The Only Video You Should Watch For Peace! (Jesus Motivation)

don’t accept everything people say and

be wary of people who you know will lie

to you often Liars don’t let anyone

plant grudges or let your fears come

out I want you to tell me about your

problems thoughts and feelings pay

attention all day because you will feel

my presence in your mind and heart and

hear my voice leading you look around

you a lot of people are suffering and

their sadness is clear on their faces

but I want my glory to shine in you so

that your Brave gaze May cheer up many

people you are my beloved child my most

special creation I have given you

special skills and gifts that you can

use in my name and for my glory don’t

worry about the future I have a plan for

you I love you no matter what forever

and my plan is wonderful and will be

fulfilled at the right time I really do

want your heart and that your eyes are

on my good ways I’ve known you since the

beginning of time and I’m aware of all

of your flaws and successes

and if you fail I want your heart to

come to me with faith and repentance I

will grant forgiveness do not lock

yourself in a dark room and mope about

your sins because you think that after

what you did my love for you was over

and I’m mad I paid for it before you

even noticed me with trust and honesty

and I’ll give you another chance don’t

be afraid to give me your fears that

want to make your soul confused they

belong to me you have committed your

life to my care my words hurt like bombs

so I always talk to you with love leave

your fears behind and trust that you

will be led in the right direction I am

your rock and your safe place to go

during storms hold on to these lessons

when you hear them and share them your

peace and happiness will grow and your

home will be filled with my love I will

always be your friend and guardian come

to me every day in true prayer and I’ll

give your heart strength stay calm and

don’t worry anymore I’ll take away your

stress if you give me the chance forget

all your problems and allow me to plant

this word in your mind without any other

thoughts going on heart I’m with you

even when the people who say they love

you leave you I will be with you if

people who hate you attack you and you

are by yourself I love you and will

protect you I’m your father your God and

your friend maybe it’s hard for you to

understand that someone loves you so

deeply a love as wonderful as yours you

feel bad about yourself because you’ve

never imagined a sweetness as sweet as

the one you’ve never ever felt that the

things you’ve done make you Unworthy of

such love don’t do this don’t punish

yourself don’t put yourself down because

it makes you

sad depression I will take away the

spiritual coverings that keep you from

seeing me I will change your mind I want

you to believe in me so come to me I

know you’re tired and hurt come close to

me so you can find the peace you want

and need that small amount that was

given to you will be the starting point

to attract much more into your path

believe that you deserve to prosper even

if some things have been taken from you

in the past know that the healing of all

losses is on the way God wants to reward

you and give you much more than you have

had before he is a god of restitution

and Justice what you have been seeking

for so long will finally be laid before

you do not despair if the path is not

yet fully visible God is conspiring in

your favor and will soon show you

exactly the right direction to follow

pay attention to the signs he will place

in your path to guide you to your

greatest achievements these are insights

encounters ideas and many

synchronicities all working in your

favor believe in them know that you have

much more power than you imagine the

ability to achieve your dreams and

obtain everything you desire is within

you you just need to believe in this

power and use it fully declare

positively that you are a source of

abundance and prosperity ward off any

negative thoughts that try to tell you

otherwise your words have power use them

to attract all that is good start and

end your day by being thankful for

already having everything you desire

this attitude will increase your faith

and certainty of deserving attracting

even more abundance constantly visualize

yourself living this new life full of

achievements and realize dreams the more

details you can imagine the faster it

will materialize always remember that

nothing is impossible for you especially

when you have God by your side ask for

his guidance and follow the signs he

sends you your success is guaranteed you

have much more power than you imagine

declare it believe it and put that power

to work in your favor soon you will be

enjoying everything you desire and much

more do not give up great

Transformations are on the way you are

entering a blessed and prosperous phase

in all aspects of your life

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