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my beloved child I am here to guide you

through the challenges and storms that

each day may

bring when you feel lost or overwhelmed

simply close your eyes and say Jesus I

believe in you as you utter these words

know that I am right by your side

filling you with a peace that surpasses

all understanding reflect on the words

of the

psalm the Lord is my shepherd I shall


want make this your daily Mantra and you

will find strength and victory in the

face of any

obstacle before you drift off to sleep

each night take a few moments to connect

with me review your day read from the

scriptures and keep the Bible close to

your heart as you rest I ask only for a

small portion of your time amidst the

busyness of life I am your constant

companion watching over you both in your

waking hours and as you Slumber from the

first light of dawn until the last

Shadows of night I am never absent from

your side you are my most cherished

creation like a thriving tree bearing

abundant fruit I will give you strength

and lift you up today you will see the

truth of my promises I will clear the

path before you removing scarcity and

obstacles from your way in return I ask

that you follow my commands and immerse

yourself in the

scriptures do do not be like those who

hear my word but fail to act upon it

turning to me only in times of trouble

and blaming me for their hardships they

fail to realize that the answer lies

within themselves I am active in the

lives of my children working through

those who embrace my

promises however I cannot help those who

stray from my path and turn away from me

I love my children deeply but I cannot

condone their sins I know that you are

different filled with thoughts of

goodness and not evil steer clear of the

path of the wicked for though they may

Mock and criticize their way leads only

to destruction to live a fulfilling life

you must remain steadfast in your faith

and devoted to my

word this challenging phase of your life

is temporary and Times of abundance and

blessing are on the

horizon a new season is coming one that

will bring about profound changes and

fill your heart with joy you will see

the fruits of your nights spent in

prayer in the early mornings when you

poured out your deepest desires to me

you have believed and I have answered

your faithfulness has not gone unnoticed

and I have lovingly acknowledged each of


actions your name is etched in the book

of life and I have placed a seal upon

your heart marking you as my own no evil

shall touch you for I Am with You always

your strength is renewed and your faith


unshakable Embrace these promises for in

these moments I transform your sorrow

into joy and your tears into

laughter with me nothing is impossible

for those who trust in me I am preparing

you for great things so lift your eyes

to the heavens and believe in the words

I speak to you

today this message comes to you not by

chance but as a declaration of blessings

change and prosperity

declare with all your heart that you

believe in my promises and that you will

follow my words for you are my beloved

child and have found favor in my eyes in

the name of my son Jesus amen get ready

for the time of harvest has arrived and

everything will be revealed to you my

child Rejoice for soon there will come a

day when tears of joy will wash over

your face and your laughter will ReSound

like a beautiful Symphony bringing Joy

joy to all who hear it your happiness

will multiply and you will see the

rewards of your diligent efforts every

step you’ve taken and every challenge

you’ve faced has laid the foundation for

the blessings and prosperity I will

bring into your life reaching this point

has not been easy and you have faced

numerous trials and

uncertainties yet you persevered holding

on to hope and moving forward with

courage so today my child I tell you to

prepare prepare yourself for your time

to reap the Harvest has come you will

Savor the sweet fruits of your labor and

witness The Garden of my promises

flourish where every Tiny Seed blossoms

into a beautiful

blessing get ready for the day is near

when your dreams will become reality and

the doors that once seemed closed will

swing wide open the burdens you’ve

carried will be lifted and your spirit

will be

refreshed abundance will pour into your

life like an endless stream and you will

see my power and faithfulness manifested

in every area of your

existence stay alert and attentive for

you will gradually begin to see these


unfold your hands will become Divine

instruments Gathering the rewards of

your faith and hard

work abundance will touch every aspect

of your life love from those you cherish

the Fulfillment of your dreams the peace

you’ve sought and the opportunities

you’ve longed for each blessing you

receive will serve as a reminder of the

love and grace I have lavished upon you

these blessings will come because your

efforts and tears were not in vain they

were acts of surrender and

transformation shaping you into the

person I have called you to

be so do not worry my child and do not

underestimate the significance of your

journey you have not wasted a single

moment in my perfect plan for everything

has a purpose and a designated time

every experience and challenge has

contributed to your growth and prepared

you for the day when your blessings

arrive as you continue on your path

maintain your trust in me hold fast to

your faith and keep a heart filled with

gratitude do not be discouraged by


circumstances for what is coming will

far surpass any challenges you have

faced remember I am always with you

guiding your steps and leading you

towards a future filled with hope and

promise embrace the journey knowing that

your faithfulness will be rewarded and

that my love for you is Everlasting walk

in the assurance that I am your God and

you are my beloved child together we

will navigate the ups and downs of life

and you will emerge Victorious blessed

beyond measure so take heart my child

for your time of harvest is at hand and

my promises to you will be fulfilled my

precious child I want you to know that

my love for you knows no bounds it is a

love that transcends human understanding

a love so pure and unconditional that it

will never waver or fade I am always

here for you ready to pour out my

blessings and Grace upon your life in

immeasurable ways as you journey through

this life your faith will grow stronger

with each passing day the story of your

walk with me will be a powerful

testimony that inspires and uplifts

lifts others when you share the amazing

ways I have worked in your life it will

give hope to those who are struggling

and encourage them to put their trust in

me no matter what challenges or

hardships you face remember that I am

right by your side I will guide your

every step both on the days that are

filled with joy and the ones that are

more difficult when you feel weak I will

be your strength when doubt Creeps in I

will remind you of my faithfulness lean

on me and I will help you overcome any

obstacle that stands in your way stay

strong in your faith and never stop

seeking a deeper relationship with me

persevere through the tough times and

give your very best in all you do your

dedication and commitment will not go

unnoticed or

unrewarded the time is coming soon when

you will reap an abundant Harvest

blessings beyond what you can ask or

imagine when that day arrives tears of

pure joy will stream down your face you

will look back on every challenge you

faced and realize it had a greater

purpose each trial was shaping you

molding you into the person I created

you to be the struggles you endured were

developing perseverance character and

hope within you on the day of blessing

your laughter will overflow from a place

of deep fulfillment in genuine

happiness doors of opportunity that were

once tightly shut will will swing wide

open relationships with family and loved

ones will experience healing and

Reconciliation your life will radiate

with a profound sense of peace and

contentment that can only come from me

and your joy will be infectious it will

spread to those around you touching

hearts and transforming lives even those

who have yet to experience my love will

be drawn to The Light Within you your

story will be a powerful demonstration

of my goodness and faithfulness in the

midst of your rejoicing don’t forget to

be a blessing to others just as I have

so generously provided for you look for

ways to extend that generosity to those

in need reach out to the hurting with

compassion offer encouragement to those

who are weary let your words and actions

bring Comfort to the Brokenhearted be a

reflection of my love to the world

around you continue walking in obedience

and faithfulness to me trust me in every

aspect of your life knowing that my ways

are always higher than your

own when you abide in me and my words

abide in you you will bear much fruit

stay connected to me the True Vine and

you will experience life in all its

fullness always remember how deeply

precious you are to me you are my

beloved child crafted with meticulous

care and designed for a great purpose I

take Delight in you and rejoice over you

with singing

there is nothing that can separate you

from my infinite love I know there will

be times when you feel weak and

inadequate but don’t believe those lies

from the enemy the truth is you are

stronger than you know I have equipped

you with everything you need to live

victoriously my spirit within you gives

you power love and self-discipline rely

on my strength not your own and you will

be able to conquer any challenge that

comes your way whenever you feel

overwhelmed Med remember that I am your


help I am your refuge and your Fortress

whenever you feel overwhelmed remember

that I am your everpresent help I am

your refuge and your

Fortress when you call upon me I will

answer you I will be with you in times

of trouble and deliver you you can have

confidence knowing that I will never

leave you or forsake you you are royalty

a cherished child of the most high King

hold your head high and walk in the

dignity and Assurance of your identity

in me don’t let anyone or anything cause

you to doubt your worth or question your

purpose you are fearfully and

wonderfully made a one-of-a-kind

creation designed to bring glory to my

name I have amazing plans in store for

you plans to give you a hope and a

future even though life will have its

share of challenges es I will use every

circumstance for your

good I am always working behind the

scenes orchestrating events and aligning

details to bring about my perfect will

for Your Life Trust in my timing and my

wisdom knowing that I see the bigger

picture when difficulties arise resist

the urge to react out of negative

emotions anger bitterness and resentment

will only cause more pain instead choose

to respond with Grace and

forgiveness rely on me to fight your

battles and trust me to bring about

Justice in my perfect way and timing

keep your eyes fixed on me and your

heart aligned with my

word meditate on my promises and let

them fill you with unshakable hope

continue to grow in your faith being

rooted and established in my love let

your life be marked by joy peace and

gratitude knowing that you are secure In


Embrace I am always speaking to you my

child my voice may come in a gentle

whisper or a still small prompting in

your spirit other times I will speak to

you through my word through the

encouragement of a friend or through the

beauty of my creation be attentive to my

leading and quick to obey remember you

are never alone when you feel lonely I

am your constant companion

when you feel weak I am your strength

when you feel lost I am your Guiding

Light trust in my unfailing love and

allow it to be the anchor for your soul

so keep moving forward with confidence

and Assurance knowing that I am working

all things together for your good I have

destined you for greatness and equipped

you with everything you need to fulfill

your unique

purpose embrace the journey ahead with

faith and expectancy knowing that the

best is yet to

come you are my child my

beloved the one in whom I take great

Delight I love you with an everlasting

love and there is nothing you can do to


that rest in my love knowing that it is

your constant source of strength peace

and joy my beloved child I want you to

know that no matter what challenges or

difficulties you may face in life

my love for you is unwavering and

unconditional I see your struggles and I

understand the Temptations and

weaknesses that you encounter in this

imperfect world but I want to remind you

that there is a better path a path of

light love and hope that awaits you no

matter how far you feel you have strayed

or how many mistakes you have made I am

always ready to welcome you back with

open arms

my forgiveness knows no bounds and my

grace is freely given to you even though

it is

undeserved there is no sin too great for

my love to

overcome I am here to help you break

free from the chains that bind you and

to heal your wounded

Spirit In The Quiet Moments listen for

my gentle whisper I speak to you through

my word which is a lamp to your feet and

a light to your path don’t ignore it but

rather find comfort and guidance in it

it will provide you with the answers and

Solace you seek in times of need I urge

you to consider the path you are

currently on the world may seem enticing

and full of promises but the happiness

it offers is fleeting and

shallow following a path of wrongdoing

will only lead to pain and destruction

in the

end but my desire for you is to live a

life that is abundant

joyful and filled with genuine peace and

hope I extend my grace and forgiveness

to you

today these are gifts that you could

never earn but I offer them

freely it doesn’t matter how far you

have wandered or how many mistakes you

have made you can always come back to me

and find love compassion and renewal

take a moment to reflect deeply and seek

my presence open your heart to my words

and allow me to liberate you from every

change chain of evil you were never

meant to face these struggles alone

trust in me and I promise to restore you

you will rise again and all will be well

remember the peace and hope that I

provide are something that the world


give put your trust in me my beloved

child and witness the transformation

that only I can bring about in your life

Turn Away From Evil and choose a life

with me for I desire nothing but the

best for you my love for you is deep and

unwavering and I long to see you thrive

and experience the true peace and joy

that only I can

provide the world may seem appealing and

full of

promises but what it offers is temporary

and ultimately

unsatisfying the happiness it promises

is short-lived and often leads to a

cycle of disappointment and

sorrow but I have something better in

store for you

I want you to experience a peace that

surpasses all understanding a peace that

remains steady even in the face of

life’s toughest

challenges I am here to offer you hope

my child a hope that is strong

unwavering and able to withstand any

storm that life may bring your way so I

urge you turn away from the evil that

the world entices you with step off the

path you are currently on and come back


me remember my love for you is

unconditional but it is a love that

calls you to make wise and righteous

choices understand that following the

ways of this world will not bring you

any lasting good but will only lead you

further away from the true peace that

your heart longs for come to me turn to

me with all your heart for I am the way

the truth and the

life I alone can provide provide the

genuine peace and happiness that you

seek let go of yesterday’s mistakes and

stop judging yourself for I do not judge

you instead my love and grace are here

to transform your life and give you new

purpose and

meaning today I encourage you to lift

your head high and seek my guidance

through prayer allow me to direct your

steps on the true path a path that leads

to a life filled with purpose and


I will not disappoint you I will walk

alongside you every step of the way and

you will never feel alone

again take a step towards me and I

promise that you will find true peace

enduring hope and eternal joy in my

presence I am waiting for you with open

arms ready to embrace you with a love

that is pure genuine and

everlasting so come my beloved Child

come back to me leave behind the empty

promises of this world and embrace the

Abundant Life that I have in store for

you trust in my love lean on my strength

and allow me to guide you on the path of

righteousness I am here for you always

and my grace is sufficient for you no

matter what challenges you face or how

far you may have strayed my arms are

always open ready to welcome you

home remember you are never too far gone

for my love to reach you you are never

too broken for my grace to heal you you

are never too lost for my light to guide

you back

home I am your loving father and my

greatest desire is to see you walking in

the fullness of the life I have planned

for you A life of purpose peace and joy

a life where you can experience the

depths of my love and the heights of my

grace so take that first step today turn

your heart towards me and allow me to

lead you on the the path of

righteousness trust in my goodness rest

in my love and watch as I transform your

life in ways you never thought possible

I love you my precious child always

remember that and know that I am with

you every step of the way guiding you

strengthening you and leading you

towards the Abundant Life that I have in

store for you come home to me I’m

waiting with open arms ready to embrace

you and shower you with my love and

grace you are never alone and you are

always loved amen

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