let’s come together in prayer

today I want to share a wonderful

passage from the book of Isaiah chap

this text is special because Jesus

when he was in the synagogue of Nazareth

proclaimed today this scripture is

fulfilled in your

hearing he was referring to this text

and it’s truly incredible because it

describes the work of Jesus and what he

came to do for us

the passage begins like this the spirit

of the Lord God is upon me because the

Lord has anointed me to bring good news

to the poor he has sent me to bind up

the Brokenhearted to Proclaim Liberty to

the captives and the opening of the

prison to those who are bound to

proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor

and the day of Vengeance of our God to

comfort all who mourn to Grant to those

who mourn in Zion to give them a

beautiful headdress in instead of Ashes

the oil of gladness instead of mourning

the Garment of Praise instead of a faint

spirit that they may be called Oaks of

righteousness the planting of the Lord

that he may be

glorified this passage is truly

wonderful for Jesus himself affirmed

that it referred to

him he is the anointed one of God to

bring good news to Broken

Hearts if you feel shattered betrayed

rejected or abandoned know that Jesus

came to bring hope to you and to

me he came to Proclaim freedom to the

captives and to release those who are

imprisoned perhaps you are hearing this

prayer from within a prison be it

physical emotional or

spiritual but I want you to know that no

matter the situation Jesus can set you

free Jesus came to break the chain that

bind us whatever their

nature he said you will know the truth

and the truth will set you

free so if the sun sets you free you

will be free

indeed true freedom is found only in

Jesus he also mentions to proclaim the

year of the Lord’s favor and the day of

Vengeance of our

God it is important to understand that

we are still living in the acceptable

here because today at this moment if you

surrender to Jesus and ask for

forgiveness of your sins he will open

his arms to you and receive

you this window of opportunity is open

to all of us but one day it will

close for each of us this will happen

when life comes to an

end of course this passage also refers

to a future day when the time of

judgment will come

however in our individual lives this

opportunity ends with our departure from


world so now I want to pray with you and

for you declaring that Jesus is

available he himself said come to me all

who labor and are heavy laden and I will

give you

rest take my yoke upon you and learn

from me for I am gentle and lowly in

heart and you will find rest for your


Lord today we acknowledge that we need

you we do not possess within ourselves

the strength to overcome the struggles

traumas and soul

wounds we acknowledge that we are not

able to fight against the darkness that


us we live in difficult times where

Injustice multiplies in the

world yes Lord it is truly wonderful to

know that we have you that we can close

up our eyes and lift our hearts calling

out your name and know that you hear us

and know that you care for

us to know that you came to this world

Lord being God himself that you emptied

yourself became human like us became a

servant God to understand our struggles

oh God to face our difficulties oh

God we want to worship and glorify you

Lord by the name that is above every

name the name of Jesus for his

extraordinary work for his anointing as

Liberator you are our Liberator

Lord now I want to earnestly surrender

God With all sincerity of my heart I

want to surrender the lives of my

brothers I want to pray with them and

for them Lord pray that in this moment

when they are united in prayer with me

they may be liberated oh

God you yourself said said that you were

sent to set the captives free

Lord there are people here who are

captive to drugs to prostitution Lord

captive to negative thoughts to the

spirit of suicide captive to sadness

Envy to consuming

feelings but I affirm now I prophesy you

are our

deliverance you are our Liberator oh

God your word declares Lord that the

acceptable year what you came to preach

Lord we accept oh God and we take hold

of the acceptable

year the acceptable year is now it is


Lord therefore now Lord I ask you break

the chains oh God bring Faith to those

who do not believe

Lord perhaps there is someone here

praying with me enveloped in so much

disbelief remove the veil from their

eyes now open their eyes to see the


World Lord may they understand that

there is a God in heaven a God who

although holy is

merciful he is Holy but he is also a

sanctifier he is Holy but he loves

Sinners he abhors sin but he loves

Sinners and he came to provide for our

sins as well having died on the cross in

our place and his blood cleanses us from

all sin therefore now I Proclaim oh God

salvation in the lives of those who hear

me I proclaim a word of salvation of

Deliverance I proclaim a word Lord of

healing healing of the Soul healing of

the body Lord in the name of

Jesus Lord visit each one of those who

are here with me now oh

God visit with the peace that surpasses

understanding you are the Prince of

Peace oh

Hallelujah the Prince of Peace the peace

that goes beyond circumstances the peace

that transcends this

world Lord we know that we seek to

thrive in this life but we want to

acknowledge that nothing in this world

can fill our hearts like faith in you

our covenant with

you therefore Lord we thank you for your

goodness your enemy the accuser may be

telling this little brother this little

sister that they are unworthy that you

do not hear them because of repeated

sins may you now visit their hearts and

may they understand what Mercy is may

they understand what your grace is what

fatherly love

is thank you because the Lord sent his

best and his best was his

son we appropriate him we appropriate

His blessings we appropriate healing

Lord physical emotional spiritual


amen may God bless us and keep us and

may He illuminate our lives with his

loving presence bringing us

peace May each person who participated

in this prayer be transformed by the

grace of

God may his love fill our hearts

bringing Freedom healing and

renewal may we leave here strengthened

in our faith trusting in his goodness

and his transformative

power may we feel his presence

accompanying us every step of the way

empowering us to live according to his

will we thank you Lord for hearing our

prayers and for always being by our

side in jesus’ name

amen May the peace of God be with

you what a powerful moment of reflection

and spiritual

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