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my lovely child I am the author and

finisher of your faith so have patience

and perseverance on your journey I am

devoted to finishing the excellent work

that I have started in you have faith in

my judgment and allow patience to

accomplish its complete job in you be

brave while you wait and I’ll fortify

your heart I am aware of the plans I

have for you plans to provide you with a

future and hope plans that are good

rather than bad

my thoughts about you are as endless as

the beach sand I know you and all of

your methods very well when you’re

feeling uncertain know that my knowledge

is beyond comprehension I can see the

large picture and I have my hands on

every little detail when difficulties

emerge pray to me your prayers are like

in sense ascending before my Throne so

they are not in vain I pay attention to

your needs and I hear your screams I am

your stronghold Golden Haven your

constant support throughout difficult

times find Solace under my wings and

allow my love’s warmth to envelop you

though the path ahead may appear unclear

do not be alarmed I am your beacon of

light I direct your steps and take you

beside Placid Rivers my word illuminates

your path and serves as a lamp for your

feet if you walk in the light of my

truth you will be able to confidently

negotiate life’s curves remind yourself

that you are not alone when you take on

the challenges of each day I will always

be by your side even as we age come

closer to me and I’ll come closer to you

in Christ Jesus my peace that surpasses

all understanding will keep watch over

your heart and mind keep your eyes

focused on me the beginning and the end

the Alpha and Omega in every situation

and season I am the rock that you stand

on the anchor of your soul have faith in

my constancy I remain the same as I was

yesterday today and forever I pray that

you will always have the love of God the

grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the

companionship of the Holy Spirit indeed

my kid never forget that you are not

alone in the craziness of life when it

seems to be overwhelming you I am your

stronghold and Haven your go-to support

when Things become tough when you’re

tired dump your weight at my feet and

I’ll take care of you give your worries

to me I’m here to help although there

may be many unknowns on your road have

faith in my all powerful plan I am

planning every aspect for both my glory

and your benefit remember that I am the

way the truth and the life even if the

journey may seem challenging if you

follow in my footsteps you will come to

the holy way way allow the seeds of Love

Hope and Faith to sprout in the garden

that is your heart they will blossom

into a gorgeous Garden that mirrors my

glory if you water them with the due of

my grace you should guard your heart

since it is the source of life let it be

full of humility kindness and

thankfulness stand steady in the safety

of my love’s shelter when life storms

scream around you my love is a Bastion

that perseveres through all hardships

and a fortification that cannot be

toppled Beyond Comprehension you will

find comfort in the sanctuary of My

Embrace I am God be still and realize

this let love be your compass as you

negotiate the challenges of

relationships give Grace liberally

forgive without conditions and love

without boundaries you do this in order

to mirror my image and demonstrate the

transformational power of my love you

need not worry about tomorrow since I

have control over it put your faith in

my Supply and prioritize pursuing my

righteousness and Kingdom I am

Dependable in meeting your wants as I am

aware of them your value is derived from

the cost I paid on the cross for you not

from things of this world do as unto me

as you go about your everyday business

do everything for the glory of God both

in speech and deed your efforts are an

act of worship and I am delighted by the

gifts of an appreciative heart recall

that I am a god of restoration and

atonement there is no error too big for

my forgiveness to forgive admit your

mistakes and I will steadfastly and

equitably pardon you walk in the light

of my grace and embrace the freedom that

comes with forgiveness you are

incredibly and fearfully formed my child

I knew you before you were even

conceived D you are my creation made in

Christ Jesus to carry out the Good Deeds

I planned for you to undertake

beforehand step into the identity and

purpose that I have planned for you may

you be protected in Christ Jesus by the

peace of God which is more than any

understanding I’ll be at your side no

matter where you go so have courage and

strength I will always be in love with

you indeed if you’re still here means

you love almighty God Jesus Christ like

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