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message from God

today dear child today I want to speak

to you about the vigorous Seeds of Hope

and Faith that I am planting in each one

of you the hope I speak of is not just a

passing wish but a confident expectation

based on the certainty of my word and my

faithfulness this hope is like an anchor

for the soul secure and firm which

penetrates Beyond the Veil of the

sanctuary where I am God said faith is

is the means by which this hope is

strengthened it is through faith that

you connect with me trust in my

unconditional love and my

promises faith is not simply believing

that I exist but it is the Deep

conviction that I am actively present in

your lives working everything for your

good declare my faith is strengthened by

God’s constant presence remember Abraham

who against all hope believed in hope to

become the father of many nations

as he was told so shall your descendants

be he didn’t waver in his disbelief at

the promise of bearing a child even

though he was old but was strengthened

in his faith giving glory to me the

interaction between Hope and Faith in

your lives provides a solidity that

transcends temporary

adversity when you keep hope in your

heart together with the faith to believe

that my promises are true and certain

you begin to see the world and its

difficulties in In a Different Light you

realize that every challenge is an

opportunity to demonstrate the firmness

of the faith you profess and to

experience my faithfulness in new and

surprising ways comment God is the

anchor of my soul you my beloved are

called to live not only by what you see

but by what you believe it is faith that

allows you to see the invisible believe

in the impossible and receive the

unimaginable the the hope that rests on

this Faith does not disappoint because

God’s love has been poured into their

hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been

given to them it is important that you

cultivate both Hope and Faith on a daily

basis as a gardener tends to his plants

so too must you nurture your faith with

the word prayer and fellowship with me

and other

believers hope will grow as you continue

to witness my Works in and around your

lives reinforcing your confidence that I

am a God who never

fails Proclaim I see beyond the visible

Guided by faith in God God’s love

transcends human understanding it is a

love that involves infinite acceptance

and mercy to begin to understand this

love we must consider the very nature of

God which is described in John where

it is stated that God is love this is

not simply an attribute of God but the

essence of who he is

therefore when we talk about God’s love

we are talking about something

fundamental and Central to God’s

existence and

character God’s love is demonstrated

most explicitly through the sacrifice of

Jesus Christ Romans

igin tells us that God demonstrates

his love for us by the fact that Christ

died for us while we were still

Sinners this act not only reveals the

depth and seriousness of God’s love but

also assures us that there is nothing we

can do to earn this love it is a free

gift declare Lord your demonstration of

Love on the cross is the foundation of

my faith dear brothers and sisters these

words of Hope and Faith were a gift from

the Creator to our souls like this video

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in our daily lives God’s love manifests

itself in various ways it can be through

unexpected protection in times of danger

or that inexplicable peace in times of

turmoil every moment of Our Lives from

the smallest details to the biggest

events is filled with God’s loving

presence even if we sometimes don’t

realize it we all long to be loved

unconditionally what makes God’s love so

special is that it is exactly that

unconditional it doesn’t depend on who

we are or what we do in Ephesians Paul

talks about the great love with which

God loved us even when we were dead in

our trespasses and sins he gave us life

together with Christ affirm oh God your

unconditional Grace and love sustain me

day after day reflecting on your

personal life there may have been times

when you felt alone or

misunderstood at such times God’s love

is particularly comforting he knows

every detail of our lives every thought

and every pain we face in Matthew

it is mentioned that even the hairs on

our head are all numbered this not only

highlights God’s knowledge of us but

also his deep and detailed

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