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my beloved

child I understand the challenges and

hardships you have faced throughout your

life the weight of your

mistakes the darkness that has enveloped

you and the storms that have raged

within your soul have not gone unnoticed


me I want you to know that even in your

most difficult moments I have never left


side my love for you is unwavering and


no matter how far you may have strayed

or how much pain you have

endured my arms are always open waiting

patiently for your

return there is no sin or mistake that

can separate you from my

love I am here to heal your wounds lift

your spirit and fill your life with the

peace and joy that you so deeply

desire you do not have to bear the

burdens of life

alone I am here to help you to be your

strength when you feel weak and to guide

you through the darkest of

paths trust in me and allow my love to

flow through you casting away the

regrets and worries of the

past in me you will find the Solace and

comfort that your soul Longs

for I’ve seen your tears felt your

anguish and witnessed your sleepless

nights but know that I am here to dry

your tears calm the storms with within

and restore your

faith my love has the power to lift any

burden no matter how heavy it may

seem let me be your Refuge your

unshakable foundation and your constant

companion on this journey of

Life your failures and mistakes do not

define you for my love for you is

eternal and

unchanging no matter how many times you

have stumbled or how long you have been

away I am always here waiting to embrace

you and offer you a fresh start it is

never too late to begin a

new come to me my child you need not

feel lost or hopeless any

longer allow me to wrap you in my

unconditional love and guide you towards

the path of healing and

transformation trust in my plan for your

life for I have a purpose and a destiny

that is greater than you can

imagine I do not judge you for your past

instead I offer you forgiveness and the

opportunity to start a

new let me into your life and I will

transform it in ways you never thought

possible together we will overcome every

obstacle and you will find the peace and

happiness that your heart

desires You are not alone in this battle

I have trained you to be a brave Warrior

capable of achieving Victory even in the

face of adversity

look to the heavens and move forward

with faith and

determination for the blessings that

await you are far greater than the

problems you currently

face I want you to open your heart and

hear my words I love you and nothing

that happens to you is outside of my

will I am a powerful God who knows your

future and the purpose for which you


created my thoughts towards you are

always good never evil

in me you will find Comfort refuge and

hope no matter how Fierce the trials may

be even if the enemy’s arrows seek to

destroy you I will be your shield and no

harm will come to

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