the wisest thing to do

when matters get tough is to keep yourself firmly in my hands it is remarkable how the sublime light of my

presence stands out against the Stark black backdrop you find Solace and

guidance in this light which is abundant with Benefits I can see the road ahead with amazing Clarity since you’re

trailing close ly behind me I may heighten your sensitivity to my presence by drawing you nearer to me you need to

train yourself to forget about yourself do not let your mind wander aimlessly

that is not your life’s work in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve disobeyed

God introducing an innate inclination for individuals to be selfish however I

started making arrangements for you to maintain your Supernatural status the second you accepted my gift of salvation

my spirit has always found a home in you release yourself from self-centeredness

by placing your faith in this sacred Council whenever you want holy spirit

being excessively subjective is a typical Pitfall that promotes inward

concentration look at yourself in the mirror or in the eyes of others around you your focus has strayed from me and

the people around you instead redirect it to me is it my Everlasting

incarnation that you want my guiding spirit so that you may see beyond yourself and find fulfillment in my

loving presence your whole world will revolve around your love and confidence in me if you entrust me with your

burdens I promise to never abandon you your own self-imposed limitations are

dragging you down since you were never designed to carry the weight of hundreds of pounds my sincere request is that you

have a look at this artwork depicting you lavishing your emotions on me you need to train yourself to notice

when you’re under pressure and then you need to figure out who or what is putting the pressure on you so you can

identify it as your own if it isn’t just put it in the trunk and walk away if it

is indeed yours please get in touch with me so we can discuss it it is my

intention to share with you my perspective and my plans for the future be prepared to respond correctly but

don’t allow worries to take over your mind as a strong person I can help you anchor your problems and then you may go

on to the next job enjoying the freedom that comes from depending on me and working hard to fulfill your desires and

maintain my promise my abundant wealth will meet all your needs if you ever

feel unworthy or insufficient as you embark on a new Endeavor remember that

my grace is sufficient instead of wasting energy grumbling about how weak you are accept your lack of power and

celebrate your desire for me the verb is in the present tense emphasizing that my

astonishing Grace is always available to you feel free to contact me for any help you may need and take Delight in my

abundance my strength becomes most apparent when it reaches your weak spots when you are most reliant on me joyfully

collaborating with me will increase your productivity and boost the quality of your work the privilege of collaborating

with me should stay with you the almighty King and Lord of lords are

offering you up as a live sacrifice to align your desires with his will I am

filled with excitement because this offers purpose to your life as a worship service even so it hints at the

tremendous incomprehensible Delight that awaits you in Paradise when you seek me

out may you find pleasure and relaxation in my presence praise me in song and

psalm see my magnificence and consider that I forsook the Heavenly splendors to

bring you into my state of light and life eternal in my holy presence you

will get nearer to me as you experience this Joy there is greater cause for Celebration The Closer you are everybody

around you feels happier when you’re happy if you want to brighten someone’s day all you have to do is spread Joy

when my followers are satisfied you have the power to influence those out outside your inner circle as well I seem to

attract even the most skeptical individuals pleasure is a Guiding Light in a dark world yet some people don’t

know whence it originated the reasoning behind your desire should always be easy to see if

you stumble you can rely on me to catch you I understand you’re not very strong

there and may easily trip if I don’t give you a hand no amount of Grace will save you from the sins of this Fallen

World you will always be in need of my assistance while I am here I can make

you seem perfect ideal pure and faultless I have bestowed upon you the garments of Salvation and the

righteousness robe as decorations put your confidence in yourself and these Royal robes your

protection is a gift from my righteousness not from anything you’ve done an immense feeling of Happiness

awaits all of us as proud as I am of you now my pride will Skyrocket as you bask

in my glory it is difficult to find the right words to describe the immense Delight that

awaits you in Paradise what you have left behind is really remarkable it will

endure indefinitely and be immune to any attempt to diminish its value that

should happen Envision this my darling a love so strong that it crushes your

spirit as much as it does your body an overwhelming sense of awe and Singularity will wash over you when you

encounter such extraordinary love my love will become yours exclusively the moment you give yourself over to me

and you will undergo a transformation our undying love will provide you with Indescribable Joy receiving you comes at

a cost and when you forgo everything you also forgo being who you really are the

Sanctified blood of Jesus Christ stands as a symbol of great sacrifice and Oneness with God I long for the day when

our love is completely focused on one another since I know that our love is maturing if you’re willing to open

yourself to me which is the essence of our relationship I can flood your heart with ecstatic delight and boost your

spirits I’m Flawless at all that I do so you can rest easy my dear have complete

faith in me I will never betray your confidence or exploit you in any way true freedom is yours when you surrender

to me as strange as it seems no matter where you go I will always be with you

and your spirit will reign over the ever growing Realms where the Lord rules my boundless knowledge is molding you into

a Celestial mirror of my image and I respectfully beseech you with the help of others to reflect the Divine

radiation I have showered upon you so that you can Thrive so enjoy the freedom

you’ve discovered in me and be patient with the affectionate love that defines our sacred relationship because I am

your trusted advisor and ruler you are the rightful owner of all those virtual

subjects therefore you must have total authority over me as I once told my

devoted followers do not let the lack of such fleeting things depress you it

makes no difference whether you are lacking in material wealth social status

or other outward manifestations of material achievement what good is it to Aid every person on Earth if you

yourself never get near to God think about it unmatched in its Perpetual

brightness is the Everlasting Diamond the invalu able Treasure of endless life

imagine instead a skilled Jeweler whose obsession is locating the most Exquisite pearls Imagine The Jeweler’s life

shattered as he gives up everything in his Mad Dash to get his hands on an unmatched Pearl his heart would race

with excitement my pride is in my country my darling learn to find enormous Delight in my company

regardless of any material adversities that may come your way please for the love of God stop comparing yourself to

other people as soon as possible it’s a certain way to bring misery into your life I’ll never forget your unique

arrival my pink sacrifice and how valuable you are to me establish a

strong and long-lasting bond with me the Savior whose love for you is Limitless

and above all comprehension until you fully reflect my ideal for you I will continue molding

you daily if you want to know how to nurture genuine Delight Thanksgiving is the Royal Street in order to experience

genuine happiness it is necessary to express thanks thanking people who bless

you is great but you must always remember that I am the one from whom all benefits come so from now on thank me

and compliment me all the time you will grow spiritually by doing this little act and that will bring you pleasure and

deepen our relationship as my cherish disciple magnificent Grace both

undeserved and undeservedly so has bestowed itself upon you nothing and no

one can ever take away your huge inheritance from you you mean the world to me and no matter what happens my love

for you will remain unwavering remind yourself that there is always an opportunity for A New

Beginning by saying those words to yourself every day thank you Lord Jesus

Christ for the gift of each new day I hope you take advantage of this time to pray for and receive all the gifts I

have promised you but never forget that the most precious present you can get is

the gift of my presence with you when you confide in me I am really worried about you and will be here for you no

matter how bad things go take comfort In My Embrace never let your troubles

emotionally consume you they serve as a constant source of comfort no matter how

much you want to solve things after you’ve tried everything it’s typically better to just wait for rejuvenation

while we’re together and pray stop believing that you can’t relax and enjoy

life until you’ve resolved your issues even if we live in a troubled world you may discover calm inside me we

collaborate when we go on dates together we can’t do it without the encouragement and guidance of our other team members

in order to not hurry things maximize your skills and work with me to accomplish what seems impossible rest

easy and ask for light at the right time I will show you the path you will

discover Adventure in my presence so embrace me as my beloved and grasp my

hand with unwavering acceptance I bring endless happiness to your life feel free to let these words

echo in your mind and soul you can always rely on me to be a devoted friend

the happiness you bring into my life has no bounds if you really believe this then every day is a wonderful reason to

celebrate get over the shame you feel when you have a poor day you are waging a huge

struggle and the times you are going through are harsh but I am right there with you holding your right hand my

everpresent love allows you to demonstrate goodness time and time again

my affection for you will remain unfaltering even if the demands of this world prevent you from acquiring

tangible Prosperity despite the disorder in the world it allows you to find Solace

Beneath My Wing it lets my river of Joy flow freely even when the arena isn’t

filled with excitement if you are thirsty you may find solace in my loving presence which is like a river no one’s

happiness can compare to mine you’re becoming more and more attracted to me and I encourage you to feel my charm

this invitation is filled with so much happiness the natural Marvels may be feeble yet they nonetheless reveal a

part of my beauty on the other hand when we finally meet in the Heavenly realm I will reveal to

you the most profound Secrets which reflect my boundless Glory prior to that

the privilege of admiring my attractiveness necessitates constant vigilance toward my unseen existence you

will become nearer to me through prayer and contemplation of my words but above all else know that I am with you at all

times I show you how to become more self-aware as my awareness of you increases with every passing second all

throughout your home car and office there are little signs that I’m close by

say my name softly to yourself so that I am always near you get ready for an

incredible Adventure by lifting your voice in praise to the Lord reading or reciting scripture aloud and surrounding

yourself with others who are just as eager as you are to learn more about me

come after me with all your might and and follow me closely as if I were a necessity you couldn’t live without

redirect your attention from the apparent to the invisible you squander a lot of mental energy worrying about

little things in my reign I will not stand for small issues my sight is a

gift from God but it may also be a trap if I’m not careful you need to figure

out how to get your hands on mirrors that reflect the media’s glorified portrayal of Beauty with unnerving

realism imagine that this pushed you over the edge into an unhealthy obsession with your looks everything

that applies to your possessions and ties to family also applies here with

all these things taking up your time you fail to appreciate the very satisfying moments we share in your pursuit of me

you are joining the mission of the only Flawless creature who has ever existed

my holy innocent Essence is what makes me perfect not my outward appearance but

my unfaltering love for you and my ability to bring you the deepest Serenity put your attention where it

belongs on me and let go of your cares I will help you achieve inner peace my

darling take a moment to absorb this you are mine by right of adoption into my

royal family and I will confirm it I view you with a gentle gaze I picked you

before the sector ever began so you could remain innocent and pure in my sight I realized that your daily life

does not deserve such a great reputation but your Immortal place in my state makes you a holy and innocent person the

genuine you that I laboriously created has my full backing even when I disagree

with your behavior on occasion I know how much you want my approval and how hard it is for you to accept it think

about these topics in light of yourself and other people with an attitude of Grace Grace may help you focus on the

positive and righteous things instead of the bad and evildoing come with me as I shape you

into my image painting your life into my image with each passing day and see the

transformative power of my paintings not only do I approve of you but I also like

having you as an integral part of my identity and cherish the special connection we have because of how deeply

embedded you are on the other hand we are both still here you never go out on

your own excursions since I often use your your perspective you have my extraordinary recommendation to build

your life around I’m fully behind your efforts to build upon this basis

gratitude is a Cornerstone of your life that I cultivate by being here for you

every step of the way as your capacity for thankfulness grows your life gets

richer being grateful is essential if you want your heart to be open to receiving abundant pleasure you may also

learn to persevere through adversity without succumbing to feelings of hopelessness or

self-pity your Everlasting salvation and my unwavering love are resources that I

can always draw on no matter what in spite of the fact that certain benefits

like those related to relationships money or health could evolve over time such blessings remain please list the

benefits of both types until you feel overwhelmed with gratitude you don’t contain God but I do it may be a one

wonderful reality but it sounds harsh nonetheless Satan Fell From Grace like

God and took over his job as Creator when he tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden with an almost comparable desire

Eve caved into his Temptations Eve and Adam succumbed to Temptation in that Split Second humans have always wanted

to be Heavenly meddling with every part of existence and finding fault with anything that doesn’t go their way

realizing you are not God gives you the freedom you Craig because they include most of the things

that are really important you would rather not let go of and push everything relating to things that are beyond your

control eliminating Superfluous tasks allows you to concentrate on the things

that really matter when they are within your control furthermore you may express

your concerns to me acknowledge my sovereignty pray to me proportionally

and thank me with your wishes by adopting the this lifestyle you will experience an overwhelming

sense of Tranquility that will be hard to put into words please forgive me my

sinner for all the wrongs you have done both known and unknown in the past in

the present and in the future I am really grateful I have always and

without fail met your need for forgiveness if that is what you honestly want you became my child and I became

your dad because you placed your faith in me to save you I am the Eternal God

for you life is eternal in the face of this tremendous potential release your

anxieties about the future and welcome the pleasure it brings a radiant and pleasant future awaits you in Paradise a

legacy that cannot Decay shatter or fade the vast majority of people respond with

gratitude to this infinite Everlasting gift your life gets easier as you show

appreciation so if you find anything that makes you happy and helps you triumph over your problems whether it’s

a quiet prayer a yell a song of Praise or something entirely else remember to

thank me an exciting way to express your love is to speak the Psalms out loud my

love for you is unwavering so come have fun with me my redeemed one I am the

main stem and you are one of my branches whoever stays with me and has trust will reap a Bountiful Harvest if you want to

do anything with this great truth it’s to break off our critical link like sap

leading a Vine onto its branches I am the vital energy that flows through you

you are the channel through which my awareness travels I have chosen to call your existence my home since I am

boundless and Flawless like a family we have a special connection your ideas

feelings and weaknesses are now much easier for me to discern you have my

word that I will be a rock for you whenever you let me into your life and home it’s a positive thing when you

listen to my guidance and follow my recommendations if you attempt to do everything on your own without thinking

about our important link you could enjoy a lot of freedom but it might lead to

bad conditions your Deeds may not have an eternal effect if our connection is weak enjoy my presence and revel in the

life I given you my sickness is permanent and the arena you see is transient it will never never open again

although you are seeing awful things occurring all around you you must maintain your hope the fact that I might

have called upon formidable entities for Aid doesn’t mean that I really did it I

went to hell and back for the people who trusted me you are highly valued in my land where the light of eternal life and

the brightness of everlasting light shine like I stated in John the

sector sees me as its light those who follow me will never have to wander

aimlessly through life again I will shine a light on the way keep believing in me even when things seem hopeless

even if you don’t see anything I’m making sure everything is functioning well no matter how it seems you are a

citizen of my nation therefore even when the arena is struggling you may still

find pleasure and satisfaction in your heart as I reminded my friends here I’m

going to tell you something right now keep your muscles toned just as I declared in John I have won over

the challenges I hope that these recommendations may be useful in your pursuit of world peace stay strong there

are those who understand you are a citizen of my country and that is why I have triumphed over the sector you know

you can rely on me for Everlasting peace if things get rough the best things in your life are about to happen and I want

you my darling baby to enjoy them to the fullest picture them as soft raindrops

about to land on your own Abode and bathe it in boundless Splendor the love

I have for you is Limitless and the plan I have made for you is more Heavenly than anything you could ever imagine in

the safety of my arms you will discover a purpose that will last bringing you deep peace even while you’re going

through tough times because I have the power I can make something beautiful out of them imagine me rescuing you from the

desert of life and taking you to an oasis of cool water with unfaltering trust immense joy and deep humility I

beseech you to embrace the forthcoming rewards they may be many in the seemingly little details of everyday

life therefore you should never discount their significance in my many

understandings I choose the ordinary and seemingly Little While others seek enormous benefits all the while knowing

that I’m capable of big things with within them my beloved open your eyes

because marvelous and awe inspiring things are about to happen in your lives if you seek my word you may Embrace a

method of blessing that is uniquely designed for you my eyes seek humbly and

my soul longs to fill a life that is always prepared to provide forgiveness and love make no mistake about it you

should have no worries that I have selected you out because the foundation of the sector is written on an eternal

scroll Your Fate has been meticulously woven now could be the perfect time for

me to gently tap you on the shoulder bringing you closer to the depths of what I have carefully planned for you

join me daily at my holy altar bring me your concerns and flaws and in return

get my infinite forgiveness get yourself ready for the allotted Moment by rising

from that Holy spot as you approach the end of this endless Journey you will be required to accomplish several

significant tasks you will serve as a vehicle for my plan let us go off on

this life-altering adventure together because I will be your steadfast companion you must always remember that

my love for you has no bounds and that there are rewards in heaven that bear your name

clearly I get that you could wonder what the heck happened on the unexpected bends of your life’s path in this earth

and in the Heavenly kingdoms events are converging to fulfill your wish so put

your trust in me completely in order to get substantial provision and

independence from debt I have given an unbreakable command exceptional insight

and benefits tailored specifically for you and your family the intensity of my

Limitless love for you drives the predetermined scheme that leads to your heavenly inheritance I have always kept

you close to my heart dreaming of the many wonderful things that will happen to you on your path but above all else

know that my love for you will stay forever and is the greatest present I could ever give you my love for you

never faded even when you seem distant I held you close as you leaned back to me

freely admitting when you were wrong I feel a connection to your genuine truthful and repentant heart I see your

affection your understanding of your emotions and the reasons behind the value you place on honesty in a world

where Others May likewise accuse and judge using Dawn’s masks of Purity and Perfection no dishonesty can ever

tarnish my idea your demeanor is one of Tranquility your thoughts of Charity and

your attitude of Innocence you stand out from the crowd you continue to climb with unfaltering faith even when you

fall never let mere mortals wave their hands at you no one here thinks it’s

right you may be certain that I will bless your efforts abundantly as long as you maintain this Faith attitude and

come to me daily with a humble heart that is eager to listen and analyze in

spite of material Prosperity your Ambitions create a stronger impact in

your family you are looking for benefits and I am ready to provide them to you

plus a whole lot more get yourself ready to jump right in when the doors open

embrace the opportunity concurrently with your present Focus miraculous occurrences in the nonsecular realm will

increase new opportunities will arise connections will Blossom and challenges

that seem insurmountable will transform into blessings as a result of your steadfast faith and patience those

advantages will provide comfort and sustenance to your house but always keep in mind that the greatest and most

precious gift already exists inside you my Everlasting Love take my idea into

your possession I have the solution to all your troubles therefore my my dear

come to me tell me what you’re hoping for I adore you and you know it a fire

keeps burning inside you and you wish to return to this prepared and desolate house even when you feel far from it

fear not I’m aware of that perplexity can make you confused about what to do

since they muddy your thinking even though you had faith in God you experienced disappointment in this place

especially from those you trusted humans supposedly went their own ways forgetting about you and you felt

dejected wondering why I failed to answer your questions while we were known I promise I will be punctual at

all times I am still very much here by your side even if you don’t always

believe in my abilities watching over you will always be there to help despite

your initial skepticism that your all powerful God could converse with you simultaneously you must not Veer from

the path that has been laid out for you lovely things have been given to you you

are in fact cherished here in this Sanctuary where you may feel included and at peace enabling you to unwind at

night with profound and revitalizing longings while you sleep tonight picture

yourself standing alongside a pristine River fix your Gaze on me as you barefoot walk along the stream releasing

all of your pent up emotions a surge of Renewed Energy a weight lifted off your

shoulders and a feeling of of grandeur will wash over you when you first open your eyes in the morning that is a

benefit for those who reflect on their lives own their faults and return to their faith finding someone who is

always complimentary is not something you should pursue I am standing here

life is my word that is correct if you put it in your heart I will pour my Holy

Spirit into you my very being is a gift to you and I am the one and only solution to your deepest longings an

enormous Boon is approaching so make your faith known by proclaiming it with all your might does it seem to be

reaching you can you find Tranquility but I implore you do not let your trust

be weakened by uncertainties instead feed your heart with my message keep

your ground last but not least I can cure you of any illness you may have

bravery in the face of adversity will cause the debts and other negative influences in your life to fade way

today you may achieve your freedom joy and fullness of pleasure are flowing to

you as the bonds are being broken I will do a miraculous Act of adoration for you

your heart will be bursting with joy when your mouth is full all of my previous statements will be concluded it

is within your reach to see firsthand as I have assured you with everything you have you may even be a blessing to

others and an aid to the downtrodden now let me cure all your hurts and throw off

your discouragement with my strength as I passionately touch your body soul and

coronary heart let me in through the cracks in your spirit and my calm will fill you you have stayed chronic battled

so hard and endured so firmly discouragement and criticism from others

were of no consequence to you the time has arrived for you to assert your Triumph get your sustenance and Thrive

give me the Reigns to your ideas and I can help you out with every step I can fulfill your heart’s desires so come and

enjoy my company I will respond to your call the content I’m about to present to

you is First Rate and of the highest quality I beg you to think about me all

of my vows are in writing you’ve probably heard that for those who believe like I do everything is possible

I understand your response let me know that you have faith in me but you must also take action and choose to cut ties

with those that pull you away from me if you lose trust in them they will no longer come to your Aid in times of

great crisis and material Goods will be of little use to you either put your

unflinching faith in my assurances whenever you wake up during the day when

you’re tired and just before you fall asleep you’re thinking about me before I

even arrive make your demands known and have faith that I can fulfill them so

that your growth and development are as good as they can be my words may mend your broken body bless your loved ones

and Grant your every desire possibilities abound for your table and property and happiness will spill out

from every direction genuine affluence will shower down upon your family take

my blessings with a spirit of appreciation and humility and keep in mind others who are less fortunate give

generously to those in need help the least fortunate while I bring Heaven blessings into your house via the open

Windows of opportunity the peace and stability that ensue are my true benefits in the realm of health and

knowledge that Usher in times of joy and fresh Beginnings I implore you to join me in proclaiming the possibility of a

brighter future for my loved ones many dreams you believed were unattainable will soon come true God who is both

Mighty and miraculous is never far away not only today but forever more I am

able to provide for shield and sustain you I’m speeding up the process so you

can receive your benefits and you’ve got all the answers you need let my presence

assume its proper position in your home while you get your mind and heart ready

your way of life is going to alter as you pay attention to what I have to say right now even before you say it I know

what you want but please keep your ideas and aspirations pure make sure you ask

me the right thing find out what you want and where you’re going there will

be sacrifices made in pursuit of Triumph I will no longer offer you anything that

disappoints you or separates you from me instead I will give you the satisfaction

that becomes an everlasting blessing in your family via proper religion passionate prayer hard work and personal

sacrifice for your own family’s sake I refuse to let your absence continue any

longer I hope you find success on a worldwide scale and continue to be a beacon of light in the streets but when

you return home there must be no more Darkness never Overlook those you care about put an end to the tension in your

lives and don’t give up on becoming healthy genuine Serenity unfaltering Faith AC quiet lifestyle and

independence from worldly goods are always my top priorities when it comes to finding what’s first class for you

though you came into this world empty-handed and will leave it empty-handed the love and devotion you

bestow upon those who love you the faith you share the aid you extend to those in need and your unwavering devotion and

Faith are the treasures that will accompany you on your journey through life and bring you genuine religious

Acclaim from what I can see my dear daughter and son you have been reliable

even in the smallest of things and I have a wonderful gift in store for you one day I will be able to lay my hands

on you and and Crown you with my own in order for you to experience my advantages and leave your troubles

behind I have the capacity to change the seasons change hearts and put everything

in its proper place calling out to you to open up I am standing at your step it

is my deepest wish to remain in your house and shower my miraculous Tranquility over your whole family

everything that has been unfairly stolen from you will be multiplied again maintain your resolve and refuse to

accept loss as a final outcome perhaps life has also hit you hard you may have

also been deceived by other people even if they want your downfall know that I

the Lord your God am on your side and will not abandon you you have the ability to rise because of my love Grace

and the strength I have placed inside your heart you may take a proud stance like a courageous fighter those who want

to undermine embarrass and Destroy You may be amazed at what I will achieve through you they may be able to see eyes

wide open as I guide you from the barren Wasteland Into The Verdant region where Miracles grow despite all the hardship

you’ve endured the day of your wealth is here I will alleviate your pain rescue

you from slavery and provide you with Incredible Independence pay close attention in your life something

magnificent extraordinary potent and fantastic is about to happen you have my

undying admiration assert your Viewpoint if you’re feeling sad today try not to

beat yourself up direct your attention to me if you feel weak let your heart’s doors open enjoy the sweet Serenity I

provide let your mind relax for a while as the creator of the cosmos I must have

an urgent conversation with your soul the Raging storms that batter your lives should remain calm I say so no longer

should you be alarmed by the dangers that lurk in the world hoping to shake your Faith obscure your vision of your

accomplishments and otherwise destabilize you you may feel vulnerable

at times but know that it is in your vulnerability that you draw strength from me your faith when coupled with my

strength makes you Unstoppable your regenerated Vitality renders your will

unwavering and your vulnerability is eliminated with confidence you may say

with conviction that I am strong and you can confidently go on your Trek to the Pinnacle where I await you here all your

desires will be fulfilled now is the time for me to express myself via art

and construct a picture of your life that incorporates my wishes spread your wings and so higher jumping is your

planned maneuver not retrenchment where I’ve been waiting for you misery and despair will no longer accompany you

they will not be a part of your life from now on every morning as the sun comes up you will will be surrounded by

a fervent and Lively religion no amount of bad news or concerns can ruin the beautiful grin that is already on your

face therefore choose happiness in any situation you are mine my precious

little one never forget that you stand out in your field because my holy spirit is within you also people may be scared

off by Whispers and lost in the belief that you are the possessor of my miraculous love you have incredible

faith and the prayers and words you speak are full of power so go ahead my darling I release you enjoy life to the

fullest and tell your loved ones about the words I’ve given you I am fond of you and I am able to provide you with

sadness fill your soul with courage bravely face each day it’s me and you

nobody can ever let you fall from my side rest assured I know the challenges you’re facing are big but my strength is

stronger I a very potent Illness but your foes might also rise to meet you in

addition to wanting to Grant your wish I also want to help you resolve issues within your family it may upset you but

I will perform a miraculous transformation and everything will be different for you tell me now are you

going to believe me or not believe what you want and you can push yourself to your limits fight what you need to do

your job well and stay the course in your faith you’ve been through a lot and

I know you’ve cried quietly about it it but today I’m going to shower you with love and help you wipe away your tears

so that you can drink from my living water and have a healthy body A Renewed spirit and a thirst free Soul the Devil

May launch an upward push at you every day in an effort to pull you down but today you will stand firm supported by

my favor you are nearing the conclusion of the difficult days you have my whole

attention and my love can dispel any concern I am a baby and nothing is impossible

for me in terms of appearance today I stilled the tempests inside you and

granted you the ability to ride out the waves of uncertainty just as I did when I split the Seas calmed storms and

activated Miracles you will not perish because I will strengthen my hand and

rescue you with my kindness to help you stay strong while you swim against the river I’m sending my angels to keep an

eye on you in your fights you have a Heavenly Army at your side your

anxieties and adversaries will fail because my power is greater than everything else and I have ordained

great benefits for you take Delight in my company and always keep in mind my

darling that you are more than a conqueror when I am by your side I want you to know that last night when you

prayed for the courage strength Serenity and stability to confront the difficulties of life I listened you are

now the the object of my investigation you have emerged from your Slumber fortified and ready for the day ahead

you are no longer vulnerable or disheartened in spirit any giant that dared to confront you would be no match

for your courage a newfound faith has replaced the old Terror where there was

once fear now there is courage you may have felt your legs quiver the day before at the prospect of the challenges

that were ahead but today you are prepared to face and conquer them I have kindled a fierce ambition for

achievement inside you therefore you should get up and go on I have not only

LED you here but also given you the power to face a thousand Giants so take my energy at face value keep in mind

that my energy is unmatched no matter how difficult the challenges you face along the way through thick and thin I

have been by your side through thick and thin bringing you to this point in time

with all my might and love I Will Stand By Your Side Beyond being a conqueror

you are more there is no significant obstacle that can stand a chance against you you have the strength and

determination to complete any task that I give you your goal should be to conquer every challenge that comes your

way so that you may enjoy a life of perfect affluence and Tranquility right now divert your focus from your worries

and bring your gaze to me each of these steps is a method method my word will nourish your trust and my promises will

fill your head when I am in your heart your anxieties will go away you have the

ability to face any individual headon and come out on top every time go ahead

and push yourself upward fight with the power of my Holy Spirit and no one will be able to defeat you in battle you are

strong and resilient and I love and trust you remember anything is possible

for those who believe that I care about you so don’t give up hope I will be

there to support you and give you the strength to keep going no matter what challenges you face you will now be able

to overcome them because I am giving you all the power you need to stay alive you

will feel a stirring inside you to take flight go forward confront challenges

head on and stay steadfast in your beliefs you have tasted failure and

disgrace before but the scenario you confront now will not be able to deter

you since I know you have experienced Triumph and victory before be filled with Courage by focusing on my words

your strong faith will attest to that Mysteries of the extraordinary Embrace

love face your fears cut ties within authentic people and stop pleading for

everyone to survive on those chilly nights when you might need some words of encouragement a helping hand or just

someone to listen to you without passing judgment I will be there for you

if you really want my help in a kneeling position I will provide it please do it

not because I have asked but because you have affection for me display your dedication and Allegiance in this way

impressions of religiosity fail to motivate me people who openly act as if

they like me don’t have my attention to hurt my loved ones and my anointed ones

Gather in secrecy I will sing the Praises of your faithfulness faith and

dedication and I will grant your requests as you approach me with all your heart my feelings for you are

immense and you are aware of them starting now there is no need for me to say anything further put your worries in

the past you need not remain afraid any longer I can strengthen your beliefs

joined hand in hand we shall march to Triumph with a calm heart your spirit

engulfed by my love and dissolved in my Tranquility since then it has evolved

expanded and will continue to do so there is no need to freak out good

things are about to happen for you you will soon be able to retrieve numerous items that you have lost as you can see

I am capable of doing everything something really remarkable is about to happen your requests have been fulfilled

there is no way you could ever desire what I am about to give you no one else can decide what happens to you in the

future except me put an end to your Quest and don’t give the devil a chance to sew seeds of stupidity and failure in

your mind stay strong when you talk to me do business with me and have faith in

me to confide in me how you really feel it means the world to me this morning I

overheard you although your words may be few the impact of your sincerity and

purpose are what really matter as I listened to you yesterday your prayers would reach the Throne of heaven where

your fate is determined and I would bring you comfort from there even if your religion were as little as a

mustard seed which is something I have already told you I desire nothing more

than that based on that I evaluate my feelings for you I see the necessity for

what you have without a shadow of a doubt I adore you and I can see that you

feel the same way have courage and strength and don’t let anything bring you down while you confront your

challenges fear not under any c circumstances despite the scorn you have

held fast your confidence in me don’t let the negativity and pessimism of certain people cause you to lose your

Serenity therefore I assure you that I will never leave you that I will never leave you alone that I will protect you

from your adversaries day and night and that I will keep watch over you it means the world to me that you are emotionally

well your thoughts and Ambitions should be nurtured by my holy word and I want

them to be in harmony with my will other people’s fears should not force you to make hasty decisions choose carefully so

you may surprise and Delight them be strong and persistent and seek my face in prayer set your sights on success and

let go of the fear of failure I can lead you on the right path you are already

aware of my affection for you and the fact that I can hold you in my hand you will succeed in everything because of

the love I have for you in order for you to confront your challenges and adversaries fearlessly it is crucial

that you experience love and protection from me would you want to rely on my word for the many assurances that will

illuminate your path and lead you in the right direction walking about aimlessly

is not necessary my love will embrace you as I send you on your glorious Journey may you find the strength to

achieve great feats broaden your comprehension surmount challenges defeat

armies and Triumph over of formidable foes just let me know what else you’d want take it easy on me I want my will

to come to fruition in your life and for my power to be seen by others around you

in a way that is genuinely visible one day you could be the means by which I

help the world to start think about your immediate family I will heal their

diseases remove their poverty wash away their sorrows put an end to their animosity and disagreements and bring

peace and and forgiveness back into their lives if you would just pray for them and encourage them to seek me more

Harmony will permeate your home fear not and act bravely let them know of my

unfailing love and kindness their good fortune and safety are not their gifts

and they must know this assist them in remembering that I am the source of Their Blessings and sustenance keep

holding on to hope as if it were a Priceless gem stay firmly planted in my

word for it is more valuable than everything you could ever own the meaningless murmurs of those who Envy

you will no longer persuade you once they witness the blessings I bestow upon you their Envy will vanish I can provide

you with respectable employment nutritious food protection from Evil loyal friends and Harmony within your

own family you may have great aspirations and strong Wills to persist

keep going and succeed keep in mind that your age usually doesn’t matter keep your ego under check

at all times you can’t make an excuse based on how old you are anymore nothing

can stop me from making you feel amazing and my love for you gives me the power

to accomplish incredible things for you you may count on my undying devotion

love and support I long for the devotion and love in your heart gather your

belongings for a whole new ethereal life I could adore you forever if I wanted to

please know that you no longer need to be concerned no matter how heavy your heart is please do not let it discourage

you or strike you if you are an unmarried woman know that your prayers are heard and that I am here to help you

through the good times and the bad from my Throne a powerful River rushes it

carries away your troubles and leaves you with a spirit that is pure tranquil

and full of peace Faith desires and serenity surround me

free from the constant mental tempests that torment the walls of your head let

me explore the dark regions where disappointment and anguish lurk concealed by terrible

memories I have pardoned your transgressions because I am your king and rescuer you don’t need to torture

yourself with self-doubt and accusations if you really love and trust me never

doubt that there is a solution to your difficulties I don’t need you to face stress and hardship spending your days

with your head down without the faith to look up to the sky is no longer something I want for you starting today

I want you to have no worries at all I get that you live in a world full of pain yet you were chosen for these

moments you were born into the correct place and everything that has happened to you good or bad is a component of my

Divine Design your faith will ignite on this day day and your perseverance will

instill in you the humility required to accept the wonderful wisdom and blessings I am about to bestow upon you

as you release your connection to material items your financial worries will ease your loved ones your

well-being and your fate are all very valuable just as I love you patiently

and affectionately so should you love yourself refrain from expecting Flawless

performance from oneself even the most basic root limits might cause

misunderstanding while it’s true that we all make errors I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you stray

from my path your emotions may drive you in directions you would rather not go

but I pray that you find grace and mercy in your broken heart every day brings

fresh opportunities and precious mercies that I personally provide to you on a

daily basis if you’re still asleep when I arrive I’ll tap on your window to Rouse you my love for you has no bounds

and I can prove it by bathing your face with a soft luminous beam you should really think about me and follow my lead

now you have a family to lead aspirations to achieve and a future to live up to your heart is already mine

but I still want you to remain loyal and appreciative while you pursue your path to Independence I didn’t create you so

you might waste your life being thrown around by winds that clash with raging sees if you have pretend friends who

Build You Up only to put you down when you need them you shouldn’t blindly agree with them they constantly bring

you down and make fun of the hardships you’re going through and eventually you start to believe them as your faith

wains it happens all over again feel free to be alone when I tell you that I

love you I want you to hold on to my devotion and love as tightly as a newborn holds on to its naive trust you

will never be alone if you think of me in spite of all the obstacles you’ve faced you could emerge Victorious no

matter how low you feel I can provide all the support you need I will bestow

upon you the gift of Life the power to charge your devices and the fortitude to never give up you will never let the

feeling of failure control you again you’re incredibly fortunate and I am by

your side be considerate of those who have contributed to your success and use

the Beautiful gifts I’ve given you to benefit others around you you must realize that your wits alone have not

carried you through to the finish a lot of people have helped you out they’ve shown you opportunities and open doors I

have personally protected you from unseen dangers criminals and diseases I

want you to know how much I care for you my little baby I hope you succeed and

enjoy the lives I’ve planned for you I will be there for you no matter what because your faith and acceptance have

touched my heart I have guided your movements and placed individuals in your life to provide proportionate advantages

just as you have come back this far to increase the gifts talents and assets I

have given you seek out all those who have helped you even if you have never met them do good deeds without expecting

anything in return it is the road to plenty many have already blessed you now

I want you to show your appreciation by being an instrument of my love in the

event that they are in need of change I pray that they will recognize me in all their ways and prioritize me in their

hearts may my blessings be upon you and your loved ones I will make your house a

Haven for those who seek refuge in my light shining brightly at night guests

will forget about their problems the moment they step foot in your home and they may even feel my presence there

then miraculous things will start to happen no matter how obscure it may seem

to you at the moment I have a deep plan for you and everyone you care about I

may be the only one with an exclusive viewpoint but I think many others have high hopes for you my plans are always

good and I can bestow blessings upon you that will make your life better in ways that no one could imagine I beg you then

to pray without stopping to seek my word to be in harmony with my will and to

listen to my voice first thing in the morning so that you don’t have to walk in the dark I’ll give you directions and

a map I want you to leave this world each day Victorious not discouraged and defeated by the path others choose my

purpose in being here is to provide you with a with a great life my benefits

will surpass yours if you remain firmly attached to my hand and accept my word

occasionally they may seem to accumulate so I kindly request that you grant me a

little pause draw close to your eyes and focus on me by laying my right hand on your head I wash away all the troubles

from your spirit as it rushes out of my mouth a torrent of Living Water washes away my anxieties and those of my

adversaries furthermore I may encircle you still I emerge Victorious I have

your fate in my hands there are times when the current situation isn’t your fault I hope my my words bring you

physical and mental healing you may get out of bed that night feeling better to ensure that nothing bad happens to you

my Holy Spirit envelops and uplifts you those who oppose you know that you will overcome All Odds because of the

miraculous gift of my anointing that I have bestowed upon you by being creative

and foretelling I am revitalizing your reason the events of this life will seem

to you in a new light as of today I hope that when things grow more challenging

you will not let the anxiety get the best of you after all you are not a person without motivation if you want to

overcome feelings of defeat for good I’m giving you the tools you need to achieve just that despite the fact that others

foretell disaster and defeat I will strengthen you so that you can weather life storms even in these trying times

you will remain strong and radiant we enthrone you to carry the banner of Triumph those who stand in your way will

be embarrassed and peace may be yours my serenity will be with you no matter how

difficult the situation or how anxious you feel I will alleviate your concerns

and you will feel a profound sense of calm take a deep breath and relish in this spirit’s Newfound location you may

have challenging days but there is never a day when my love is absent problems

may also develop but you may not have to deal with them alone my love and protection will always be there to keep

you safe as you focus bring your eyes close to your heart and absorb these

words take a risk and ask for what you desire sustenance health support and

insight into your purpose keep your family and friends in your prayers problems arise and pass but I will

always be here getting my attention doesn’t need yelling and I’m not far away when you SOB I will listen and be

there for you your prayers reach me and I will not turn a blind eye to you you

have abandoned animosity and bitterness your prayers are beautiful and powerful and you have mastered the power of

thankfulness I send you responses with care gather them with perseverance

accept their delivery with trust and eagerly await their arrival so that you may enjoy their advantages as soon as

possible within the hearts of the people you hold dear I am at work make a

difference in their lives by demonstrating your loyalty to me and the importance they may have in your heart

you shine a light in the night that leads them to safety I’m here to protect everyone even if they don’t want me all

I need to know is that you like them I will protect and bless them and in the end they will realize that my love is

what keeps them alive your future Generations will be in awe of the hours you spent in prayer While You Weep for

their Redemption no know that there will be plenty of desire and Trust for those who seek me even when those around you

are lost and confused unable to distinguish between the real and the terrible you will remain strong in the

face of the Raging Sea don’t panic when faced with challenges nor succumb to

discouragement when your resources diminish instead face these obstacles

with courage clinging to my hand and remembering the truth you’ve embraced I

know you can accomplish it because you know my heart get moving help the people

who are on your mind and see how I will bring you Prosperity I can increase your

gifts unlock Heaven’s doors and shower you with blessings with every thankful deed you perform now not only will

enough and emotional and financial Independence be yours but this lovely attitude that is closer to seeing other

people will bring it as well with the goal of launching new companies I will

break the bonds of debt provide jobs and open doors in times of need you may

prove to be an Illuminating Light leading others to the Wellspring of your success keep the equipment in mind what

I have promised you is my word trust prayer and an attitude of gratitude

Embrace these principles and you will emerge triumphant from any Global scenario my darling beneficial outcomes

will envelop you while harm will no longer Come Close The Wicked will meet their maker

you will see it while you and your loved ones enjoy many blessings I will cleanse

their minds of worry and sloth replacing it with a fresh desire to learn develop

and help others succeed through their work loved and obeyed people are like trees planted by streams they bear fruit

in their season and never lose their foliage from the beginning this has been

genuine stay positive and defy the industry’s pessimism even when times get tough in order order to provide pleasure

and serenity to your heart I have such wonderful plans for you I extend an

invitation to you asking that you accompany me on this path these days

moving quickly isn’t as important as standing firm and never giving up be steadfast in your faith dear one give it

permission to stay calm and Powerful don’t let the world around you derail you hold on to myself and my look for

the time being you will not have to wait an eternity to reach your goal I know that sometimes your days might

seem lengthy and that fatigue can set in but remember that you have matured and

that you should not let your emotions control you anymore I will bless your family and friends and prepare their

path so that they can confront any challenges life throws at them because of the way you live your life you have

the potential to Vanquish your adversaries and overcome obstacles I won’t pretend that life is peach

but I will vow that my strength and faith will never desert you arm yourself

with courage knowing that you will Triumph and live out my word which mends your body makes your thinking clear and

strengthens your heart the shackles of Despair and discouragement are crushing you and they are making you question my

words I must break them begin the path to failure with that misleading pal a

great deal of this stress will eventually go away by committing to following me and staying in close touch

with my love a huge Miracle is waiting for you don’t be like those who plot

along in the mud seeking empty promises of material prosperity and transient

Fame everyone is in agreement that I am attracted to those who boast about their lives yet it’s a falsehood they

disregard what I say they reject my authentic self expression I will accomplish great things in you clothe

your spirit in humility and reject the services of the Devourer because you have opened your coronary heart to me

they do not want to know the one who entered the arena as a servant and sacrificed his life on the go so that

the anticipation of something good does not dampen your spirits and so that legal processes and uncertainties do not

sap your faith and joy I am here to lend you a helping hand and provide you with

more knowledge and Tranquility say to me now my God God I

believe in you I accept as true that you are with me and with endurance I watch

for my blessing pour out your whole heart to me you can be confident that I will fulfill

your request you have never stopped having faith in me because you know that Jesus has heard your prayers and

answered them all I have some great news about the modern period that I’d like to

share with you in every part of your life and house open Skies and and

Abundant Blessings will abound there will be an abundance of joy and contentment for you and your loved ones

for those who have faith in me who cherish my word and who wait for my blessing with unwavering patience all of

this is possible my darling you must remain unwavering and emotionally

invested a way of life is like a baby it takes months to grow from conception

to delivery for a seed to germinate and grow it must fall on fertile ground

experience injury and undergo transformation it takes time and energy for your blessings which are strong and

valuable to come to you I am confident that you are aware of this and that you have faith in me so you shouldn’t feel

discouraged instead of getting caught up in the Here and Now focus on the future

and seize every opportunity that comes your way let Commerce be your concern

I’ve tailored everything to your needs because I want you to thrive in this environment take a walk with me and I

will be your perpetrator no one can harm you accuse you or pass judgment on you I

will soon be able to Grant your wishes and show you a little bit of Heaven on Earth if you can only see the Heavenly

armies that are fighting by your side if you can feel my Divine light shining down on you and your enemies and if you

can sense the alignment of the stars and planets in your favor my little baby

because I bear witness to your truthful and unfaltering faith I am capable of channeling the whole

universe to bring you benefits I react to you every day with a unique message because your faith is

bold if you really believe in me my love for you will remain unwavering no matter

what challenges life throws at us raise your head high and go head first into

the battle may you be filled with bravery and confidence as I guide you to a place of Plenty ignore meaningless

threats and keep your eyes on my words praise be to you God because today I confess with confidence I believe in you

even when the ground shakes you will not have to worry about finding a peaceful place to rest beside Still Waters on

Uncharted pastures because I am your Shepherd I bless your spirit with

Heavenly honey and guide you on Paths of righteousness so that you will never be in want for I love you and will never

leave your side you are well aware of this and your faith is strong and unwavering which will carry you through

the darkest times even in The Darkest Hours your faith in me causes your

adversaries to tremble peace and plenty will be bestowed on your table following

my instructions will fortify you and the kindness and tenderness of heaven will reflect off of you you will remain in my

presence every day my word will speak to your heart and mercy will watch over you

nowadays accepting anything as true isn’t hard all it takes is a a little

humility and ease you must be aware of your limitations I will strengthen you

even while you remain unable to overcome them until you succeed I will be here to

support you when problems overwhelm you I will provide Tranquility to your mind

and ease to your soul I may encircle you but I will never leave you alone I will

always love you and be there to defend you I will strengthen my sword so that it can protect you from harm and let you

rest with a grin that exudes Tranquility you may confidently saunter the world

will see your radiant countenance and you will tell them that the Lord their God loves watches over and provides for

them your adversaries will bewildered screams will accompany the strengthening

of your faith my peace and provision will be upon your table my precepts and direction will give you strength and the

goodness of the Heavenly anointing will light upon your face Mercy is your

compass leaving the home of pain behind I am guiding you into a new Supernatural

existence by opening your spiritual sight Exquisite wonders are waiting for

you in my possession you haven’t asked yet my unending unconditional love will

shower you with blessings nonetheless no one can break our bond if you have recently given me your heart and are

committed to following me with unwavering dedication and tenacity be wary of uncertainties and diversions no

one can harm you or your loved ones although the devil tries to tempt your thoughts the devil tries to shake your

faith and steadiness in your emotions those who are evil and jealous

will be terrified by your might yet they may not be able to resist you my Holy

Spirit has bestowed upon you an unfaltering spirit and it exudes tranquility self-restraint and

extraordinary power you have overcome your fears and are now able to confront unexpected challenges with confidence

just keep in mind those words come focus on me and let my include fill you with

affection and peace and you will stay calm I am pleased to bestow upon you favor and blessings and I look forward

to seeing you succeed and flourish as you enter the Heavenly nation that belongs to you go forth into the world

and disseminate my phrase with passion purpose and a vision for doing what is right I will work wonders through your

hands feeding the hungry spiritually and providing Solace to those seeking a soul

optimistically saunter away from the clutches of helpless people look for a

group of individuals who support and encourage you genuine friends who won’t

try to control your life or a family you must not give in to the enemy’s demands

for captivity or accept their terms of defeat are you looking looking to form connections with individuals who value

you and undoubtedly support those that motivate you even if they don’t ask for

financial assistance our conversation will remain confidential and I must talk

with you immediately I will reveal my intentions and Screen the mystery I will

be waiting for you first thing in the morning if you want to get to know me better join me for a while keep your

requests coming and focus intently on the words I generate daily While others

Slumber in my many responses I will expose myself when you call upon me I

will respond by revealing to you via dreams and Ambitions issues that are both brilliant and astounding I’m

presenting you with an opportunity to see extraordinary Feats I will shower you with many religious favors if you

embody these statements unbelievable Miracles May unfold just in front of your eyes this isn’t a game a success or

meaningless rhetoric it is the power of my holy word always carried out at the

optimal moment in harmony with my divine plan you want a better future so that

your loved ones never have to worry about money again I am here to tell you

that I will transform you since you want a transformation with all your heart you must have trust in me because I can and

will turn people’s thoughts and Hearts from Darkness to light it’s time to leave this world behind

continue on the path you were on before Guided by trust and reap the rewards I

did you are now ready for your time since your hardships have prepared you I

am now capable of doing miraculous things for you and your loved ones the door that does not open should not cause

you to lose hope tell me something verify your ideas and jot them down immediately let your faith in me be

known take hold of the Divine encouragement I provide and let the these words of comfort comfort you even

if do shut it doesn’t always mean you have to wallow in misery it won’t be long before another magnificent door

swings wide as we Usher in an even higher era recognize that the Heavenly

sphere engages your life and faith in a nonsecular battle even if they remain

unseen by you I can find Heavenly wisdom along your path to help you overcome the

many enemies who are trying to limit your growth both externally and inside

if you follow this advice with humility and make time for prayer God May reveal

even greater things to you if you succeed in this conflict all obstacles will fall before you recognize that you

cannot achieve success solely through your own efforts the devil will seek out methods to sew Strife among you if you

disobey my message and abandon your faith you will go a long way touch many

people’s lives and bring prosperity to your loved ones through the wisdom and modesty of your

heart every aspect of their lives will be blessed with prosperity but we should

all strive towards this goal together reach out to me and touch me you are

ready to reach the Pinnacle of religious achievement the place where fate is written and lives are changed right now

you are the recipient of an infinite number of wonderful things you are laying the groundwork for future gener

generations to know me and serve me as you listen to my teachings which will

inspire your way of life they may all have unique talents access to resources

and an innate drive to learn and grow beyond their Wildest Dreams what I’m about to disclose to you won’t condemn

your family to a life of spiritual poverty emotional difficulty or bewilderment get the hang of dreaming I

will fortify your faith and give you the strength to confidently rece receive and use the benefits that are about to be

yours with my Limitless love I can turn your pain into Joy your sadness into

fortitude and your heartache into healing I want this seamless experience

for you even when you’re really busy and there are a lot of people get up pause

for a second and grasp this gift with faith your spirit and mind will be at

ease after reading this the power to control the roiling emotions within your head is mine to give you you can feel

like you’ve lost all your Vitality since the news you hear is both frightening and depressing however have faith in me

again I am here and you can do anything life goes on for you and this will pass

you by as well a Heavenly anointing has sealed your destiny and no enemy seeking

to discourage you with Misfortune can put out your good fortune in your family

and in your home as a whole I can cure any illness and turn any curse into a

blessing as well as turn a scarcity into an abundance I have the ability and my

eternal want is for you to receive all the Miracles I have promised as you continue with your regular

responsibilities look at this my little one although my feelings for you run deep I would much rather hear those

exact words from you holy cow I love you and think you’re great I am here to

fulfill all your desires since my love has no bound S I may restore what is truly yours and yours alone if you open

your heart to me and accept the healing and forgiveness my sugary love brings I have a better life in store for you you

only need to whisper these pledges to your heart they’re already in writing therefore if you want to trust do it

with all the might of Your Mind and Spirit do not be like those who speak of my love but never really give it any

thought they are too busy worrying about what other people think of them to notice when they are treating you badly

they claim to love you but are actually trying to take something from you they follow impossible rules that they do not

even follow themselves they act all holy and righteous thinking they are superior

to you and no matter what you do in their eyes you are always the one to

blame may you be granted complete Liberty I will send my Holy Spirit to

speak to you while you sleep tonight I will mend your spirit and Free Your Mind from all shackles when you wake up in

the morning you will no longer be bound at the very least my sweet intelligent

courageous and courageous kid you will be able to enjoy life without worrying about what other people think of you a

vibrant potent and unyielding Faith may fill you when others hurt your feelings

and upset you you may lean on me if you ever feel that there’s no reason to keep

going when everything around you is gloomy remember that you are mine and that I want you to strive for greater

things living in a corner and sobbing under that roof is where you’ll most likely experience scorn but I genuinely

care about you don’t settle for that you may forgive and mend with my support

with my powerful gifts and talents I will provide you with a better future health happiness and Tranquility return

to their proper places remain calm and dignified you are a cherished Royal

child child protected from harm by your Mighty Heavenly Father express yourself

from the depths of your soul my darling dear father please know how much I rely

on you with your name in my hands I am holding a miracle that we both know can be resolved even if your own family is

amazed those who secretly despise you and openly criticize you will bow down

to you begging forgiveness for the hurt they caused you they failed to appreciate you and they missed out on a

chance they were seeking when they turned their backs on you I can show you the way to a more pleasant setting on a

spiritual level I can Elevate you to a place where love Reigns Supreme free

from strife and jealousy you will be able to thrive and Advance because they will value the things I have given you

and the skills you have acquired quit stressing about wealth prosperity joy

health and my own family are the topics I cover peace without debt and sadness

it was all worth it because I can see your Miracle unfolding before my eyes and it is so beautiful and miraculous

that I know you will feel the same way you were right to tell your loved ones to put their faith in the God who loves

them unconditionally and after everything you’ve been through they’ll remember it

after they see how I respond to your please for wisdom and power they will beg for pardon and repent with tears for

their transgressions against me previously they mocked you thinking you were wrong I have chosen you for

something special something that will bring great joy to your family and Country forget about wasting time trying

to get other people’s favor and doing things only for the sake of getting what you want your path is one of a kind get

up from the floor and eat the crumbs they’re offering you must gaze at my Throne there you really belong if you’re

determined and have faith you can do it and you’ll see that all my promises to you are coming true even though I will

perform Miracles through you people will not exchange me for money roll call rest

easy knowing that my love is with you at all times and that I am offering you peace tell me if you need my Miracle my

little one I have it in my hands the test is over whether you passed or

failed and the next step is to determine who will receive blessings you have been

through enough hardship and have gained invaluable wisdom as a result it was courageous of you you encountered

unexpected challenges in your academic Pursuits this is no longer due to your

mistakes but rather to your enemy efforts to desperately try to shake you

as the wind shakes wheat open your eyes and believe your tears soaked the seeds

you SED as they fell to the Earth in the midst of the shaking a new healthy

seedling pops up it was already visible to you I hope this year leaves a lasting

impression on your heart a First Rate crop might be yours the seeds you

thought were dead have sprouted again and they may return to you as blessings beautiful and righteous to strengthen

your faith they will no longer bring disappointment they may not be able to handle the stress and problems that you

have my darling I have put you on this task you have an infinite amount of My

Affection your unfaltering faith moves me profoundly as you confront me each

day remember that no matter where your spirit soes I will always be by your side and my love for you will never fade

your guide and issuer is me so remember that your wishes may come true if you are compassionate and nice to other

people but keep in mind that you shouldn’t put all your faith in regular people pay attention to what I say set

aside skepticism and doubt and Advance with steadfast Faith because I am God

and no longer a human I’m no longer capable of lying my goal from the beginning of time has been the same to

save you provide you with eternal life and Lead You In The Way of righteousness

when it comes to your lives I am the way to the truth I beg you from the depths

of my heart to hold on to my promises so that you might escape the illusions of

this world it makes me happy to see that you think about me and aren’t listening

to the that’s trying to throw you off course trap you in a web of guilt and distract you from the truth my

love and my presence by sewing Discord in your mind through threats provocation

confusion and conflicting emotions I now comprehend why you hold

me in such high regard the ability to detect deception with the support of

love and a remarkable love in your life you will no longer let anybody drown you far away from where you now reside I am

here to hug you providing consolation with divine power and support after you

have experienced an awful lot of loneliness and a bit of kindness deeply

I value you I felt the anguish of your Beating Heart and saw your deepest

anxieties in an effort to avoid the problem you pleaded with my strong hand to intervene immediately you have my

utmost respect you place the utmost significance on this point as its decision will determine a great deal you

thought I was Furious and unmotivated to lend a hand give me a moment to tidy this up even when things are going

swimmingly you can still want my assistance you pay no mind to this regardless of how abundant your life

becomes the enemy wants to divert your attention destroy your faith derail your

goals and hurt your spirit therefore you must not lessen your defenses this is

something that’s been bothering you recently and I can help you with it your misery and distress break my heart

I no longer want this kind of pain and it isn’t my intention to cause it refrain from worrying about the same

things and instead give me control of all your thoughts feelings of failure

are normal just tell yourself that it’s not impossible you will overcome because

you have faith in the Lord God Almighty in due time your circumstances will

change your life will become better and the problems that are causing you so much pain will be remedied realize it’s

not an accident if you’ve listened to me up to this point Proclaim your faith in me and your determination to keep going

your fate will change and things will become better for you no matter what

because of your unfaltering Devotion to me I am able to supernaturally interfere

with your lives and you will soon be able to see the obvious resolution to your current difficulties for yourselves

just as I’ve been telling you that I like you recently now is the time to declare your faith and resolve and tell

me that I agree with you the idea of visiting your home where I could potentially shape your destiny

captivates me your earnest Faith filled prayers have drawn me to your side I am

ready to put my power to work for you and I am prepared to make a trade I am still profoundly moved by the unshakable

faith you have shown because it is the key that that opens the door to Miracles beyond the extraordinary know

that you have a special place in my heart and no matter what you can count on my steadfast presence I understand

the challenges you face and I am here to help a gentle presence that encircles

you in silence a love that soothes and Embraces you without criticism represent

an untainted state of mind my kind ear the kind that listens without judgment

is what your spirit it needs you will find your truth in your secret fantasies

so share them with me realize that you can’t do it all by yourself right now

this will meet all of your requirements I consider that you and your family go through a Barren hostile landscape where

loneliness kills faith and Scorn satisfies a desire for affection as your

toes stomp on hot stones and you cry out in agony I can feel the heat of the trip

through your screams I I know how important your fight is it’s really hard to keep going but I also know that my

hand is helping you however I have come to save you from the harm that your enemies do everything that you’re going

through right now is part of a cleansing process much like how fire brings out

the finest in Gold just like the sun will rise when you’ve expelled every trace of negativity from your soul so

will you keep in mind that I am not trying to put you up while bringing your fellow Believers down rather I want to

show you how to raise your hand to help those who are down and out I beg you to let off your wroth pride Terror

uncertainty and lack of trust refrain from remaining in the Hereafter the

happiness that lies ahead is incomparable to what you’ve known there instead Embrace change because it leads

to a better and more fulfilling future look around you for both big and little things for which to be thankful carry my

qualities inside your heart while you go with a pure moral sense riches can’t

compare to your worth the worth of your family or the value of your future

regardless of your status wealth or material possessions you should not be afraid of or sad over their loss instead

focus on what really matters love and seek me with unfaltering devotion and I

will provide for all of your needs authentic benefits will be mine to bestow upon you and I will open many

doors for you and show you First Rate opportunities you may receive numerous

benefits so stay informed about current events do not give up hope when you face

obstacles that seem insurmountable at first glance remember that I can turn

any obstacle into an opportunity for your success I discuss abundance and its

benefits get yourself in order so you can handle the gifts I provide you with Precision you seek guidance from my

sacred word to strengthen the gifts and abilities I have bestowed upon you however resist the temptation of worldly

Goods neither the Allure of celebrity nor the accumulation of debt for the purchase of luxuries should tempt you

your nonsecular path May reach New Heights if you concentrate on what really matters do your best to absorb my

wisdom and get to know me better through my words I will reveal amazing insights

to you incredible miracles are something I want you to see take immediate care of

your health and address any unfinished business within your family I have bestowed upon you the ability and wisdom

to resolve several issues today I don’t want you to wait until the last possible second Paralyzed by fear of failing

before you act in desperation go ahead and do it whatever your inner uncertainties may be you are filled to

the brim with bravery do good things together in the event that you carry out

your duties without fear you will gain much and lose nothing regardless of what

you give up or how others feel about your dedication to bettering your life and making good decisions put these

people under my care pray for them but don’t listen to their complaints or

suggestions they can’t save someone who freely walks into danger if you put me

first I will not only help you in any area but I will also lead you to success

and best Stow upon you benefits that are Priceless surpassing even riches I will

revive your Zeal for Life give you a boost and bring you back from the dead

all those in your immediate vicinity and generations to come will be able to see the Deluge of benefits I give you the

promise that I will clothe you in dignity that I will cleanse your footsteps and that my glory will fill

your house we can reach a consensus this too will pass your home is a place I

want to visit because of how much I like you it is my deepest aim to bring about a miraculous change in your life I have

seen your hardship firsthand and I will ensure that a shortage does not threaten your house or your family for many years

to come I will shower your home with blessings as a result I contend that you

should now reap the benefits of your labor your wealth Joy encouragement and

health will multiply as a result of my intervention rest easy knowing that I

will keep all my promises to you according to my holy word brace yourself

for a massive change as you shed the shackles of crippling self-doubt along

with my advantages come wisdom power and the ability to wisely choose how to

protect and expand the blessings I provide you so that they might be a gift to others I will be by your side

fulfilling your heart’s aspirations I am the supreme god and if you take possession of me you will have

control over everything you may always count on my undying love to be by your side offering Solace and the answers you

want in your darkest hours in my call you pleaded with me and I am here to

answer you your acknowledgement of my truth provides immense joy and your prayers spoken in all aspects of your

life are like fragrant incense that reaches my Altar and touches my heart

even if I have heard your requests before they gave you your mouth to kiss your explosion has made my day your

words reflect your unwavering belief and clear understanding of my love for you if you seek my Aid your heart will be at

peace because you will get what you ask for you and your family will no longer have to endure these trials I will give

you knowledge sharpen your mind and give you the ability to see the enemy’s moves

coming so you can counter them hold on to your faith take bold steps ahead and

seek out benefits even if you haven’t seen or spoken to them in a while I have

arranged for you to connect with people by their names I want you to hold their

memories close to your heart you will be both blessed by me and by the answer to

their prayers do it the way I want my darling trusting in me and seeking me

out from the depths of their hearts are the only ways to reap My Rewards your

continued humility will be required to keep venting enjoyment from entanglements in the future yourself in

my holy term and your religion will develop even stronger I’m opening a door

of tremendous importance in your life your self assurance will exude join me

each morning and give your full attention inscribe my assurances in the depths of your being hold on to the

wisdom I teach and listen closely praying with a bowed knee releases a

great deal of energy keep praying in that Spirit My Darling by bringing your fingertips to the floor in one of these

positions you are connecting with the sky the heavens will ReSound with an oath in response to your earnest prayers

and my loving hand will gently touch your head get out there and conquer the

world my darling you are accompanied by my angels my love protects you you are



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