THE TIME IS NOW MY CHILD । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child this year of shall

be a year of order for you in the chaos

of the past Seasons you have felt a

drift unsure of your path or

purpose but I am bringing Clarity and

Direction back into your

life the time of tears and grief is

ending I see the pain you have walked

through but now Joy comes in the morning

I am turning your mour into dancing

where there were dashed hopes and

unfulfilled longing

you will now see my faithfulness

promises I have made over you Visions I

have given you are on the cusp of coming

to pass this new era will be marked by

connection Community Family the

isolation you have known is lifting I am

bringing Kindred Spirits across your

path Divine appointments and open

doors and what I give you will be a sign

to many of my extravagant goodness from

the deepest Brokenness I make Beauty

rise I make all things new the shame of

your past is being erased in its place a

testimony emerging of how I take the

foolish things of the world to shame the

wise many will find me because they

first found you and saw my spirit

emanating from your life my spirit will

spread through the unlikeliest of people

as I set my Believers in high places the

seeds of your small life will yield a

Great Harvest for my kingdom because

this is an appointed time a set time for

my favored ones the assignments I

ordained for you before time began will

now spring forth gifts and callings that

have laid dormant will activate with

power you will step into your rightful

place the role I scripted just for you

and with this new position comes new

Authority new capacity new

identity I am remaking you from the

inside out laying new found foundations

no storm can

shake as I did for Jacob wrestling until

the breaking of

dawn I will bring you from your season

of wrestling with me into the dawning of

a new

day I will rename you for this new era

and reframe your perception of who you

are the old labels that limited and

defined you will fade daughter son

beloved mighty

warrior this is who you are to me fix

your eyes on my vision for you not your

own small-minded

misconceptions with me nothing is

impossible for those who believe the

borders of your life are expanding

exponentially as we partner together in

this next chapter Great Adventures await

you I have mapped out the journey ahead

though the path May Wind Through dark

valleys at times I will light every step

and Lead You Ever upwards to Soaring

Heights you have not known the naysayers

told you thus far and no further but I

declare thus much

farther what I have purposed cannot be

thwarted the exhilaration of the ascent

with me far outweighs the comfort of

plateauing in

complacency You Were Made for More

created to display my

fullness yet I would remind you that

even as you are met with open doors and

favor on every side my way still calls


sacrifice my path led to a cross before

it led to a crown to reign with me

requires carrying that cross daily

denying self for the sake of serving

others this is no path for the faint of

heart no calling for those who shrink

back from

hardship but for those enduring Souls

who say yes to the quest who fix their

eyes on me through the storm I Promise

You Adventure and reward that outweighs


cost come now leave behind the old

baggage the chains of past failures and

wounds this is a new day yesterday’s

version of you was but a fading

Shadow what I am birthing in you now is


alive the world has yet to Glimpse the

glory set to pour forth from your

yielded life you have only tasted the

first fruits of what our partnership

will yield together so come be still and

know I am God cease your striving your

performing your anxious twists and turns

down dead end paths instead return home

to the shelter of my wings and the sure

standing place of my presence shut out

the demands and expectations shouting

for your attention be deaf to every

voice but

mine here in the sacred place of rest I

will realign your vision reorder your

priorities remind you of your reason for

being my dreams for you did not vanish

in the wilderness Seasons when you took

your eyes off me each loss and lack has

carved capacity in you to contain more

of my glory now turn those wounds into

Wells where my living water can flow

through to others your mess becomes your

message your test your testimony to

overcome let my cleansing streams rush

through your life washing you wholly

clean inside and out

there are still hidden crevices where

shame regret and accusations

linger bring those to my light too for

healing no part excluded no past failure

unchanged by my grace all is redeemable

in these hands pierced for

you gaze now at my scars and remember

the length and breadth of my love for

you find Wonder once more in the fact

that I in all my nature would lovingly

choose you to hold you as my my most

precious treasure the one closest to my

heart this sense of wonder will

transform you in a profound way freeing

you from trivial concerns to explore new

possibilities alongside me with me you

will Embrace life’s adventures find joy

in simple moments and Marvel at the

unexpected blessings that come our

way your life your dreams and your

understanding have grown significantly

in recent times yet what you’ve

experienced so far is just the beginning

ahead lies a wide Horizon of new

experiences and fulfilling

Journeys lift up your eyes Beloved the

Harvest before you now is beyond

anything you ever dared ask me for the

dreams I have seated in your heart do

not even begin to touch the reality of

all I have in store your present

circumstances are not your destination

but only the starting line of our race

keep your gaze fixed on me alone and

watch How I move galaxies to unlock your

destiny one faithful step after another

though enemies prowl I have given my

angels charge over you surrounding you

as a shield driving back the darkness my

Banner Over You Is Love and my rod and

staff guard you you need not fear the

arrow that flies by day nor the terror

stalking in darkness you are safe in

this Citadel of my presence and power I

made you to be bread for the hungry and

sight for the blind to bind up the

broken I crafted you as light for the

lost as Clarity for the confused reorder

the chaos around you by first walking in

my order and peace within out of your

Oneness with me will stream wholeness in

your life yes there is chaos and despair

pressing in from every side but keep

your eyes fixed on Me Above It All I See

order where you see only disorder I know

the way through when you are lost

wandering in

circles I take your small surrender and

multiply to feed the

multitudes I translate your single cry

in the dark into the very power that

pierces the

darkness call on me and I will answer

knock and watch as doors fly open ask

for what only I can do and see my

storehouses of provision poured out you

have only just tasted my goodness now

drink deep take more Let My Love wash

you a new today

overflow you aresh then out of that

overflow pour my hope to the Hopeless my

resources to my

Ministries and when you have poured out

the last drop come running back to the

Fountain Head for more I will never run

dry never ration my

resources Limitless Supply awaits the

one willing to be poured out say yes to

the journey with me this new era in your

life will be all I have promised nothing

missing nothing broken against the odds

despite every impossibility my word over

you will come to pass light will rise in

darkness Glory will fall on Barren

ground life will burst forth from Decay

Beauty for Ashes is my gift to you the

Garment waiting to be worn so set your

face like Flint towards me and we will

do this together we will take back new

ground we will unlock long shut Gates as

we repeat the ancient cry lift up your

heads oh you Gates be lifted up you

ancient doors welcome the king of glory

the lord strong and mighty and the gates

will open because I hold the keys I

swing Wide Doors once locked tight paths

will open where walls once towered

streams now flow in desert places your

weeping is turning to joyful dancing

where you saw dead end I reveal Rising

Horizons lift up your eyes the Harvest

awaiting is beyond your boldest dreams

or requests now is not tomorrow it is

today walk forward in confidence handin

hand with me into this new land I give

you the borders of your life have

expanded in ways you cannot yet

see but my grace upon Grace that vast

reservoir of strength and vision and

power I have waiting for you

it is inexhaustible as you draw deeply

from my

resources what I spoke over you and

planned for you has not been annulled

though the years have stretched long my

words stand my purpose holds there is

nothing the Shadows can do to keep the

dawn from breaking through so walk

forward boldly into the light with me

now the waiting is over

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