That was the hand of God, not luck! Your Message Today | God´s Message Today | Letter From God

my beloved child in the ups and downs of

your journey my cherished one understand

that every moment is held by a Divine

hand it’s not luck it’s God Echoes

through the practicalities of your life

reminding you that the orchestrator of

the universe is actively involved in

each step you take ah my child

acknowledge the tangible presence of God

in the midst of your struggles it’s not

mere coincidence it’s the actual

assistance of God addressing your real

pains needs and guiding you with purpose

and boundless love in the intricate

dance of your life observe the seamless

synchronization of events each

orchestrated by the Divine hand imagine

a ballet where every step and every turn

is perfectly timed a testament to the

wisdom of the Creator It’s Not Mere

happenstance it’s the intentional

choreography of circumstances revealing

a Grand tapestry of purpose woven with

threads of divine wisdom consider the

people you encounter the challenges you

face and the opportunities that arise as

part of this beautifully orchestrated

dance in every Twist and Turn recognize

my hand guiding the dance of

circumstances with precision and purpose

it’s not luck that places these elements

in your path it’s me shaping your

journey with care and

intention in your days what made appear

as mere coincidence is often the gentle

guidance of my hand amidst the seeming

randomness of Life discern the subtle

Fingerprints of God delicately directing

your path in ways that may not be

immediately apparent consider the

moments that others might dismiss as

mere chance those unexpected encounters

the timely opportunities the seemingly


events in these occurrences perceive the

intentional workings of a loving creator

it’s not luck that places you in the

right place at the right time it’s the

Divine choreographer orchestrating your

journey with

Precision just as Joseph encountered his

brothers in Egypt seemingly by chance

but ultimately part of God’s plan for

reconciliation so too are the seemingly

coincidental moments in your life woven

into a larger narrative embrace the idea

that what some call coincidence is often

the hand of God gently guiding you

toward the fulf fillment of his purpose

for your life it’s not luck it’s divine

guidance revealing a path uniquely

tailored to your journey in the EB and

flow of your journey witness the Divine

craftsmanship at play intricately

weaving moments of intersection into the

very fabric of your existence each

encounter is a masterpiece carefully

timed and orchestrated by the Creator to

bring forth purpose and

significance imagine the scene as your

path converges with others not by chance

but by the intentional design of a

loving God the People You Meet the

opportunities that unfold they are not

random occurrences but deliberate

Strokes on the canvas of your life

consider these encounters as Divine

gifts thoughtfully presented to mold and

shape your character these intersections

are Not Mere happenstance they carry the

weight of purpose designed to enrich The

Narrative of your journey in these

moments recognize the Fingerprints of

God guiding and directing the course of

your life it’s not luck that places

certain individuals on your path or open

specific doors of opportunity it’s the

Divine conductor orchestrating the

Symphony of your existence Embrace these

moments of intersection with gratitude

for they are threads woven into the

larger Narrative of your purpose my

beloved child envision your life as a

breathtaking tapestry with every moment

woven together

purposefully As Time unfolds witness the

unveiling of this intricate Masterpiece

uniquely crafted with threads of purpose

what might seem like delays or detours

are essential threads contributing to

The Grand Design of your life imagine

standing beside me the Divine Weaver as

I intricately shape each thread with

purpose and love the unfolding tapestry

is not a result of mere chance but a

testament to my intentional guidance in

every aspect of your journey consider

the moments that may appear as setbacks

as vital threads adding depth to the

larger narrative the delays and detours

are not random they are opportunities

for growth learning and unexpected

blessings see me working patiently each

thread representing a season an

encounter or a challenge the tapestry is

a living narrative

where even the smallest moments play a

significant role as the threads reveal

their design you’ll discover the beauty

and purpose in every Twist and Turn

Embrace this perspective knowing that

your life is not governed by luck but by

my deliberate and Loving Hands your

story is a masterpiece a reflection of

my guidance shaping your narrative with

a purpose that goes beyond your

understanding in the unveiling of your

life’s tapestry

find comfort and assurance that I am

intricately involved in every aspect

trust the Divine Weaver for the

unfolding is not a series of accidents

but a masterpiece crafted with care

intention and boundless love in the

moments of life’s uncertainty my

cherished one let the knowledge of my

presence be your source of comfort feel

the gentle Whispers of it’s not luck

it’s God resonating in the depths of

your soul a reminder that that even when

the workings of my hand are unseen they

are everpresent guiding you with

unwavering love imagine a scenario where

you find yourself standing at the

crossroads of decisions unsure of the

path ahead in that moment picture me

beside you a comforting presence

offering guidance that transcends the

visible It’s Not Mere chance that you

feel a sense of assurance it’s the

steadying hand of a loving father

orchestrating your steps with purpose


intention consider the times when life’s

complexities and uncertainties threaten

to overwhelm you close your eyes and

sense the Unseen hand gently leading you

forward each step Guided by a wisdom

that surpasses your understanding in

those moments it’s not luck it’s God

becomes a reassuring Mantra a

declaration of the Divine influence

shaping your journey reflect on the

times when you’ve navigated challenges

and things fell into place beyond your

comprehension those were not Strokes of

luck but the result of my unseen hand

working intricately behind the scenes

embrace the comfort that comes from

acknowledging this divine presence for

in every twist and turn I am there

offering guidance and love as you

Journey Through the Unseen Realms of

Life take solace in the awareness that I

am your constant companion navigating

the intricacies of your existence with a

love that knows no bounds trust in the

comforting Whispers of it’s not luck

it’s God for in these moments of divine

Assurance you find the strength to face

the unknown with courage and

Faith as you stand at the threshold of

the unknown Envision the Divine compass

that I place in your hands in the

moments of uncertainty trust in this

Celestial guide that points the way

lighting your path with the assurance

that you are not alone

it’s not luck it’s God echoes in these

moments reminding you that each step

into the Uncharted territories of life

is accompanied by my unwavering

guidance imagine yourself on a journey

through an unfamiliar landscape where

the path ahead is shrouded in mystery in

this scene feel the weight of the Divine

compass in your grasp a tool that goes

beyond mere luck it is a symbol of my

guidance ensuring that even in the midst

of the known you have a reliable source

of Direction consider the times when you

faced the unfamiliar perhaps a new job a

challenging relationship or a major life

decision in those moments visualize the

Divine Compass leading the way offering

Clarity and certainty amid the ambiguity

it’s not luck it’s God becomes a

steadfast reminder that your journey

through Uncharted paths is not left to

chance but is intricately Guided by the

the hand of your

creator reflect on the peace that washes

over you when you surrender to the

guidance of the Divine Compass picture

yourself confidently navigating the

unknown knowing that each Twist and Turn

is orchestrated with purpose it’s not a

stroke of luck that brings you through

it’s the intentional Direction provided

by the Divine Compass a manifestation of

my love guiding you through the

unexplored territories of life as you

continue on your journey hold on to the

image of the Divine Compass recognizing

it as a tangible representation of my

Guidance with each step into the unknown

trust that it’s not luck it’s God is a

declaration of your Divine navigation

ensuring you Traverse Uncharted paths

with courage faith and the certainty

that you are led by a hand that knows

the way in the Grand Studio of life

challenges are the chisels that carve

the unique Contours of your character

picture Ure each difficulty as a

transformative moment a pivotal point

where the Divine sculptor with skilled

hands shapes and refines your essence

consider adversity not as an obstacle

but as a tailormade opportunity for

growth the sculptor’s tools though they

may seem harsh work with precision and

purpose every trial is a deliberate

stroke contributing to the Masterpiece

that is you in the face of challenges

embrace the sculpt ‘s Artistry trust

that every curve and line every struggle

and Triumph is part of a Divine Design

as you Journey Through Life Studio

recognize the beauty in the process

knowing that you are becoming a

masterpiece sculpted by the hands of a

loving Creator amidst the shadows of

setbacks discern the Redemptive Touch Of

God guiding your way what might seem

like a detour is in fact the Divine hand

rerouting your journey in these moments

hidden blessings and unexplored Horizons

await offering a new chapter of


opportunities picture setbacks not as

roadblocks but as turns in the grand

Narrative of your life the Divine

Navigator with wisdom beyond your sight

adjusts your course to unveil richer

blessings and unforeseen Treasures it’s

not a matter of luck determining your

path it’s the tender and compassionate

hand of God orchestrating each Twist and

Turn for your ultimate good

in setbacks discover the seeds of

redemption being planted embrace the

reassurance that the setbacks are not

the end but a precursor to a greater

more fulfilling chapter with faith as

your compass navigate through setbacks

knowing that the Divine hand is leading

you toward a future adorned with

unexpected blessings delve into the

profound influence of prayer as a

collaborative effort in shaping destiny

envision your communion with the Divine

not as a one-sided conversation but as a


partnership in this sacred dialogue your

aspirations align with a purpose

intricately woven into the fabric of

existence imagine prayer as a shared

Vision a joint venture where your

desires intertwine with the Divine

Purpose it’s not merely a monologue

expressing your hopes but a rich

dialogue where your heart’s desires

harmonize with the intricate tapestry of

divine intention consider prayer as more

than words uttered into the cosmos see

it as a powerful partnership a sacred

alliance between you and the

Creator as you engage in this

co-creative dance recognize that your

desires aligned with Divine Purpose

become threads weaving Into The Grand

Design of your destiny embark on the

Journey of decision making relying on

the intuition stirred by the divine

within I encourage you to place trust in

those subtle nudges acknowledging them

as the Creator’s guidance steering you

toward the Fulfillment of your purpose

Imagine The Gentle Whispers of intuition

as a guiding force in your choices It’s

Not Mere happen stance instead it’s the

Creator’s subtle way of unveiling the

purpose intricately woven into your very

being allow yourself to be attuned to

these Divine nudges understanding that

each intuitive whisper is a part of the

unfold in plan designed to lead you

toward your destined purpose picture the

closing moments of our conversation as a

solemn affirmation your journey isn’t a

mere series of fortunate events but a

majestic tapestry intricately designed

and orchestrated by none other than I

your creator As you move forward carry

within you the assurance that each

chapter with its challenges and triumphs

contributes to the breathtaking Mosaic

of your life a masterpiece crafted with

purpose and



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