This Corgi Café Lets Guests Play And Cuddle With Corgis, And It’s Every Dog Lover’s Dream

Back in 2018, Tanchanok Kanawaong opened a café in Bangkok, Thailand, and staffed it with the cutest employees ever: 12 adorable corgis!

Kanawaong’s café is aptly named Corgi In The Garden and there café guests can enjoy the company of the sweet pups while they eat and drink.

The corgi’s make up one big, loving, mixed family:

Two of the corgis, Quinn and Dean, are mom and dad to seven of the other pups – Bluebell, Bean, Babycorn, Buttercup, Blossom, Barely and Bone.

Meanwhile, Porkchop, Salmon, and Pumpkin are siblings but unrelated to the rest of the café family.

And, in 2019, the family was blessed with a 13th family member: Marmalade, a “cute, clever and charming” little tri-color girl.

They all love each other very much and are a beautiful, happy bunch that is spreading joy to everyone around them.

On their Instagram, Corgi In The Garden states “we share happiness” which seems like a perfect description after seeing all the adorable pictures they post of the café and its staff.

Corgi In The Garden has the cutest employees ever.


Unsurprisingly, the café has become popular with both locals and tourists.


Nothing makes your day better than being covered in a gang of cuddly pups.

Obviously, the cafe has cute, corgi-themed items.


The café is open six days a week.


On Mondays, the cafe is closed and the corgis can just chill out together.


The café’s Facebook is filled with positive reviews from happy visitors.

The pups love all the attention…


… and don’t mind posing for a photo.

They appreciate a good cuddle and love making people happy.


If this isn’t the best place for dog lovers, we don’t know what is!

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