my child I stand at the door of your

heart yearning for you to open it to my

Divine love which awaits within in the

quiet sanctuary of your

soul where the clamor of the world Fades

away let my presence shine as a beacon

to guide you I am not a fleeting guest

but an eternal companion offering

blessings to heal and still your weary

Spirit know that with each new son and

every sunset with every Breath You Take

I am there steady unwavering no earthly

force can overpower or cast Darkness

over you when you walk with me should

you stumble my Everlasting Arms will

catch you I have claimed you as my own

with an eternal promise see I make all

things new as you draw each breath feel

my spirit restoring faded corners of


soul my words echo in your mind washing

away the dust of past regrets and shame

you stand before me forgiven embraced

renewed yet understand my child this

does not mean you will be perfect or

spared from temptation’s snare you

remain human still learning still

growing in wisdom and Grace with me as

your patient

teacher this life’s journey requires

perseverance a willingness to seek me

daily to love me fully and to yield your

limited Vision to my sovereign will in

so doing you will find me always present

lifting you up after inevitable Falls

guiding your faltering steps forward for

your value is not defined by

mistakes when adversity assails you

leaving you disoriented in murky Waters

remember that the intentions of Darkness

are to dishearten you yet in such

moments lift your eyes to me did I not

call you to this battle I will cleanse

you and send you forth empowered again

rise up my child be strong be courageous

your enemies seem formidable but I

remain the almighty one and underneath

my protective Wings you are safe pay no

heed to those seeking to alarm you with

dire predictions or crush your spirit

with insensitive words I have brought

you to this point to hear my voice

to know I am watching closely intimately

involved in all concerning you I see the

forces Allied against you hoping to

derail the profound blessing I have

prepared make no mistake their timing

and attacking as you stand on the cusp

of long-held Dreams is strategic but do

not be intimidated by perceived power or

numbers a far greater strength resides

in you my child though it is unseen your

humility and repentance have unlocked it

so now I declare your Liberation your

wholeness your advancement into greater

spheres of

influence the obstacle before you will

crumble no diagnosis or verdict shall

steal the plans and purposes I have

spoken for you no relational Strife can

revoke my declarations that you are more

than a conqueror in my hands dismiss

Whispers of Despair saying your

situation is hopeless

that callous words from others carry

power to destroy you that healing and

deliverance are Out Of Reach I ordained

this moment to reinforce my commitment

to you to remind you of my attentiveness

to all that concerns your life I see the

forces conspiring against you but have I

not said no weapon formed against you

shall prosper believe my word I would

not mislead you my beloved you possess

greater strength than you realize

because I live in you be not afraid of

those who revile and Mock You publicly

their Day of Reckoning will come but

today I call you to courage to rise up

and stand unshaken amidst the fry for I

have surprises in store to astonish your

accusers do not see yourself as alone or

vulnerable any longer right fortify your

mind nourish your spirit Empower your

soul with my commands and decrees have I

not charged you you expressly to be

strong and very courageous you have my

injunction clearly the testing you face

determines whether you will live by

Voices of fear or by my promises but

surely I The Great I Am watch over you

you need not waver can you declare there

in full confidence that you believe my

word hold fast to me that storm winds

cannot blow you off

course I spread my Garment of Praise for

you protecting you from Icy words and

Scorn ful glances I know your heart is

virtuous before me in times when waves

of past Sorrows threaten to pull you

under remember who you are you possess a

rare Beauty an Exquisite soul of

profound depth where purest light and

darkest Shadow dwell together it is the

very richness of your Humanity that

equips you for the battles ahead you

fight for those you love for the

Glorious future I have shown you so I

will guide and strengthen you placing

wisdom and discernment on your right

hand and truth and understanding on your

left those now Turning Away have made

their choice leave them in my hands

neither plead nor lament over them their

hunger for status and wealth has blinded

them to blessings that could be theirs

beware many forfeit an eternity with me

over trinkets that perishing moths and

rust soon devour yet whether whether you

walk in plenty or poverty never doubt my

shepherd in care for you I who spoke

existence into being cannot lie my

promises will stand though the Earth

folds up like a garment take comfort

this day I come to you as healer and

restorer binding up deep wounds of the

past soothing places in your spirit long


untended I bring you peace and favor

that passes understanding I lift you up

from valleys of despair into new vistas

of Joy yes AI you have walked through

the darkest of nights when hope itself

seemed lost when Heaven’s Gates appeared

shut tight against your cries but hear

me I was there through all of

it even when you felt abandoned I

shielded you sheltered you caught every

tear you shed through long years of pain

and bewilderment you may have felt far

from me yet I never lost sight of you

you even when confused and overcome by

negativity around you wanting to turn

back still that small Ember of your

faith continued to burn a whispered

knowing stirred within your soul that I

am real I am who scripture declares me

to be the shepherd who leaves the to

carry you back the father who welcomes

his child home no matter how broken or

soiled by sin so when mockers arise to

taunt you stand unashamed say with

conviction born of knowing me God Alone

is my rock and my salvation in him will

I trust trust and not be shaken Proclaim

my goodness read my words daily

cementing truth in your spirit give no

quarter to doubts the enemy plants

reflect on my hand moving majestically

in your past for remembering will

reignite passion and vigor to keep

pressing on to think you are unable

is to open a door for Wicked voices to

assail you shackling you in accusations

grief and turmoil so make a firm

decision declare with mouth and heart

that your faith will not be moved by

life storms today tomorrow forever there

is no variance in my affection no pause

in my desire for Oneness with you my

precious one you know this yet trials

and heartaches often Cloud spiritual


so I remind you the light of my presence

burns with an undying flame you need

only open your eyes to see my

outstretched arms welcoming you in I

will Kindle aresh your soul Awakening

dreams and callings that lay dormant

during this wintry season you’ve walked

through do not remain downcast isolated

inside resentments Perpetual

failures spiritual droughts that leave

you Barren you were created for more

your true belonging is here with me

where joy unspeakable and full of Glory

awaits Discovery amidst the ruins of

yesterday allow me to flood your soul

with gladness for this I gave my life

that even while exiled as strangers in

this decaying age my own would know

profound fulfillment and purpose as I

Infuse you with strength Holy Fire and

vision for days

ahead Embrace with renewed passion the

high calling I have placed on your life

I am responding even now to the deepest

Cry of your heart before you voiced it

in Gentle Love I speak to make known my

desire for you to partner with me

walking together into a glorious future

I have prepared hear my voice resonating

through your spirit do you perceive my

great Delight over you how I Rejoice to

absolve every past mistake in sin wiping

your Ledger clean the wise choice you’ve

made in turning from empty Pursuits to

walk wholly with me have not escaped my

notice despite raging storms you held

fast to my commands you anchored Soul

and Spirit to my steadfast

promises this brings me much Glory my

beloved child listen closely to my voice

for it is the Wellspring of Life a

Beacon of Hope in the darkest of

nights you a precious gem in my creation

are imbued with inherent work birth and

a keen intellect a treasure that I your

God recognize and cherish deeply in your

journey through life understand that the

essence of faith lies in the words I

have spoken your prayers a formidable

Fortress against the Ws of the adversary

are more powerful than any cloud of

Darkness you stand upon the Solid Ground

of Truth a rightful heir to my

Everlasting promise rise with Valor step

for forward with purpose and extend my

light to those in your family who have

wandered from my ways break us under the

chains of Darkness with the strength of

my teachings the blessings I have

reserved for you born out of Grace and

love now await your boldness and resolve

to unfold in their full Glory Play Your

Part in this Divine dance and trust in

me to clear the path before you as a

Craftsman refines gold so I refine you

to gleam with the Brilliance of a

Diamond Journey forth in service to your

kin fear no adversary and seize each

opportunity that presents itself your

every action is a stepping stone towards

the betterment and prosperity of those

you cherish my gaze has roamed the Earth

and settled upon you recognizing in you

the spirit of a valiant Warrior I have

heard your earnest prayers as a dry land

thirsts for rain your Soul’s yearning

for me resonates day and night I have

allowed you to tread through deserts of

Trials to test the Purity and resilience

of your faith transforming it into an

unyielding weapon of anointing you have

traversed these trials with unwavering

belief without a backward glance even

amidst the toil of your struggles your

love for Humanity remains unshaken know

that I too can be moved to tears tears

of joy that rain upon your soul love me

fervently with all your heart and soul

show compassion in the face of suffering

and never remain indifferent your

devotion moves me deeply as you strive

to uplift your family to become a vessel

of blessings for your people and Nation

Embrace this calling without hesitation

I speak directly to you though it may

seem your dreams have faded with time I

assure you they have not I am the

restorer of lost aspirations reigniting

within you a passion to live with

greater Zeal than ever before or within

a year you will achieve goals once


unattainable do not be ens snared by the

shadows of past errors and

transgressions believe with all your

might and Faith your past is redeemed do

not linger in darkness nor dwell in

those who withhold

forgiveness they have not grasped the

essence of Grace stand with me for you

will not return to what

was in this season

I have nurtured and guided you to your

current standing I am both your shield

and arbiter your sins are forgiven no

longer must you bear them you have

endured the desert the rivers you

crossed The Verdant trees before you are

not Illusions born of Despair I stand

with open arms bestowing upon you the

Declaration of your

Liberation you are no longer bound or

captive Proclaim this truth loudly in

describe it and share it with the world

I am forgiven I am renewed my case is

closed there is no condemnation for me I

welcome forgiveness and open my heart to

Jesus today I choose to rise and live my

dreams will manifest because Jesus is my

life my path and my truth a future of

blessings and joy awaits me and my

family your Tempest ends today your

trials CE PE now my Divine breath clears

your skies scattering the clouds that

once enveloped you a new dawn breaks for

you from this moment your steps will be

steadfast guided towards my blessings

that you may know profound peace and


Joy these words are for you who commune

with me each morning closing your eyes

in faith reaching out for my response do

not lose heart do not succumb to despair


faith precious and powerful moves me to

fill your heart with an abundance of

love to heal the wounds of the past and

to instill in you an unwavering

certainty of my unfailing love may your

nights be joyful and each morning awaken

within you a steadfast belief that each

new day will surpass the previous Feel

My Embrace my hands upon your head

guiding your thoughts and steps

I am poised to bestow upon you

magnificent blessings and wondrous

surprises remain steadfast unwearied by

your daily encounters your silence


volumes simply close your eyes and bask

in the love emanating from my presence

take comfort in these words let the

depth of emotion fill your heart I seek

your happiness your

peace May the days of struggle for you

and your family give way to an Era of

abundance and joy there are moments when

you feel insignificant especially when

you witness others flaunting their

material wealth remember your blessing

surpasses all you know me intimately you

have surrendered your heart to me your

Attunement to the spiritual realm is a

rare gift I am ever present to converse

with you always ready to listen I will

open doors for you that remain shut to

others I will guide you along the

Superior path do not covet the material

possessions of others or aspire to walk

their misguided ways though they may

seem attractive they lead only to ruin

walk with your head held high for in my

presence you need not prove your Worth

to anyone fear not you are well versed

in my teachings the doors to my dwelling

are always open to you this is your

Sanctuary where you are heard with

patience and compassion here here you

will find a love that is pure profound


unmatched my love for you is deep and

unwavering your faith in me will be the

Catalyst for miracles Beyond Your

Wildest imagination let go of the

burdens that weigh heavy on your heart

release them into My Loving Hands for I

am the one who carries your sorrows and

lifts your burdens in

exchange I offer you peace that

surpasses understanding and joy that

Springs forth from the depths of your

soul do not be discouraged by the

challenges that lie ahead for I am with

you every step of the

way your struggles are not in vain but

rather they are shaping you into the

person I have called you to be embrace

the journey with courage and

perseverance knowing that I am working

all things together for your good trust

in my timing for I make all things

beautiful in my time

though the waiting may seem long and the

road may be difficult know that I am

leading you to a place of abundance and

blessing keep your eyes fixed on me and

I will guide you safely through the

storms of life remember my child that

you are deeply loved and cherished by

me there is nothing that can separate

you from my love not even your own

doubts and fears rest in the assurance

that I am always by your side cheering

you on and empowering you to overcome


obstacle as you continue to walk in

faith and obedience you will see my hand

moving mightily on your behalf doors

will open that you never thought

possible and blessings will overflow in

your life trust in my goodness and you

will experience the fullness of life

that I have promised to those who love

me so arise my beloved and shine with

the radiance of my glory

let your light shine brightly in the

darkness Illuminating the way for others

to find Hope and salvation In Me For You

Are My Chosen vessel my precious child

and I Delight in you more than you can

ever imagine therefore do not falter or

be dismayed by the challenges that lie

ahead instead stand firm in your faith

knowing that I am with you always trust

in my promises for they are true and

steadfast even when the world around you

seems chaotic and uncertain remember

that I am the rock on which you stand my

love for you is unwavering and my plans

for you are good I will never leave you

nor forsake you in moments of weakness

or doubt turn to me in prayer and find

strength in my

presence I will renew your spirit and

give you the courage to face whatever

lies ahead for I have not given you a

spirit of fear but of power

love and a sound mind as you continue to

walk in obedience to my word you will

experience my blessings in abundance

your faithfulness will be rewarded and

you will bear fruit that remains trust

in me with all your heart and I will

make your path straight do not be

discouraged by setbacks or delays for I

am working all things together for your

good my timing is perfect and my ways

are higher than your ways rest in the

knowledge that I am in control and I

will bring about my purposes in your

life so lift up your head my child and

fix your eyes on me I am the author and

perfector of your faith and I will lead

you safely through every trial and

tribulation trust in my unfailing love

and you will find peace that surpasses

understanding as you go forth into the

world carry my life with you wherever

you go let your life be a Beacon of Hope

and love to those around you shining

brightly in the

darkness for you are my beloved child

and I am well pleased with you continue

to seek me with all your heart and you

will find me draw near to me and I will

draw near to you for I am always here

waiting with open arms to welcome you

into my presence May the peace of God

which transcends all all understanding

guard your heart and mind in Christ

Jesus and may you walk in the fullness

of joy and victory that comes from

knowing and serving me

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