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Jesus my beloved child feel safe in my

Everlasting Embrace and whole in my

loving presence turn your attention back

to loving and trusting me put your

weight on me and I’ll hold you up your

shoulders were not meant to carry such

heavy loads so carrying your own

problems is wearing you down please

learn how to get rid of your worries and

put them on me the first step is to

realize when something is weighing you

down next look at where the weight is

coming from to see if it is really yours

to carry if it’s not just let go of it

and leave it behind get in touch with me

about it if it really does belong to you

I will give you my point of view and

shed light on the way forward you should

be ready to act but you shouldn’t let

problems take over your attention you

should really try to put your worries on

me because I can handle them then

happily move on to the next task and

trust me take comfort in the fact that I

have promised to keep you going and meet

your needs I will give you everything

you need based on my many

resources when you feel like you’re not

good enough to start a new day or task

remember this my grace is enough for you

the present tense of the verb emphasizes

that my wonderful Grace is always

available so don’t waste your time and

energy complaining in about how weak you

think you are instead be happy that you

realize how much you need me and accept

that you are not enough please ask for

my help and enjoy my Limitless

sufficiency my strength is most clear

when you’re weak you will be amazed at

how much you can get done when you

joyfully depend on me for help we will

also be able to improve your work by

working together think about how amazing

it would be to work with me the king of

kings and Lord of

lords try to get your will to match Mine

by giving up your life as a

sacrifice this act of worship makes me

happy and gives your life meaning and

joy it only gives you a taste of the

huge unimaginable happiness that is

waiting for you in

heaven as you look for me I want you to

be happy and joyful in my presence take

time to praise me with songs and Psalms

think about how Grand beautiful and

Powerful I am

and then think about how selfless I was

to leave the beauty of Heaven to bring

you into my kingdom of eternal life and

light this happiness will bring you

closer to me and bring you deeper into

my holy presence this closeness will

give you even more reason to be happy

people around you are blessed by your

happiness people around you will be

happier because of you and happiness can

spread you can also have an effect on

people who are not in your immediate

circle people who don’t believe are more

more likely to be drawn to me when my

followers are happy in a world filled

with fear and uncertainty Joy shines

brightly making some people wonder where

it comes from be ready to share the

reason you have hope at all times I have

the power to keep you from stumbling I

know what your weakness is and how

quickly you lose your balance without my

help even though you are growing in

Grace you can’t be completely free from

sin in this Fallen world that’s why you

always need my help you can stand stand

before my glorious presence without any

flaws accusations or problems I have

dressed you in the clothes of Salvation

and put on you the robe of

righteousness you can wear these Royal

clothes with confidence knowing that

your safety comes from my righteousness

not your own you and I are both in for a

lot of Happiness I’m happy about you now

but this happiness will be times

greater when you join me in glory the

happiness you will feel in heaven is

beyond words

it’s better than any pleasure you can

imagine in this

world this wonderful inheritance will

never die spoil or Fade Away nothing can

take it away from you pour out your

heart to me and ask me to carry your

burdens and show you the way forward do

not waste your energy on things that are

out of your control instead Focus your

energy on connecting with me keep

looking for my face and be ready to

follow my lead trust that I will clear

the way for you see your feeling of not

being good enough as a way to connect

with me see your journey as an adventure

we start together keep in touch with me

all the time and enjoy my company as we

Face the challenges of life together I

want you to understand how big my love

is because it’s bigger than anything we

can understand tell the difference

between knowing me personally and just

knowing a lot about me for you to fully

feel my loving presence you you need my

spirit to empower you ask his strength

to strengthen you on the inside so you

can understand how much I love you I

have lived in your heart since the

moment you were saved let me fill you up

with my love more the more space you

give me spend time with me enjoy my

presence and study my word to make this

space bigger keep the lines of

communication open with me pray without

ceasing as the Apostle Paul told the

Christians this happy habit will help

you stay close to me finally let my love

flow through you into everything you say

and do this is how my love for you is

complete value me more than anything

else because that will make your heart

and mind happy and also bring glory to

me when you treasure something you hold

it in the highest regard and value it

highly I’m teaching you to hold on tight

to me your savior God and Always by your

side knowing that I will never leave

your side brings you immeasurable joy

and peace you are more likely to keep me

as the center of your life if you see me

as your precious savior you don’t care

about other things on earth as much as

you care about me think about your

feelings when your mind is free to

figure out what you really feel don’t

give up if you find things that need to

be changed you can train your mind to

focus on me more often it can be helpful

to remember scripture especially verses

that bring you closer to me there are

loving reminders of me all over your

home and workplace ask my spirit to lead

you back to me she loves doing that I am

the gate you will find happiness through

me I’m not a wall that can’t be broken

down I’m an open door for you and only

you in coming into the world I wanted to

give you a life that is full and Rich

everyone has their own idea of what an

abundant life looks like so if you want

to live your life to the fullest don’t

compare it to other people’s to live a

happy life you don’t need as much money

or fancy things as your neighbor does

being religious and happy at the same

time brings great gain I want you to be

happy with what I’ve done for you if you

have food and clothes which are basic

needs try to be happy with them if I

give you more accept it with joy and

Thanksgiving but don’t hold on to what

you have or want what you don’t have

that one thing you can hold on to that

won’t hurt your soul is me find me when

things in your life are hard it’s easy

to find me when prayers are answered

when there is Beauty and when I am truly

happy but I’m also there when things go

wrong and your problems are exactly what

you need to grow in Grace and experience

my loving presence more deeply so look

for me in the dark both now and in the

past if painful memories or wounds from

the past keep coming back to haunt you

let me into those broken places together

we can heal a new ways

Hold On Tight to my hand if you are

currently going through Ral Terrain in

times of trouble my presence shines with

Transcendent Radiance against the dark

background this light blesses you

greatly and gives you comfort and

direction I will show you the way

forward one step at a time as you follow

along I will bring you closer to me and

make our relationship stronger you need

to learn how to forget about yourself in

order to be more aware of my presence

you were not made to be constantly

thinking about

yourself when Adam and Eve disobeyed God

In the Garden of Eden it made

selfishness a natural part of Being

Human still I have given you the tools

to live

supernaturally my spirit has been inside

you ever since you asked me to be your

savior as often as you need to pray ask

the holy spirit for help this holy

helper can free you from being



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