The Choice is Yours: Acceptance or Rejection of Jesus’ Love | God Message Today | Jesus Talk




Jesus my beloved child I admire your

resilience and strength amidst the

trials and attacks you’ve faced despite

the attempts of others to bring you down

you remain steadfast in your faith and

Devotion to me take comfort in knowing

that I see your struggles and will

continue to bless you abundantly you are

unique my child for you have heard and

received Words of Love and encouragement

that others may never know do not lose

heart but stay on the path of

righteousness for those who seek to harm

you will not Prevail trust in me for I

am your protector and provider your

enemies may try to undermine you out of

jealousy and spite but their efforts are

in vain my favor surrounds you like a

shield frustrating their plans and

leaving them Restless rest assured for I

watch over your life your family your

home and your work shielding you from

harm AR while some may reject my love

and guidance you have chosen to follow

me wholeheartedly and for that you shall

be greatly blessed do not be

disheartened by the disbelief of others

for you have found the true source of

happiness and fulfillment in me in

moments of doubt and despair remember

that I am always with you ready to come

Fort and strengthen you your tears are

not in vain for they PVE the way for

healing and restoration let go of the

burdens so may guilt place it upon you

by others and allow my words to bring

you peace and Assurance You are not

alone in your struggles my child I am

here to listen to your cries and wipe

away your tears trust in my love and

find Solace In My Embrace for I will

never abandon you today embrace the

victories that lie before you knowing

that I am by your side guiding you every

step of the way rejoice in your triumphs

for they are a testament to my

faithfulness and love for you you do not

be swayed by the negativity of the world

for I am your Fortress and your strength

stand firm in your faith and know that I

have great plans for your future plans

to prosper you and not to harm you I

love you deeply my child and I am always

here for you share this message of Hope

with others and continue to spread my

love to those around you trust in me and

you will never be disappointed


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