after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you God is saying to you

today my beloved child the very fact

that these words have found their way

into your hands that your eyes are now

tracing each line is a testament to the

strength of your faith your unwavering

belief your steadfast devotion and your


heart these qualities have brought you

to this moment a moment of profound

Connection in Divine

love know that your faith is a precious

gift a glowing ember in a world that

often feels shrouded in

darkness and as you nurture that Faith

tending to it with prayer meditation and

acts of love it will grow into a


flame Illuminating not only your own

path but also the paths of those around

you your faith pleases me deeply my

child it is a reflection of your trust

in my goodness your willingness to

surrender to my will and your Readiness

to receive my

love and as you continue to walk in

faith I will walk beside you guiding

your steps catching you when you stumble

and celebrating every Victory along the


so as you read these words let them wash

over you like a gentle wave of Love

renewing your spirit in strengthening


resolve let them be a reminder of my

constant presence my unfailing love and

my eternal commitment to you for you are

my beloved and my love for you knows no

bounds as you continue to seek me to

trust me and to walk in faith I will

pour out my blessings upon you showering

you with the riches of my grace and the

wonders of my

love and now my child I invite you to

lean in close to open your heart and to

receive the words that I have written

just for

you for in these words you will find the

truth of my love the depth of my

compassion and the promise of my

presence now and forever more

my cherished child the Journey of

transformation is a Winding Road Frau

with challenges that test your

resilience yet you have navigated this

path with unwavering determination

aligning your heart with my Divine

Purpose your hunger for Change and your

commitment to growth have not gone

unnoticed and I am poised to shower you

with extraordinary

blessings these words words that echo in

your spirit are imbued with the very

essence of life carrying the weight of

my boundless

love like and share the video if you

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Jesus they are the keys that unlock the

doors to success in every facet of your

existence I bestow upon you the gift of

divine wisdom honing your discernment

and shaping your your character into a

masterpiece of

Grace patience like a gentle River will

flow through your being transforming the

landscape of your life in profound and


ways my presence envelopes you infusing

every fiber of your being with my

spirit you will no longer be Shackled by

the Temptations that once held you

captive for I am breaking the chains of

destructive habits and liberating your

mind from their

grasp From This Moment forward your

thoughts will be consumed by all that is

pure lovely and worthy of

Praise You Will Rise Above the den of

gossip and falsehood refusing to allow

their venom to taint your spirit or

erode your strength the transformation

within you will be so profound that even

you will Marvel at the beauty of your

own reflection

as you walk in the light of my grace

others will take notice drawn to the

radiance that emanates from your

soul your past mistakes will fade into

the Shadows replaced by the Brilliance

of your present and the promise of your

future forgiveness will flow freely as

my grace washes over you and those who

have witnessed your

transformation new doors of opportunity

are swinging open before you ushering in

a season of unparalleled blessings and

provision I am Paving a path for you

leading you toward a destiny that

surpasses your wildest

dreams no longer will you be haunted by

The Echoes of yesterday’s mistakes

instead you will bask in the serenity of

a life filled with peace and

purpose type if you believe in Jesus

Through The Power of of My Sacrifice you

are set free Untouchable by the forces

of Darkness that once sought to ens


you your spirit Soul speech mind and

heart are purified restored to their


design this is the inheritance I bestow

upon those who boldly Proclaim my truth

turn from their transgressions seek my

forgiveness and walk in Humble obedience

ience to my

guidance I Delight in

you my child and I am ever presentent

witnessing your fervent pursuit of

righteousness your faith is a beacon

shining brightly even in the face of

adversity and I am pleased by your


devotion you are a Living testament to

my faithfulness a modern-day embodiment

of those early believers who were filled

with my my spirit and endured

unspeakable trials for the sake of my

name like them you have tasted the

goodness of my presence experience the

transformative power of my love and

witness the miraculous unfolding of my

plans in your life you know beyond a

shadow of a doubt that I am the way the

truth and the Very source of your

existence Miracles are your

Birthright and Supernatural encounters

await you in the Heavenly

Realms together we will face the battles

that lie ahead emerging Victorious and

claiming even greater blessings in my

name my commitment to you is unshakable

and even if you stumble I will be there

to catch you infusing you with

Supernatural strength in your weakest

moments no challenge will ever exceed

the Great Grace I provide for I am your

everpresent help in times of

trouble if I lead you into the

Wilderness trust that I will also guide

you to streams of Living

Water if I allow a trial to cross your

path know that I have already prepared

the way of

Escape type Amen in the name of Jesus

let this truth be etched upon the tablet

of your heart I will never abandon you

or cast you aside even in your moments


weakness I understand the depths of your

desire to walk in righteousness and just

as you have turned from your old ways

and sought my face I will grant you the

same tenacity and perseverance that

marked the lives of my

Apostles those who walked with me

witnessed my glory and testified to the

Wonders I

performed I see you my

child I recognize the hunger in your

spirit and the yearning in your

heart my blessing rests upon

you and I have incredible plans for your

life that transcend the limitations of

age or circumstance your spirit is

forever young forever vibrant and

forever connected to my

own what matters most is the depth of

your faith and your Readiness to stand

firm when I call your

name no matter the obstacles that rise

against you Victory is assured for I am

the one who opens doors that no man can

shut and breaks down barriers that seek

to hinder your

progress you are not called to boast or

to elevate yourself above others for I

am the one who exalts the humble and

brings low the

proud but you my child are set apart

chosen for such a time as

this rise up stand firm and take hold of


hand for I am ushering you into a new

season of unprecedented

wonders declare your faith for you have

sought my face and longed for the

assurance that you are walking in my

will today I am here to reveal my plans

and purposes for your life

type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

and if you believe in

Christianity kindly show your support

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$ but first let go of any bitterness

or resentment that may be weighing down


soul receive my forgiveness and embrace

the truth that you are never alone

I have never abandoned you and I never

will distance yourself from those who

are content to walk in isolation

refusing to trust in my

promises their lack of faith need not be

a hindrance to your own for I Am With

You Always even to the End of the

Age believe with every fiber of your

being that I am your heavenly father and

that my love for you knows no bounds

reflect on the journey you have already

traveled the storms you have weathered

and the battles you have

fought have you ever been truly

forsaken think about the miracle of your

own existence feel the breath in your

lungs and the beating of your

heart you are alive and you are

free free to choose free to believe and

free to embrace the destiny I have

planned for you

I have prepared for

you the absence of material possessions

does not diminish my love for you for I

have been with you in the valleys and on


mountaintops type I embrace my power to

affirm my presence is the constant that

anchors your soul and my promises are

the unshakable foundation upon which you

can build your

life the truth of my love resonates with

within the very depths of your being for

it is a love that was demonstrated on a

cross and sealed for

eternity it is a love that cannot be

earned or lost a love that is freely

given and freely

received though the world may struggle

to comprehend the magnitude of this love

it is the key that empowers you to

overcome every obstacle and stand

unshakable in the face of life’s

fiercest storms

rest assured that my plans for you are

good and my intentions toward you have


wavered I loved you before the

foundation of the world I love you in

this present moment and I will love you

for all eternity allow these words to be

a bond to your weary soul and find

refuge in the shelter of my unfailing

love lay your burdens at my feet for

your faith has been a pleasing Roma to

me continue to trust in the power of my

word and abide in my presence for I will

never leave your

side I am here I have always been here

and I will remain with you forever

more my love for you is an all-consuming

fire a flame that cannot be quenched by

the trials of this

world when I saw the weariness in your

eyes and the heaviness in your step I

knew that you needed a reminder of my

nearness type I’m abundant to affirm I

am not a distant God watching from afar

but a loving father who walks beside you

holding your hand through every Valley

and rejoicing with you on every

Mountaintop come my child let us walk

together through the corridors of your

mind and the chambers of your

heart share with me the fears that keep

you awake at night the doubts that

whisper lies into your

soul why have you lost the will to press

on why do you seek to abandon the very

purpose for which you were created I

know the cruelty of this world the way

it can shatter even the most innocent of

dreams you entered this life with

wide-eyed wonder your heart eager to

embrace all that it had to

offer but the Betrayal and

disappointments you encountered along

the way have left you questioning the

goodness of my plan the trustworthiness

of my

promises has the light in your eyes

dimmed and has the joy in your heart

been replaced by suffocating

Darkness I invite you to walk with me to

a place where you are cherished beyond

measure a place where your true identity

is celebrated and your deepest longings


fulfilled in this place you are royalty

adorned with garments of praise and

crowned with a love that knows no

end your name is written on the palms of

my hands etched into my very

being every moment of your life is

precious to me watched over with Fierce

and tender

devotion in this Sacred Space your soul

will find the nourishment it craves like

a tree planted by streams of Living

Water like and share the video if you

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Jesus here you will discover the

fullness of who you were created to be

fashioned in my image and destined for

greatness let this truth be the anchor

that holds you steady in the storms of

life the unshakable foundation upon

which you build your identity and when

you stumble and fall remember that there

is a place reserved for you in my heart

a place that no one and nothing can ever


away it is a place of safety and refuge

a place where you can rest in the shadow

of my wings and find healing for your


Soul this is your Birthright my child to

dwell in the shelter of my love to

commune with me in the secret place of


heart I am not a God who demands

Perfection but a father who Delights in

the humble and contrite

heart I see the beauty in your

Brokenness the strength in your weakness

and the courage in your

vulnerability so come to me just as you

are and pour out your heart before

me I am here to listen to comfort and to

guide you into the Abundant Life I have

prepared for

you let my love be the bomb that soothes

your wounds the light that pierces

through the darkness and the hope that

propels you forward into the Glorious

future that awaits you my beloved

child though the Tempest rages and the

Shadows Loom know that you are forever

held in the Embrace of my unfailing love

type to show your belief in Jesus

amidst the clamor of doubt and The

Whispers of unworthiness let the truth

of My Sacrifice ReSound within the

depths of your

soul for in The Crucible of my passion I

have secured your Redemption forging an

unbreakable bond that no force in heaven

or on Earth can

sever even as the very foundations of

the world tremble you remain steadfast

anchored in the sanctuary of my heart

heart the love I bear for you is an

eternal flame an all-consuming fire that

illuminates the darkest recesses of your

being it is a love that knows no bounds

Reaching Across the vast expanse of

Eternity to enfold you in its tender

Embrace in moments of Despair when the

weight of your transgressions threatens

to overwhelm you remember that my

forgiveness is as boundless as the


depths no matter how far you may stray

no matter how deep the stains of sin may

run my hand is ever extended ready to

draw you back into the light of my

grace for in my eyes you are forever

cherished one whose worth cannot be

measured by the standards of this

world Your Existence is no mere accident

no ha haard Confluence of chance and

Circumstance before the first star

kindled in the heavens before the

foundations of the earth were laid I


you I chose the very moment of your

arrival orchestrating each breath each

heartbeat with infinite care and

purpose in The Crucible of adversity I

am refining you forging a soul of

unbreakable resilience and radiant faith

though the path may be Steep and the

Shadows deep my light will forever be

your guide Illuminating even the darkest


nights type to manifest miracles in

your life for I have destined you for

greatness armed you with the sword of my

word that you might stand as a Beacon of

Hope amidst a world in desperate need of


Love cast us inside the shackles of

self-doubt and behold the truth of your

identity you are a child of the most

high a warrior Anointed with the

strength of Heaven

itself let this knowledge Infuse your

very being transforming fear into Faith

despair into

determination as you take in each breath

let my love my peace and my presence

fill you completely

inhale deeply feeling the air fill your

lungs and exhale slowly releasing any

anxiety worry or tension you may be

carrying with each breath allow yourself

to let go of the cares of the world the

burdens on your shoulders and the fears

clouding your mind imagine that with

each inhalation you are breathing in my

love my peace and my

presence and with each exhalation

picture yourself releasing everything

that hinders you from fully embracing

this moment of connection and

Revelation breathe in the sweetness of

my love and breathe out the bitterness

of doubt and

fear inhale the light of my truth and

exhale the darkness of confusion and

uncertainty feel yourself sinking deeper

into the Embrace of my love with every


let go of all that holds you back and

open your heart to receive the words I

have in store for

you type yes if you are ready for the

blessings that you are about to receive

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$ I am intimately acquainted with

every tear you’ve shed every sigh of


and every burden weighing you

down today I invite you to make a

decision that will change your life

forever choose to seek me with abandon

to trust in my guidance and to walk in

unwavering obedience to my

commands the path I have set before you

is one of blessed

release not

burden in surrendering your will to mine

you will find a peace that surpasses all

understanding and a joy that Springs

Eternal from your soul commit to walking

in my ways adhering to my word and

heeding the promptings of my spirit


you you will stand as a testament to my

faithfulness and a living Monument to

the power of my

grace no weapon formed against you shall

prosper and no tongue that rises against

you in judgment shall prevail

I will silence the voices of accusation

and deceit surrounding you with my

shield against the assaults of the

enemy Let My Words Be the foundation

upon which you build your life The Rock

upon which you stand unshakable and

secure as you step into this new chapter

of your journey let the shackles of

Stress and Anxiety Fall

Away allow my love to permeate every

fiber of your being driving out fear and

doubt and filling you with unspeakable

joy and

glory in me you will find the strength

to rise above every circumstance to soar

on wings like eagles and to run without


weary now my precious child rest in my

love and embrace the peace that only I


provide I extend my hand to you once

more offering the answer to your deepest

prayers type Amen in the name of Jesus

your loved ones those who hold a special

place in your heart are forever

sheltered beneath the shadow of my

wings I hold them tenderly watching over

their every step guiding their paths

with infinite wisdom and

love in the lives of your children I am

leading them to their purpose and

Destiny shaping their character and

directing their steps along the path of

righteousness my heart’s desire is for

their success for them to walk in the

fullness of my blessings navigating the

challenges of life with discernment and

Grace I will guard them from the

influences that seek to lead them

astray from the snares and pitfalls that

would hinder their growth

though the concerns of this world may

weigh heavily upon your mind the

provision for your family the security

of their future I ask you to lay these

burdens at my feet for I am your

provider your Jehovah Gyra the one who

meets every need according to my riches


Glory as you seek first my kingdom and

my righteousness all these things will

be added unto

you in moments of conflict or Strife

within your household let your words be

seasoned with Grace and your actions

tempered by

love resist the urge to respond in anger

or frustration but instead cover your

family in prayer and trusting them to my


hands for I am the great Redeemer able

to transform even the most difficult

situations for my glory in their good as

you intercede on their behalf half know

that I am working behind the scenes

orchestrating circumstances and


Hearts be bold in your faith confident

in my ability to bring about the change

you desire for I have placed you as a

guardian over your family a beacon of

Truth and Love amidst the darkness of


world so my child cast aside every

hindrance and doubt and embrace the

fullness of my love for

you allow it to fill every crevice of


being driving out fear and igniting a

passion for my

presence for in me you will find the

strength to face every challenge the

courage to step into your god-given

destiny and the peace that surpasses all

understanding as you Embark upon this

new season of your life know that I go

before you for you preparing the way and

making crooked paths

straight keep your eyes fixed upon me

your ears attentive to my voice and your

heart open to the promptings of my

spirit for I am about to do a new thing

in your life a work so marvelous that it

will leave you in awe of my power and

Grace the promises I have spoken Over

You Are Not Mere words but living

breathing re reties waiting to be made

manifest type I claim it if you receive

this declaration type yes if you’re

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