The Almighty Shepherd | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my dear child I am your Shepherd and I will always be with you in Lush Fields I will

give you rest and lead you beside Peaceful Waters to refresh your soul I will guide you on Paths of

righteousness for the sake of my name even when you walk through dark and deep

valleys do not fear any evil or my rod and staff will comfort and reassure you

I will surround you with blessings confus your enemies and fill your heart

with wisdom your table will be abundant and my goodness and mercy will follow

you all the days of your life you will live in my house experiencing my love and peace

abundantly do not be afraid for I am right beside you to support you in

everything I hold you in my mighty hand wrapping you in my protection and

covering you with my holy cloak of love I earnestly desire for you to seek me to

listen lovingly to these words I speak to you to let this message from my heart

sink into your soul let me write upon the walls of your mind the wonders of my

love so you may feel secure and stop wondering whether you deserve the beautiful gifts I want to give

you accept these messages I send with faith for I’m speaking directly to you

dare to believe in me let go of that anxiety fear and sadness please do not keep holding on to

them in your heart lay them down at my feet once again and give me your trust a

new I have many wonderful things planned for you but first I need your faith and

loyalty your future is in my hands and when you rest in my arms without doubt

or mistrust all my blessings will reach you give me your fears your worries that

sadness stirring within you it is my desire for you to live a

stable life to feel better I tell you this with all my

affection because I want you to stand up strong and continue your journey I am

preparing you to overcome and Triumph in every challenge you know well that I am

with you at night I am a lamp to your feet by day I am your Shield protecting

you from the arrow your enemies launch against you allow my Holy Spirit the

chance to shape your character for I want to teach you to speak only words that are spiritual Supernatural and

uplifting come to my written word and learn that I am humble of heart always using my words to bring healing

forgiveness and blessing my dear child miracles happen

like this when you use my promises your faith and your words to bless those

around you I promise you complete Victory when you realize that your path should be guided by faith not by

appearances or the sudden emotions that storm your mind don’t be swayed just by what you

feel think about your future and your loved ones actions taken in emotional

confusion can cause deep wounds that may take years to heal I’ve given you the strength to win

but it starts with you surround yourself with friends who uplift you adopt healthy habits and stay away from bad

influences do not let evil people break into your life with their dirty lies and

false news with their Slanders and exaggerations if you listen to them they

will disturb the peace I have placed in your heart stealing your dreams mocking

your plans and crushing your desires I will remove those urges to look back

and seek out old friends who no longer bring you any good you told them about me but they

chose not to seek me I knocked on their hearts but they ignored me now they come

back trying to trap you in their schames letting themselves be used by the one who wants to devour your

soul live by my teachings and turn away from the seeds of defeat that careless

people try to plant in your life listen to my full messages and share them with

your family it costs you nothing to support those who work hard to bring you

a daily message of encouragement and peace I use these dedicated people to

deliver my word to you at the right time and to remind you that you are a child of the almighty and eternal God who

loves you supports you is with you during the day and soothes your heart at

night the words you hear from me are filled with affection I send them to you

so that you know how much I love you and to always help you feel at peace respond to me now write it down yourself my

beloved God I accept your words and your love we have a meeting you and I every

morning I am there right by your bed on time to be the first to speak to you the first light to brighten your eyes I want

my words to reach your ears like a spiritual whisper engraving each letter

into your heart I am ready for our time together for this moment of Joy when you

share both the good and the challenging aspects of your life with me I know you

long for my presence I have prepared your spiritual nourishment and since you invited me

this morning I will personally provide it to you I want you to leave your home feeling satisfied strengthened and ready

to face the world without fear cherish these moments you spend with me later as you step out you will

see many people dragging their feet looking down trotten they will stare at

you in Wonder seeing a happy person amid so many bitter

Hearts but you know the source of your peace and your happiness comes from the

faith you have in me and my presence that fills you each morning when we sit down down to talk in your room your

prayer time is the spiritual exercise that strengthens you giving you the

ability to overcome the world’s Sorrows to keep moving forward and to Stand Tall

even when a thousand fall at your side and , at your right hand and those

around you become discouraged and falter in the face of Affliction you will not be

harmed you are protected by My Love Open your home to me every day let me into

your private space each morning and allow me to share my word with you I will put a smile on your face and give

you the wisdom to successfully navigate through life’s complexities respond to me now I want to

be with you as you pray making sure you feel secure in my promise I’m with you

every day you talk to me I listen you share your needs with me and I bless and

protect you you about to walk walk through new and better doors than those

that have closed before I see your faith you have believed in my

power I will restore what you lost in the past soon you will witness many

valuable blessings accumulating do not dwell on past losses

broken relationships or failures if they were your mistakes repent if someone

wronged you forgive them clear your heart of hatred and vengeance

if you were deceived your sadness is now behind you now you know whom you cannot

trust don’t focus on what’s behind you instead look forward to the many new

blessings I have in store for you let’s Journey towards Victory on a fresh path

gaze towards the horizon there’s a mountain waiting for you to climb when

you reach the other side you will descend with courage and strength beond that Fields ripe for

Harvest are waiting for you my child remember you are alive recognize your value to me but

also Learn To Love Yourself follow my teachings and take care of your soul

spirit and health every morning wake up with the Divine certainty that you have

a fruitful life ahead and a purpose I have already set for you the Triumph of

your family your own success and prosperity lie ahead you already have enough wisdom to

bring joy to those suffering in this world as you listen to my words your

mind Soul and Spirit are filled with Supernatural Joy any remaining feelings

of depression and discouragement will now disappear these wonderful Sensations

entering your life are signs of my grace mercy and love Miracles will occur

around you the world will witness a powerful shake and people will see my Majestic

light shining through you be careful guard your heart from

Pride I want to show the world that I can lift the poor the needy the Fallen

the rejected those pointed at and judged unfairly everything that’s to come is

the work of my power I’m the king of glory holding your family and life in my

hands I have shown Mercy to you receive this love with a simple heart let me bless

you more because that’s my decision though you’re facing strong problems I

want to touch your soul with these words and convince your spirit that the evil one has no power to destroy you hold on

to my word I will nurture in you the desire to live and continue fighting

indeed these times are filled with challenges unexpected events that disrupt your plans and

dreams but I ask you will you believe that I have better things in store for

you I chose you to be courageous yesterday you may have felt sad and weak

but today as you read these words your mindset is changing you feel renewed and

strong yesterday you may have felt lost and defeated but today you rise feeling

Victorious protected supportive blessed and loved your life is

transforming although you have lost much today marks a change you will be an

example to many who observe you those who did not believe in me will reconsider and return to my ways upon

seeing your life those who denied me will repent and come back to my

presence in these days of confusion and great turmoil you will be a beacon of

light in the darkness I’m pouring my grace upon you so you can see and feel

how much I love you and so you can extend blessings to all who are suffering

today just believe and move forward make a firm decision to disregard bad news

slander and lies the enemy’s words are fleeting Carried Away by the wind they

have no power to confuse or defeat you unless you permit them dismiss thoughts of defeat Fe focus

and reflect on my word believe in me firmly and all the victories you’ve been

waiting for will come feel my presence remember always how much I love you

these words you’re hearing didn’t reach you by chance there will be no defeat or failure for you if you hold on to my

hand we’ll go through tough times together on days filled with conflict

I’ll hold you close strengthening your soul with my loving words your life and

situation are important to me I’ve told you many times that you live in a world

filled with troubles but remember I have overcome the world with My Sacrifice on

the cross and my resurrection I want to give you this power to let you feel

these streams of Living Water Rising within you quenching your thirst forever washing away sadness removing

impurities and revitalizing your weary spirit always yearn for my presence seek

me at any time day or night in good times or bad in abundance or in need

whatever your situation know that you have not been defeated that’s not your destiny don’t give up and lose all the

blessings you’ve gathered on your journey After the Storm calm will come

the waves May Roar and rage but the sea will quiet when it hears my voice just

like you’re hearing me now this peace you’re feeling is a gift of my love

accept it cherish it and don’t reject this affection thinking you don’t deserve it

you know there’s a daily battle happening in the spiritual realm the adversary tries to shake and weaken you

but remember you are not alone I am with you I only need a little bit of your

faith decide now to believe to accept this eternal love that follows you

wherever you go protecting and guarding you when the enemy

attacks it’s normal for life to change suddenly you have the right to cry and

feel sad it’s also good for your soul to let out what’s inside to heal spiritually however you must never think

that you’ll be stuck in pain forever or that the sadness making you cry will

never end or that your destiny is to live defeated forever your enemies and

even false friends might say things to keep you down scared to get up and fight

but I sacrificed myself so you could have life so you could look up and reach

out to me I want to fill you with abundant joy and steadfast

courage I understand your feelings you might sometimes think there’s no point in continuing that it’s easier to just

give up and wait for the end but I love you you I have a meaningful purpose for

you and your family you can’t give up you mustn’t let go of your blessings

don’t go back to a place of desolation that’s not what I want for you I came to

give you a full life and Supernatural strength you do not depend on your

emotions or what others say about you if today you face challenges or feel

disregarded remember my words I love you if sudden tough situations come up don’t

think that I’ve stopped loving you I’m engraving these words on your heart and

you will recall them every day no matter what happens no matter what you face or who stands against you my love for you

grows stronger each minute do not feel wounded when emotions hurt you do not isolate yourself

thinking you are alone that nobody cares or understands you I am speaking to you

right now I am real not just a figment of your imagination you can feel the love in

each word I say words that are meant to heal your heart who am I to you tell me

I want to know if you don’t see me as your friend or if you want me to leave you alone

have the courage to tell me now but understand this I will not leave you

even if you push me away even if you reject me me I am different I truly love

you I will never abandon you my faithfulness is Everlasting and my

decision to love you does not change even if you ask me to leave today I’ll

still be here speaking to you daily with tender love until you truly feel it in your heart and I know you’re feeling it

now come let me wrap you in my Holy Love and help you through this tough time

this challenging period will pass soon you may feel engulfed by sadness and

doubt but don’t struggle alone I have everything under control listen closely

I love you your heart isn’t empty it’s full of my love I’ve always been with

you I’ve never left you remember this day when I have loved

you with an everlasting love and by my side you have the strength to rise from

the depths of sadness and fill your heart with joy with me you can and will find

happiness if you find yourself under the dark clouds of trouble outside trust in

me and let my word light your path your enemies may say you will be defeated but

my word reassures you and I affirm it do not be afraid I am with you even in your

darkest storms I will carry you and when you feel like crying I’ll be with waiting for you let out those tears

you’ve been holding back tell me what’s on your mind I’m listening your life is

important to me and just like I’ve helped you in the past I’ll continue to help you today and every

day I will show you in many ways how much I love you you will have no doubts

that by your side is the god who loves you always watching over you defending

you and caring for you I’m attentive to your words and prayers commanding my

angels to move and turn your requests into reality it’s not useless When you pray I

find Joy when I hear your faithful heart you know I love you and I will respond

to you do you believe this with all your heart are you worried about the future

unsure of what to do feeling like you lack resources and facing challenges

that seem seem too big here I am again wrapping your tender heart with all my

love soothing and calming your emotions with my endless power creating a

Fountain of Living Water in your soul through my Holy Spirit remember if you

trust in me embrace my peace and reject fear if you believe in me you know who I

am the god of impossibilities the one who fills your life with satisfaction

and rescues you from danger I am your lord your provider the

one who watches over you with love I am your God your Shepherd I guide you along

paths of righteousness you will walk securely and even through the darkest

valleys you will fear nothing by peaceful streams I will show

you that I am your father who loves you deeply I will envelop you with my Mercy

and when you need a miracle I will be there ready to bless you the enemy shouts try to drive you

into fear aiming to confuse you and keep you from seeking my light pushing you

towards Darkness it is a daily battle but your

faith is strong and my word declares you are my child the bravest of my Warriors

Victorious and courageous I will cause Springs to flow in dry places I will fulfill your needs

and I will shield you from the heat as you travel through deserts dismiss doubts declare my word to receive

healing you are privileged an heir to eternal life blessed abundantly in

heaven and on Earth the enemy despises you and many are jealous but remember

nothing is impossible for me remember that and when the lying enemy Rises

before you and tries to stop you with with false walls of iron do not be dismayed do not yield let not your gaze

betray fear you can advance with faith and the assurance that I have given you

the authority to overcome and tread upon every evil and every illness I embrace

you tightly close your eyes now and feel my presence listen as I tell you I love you

I am with you today you have cried and I understand why I Am The Sovereign Lord

the mighty creator of the universe nothing is hidden from me under the heavens and you need to know this I care

deeply about everything that troubles your heart and I’m fully aware of it it hurts to be

alone especially when those who claim to love you leave leaving you tired and

comfortless but remember nothing in your life is outside my

control I know you can hear the language of my love the sound of my voice it’s

unmistakable to your soul the voice that has calmed your pain before I am the

same God as yesterday the one who brings you Joy and strength today listen my voice is

reaching out to you do not Harden your heart this is the love you need the love

that has sought you out all for the glory of my name I care for you I defend

you and though some situations may seem impossible I will make everything work

out for your good because I will never leave you or abandon you never

ever my loving words will dry your tears I will heal your body and turn the Deep

pain in your heart into Joy I am your God the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end I will fill your soul with immense joy and in the morning

I will come as your Liberator your Advocate your beloved protector do you

recognize me my dear one before people you appear very strong but I know your

heart I know what hurts you cry if you need to cry I love you and you must

Embrace this truth when the winds lash out when life complicates when

unexpected negative things happen and when people hurt you I have loved

you I love you and I will continue to love you despite everything you need to hear this I will remind you I will

repeat it with tender details throughout the day I will whisper my love in your ear at night while you sleep and in the

morning when you wake you will see how everything is different you have lived many years

working giving your best dedicating your life to people who have not valued your

love and effort but I will tell you something important you must continue to love and

fight blessing those around you because you know you are deeply loved by the

creator of the universe my love is greater and more steadfast than any affection or

attention you could receive from others many have let you down and they might continue to do so but my love is

unshakable eternal perfect it’s forever yours and no one can take it from

you you are precious and significant to me let that be sufficient for you when

you’re worn out and feel like you’ve reached your limit when it seems all

your efforts have been for nothing remember there is a wonderful reward waiting for you in my presence kneel and

come forward to receive it claim your blessing when you humbly pray to me your

reward is strength your reward is joy and the fruit of your labor is the

immense power residing in your heart my love that uplifts and renews you daily

in my presence you don’t need to pretend you cannot hide your feelings from me

close the doors of your room and spend a moment in sincere prayer with me I hear

you I love you I soothe your soul and heal your heart you seek my help because you know

I love you and my promises are certain indeed I will assist you rest easy go

forth to face life with confidence peace and joy knowing your heavenly father is

always by your side even in moments of weakness when you feel you

failed you know well that even when things don’t go as planned and sometimes

you make mistakes my grace is Limitless and my Mercy

is unconditional when you wake up each morning open your eyes with hope and

listen to my words once more and you’ll find the strength to face your day I

urge you to believe in me believe that I have a future filled with peace and joy

waiting for you I ask you to cling with all your might to my love into life

itself you must live you must keep going

continue on your path despite the obstacles and focus on the Promises I’ve given you when you face attacks don’t be

discouraged don’t give up when problems arise don’t be saddened

when threatened remember your worth in my eyes if people despise you believe with

all your heart in my love this is your year great spiritual and eternal riches

will Spring forth from all the lessons you’ve learned where you are now I will bless you abundantly because I

have chosen you for great things seek me in prayer humble your heart and

fervently lift up your petitions to me every day I will bless you and your family

even in front of others to others you might seem strong but I know your heart

and what causes you pain cry if you need to it’s okay I love you and you need to

accept this truth When Storms hit it when life gets complicated when unexpected challenges

arise and when people hurt you remember I have loved you I love you and I will

continue to love you no matter what you need to hear this and I will remind you repeatedly throughout the day I’ll

whisper my love in your ear at night as you sleep and in the morning when you wake you’ll notice how things have

changed you’ve spent many years working hard giving your all dedicating yourself

to people who haven’t appreciated your love and effort but here’s something important

continue to love and fight blessing those around you because you are dearly loved by the creator of the universe my

love surpasses and outweighs all the affection and attention you could ever receive from

people many of them have failed you and they will continue to do so but my love

is steadfast Eternal and flawless it is yours forever no one can

snatch it away you are significant and precious to me let that be sufficient for

you when you feel tired and think you can’t go on when it seems like your

efforts have been pointless remember that there is a wonderful reward waiting for you in my

presence kneel down and come to me claim your blessing When you pray humbly you

gain strength and your reward is Joy the result of your hard work is the

immense power within your heart my love that lifts and renews you every day in

my presence you don’t need to pretend you can’t hide your feelings from

me close the doors of your room and take a moment for honest prayer I hear you I

love you I calm your soul and heal your heart you seek my help because you know

I love you and my promises are certain rest assured I will help

you move forward with the confidence peace and joy of knowing that your

heavenly father is always with you even in times of weakness when you

feel you’ve failed remember that even though things may go wrong and mistakes

happen my grace is boundless and my Mercy is unfailing I didn’t fail you before nor

will I fail you now especially when you need me most when your heart aches

when your soul weeps open your eyes with hope when you awaken in the morning listen to me once

more and you will find the strength to carry on with your day I ask you to believe in me to cling

with all your might to my love and to life you must live you must

persevere keep walking despite the obstacles and focus on my promises when the attacks come do not be

discouraged do not give up when problems arise do not be saddened when threatened

remember the value you hold in my sight even if you are despised by people

believe it with all your heart this is your year great spiritual and eternal

riches will be born from all the Lessons Learned in the time and place where you are I will bless you abundantly because

I have chosen you for great things seek me in prayer humble your heart

kneel and fervently bring your requests to me every day enjoy being in my

presence and I will fulfill the good desires of your heart it’s wonderful that you’ve heard

these words I know you will take your life and your responsibility seriously this year remember this and do not

forget this is your time seize this moment I will bless your family and you

it’s time to move forward you cannot stop despite everything happening around

you and what you see I am still with you you must continue to move forward without looking back or getting

distracted stay committed to the progress you’ve made keep moving forward

holding my hand you know that even when you walk through dark valleys or face threats I

am there with you I am your father your creator your friend your protector your

sh Aid and your shelter I take joy in helping you my

pleasure is in blessing you and being with you always I will never withdraw my presence or my faithfulness from you I

understand that news can sometimes worry you but remember nothing in this world

can take you away from me in me you’ll find the strength to keep going to

receive and enjoy all the blessings I have for you and to successfully reach

your goals you’ll hear many things in life but don’t let them disturb your

peace or your sleep don’t be scared by threats or alarmed by what the doctor

says your life is in my hands your well-being is part of my

plan your future is safe and promising but you must not let fear stop you so

listen carefully and take these promises to heart after listening spend a few more

minutes with me bringing all your concerns thoughts and fears before me I

know you’ve made mistakes and I’m here to forgive you I’ll cleanse you with my

powerful presence so you no longer bear the unnecessary guilt and remorse that weigh you

down I’ll strengthen you more than a I’ll bless you and increase your blessings each time you come to me I am

here to help you keep overcoming and winning but remember what I am sending you today you have many things to do do

not let anything or anyone stop you do you understand my message now tell me

that you believe it the curse of your enemies will not touch you the pit they

dug for you will be their own trap I always watch over your coming and going

your sleeping and waking my angels surround you protecting your life and integrity with flaming

swords I’ve given you the power to overcome Danger and threats nothing will

harm you and none will have power over you this journey isn’t a game walk

confidently looking towards the heavens ignore those who have tried to bring you down you are safe in my hands and I

won’t let you stumble over the obstacles they set stand firm and do not be

intimidated by threats or ridicule if you show Fear they’ll see it

and think you are vulnerable stay strong and focused on me their efforts to bring

you down are insignificant they cannot do anything against you because they will encounter

me they will cower when their malicious intentions are revealed by my Majestic

light in the light of honesty and Truth know that Victory is already yours you

can rest peacefully assured that no harm or evil will come near you or your family live your life in full Serenity

letting go of concerns about those who wish you ill cling to my love and malevolence

will never touch you Embrace today with joy and hand all your worries over to me my angels will

accompany you wherever you go and I will continuously show and tell you how much I love

you remember you are never alone you are precious and important to me deserving

of all that is good pure and blessed even with everything happening in the world today know that I am here

for you though it might feel like you are alone and forgotten without anyone to hear you know that I’m always by your

side I am your heavenly father always ready to listen and help you with

anything you need for I love you unconditionally no matter what you have

done in the past or what you might do in the future my love for you will never

wne you are my beloved child and I am proud of you perhaps you may not always feel this

love of which I speak but my love for you is not something you need to feel it

is something you must know and believe in your heart for even when things do not go as planned it does not mean I’m

not with you or that I have ceased to love you difficulties struggles trials and

even storms may arise in your life but I will always love you and seek a way to

deliver you from every adverse circumstance maybe right now you feel

unsure and question the purpose I have for your life but know that I am always

with you in times of uncertainty and confusion When Storms grow and fear clouds your vision I am there guiding

you on the path to fulfillment and success remember there is always a Light

Of Hope at the end of the tunnel don’t doubt my daughter and

believe what I tell you today there is a solution to every problem and a way out

of every difficulty so Don’t Fear the Future or be discouraged by the

challenges that come your way each obstacle is a chance to grow

and to find the strength within you trust in the abilities I have given

you to overcome any adversity and lead you to victory

don’t worry anymore my daughter because no matter what tomorrow brings I will be

there with you I will make your path favorable before others and blessings will follow you my Grace will be upon

you just trust in me I will be your rock your refuge and your strength in tough

times I will protect you and guide you on the right path remember I will always be by your

side to help you achieve your goals and realiz your deepest dreams beloved remember that you have a

purpose in life with me you are unique and special I’ve blessed you with

abilities gifts and talents to make this world a better place so don’t get

discouraged by obstacles face them bravely with your faith because that’s

how you’ll overcome challenges and Triumph over every difficulty hold on to this message in

your heart and believe in it completely never doubt my love or the

words you hear today move forward with faith and confidence knowing that my love for you

is endless and will bring beautiful things into your life continue forward my daughter look

towards the future with excitement walk knowing that I intend only to bless and

prosper you at every step feel assured that my promise prises to you will be

fulfilled that I always by your side to help you achieve your goals and

dreams remember obstacles trials and challenges not only make you stronger

but also prepare you for new challenges that will bring you closer to your

Divine Purpose so face them with courage and determination do not fear difficulties

for they are merely steps towards the Fulfillment of your destiny today today

I encourage you to keep moving forward stand firm and shine brightly in this Gloomy world show my love through your

actions inspiring others to follow the light of my love with that same light I

will be by your side offering you my unconditional love and guiding you

toward a future full of blessings and success may my love surround you today

May my light guide you and may my peace be with you in every step you take

remember you are loved you are valuable and you are worthy of all the good life

offers trust in me and the potential and strength I have placed in you I’m always

here ready and willing to bless you and guide you toward the Fulfillment and happiness you deserve no matter how many

mistakes you’ve made know that nothing and no one can separate you from me and

I will never let you be taken from my hands from the moment I created you I have

been with you at every step during your Joys and your pains I know your weaknesses and

failures yet my love for you is unimaginable there is no limit to my

love for you and no sin can break our bond I know that many times you make

mistakes and Stray From the Path I have set for you I understand the times you stumble or make wrong decisions and you

bear the weight of your bad choices I want you to know that these things

sadden me but even so none of that can separate you from my love I also know

that sometimes you may feel vulnerable ashamed and with a heart burdened with regrets however in your weakness you

find my strength for I’m the father who Embraces you with unconditional love who

forgives your sins and encourages you to rise again and again in because I never

lose hope in your ability to change and grow I don’t judge you my child I will

never judge you for your mistakes instead I offer you my grace and mercy I’m always ready to forgive you

and give you a new start even when you feel far from me or when your mistakes seem to create a gap

between us remember my Mercy is greater than any wrongdoing

my Grace has no limits and I’m always willing to forgive you as often as

needed there is no sin too great that my love cannot cleanse understand that your mistakes

don’t Define how I see you I love you with a love that overcomes all barriers

a love that provides shelter comfort and protection just let yourself be embraced

by my grace and forgiveness let me lead you on a path of

righteousness and goodness throughout your life even through challenges and hardships there might be times when you

feel lost and alone but know this I’m always with you supporting and guiding

you every step of the way even when life storms rage no wind nor force can snatch

you from my grasp for I am your heavenly father and I shall never forsake

you you may encounter individuals who seek to lead you as Stray From Me

attempting to convince you that you are Unworthy of my love and

grace even in moments of Temptation remember my beloved child that I am with

you you are not alone in your struggles for I fight alongside you do not allow

those voices to deceive you or lure you into a life of Destruction never forget that my love

for you is immutable tireless and eternal no foreign voices which seek only to

ensnare you in sin and hinder the purpose for which you were called should persuade you instead listen to my voice

and Trust in my power for I will always uphold you with my mighty

hand know that you are a perfect Creation in my eyes despite your

imperfections and mistakes I regard you with love and satisfaction you are precious and in

valuable to me and I desire the best for you in every aspect of your life do not be discouraged by past

failures instead look forward with hope and determination remember my love for

you is unconditional and everlasting there’s nothing you can do

to earn or lose it no matter how many times you fall I will always help you

get back up you are my beloved child and nothing can take you away from me rest

in my love and trust that I am always with you if you ever feel weak just call

my name and I will give you strength when you doubt seek my wisdom and I will

guide you in times of Sorrow look for my comfort and I will console you I am here

for you always and nothing can change that accept my unconditional love today

and live knowing that I am with you no matter matter how far you stray I am always near patiently waiting for you to

come back don’t let past mistakes Define you let my love transform and renew you

keep going my child and do not fear for I am your safe haven your constant strength in me you will find the full

life I have planned for you I love you more than you can ever

understand today your chains are broken I set you free blessed and prospered

believe it on this hopeful day know my child that I love you I’m with you and

you are surrounded by my grace and divine benevolence for I am your God and Father

the light that illuminates your path I am here to Break Every curse in your life and to dispel all Shadows that have

obscured your mind heart and spirit listen closely my child today the

doubts and fears that have held your heart captive are disappearing no more uncertainty sadness

or confusion today the bonds that restricted your growth are shattered and

the chains of curse and scarcity in your life are broken for I’m here to give you life and

life abundantly let me fill you with my peace and wisdom embrace you with my eternal

love and pour out my blessings on every aspect of your being

I know the path you’ve traveled hasn’t been easy I have seen your daily

struggles and challenges I have noticed how the shadows and anxieties from the enemy

have impacted your spiritual journey bringing doubts and challenges to your faith but today with my infinite love I

declare that I am dispelling the Shadows that have long darkened your path preventing you from seeing the

opportunities and blessings I’ve set before you I break every bond in your life and shatter every link with doubt

and fear freeing you from any negative influence that has Disturbed your peace and

Tranquility at this moment I declare Freedom over your life I declare that my

Divine Light illuminates your path bringing security joy and happiness

today I declare the breaking of Every curse that has limited your

potential where there was once conf confusion there will now be Clarity and

understanding where there was insecurity confidence and certainty will flourish

where there was despair I bring hope and renewal to your

spirit my love will flood every corner of your being providing you with a sense of completeness peace and

strength my child today I extend my loving hand to you I open the windows of

heaven and declare that you shall be blessed the doors of abundance shall

open and opportunities you have never before experienced shall come your way

you shall be strengthened in your faith and be like a tree planted by streams of water yielding abundant fruit in its

season and its Leaf shall not Wither in me you will find the calm you need the

rest and the answers to your deepest questions trust in me my child believe

in my words embrace my promises and I assure you that you will enjoy a life deep and

full with me by your side no uncertainty will hinder you or challenge you cannot

overcome the Shadows that once clouded your faith and the disturbances that shook your inner peace will no longer

Prevail for I will stand by you as The Guiding Light that brightens your path

and an unending source of Supernatural blessings do not fear beloved child do

not hesitate to take that step and trust in me for I am the father who loves you and wants the best for you simply put

your trust in me and my guidance I will be your guide and constant

companion I will never leave you even if you have faced moments of spiritual

Darkness know that I am always with you and my grace will always be with you I

will be your support in times of doubt and your s source of inspiration on your

spiritual journey so trust in me and let me guide your life always remember that you are

loved and your past does not concern me no matter how difficult the path you

have walked what matters now is that you are here listening to my voice feeling

the whisper in your heart telling you that I love you that I am here to light your path and help you find the peace

joy and happiness you seek trust in me my child trust in my light

my love and my faithfulness I Will Never Let You Down remember my grace and favor are

always with you and it is my desire to bless you abundantly my love for you is

endless and my loyalty never wavers no matter how dark your path may seem my

light will always guide your way I encourage you to keep going live by the

truth of my word word and persist in prayer only then will you see my wisdom

at work in your life making your path successful once more I say to you rise

up lift your heart and Proclaim my word declare your freedom no curse no bondage

no chain can hold you down for I’m with you lighting your path protecting you

and loving you I will never abandon you I will always be by by your side to guide and

bless you in every aspect of your life on this beautiful day my beloved

child receive my peace and the blessing I send you from heaven today I anoint

you and clothe you with good spiritual garments today I renew my commitment to

you so that my light may shine in your life and you may reflect love and

forgiveness to those seeking answers in the darkness Trust in me my child trust that

I will guide your steps with love and wisdom and make you a happy prosperous and blessed

person I love you my child you will accomplish the plans you have in mind

you have my blessing and it aligns with my will do not Tire of trusting in me do

not be discouraged if things have not gone as you plann and do not let your emotions weaken

you stand up and push forward for this is not a time to falter much

less to give up it is time for you to hold on to my promises and act on my word remember

I’ve placed a remarkable purpose in your life I have endowed you with great qualities giving you abilities gifts and

talents so that you can achieve all that you set out to do I made you special and unique I chose

you before the foundation of the world I called you I predestined you to do great

and marvelous things through faith so do not give up fight with courage and

determination give it your all then I will open new doors in your life doors

that will bring blessings and opportunities for a new and better

beginning in every thing you undertake please my child always remember that I

am your God and your protector who predestined you to be blessed and to

prosper in all areas of your life I am the one who meets all your

needs according to my riches and my plans for you are always for good and

not for evil so do not be sad about this difficult moment you are experiencing do

not give up because of the struggles and trials you face rise up and rejoice be

free from all fear and sorrow and take authority in the name of Jesus rebuking

every work of evil speak my words and claim what I have given

you do not let the enemy take away all that you have worked so hard

for remember he has no power or authority and he was already defeated on

the cross at Calvary he is just a liar trying to deceive you and make you

falter but you trust in me with all your heart for I will direct your steps I

will give you strength like a buffalo and nothing in no one we be able to stop

you so rise up my child stand up with bravery and Valor live out the purpose

for which you were created a purpose filled with success and prosperity stop

looking back and dwelling on past mistakes your destiny my chill is in my

hands I have planned it since before the world be again and it is wonderful and

great let nothing hold you back let nothing discourage you put all your

trust in me and you will see a new beginning a fresh opportunity for everything you do to be blessed and to

thrive remember that my will for you will always be good pleasing and perfect

do not doubt it for a second just keep believing for I will not leave you until

I have done what I have promised you my child here I am before you with

words of love and strength here I am to tell you once again that your future is

in my hands that nothing that happens to you is by chance my Divine Purpose

remains in you I will never leave you and I can guarantee you that if you

trust in me everything will turn out well for you for I will be with you in

everything you undertake blessing and prosper ing the work of your hands stay

faithful and trust in me my child don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by evil even

during the hardest times stand strong with a humble and open

heart don’t be swayed by the world around you cling to my promises and live

by the teachings of my word your reward will be great as I will greatly increase

your blessings I will fill you with Grace goods and mercy until your heart

brims with joy and happiness always remember that I am working in your favor

remember that a downpour of blessings is on its way bringing fresh

opportunities so my child keep pushing forward do not give up or surrender to

defeat every challenge including the struggles and trials you face will

eventually pass they will show others that those who trust in me will receive

their just rewards for I owe nothing to anyone

therefore dear child continue to trust in me pushing harder each day and never

forget that my grace and favor are always with you leading you to the success and prosperity I have planned

for you I love you my son I love you my daughter I shall always be with you

watching over you and safeguarding your soul seek me in prayer and immerse yourself in me I shall take care to

provide you with all that you need satisfying your life with my peace joy and

strength I’m your light and salvation your lord and God your Shepherd your

healer Whom Shall you fear I am the stronghold of your

life no one is so mighty no threat so convincing that you should fear them

neither the rulings of Earthly judges nor the diagnosis of Physicians are more

potent than this Revelation I’m about to impart to you remember this I have the

final say in all matters I’m the Eternal judge only I have the power to deliver

such a decisive verdict that all must kneel and Obey I created heaven Earth

and the entire universe I indeed have the power to lift you from the depths of Despair and

bestow upon you this sweet love that strengthens your heart but be careful not to give too much importance to those

who mock Believers and followers of mine you are stronger than them you operate

on a different level you know Miracles exist but they cannot understand why I

bless you so abundantly focus on your relationship with me as I love you provide for you

forgive you and sustain you see how I have come to bless you and

fill you with strength so that you can rise and move forward dispelling doubt

from your mind understand that when problems arise they are not signs of your downfall but

opportunities for my glory to be shown in your life and for you to be

strengthened through all challenges you will not witness disaster do not fear hold your head high

and your spirit strong for or even in your weakest moments I will come to

strengthen you against Despair and defeat I can lift you up no failure or

setback signifies your end you have many years ahead of you much ground yet to

cover one day thousands of smiling faces will thank you for your efforts and with

my hands I shall Place upon your head the crown of my glory the reward for your loyalty

I have a wonderful reward for those who give their souls to me for those who live this life trusting in my word and

choose to embrace it knowing they are stepping into a supernatural realm here

I will bless you protect you my light will shine on you showing the great

Miracles I will perform for your family I will show you mercy and in your home

my peace will prevail if you listen to to my voice my

blessings will follow you if you give me your heart my presence will envelop you

enriching your life with wisdom I won’t give you fleeting riches

I will bless you with the best with eternal blessings with Harmony in your

home with enduring Health blessed are those who trust in me they will not be

disappointed you are one of my chosen ones and I have significant plans for your well-being to give you a future

filled with hope even if the Earth shakes and the foundations of this world tremble stand

firm I hold you in my heart no harm will come to you nor will any plague come

near your home I will send my angels to protect you like a

shield remember I am the god of justice and mercy offering you my forgiveness

freely no matter how far you have strayed or how serious your sins you can always

come back to me and find love and forgiveness from morning to evening everything you see and experience

reflects my glory and Beauty therefore trust in me and follow my ways I ask you

to seek Justice and kindness and to treat others with affection and respect

I shall be with you every day protecting you guiding you along the path of life

no matter how difficult the situation I shall be by your side strengthening and

supporting you with my love and grace in me you shall find peace wisdom

joy and the strength needed to face any challenge that arises in your life no

dream is too big no goal Out Of Reach the journey to your Victory might be

tough but trust in my plan it will rekindle your desires and give you the

strength and courage to keep going until you reach that wonderful moment when you

receive the reward for your faith and loyalty you are precious to me I love

you deeply and will never leave you I’m here for you to listen to

comfort and to guide you I love you with an everlasting love your life is in my

hands you belong to me forever I I am Jesus your best friend I

will always be with you eager to give you peace and joy do not fear today my

blessings pour down on you I’m here to help you heal your body your mind your past and your future I came to take away

all your pain listen to what I am about to say Until the End these gentle words reveal

the supernatural plan I have for you even amidst the storms around you may

you experience a day like none other feeling blessed and content my words

heal you give you life comfort you and make you feel better it’s my Divine

Touch gently caressing your ears my words are like a warm hug that lifts your spirits helping you shed any

sadness confusion or sickness wrapping you in love and leaving your whole being

calm peaceful and deeply moved I want you to EXP experience better days so I ask you to stay strong

in my love my words will revive your heart do not fear your enemies cannot

harm you because they are already defeated you shouldn’t live drowning in

anxiety even those around you will notice my Supernatural Grace in you and be convinced that I’m real and they too

can make this decision that will change their lives and impact their future and Eternity

here I am ready to help you find peace with my promises and to heal you of all

your ailments both physical and mental I’m here to heal and free you from any

spiritual battles and alleviate any suffering that steals your desire to live let me free you from your

paralyzing fear let me break those chains of Despair that hinder your

progress once and for all no one can remove me from your life

I’m here to stay I will not abandon you my love for you is too strong I always

wait for you with open arms with grace and patience I will lend you my hand and

help you stand up and even if one day you want to go far away you may run but

you cannot hide I will never reject you today I will show you the sign you have

been waiting for I promise to reveal my feelings for you in a clear and heartfelt way

I am sharing with you a wonderful truth you are unique and unlike anyone else

soon you will see this for yourself start getting ready because your life is

about to change only I can give you what I have

promised I will restore it to you in abundance do not worry anymore about

what you have lost I will give you back twice as much as was taken from you every harm that has come to you will

be turned into a blessing your joy will increase your dreams will be refreshed

your heart will be filled with confidence and overflowing happiness take some time today to pray alone let’s

talk about your plans and the things that disturb your peace do not let debts and obligations steal your sleep trust

in me I will take care of you and your needs I do not want you to feel sad or

guilty if you ever find yourself desperate and unsure of what to do when

you are exhausted when you are overwhelmed and your motivaion is low do

not be hard on yourself I gave my life for you and you should know that the

power of my resurrection will save you from defeat and

despair do not fear the dangers of this world I have equipped you with everything you need to face them

courageously you are not one to run away you are precious to me I trust you

because you consistently fulfill your commitments dedicate time and effort to

your spiritual life and prepare for battle you do not stand idle you strive

and fight nothing holds you back your character has been

strengthened your faith is steadfast the days when you were Paralyzed by fear are

behind you despite the fear in your heart you have never acted cowardly you confronted

your challenges and overcame your adversaries I am proud of your Champion

spirit I assure you that you will achieve great success laziness will not dominate your

life you will work diligently in all things and show kindness to others you

will demonstrate that you’re my son my daughter and I will reward you keep your

humil humility and simplicity I will continue to open doors for you and clear your

paths amen



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