I’m really moved by this message and I want to share it with you my love now

that the long awaited minutes have passed the moment has come to attempt to ascend into the sky all is falling into

place for your Triumph as the heavens ReSound with trumpets and the cosmos straightens up its structure the power

of your prayers and the blessings you have shown will never fade you have not been in vain my love records your

anguish in its pages and promises you the the glory that will be yours the day you are free you have come this far and

now when you close your eyes you can see your dreams realized in the vastness of

the sky both the wicked and Ekko fear the approaching day of judgment people

who took advantage of you hit you in the face made fun of you and then left you for dead when they see your Victory and

repent the ones who thought I had left you will cry I am nearing your location

and will soon be there with a compliment that is Uniquely Yours maintain your calm you who are trustworthy strong

loyal and determined are held in my arms when many others cry out in fear never

give in to the urge to fit in with the crowd or try to win over the careless and naive your unfaltering character

standing firm and upright reflects your principles you will be free from deceit

and able to escape the traps that the evildoers have laid for you your foes May surround you with turmoil but those

who seek peace kneel in humility and watch with firm trust will find

protection avoid raising your voice to highlight the other cheek evildoers

plans will fail before they reach you and their malicious purpose will crumble to dust and burn in the Hearth I am

addressing you and those who strive to elevate you your Redeemer and savior I

am Jesus your metamorphosis is just around the Corner listen my love as my

angel sings A Hymn proclaiming my arrival soon suddenly I’m on my way you

have my affection despite the chaos surrounding your Foreign Affairs you have maintained your trust in me seeking

Solace In My Embrace where you will always find protection enjoy life to the

fullest because you are safe under the protection of your awesome God think

about how my blood can cleanse you and Grant you forgiveness hold on to this truth no matter what I can soon arrange

a powerful and intriguing miracle in your life just open your eyes wide let

your affection for me be known I command you to believe it because it is the truth think about it I have forgiven you

put an end to punishing yourself or carrying the burden of responsibility for past events I have banished all your

sins to the depths of Hell from which they can never return the infusion of my blood has revitalized your mental

faculties and heart immerse yourself in my sacred messages core teachings words

that are alive and encouraging should come out of your mouths let them ring true with my joy reflect on my promises

and precepts daily corus from returning to the frightening Landscapes of death

your achievements do not determine your destiny nor is your path random under

the protective wings that envelop you you find solace in the Embrace of my fingertips even when the arena attacks

your thoughts will remain the same your confidence will surely soore if you accept the realities I tell you keep

your distance from those who constantly bring you down with negative comments and attitudes avoid getting back in

touch with people or going to places that threw you off course my heart bleeds for you if you ever let your once

War Soul freeze over there will be no sadness or grief in your future since it

is filled with joy and happiness when you put me first in your life when you trust in what I say and live by my

example when you make me the ruler of your heart and mind then you are free to do whatever you choose and fear is a

thing of the past your level of responsibility and diligence is very

commendable hasten your success by putting your whole faith in me do you

seek me out daily follow the guidance in my word make great progress ground your

aspirations in religion and arrange your family according to my will and my

suggestions I know you know this on a deep level not for a long time but I’m

pleading with you to stop wasting time and energy on meaningless fantasies and start focusing on things that really

matter you should prioritize your romance with me above anything else for

the time being let us remain connected I long for the day when we can have a

quiet conversation and I can’t wait for that day to arrive I get a great deal of

joy out of seeing your boom your aspirations and perseverance practically motivate me and you have emerged

stronger keeping an eye out for you has many benefits trust me when I say that I’ve scheduled you at the perfect time

and place because you are here I am prepared to release the doors I promised be Fearless in your approach unfazed by

difficult circumstances and openm minded for Brave Hearts like yours who know

their own value and refuse to listen to Whispers of defeat or failure there is a world of blessings Beyond any difficulty

you possess extraordinary power because I have molded you imbued you with my own

being and given you my blessing but if your hesitation is holding you back from growing because you don’t believe what I

say and instead follow the incorrect advice of fake friends it’s a whole different ball game your unfaltering

faith is something I pray will become stronger I am confident in my love my truth and and my will to bestow love and

blessings on you trust me with your life today I beg you to publicly declare your

faith in me because I love you your day may be filled with a multitude of responsibilities but I’m going out of my

way to suggest that we all take time to pray together a little prod to your coronary heart is my preferred method in

the midst of all your responsibilities I want to make sure you don’t lose sight of what’s really important and spare you

the exhaustion and anxiety that may often accompany the conclusion of a long day I want to charge you up so that you

can meet difficult challenges head on and Never Back Down rest certain that I will always be by your side and let the

light of your faith guide your eyes even if concerns emerge this fact will still

occur therefore I hope you include it your mind will still be receptive but

there may be a split second of doubt that lets another person in it is crucial in order to reawaken your

passion and the energy that drives you to dream big and work hard your religion

as a guiding force pushes you toward a more positive holiday destination you

remained committed to your beliefs and continue to push forward in this direction but you must be aware that

there is an adversary who prays on those who doubt and become distracted you must

be strong and determined and your unwavering spirit will help you overcome those who try to deceive you for their

own gain you will defeat those who oppose you preventing them from recovering what they believe they have

taken from you have faith that everything happens for a reason and that

I always have something special in store for you keep up your courageous and determined Spirit fighting against the

grip of Fear and depression your future is filled with abundant opportunities I will lavishly

congratulate you for devoting this second of your day to me and I will make sure that your own family is protected

by my protection a magical force will be by your side as you ascend unveiling the

miraculous benefits that await you I may heighten your comprehension religious imagination and foresight hold on to

that beautiful grin as you emerge into the Twilight I am filled with an overwhelming sense of excitement I look

absolutely identical to you and cannot wait to see you again again when you are in good health throughout our talks and

the times we spend together your personality and emotions have always impressed me your soul is a beautiful

tapestry your eyes speak to me on a profound level I caress your delicate

heart beating with the beat of Joy soaked in Heavenly joy and I ease your

body eradicating any pain disease or discomfort when you listen to me you

will understand how much I care about you you shouldn’t make your way through life moping about depressed or complaining

about everything that’s wrong with you you have my undivided attention and I

want to exhibit my love for you in a variety of ways using words that convey my feelings clearly if problems arise

you may feel the rush of this heavenly love surrounding you as sadness attempts to take hold of you I promise that my

body will be a Haven free from Pain and filled with happiness for you many in

your inner circle will be surprised and wonder why you are so happy now even

your enemies will be scared off and helpess because you refuse to give into fear or let them control you if you

imagine a Heavenly Fortress around your home many angels will be on watch to keep your loved ones safe at all hours

toss this truth together with a religion that is swaying your very breath give substance to the love I feel for you as

far as manifestations of power and Beauty go it is beyond anything you could imagine my love surrounds you

giving you Vitality it’s the most incredible gift someone could get and I

really respect the grateful attitude you display every morning upon waking you

are a living embodiment of faith when you show gratitude for your life and put your future in my hands people may also

mock your belief in an invisible all powerful God who is aware of my real presence my vigilance over you and my

careful consideration of your desires you are a beloved child of the world’s Creator and you will strive for

greatness with the unfaltering faith that courses through your body your

unwavering uniqueness Limitless appreciation and inner beauty inspire me

as I watch you walk with confidence just as the sun is about to rise on a new day

I’m so looking forward to the peaceful hours before Daybreak that I can infold you in my Limitless love once more I am

already here rewarding you abundantly when you awaken in spite of life’s

obstacles I offer you the oxygen you breathe the light that shines within you

and the strength of character to overcome them and forgive yourself I am the god who can do all things and I am

prepared to use electricity to lead you out of the complex labyrint that are preventing you from enjoying life to the

fullest if you’ll only let me do what I want I can make you feel better emotionally calm your concerns and

reassure your heart that you’re not as bad as everyone else your lingering self-doubts or the reluctance of those

close to you to pass judgment or offer constructive criticism won’t sway me no

spell evil spirit or witchcraft can keep you under their control and you pose no

threat to bad luck please if your faith wavers go back study and listen again we

have vanquished all evil and you and your loved ones are safe from its clutches all connections have snapped

and every bond has crumbled I have to deal with you today because I’ve seen you stray from your path influenced by

the opinions of others who say you’re not good enough to be my love because I care about you and am showing you just

where you are it would hurt me tremendously if you put more faith in their words and felt more energy from

them my words reach you at the perfect time time and your heart is aching because of it decide to have faith in

myself tomorrow you can find yourself torn apart by thoughts of failure when you wake up you are free and you need

not be afraid no one has restrained you bread and nourishment for those you love

Health within your family and quiet within your home may be yours as you begin the journey towards a life of joy

and the advantages of peace and Heavenly plenty I am with you you and I truly

like you I pray that this new Day brings you a Life unburdened by worry a grin

devoid of stress and calm unaffected by dread get away from those who treat you

poorly today perform the task for your immediate family while you go about your

day please accept my affection and give me the place I deserve in your heart to

strengthen your soul and ground your heart in the reality of my presence through your worship let reward be your

constant companion enter a world where the constraints of time and hardship

dissolve and where we dance the holy dance of love and devotion here the

weight of Despair the darkness of Terror and the shackles of self-pity melt away

this is the power of genuine devotion an energy so strong that not even the most

malevolent powers can resist it always remember that I am here right in the

middle of your prayers those moments of awe allow me to connect with my core self where I may feel the Majesty of my

power and the magnificence of my greatness your spirit in particular

worships me because I am worthy of the scriptures a tapestry of heavenly knowledge and here is the place where

your soul finds true Freedom ReSound with the choice to respect me and give

me the attention and compensation that are due to me this isn’t necessarily a

religious gesture it’s it’s a fundamental fact that reverberates throughout the Universe the light of my

presence is ready to shine through worship no matter how thick the Shadows covering your day may seem it paves the

way for This brilliant light that exalts me and empowers you to rise beyond your

circumstances not just survive but Thrive you may learn to live with an

unfaltering awareness of me even while your worries Linger on the periphery with the assistance of my spirit that is

the key to a successful life not a life devoid of challenges but one

characterized by the overwhelming influence of my love and electricity consider the crucial moment

when I faced relaxation and Peter in his passion pulled out his sword his natural

inclination was to take Swift and decisive action in the face of hardship but he failed to see that his father had

a far deeper purpose behind this testing one that was crucial not just for his personal atonement but for the

Redemption of all mankind Peter’s reaction exemplifies the human tendency

to obsessively launch experiments in pursuit of quick Solutions often at the

expense of others in my personal Journey the father’s goal shifted from avoiding

the test to enduring it this waiting wasn’t a sign of surrender but of active

engagement in the divine plan of the father furthermore when faced with catastrophic circumstances your natural

inclination may be to quickly eliminate them even though it remains hidden at first keep in mind that the Daddy’s

objectives are usually more than just mending the situation he is probably

crafting something much more significant that aligns with a lasting perspective

walking side by side with me remember that there is hope for an ultimate Triumph even when death seems imminent

to to achieve this success I must not avoid difficult circumstances but rather

rise above them by keeping my faith working hard and keeping my purpose in

mind when times are tough instead of giving into depression come to me in

prayer and put your worries on my shoulders in my words fasting is a source of strength and comfort pay close

attention as the Holy Spirit leads you keep in mind that no matter how difficult things are they are only

temporary in fact they are shaping you into the person you will be in paradise and you

will be more prepared for the rewards that await you there in The Crucible of trial you will find Priceless Treasures

that will last forever along the path I’ve mapped out for you your faith is deepening your

soulmate is taking form and your emotions are coming into harmony with my

confidence in you no matter how dark the road ahead may seem I know that with

your help I can overcome every obstacle that stands in my way the key is not to

run away from difficult times but to face them head on and emerge

Victorious while it’s inevitable that you will face hardship in your life it’s normal to feel rattled wonder what

caused the hardship and wonder whether you’ve deserved it such responses are natural outgrowths of the human need to

understand and manage one’s environment nevertheless as I told my follow followers the night before my arrest in

this situation you may encounter difficulties they’re in your blood and water yet even in the middle of these

trying times you have a Serenity and calm that the rest of the world finds unexpected I’m in your hands because I

have overcome the sector you find a Haven a power that goes beyond worldly

struggles in my presence this is more than just a moment in history it is a

fact that will continue to impact you for the rest of your life no matter how unexpected or severe your difficulties

may be they never catch me off guard neither can they defeat me nor halt my

eternal functions instead you hold on to the lives I’ve given you and fill

yourselves with even more joy a flurry of revolutionary events is about to unfold completely changing your

perspective and revealing my elaborate plans for you despite my flaws I have

never abandoned you instead I have stood by by your side forgiven you and helped

you rise above your circumstances we are approaching a new day my power will swiftly transform your

misery into boundless Joy bringing about a miracle you will see it with your own eyes here is your chance to make your

faith and commitment public and to validate my faith in you your specificity is one reason why I like you

be steadfast in your faith your ship will rise to safety I’m going to shower

you with Incredible blessings when you pass my test of somewhat difficult circumstances I feel for you as you

fight this depression and all the difficulties it brings my soul brings Solace to your spirit in the recesses of

your soul envious individuals may try to bring up your past mistakes and bring the weight of your transgressions onto

you their efforts will go unnoticed resentment and sadness should not

consume you rest assured that I can generally be the there for you even if the arena forsakes you you are my

constant companion and I will never leave you my most beloved beautiful kind

and truthful Spirit does not waste time on meaningless nitpickers who have no idea what they’re talking about find

comfort in my infinite love yearn for my presence and seek my word I created the

heavens the Earth the Seas and your own being with great care so that you would

find a permanent Dwelling Place in my country while the wicked’s days are brief yours will last forever the choice

between existence and reality is ours to make I’ve given it to everyone your

appreciation spoke volumes to me after I relocated you anticipate numerous

benefits and we will consistently embark on adventures maintain faith and Conquer

fear because I have already forgiven you I no longer remember your transgressions and faults so those who try to hold hold

you accountable for them are wasting their time right now you are free from the weight of your misdeeds which you

have flung into the depths of the ocean you will experience a shift in perspective and the underlying hidden

sorrow in your heart will be transformed I would rather see you leap with great Zeal to stand by your lifestyle those

who truly agree with me and accept my message with contrite Hearts will reap the greatest rewards because of this

power they must not allow their egos to get the best of them I speak with confidence claiming that I am able to

overcome all difficult circumstances through Christ who strengthens me I

would rather have a Heavenly feeling reverberate in your heart a constant reminder of my promises even while

you’re going through tough circumstances I want a future for you where you and your family are together

and prosperous therefore I demand that you focus on me first thing in the morning I am committed to your

well-being I would like to eliminate all negative emotions I can create boundless Marvels

within your innocent and naive Heart by sewing strife and division if you maintain those characteristics your

enemies and pretend allies will collapse before you these people will mock you

and think they’re clever but they’ll fall short of your standards day after day they live in religious desolation

carry the weight of jealousy and hatred and endure mockery for their Notions of of prosperity and safety you may be

certain that you will always benefit from my advantages and that you need not be afraid of any competitors you may

face on your trip those who brag about having it all together are in fact lost

and bewildered by their own wickedness no one or anything can harm you my beloved child because I will always be

there to protect you you aren’t going through this alone your faith is in a real and mighty God who dwells among you

and I have already shown you how much I can help you fight off sadness keep your tears from falling and keep going even

when confronted with abuse and deceit I am alone with you you may rely on me to

save you from harm danger shortage death and illness every time you seek my

counsel I affirm your impression of me accept my words and welcome my benefits

stride confidently and display your faith your appreciation is the most

magnificent present you could give me my belief is my weapon and I wield it

personally the adversary and his Legions were reprimanded verbally by me the

Divine anointing of healing that I bestowed upon you has set you on the course of your destiny I led you

painting a picture of a world where your heart’s boundless aspirations May flourish and I pav the way for you I

gave you powers and Equipment transforming you into my Brave fighter I

ignited a fire that never goes out in your soul by imparting my way of life to you I prepared you to go to nations in

need and provide Comfort by way of Soul tablets keep in mind that I am here to walk by your side while you grasp my

hand my deepest wish is to see you happy therefore I’ll tell you that your dreams

are within reach I am here to watch over you protect you and ensure your peace of

mind do not be afraid I will never leave you because my love for you is real

and unwavering in addition to being a friend and protector I’m also your counselor I’ve done all in my power to

guarantee your Victory as you remove the blindfold that may have obstructed your vision the complete Horizon will open up

before you reveal the many benefits that have already encircled you these gifts

provide sustenance for your life encouraging you to keep going even when things are tough still be around a

closer inspe ction May reveal the growth of your faith and the knowledge you’ve gained from each experience please take

a moment right now to tell me how much I mean to you let your heartfelt words and

voice reverberate as you Express gratitude for the gift of Life the oxygen you breathe the company of loved

ones and the experiences that shape your present Journey even if they don’t follow your ideal path I appreciate your

ability to do that I can show you the way with fresh maps and corrected roots to your destiny in no time at all but in

the meantime just soak up all the thankfulness you can praise God in all

circumstances whether you’re experiencing Joy or sorrow much obliged for the tests with your screw-ups and

terrible tribulations you have shaped your experience stop what you’re doing look inside and feel more thankful for

yourself feel how powerful your attitude of thankfulness is Miracles and

significant life Chang Es are about to begin in your life as a result of this life-altering

activity please for the love of God pass these words on to someone else even if a

lot of you seem happy on the outside there may be others out there who are hurting deep within and on the verge of

Despair they will have a hard time settling on a genuine reason to stay put

feel safe and secure under my Heavenly Wings my assurances are now unwavering

the benefits you have been anticipating are now available when I get them near enough to put them in your arms all my

anxiety will go away feel no pain or anxiety they will soon go away from the

moment I heard your voice and your cries for help you have put your faith in my

promise I have delivered the solution you’ve been longing for if answers to your prayers do not seem to be

forthcoming right away do not lose hope keep in mind that I take great

satisfaction in responding however we all must adapt to new circumstances to

ensure that the much anticipated favor does not become a burden every time you ask for more than you need it is

necessary to First equip the person with the necessary knowledge and establish

proper order I hope that your blessings bring you pleasure and contentment rather than worry and sadness because I

thinking about you your family and your future I have sworn to you that I will

forgive your transgressions and wipe them from your memory moreover I will imprint my laws into your mind and

spirit my altar offers Solace and healing when my promises come true those

who trust me wait patiently and don’t Grumble will have Limitless strength if

you are weary or worried put an end to bitterness and remove doubt if you are

weary or concerned put an end to the voices that ridicule your faith if you

pray to me I will give you the strength to keep going I send you wisdom to keep

your emotions in check and restraint to say just what is necessary so that you do not harm my feelings as you confront

the day I will change the expression on your face from sad to happy you should

not feel bad about expressing your excitement constructive criticism and nasty comments will not harm you live

each day to the fullest tend to your family and put your spiritual health first take advantage of this chance you

no longer have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and you can go ahead with more Speed and

Agility I will raise you up when you’re tired I will hold you close when you need it and nothing can stop you now

that the enemy’s effort to bind you to your past has failed I have saved you and made you

mine I have given you Abundant Life and the power to defeat the forces of Darkness you will not be harmed a bright

light that cannot be disguised will replace arguments and conflicts in your house bringing you freedom and health

for your family you’re also preparing for a transition in your home Outsiders

will see my mighty hand at work in your house and many families you know will experience healing and restoration as a

result we advise caution as those who wished for your downfall will now

perceive the favor I have bestowed upon you intensifying their anger while they

are unaware that that their spells are ineffectively harming you they may curse and cry make no mistake my loved ones

are immune to any malevolent ritual if they want to express their animosity let

them when people turn away from their evil ways forgiveness awaits them if

they repent stay calm and collected as you steadily rise to a higher spiritual

plane Grace and kindness will envelop you as you Embrace a pure spotless life

life you will not give in evil with your speech and you will not tolerate dishonesty or animosity at home take my

hand and you will be able to walk on water just as I do when danger strikes again the storm has gone be unafraid and

confident I will hold you tightly nothing can hurt you the river of Despair will never swallow you again the

power of the devourers threats will diminish this is the Everlasting Truth for those who believe in the possibility

of all things my love for you is unwavering and I promise you that you will Triumph have

faith in me because my timing is perfect as I’m about to bestow blessings on you

I arrange everything so that you may receive them easily when the time comes

I bestow tranquility and patience on you be careful when you use them keep your

emotions in check and do not respond hastily you shouldn’t make any rash judgments without talking to me first I

pray that this Heavenly word does not lead you into confusion or into the arms of untrustworthy allies I can guarantee

that I will be of service you should be patient and not rack up debt because

you’ve been through enough stay clear of anything that might ruin your future I

will not budge from my position in the near future my mercy and Grace will

shine a light into your life Breaking Free all the shackles that have held you

back and setting you free to enjoy a life of boundless Independence as a team we will set out

on an adventure to find a better future for you you and I have made a secret

agreement at least for the time being defend your heart’s Sanctuary with your Ambitions and projects people around you

may be jealous and unscrupulous so it’s best not to let them know about our plans too soon they may try to

discourage you by making fun of your mistakes but that time has passed my love is stronger than your failures and

bad choices and now your heart has changed so much that you can only trust in me you don’t have to let pain bring

you back to me if you just come to me right now I will hold you close and show

you how much I love you I hope things get better for you soon both now and in

the future you will see the obvious answer to your problems when I supernaturally interfere in your life

shortly stay away from those who believe in pessimism and from the views of those who wish to wallow in spiritual

despair I am speaking these words to you because I have blessed you with intellect maturity and Readiness the

door will soon open for you you must not imagine that I do not exist we are acquainted you know my identity I have

always extended my holy hand to save you wrapping you in love and giving you life

even if you doubted my word when you were in Peril despite a troubled past your present has steadily improved with

each rescue Kindle the passion inside you the seed I sow grows into a tree

that will shelter you from the Sun nourish your family well and bring you wealth we will be like two dogs running

side by side I will hold your hand tightly focused on the positive what I

really want to do for you is fill your life with Wonder and Purity avoid being around pessimistic

people and stay away from those who wallow in misery I am your supplier so

so I can bring you Joy therefore you shouldn’t worry about getting other people to agree with you or approve of

your love and service to me similarly I don’t need anyone’s okay to bless you or

approve of my love and service to you the answer is obvious because it is pure and unwavering my love is the only one

that can soothe and cure you I Jesus Christ am the one and only entity in the

whole Cosmos who gave my life so that you can have everlasting life and salvation

my darling ask me for this Everlasting Love right now you will witness the miracle you have been waiting for and

the issue that has been troubling you will find its solution my heavenly

Throne has heard your plea and I will answer you quickly don’t be like those who get what they want and then forget

about the one who gave it to them as you bear witness to the end of all things I

beg you to let the wisdom that these trials have brought you into your heart get yourself into the habit of praying

and being grateful every day a simple Act of opening your eyes and thanking God costs you nothing this work is not

heavy your worldly goods are not what I’m looking for I will accept no gifts

unless they come from a heart filled with gratitude and sincerity in this way

your prayers are answered and your benefits grow but beware because your blessings May wither away like a flower

without water if you put your faith in yourself and reject the God who saved you truths are not easily manipulated

with my blood I have brought your life back you may use it to remove the marks from your previous from this Safe Haven

I want you to know that nothing can ever separate us nothing can move you and nothing can break my love for you my

dearest youngest and most beloved child you have not lost a single fight rather

you have become stronger and more resilient with each passing day you have the strength to persevere because you’ve

decided to trust in the blessings I give you this Faith empowers you with an inner fortitude that surpasses All Odds

rendering you Unstoppable fix these words in your mind and refuse to succumb to the Relentless

pressure from your enemy who will never succeed in getting you to give up on your aspirations you are my property

with my all powerful hand I will guard and keep you safe when you rely on my

luminous sword and my word success is yours forever look into the mirror of my

powerful promises and know that I highly appreciate and treasure you continue on

this path because I am speaking to you to fill your soul with unfaltering conviction Unstoppable bravery and

eternal power be patient even when your strength seems to be fading due to the

prolonged strain try to stay calm by having a sincere conversation with your

inner self real assure yourself that there is no need to be afraid your loving father has complete control over

your life your goals and your fate therefore you must respect him the

world’s turbulent winds want to wash away the memory of those times when I always came to your rescue but I’m now

telling them to stop my love for you has no bounds I am quite precise and will

never fumble my hand is outstretched ready to save you right now tell me

what’s real on your mind does anybody love you more than I do you are a benefit to others and for that I bless

you always be forthright dedicated to helping those in need and true to your

purpose many benefits await you today I address you by name with the intention

of shaping you into a resilient individual nobody will ever risk hurting you again my love is with you always you

have come a long way baby have faith in what I say May Joy fill your spirit you

are now entering an era of unprecedented prosperity and good fortune my strategy

will crush the opposition amidst adversity have courage don’t let

hardship and loss deter you with Mighty power at my side I will protect you as a

doting parent would your greatest strength is the faith you have in my word incredibly supernaturally forever

and Heavenly your heavenly father loves and appreciates you in the most intense

conflicts when your attacker thinks he has defeated you cultivate it and you will be safe until the end of time my

holy spirit’s power remains you’re excelling even if you know there will be obstacles you must continue to walk with

faith love loyalty hope and honesty my kindness and Grace will envelop you as

you live a life of blessings the time has come for you to accept my pardon and open your heart to my grace even if some

are eagerly hoping for your demise they will soon see how I may help you succeed

join me now and we will go together regardless of their evil motive have

unwavering faith in me let my love strengthen and change you cradled in the

palm of my hand there is no space for grief or fear indefinitely I will keep

an eye on you do not be afraid of your enemies as a brave Warrior you may rely

on me to protect protect you from those who would oppose you I will reach out my hand and help you up so you can win now

is the time to put your faith in me for the future and I have an unshakable plan to share with you today whether we Are

Climbing lofty mountains or descending into deep depths I ask that you give me

your life and everything you have even though I will lead you and make your

roots plain I urge you to work hard and show bravery so that you may walk

bravely through the valley of Shadows through the night and over the turbulent sea do not be afraid do not look for

reasons to give up on your dreams you will not falter you will continue to

push forward even when we are in a script you will work harder I have given you the power to overcome discouragement

and the ability to stop blaming other people incorporate praise into your prayers offer Thanksgiving on my Altar

and cherish and be grateful for anything you get no matter how little even if I don’t comply with your specific request

you should know that I always provide something better as a parent and Creator I am you do not be afraid you can rely

on me to open doors head over there and I’ll show you the way your sincere and

hardworking spirit will bring you plenty of benefits and you will learn to be good stewards of them combining your

thankful heart with the knowledge you have received will yield many Wonder ful things I also want Tranquility in your

household allow the miraculous events you see to inspire you to deepen your faith nevertheless remember what I said

leave Attis alone put an honest Spirit of thankfulness inside you and focus

only on tangible goods here we are in the first stage of obtaining the supernatural life keys that will open

the door to a time of abundance your unfaltering faith worshipful expressions

of gratitude devotion and commitment to bless others fill my heart with immense

Joy your desire to hear my word your tenacity and prayer and your eagerness

to use my grace to Build a Better World also bring me immense joy in this Haven

where my presence is Paramount and eclipses your emotions I ask that you have simple Faith humility and

dependence not on your own wisdom but on a promise to entrust me with your plans

every morning then I’ll lead you to the verdant postures you’re looking for whereas your heart resides in peace

anxiety has nowhere to hide difficult days and bad news won’t get to you I

hope for the day when we can have a deeper relationship when my love is unconditional and forgiving and when you

finally accept and love yourself you will be changed by this kind of love of mine and I adore you no matter what a

more polished character will emerge within you you and you will be able to face each day fearlessly I have given you a spirit of

love and strength so you are not weak but powerful you are not afraid but brave and you are not a prisoner of

Despair but free my power will flood your heart and the eban flow of those volatile emotions will submit to my rule

today is the day when you have received your freedom and come to terms with who you really are my grace envelopes you

and my truth tranquility and blessings will shine through you no matter where

you go I humbly offer you words of love and support easing your mind and heart

you don’t have to endure the daily mental challenges if you let other people decide how you should suffer there’s no

point believe these powerful words that may cure you when I say there is Serenity in your soul as I have said you

will not only succeed but flourish in all your endeavors blessings will pour down on you I will open the previous

closed doors and gently lift the heavy problems you’ve been carrying I swear to

free you from everything that binds you bringing in a time of Plenty joy and serenity where worry and debt have no

place I promise to stand firm no matter what others do as long as you have unfaltering faith in me and behave with

perfect honesty you and your beloved family will be unstoppable keep in mind

that I will always be with you no matter what from now until the end end of time

my words have the power to heal and Inspire freeing you from the grip of hopelessness even if you live in a world

full of suffering you don’t have to carry the weight of your past hurts or think you deserve the terrible

consequences your crimes have brought you keep in mind that I as a cherished

child of a powerful God have already overcome this world you were born to win

you may put your faith in me with each step you take have faith in me in spite

of all that this world throws at you you will emerge stronger and more Victorious than before take my words to Heart hold

them near your spirit and remember the Miracles I have performed for you before I have saved you from danger rescued you

from enemies and rescued you from the jaws of death at the lowest point when

hope seemed gone I came back with my powerful word and brought about miracles

nothing has even begun to reveal the boundless Marvels that lie ahead have have faith in my power for you and let

me be your constant guide and protector give yourself permission to be hopeless

my love for you runs deep embrace the Tranquility inside and find Everlasting

joy as a regular intercessor for others I see the look of sorrow in your eyes

and hear the fervent prayers that come from your heart requesting protection for the people you care about you almost

never yield to demands that directly affect you your attitude of reverence and appreci appreciation strikes a cord

with me it’s a feeling I hold dear whenever you’re here with me I am very moved by your selfless devotion which is

characterized by a focus on others needs and an outpouring of gratitude and appreciation for the many benefits you

have received be blessed beyond measure even when you refrain from making direct

requests because even at such times I am ready to bestow upon you my benefits in

spite of all that comes your way I pray that your your faith remains firm even if there may be difficulties along the

way I will never fail to keep my word to you do not lose heart I have your fate

in my hands you will achieve your objectives and the desires that have been stowed away in your heart will be

set free Faith loyalty and honesty are more important than any of the benefits

you might get from any other source every morning commune with me and let

words of thanks and praise flow out of your mouth M as your eyes open don’t let the darkness of negativity overshadow

the light of your days seize the opportunities I give you and I will give you the supernatural ability to see

beyond the darkness to understand the good plans I have for you even though you may feel confused and hurt over the

last few days I promise you that nothing bad will happen to you and that you will

not be ashamed in the face of any impending danger you will prevail over

your surrounding enemies awaken to your true value as a cherished child of the powerful God the moment has

come for you to realize this no one can defeat you or impede your progress you

have already conquered every obstacle do not wallow in your failure instead

rejoice in your success with unfaltering confidence you will Ascend and I will

move mountains I will answer your requests so you may pray with confidence

stride on with resolve and fortitude engraved inside you you are indestructible when it comes to

disappointment and suffering the pain and suffering are real to you family

concerns May trigger moments of healing may your spirit find peace through quiet reflection prayer and fellowship with my

Holy Spirit despite facing pain and grief God did not create you to dwell in misery mistakes or defeat no matter how

low you feel my love for you will never end if I’m with you you won’t lose you

possess an Exquisite and innocent Soul leave the Shadows behind you emerge into

the sunshine let your joyful countenance be a source of inspiration for others

encouraging them to joyfully Proclaim my name Jesus you are the embodiment of My

Affection darling I have done much for you and I will do much more managing miraculous miracles to emphasize how

important you are to me there is no longer any room for despair and withdrawal I implore you to seize the

triumphant road that lies ahead first and foremost give me your whole undivided attention without any

hesitation or fear get this I came into this world to provide you with Everlasting joy and peace no matter how

bad things become for you I will never intentionally put you through any kind of trial or punishment my hopes for your

life include a life brimming with love and care a life of abundance and blessings you can build your faith on my

written word which will provide you with the strength to overcome temporary doubts and difficulties therefore humble

yourself before my throne and humbly submit your heart to my will with my

words I will nourish your spirit but if you only give me half of your heart or

when it’s convenient your faith may not be strong enough to weather life storms you are not what I seek please for God’s

sake give me your whole heart and be faithful and devoted forever right now

choose to give your life over to eternity since you will always be by my side while we Marvel at the cosmos each

day will not seem like a loss but rather an addition surprisingly everything will

work out just as you dreamed it would many blessings will support you and you

will overcome challenges together my blessings will come to you via a peaceful family and everyone who wants

to hurt you will go away a predetermined an everlasting Triumph is the prize for

my dedicated followers to play my role you must show me your unwavering

devotion I beg you to set off on this adventure right now following my instruction you will take on a

Victorious demeanor mirroring the steadfast faith and resilience you showed when confronted with adversity

nobody has the right to shake your resolve believe nothing except what I say because of the assurances I provide

you know that you are are mine I will surround you with my love and confront anyone who dares to stand in your way

push such ideas out of your mind when problems arise in my presence you will

find Comfort when fatigue sets in when many choices weigh you down and when your spirit

falters I pray that the accumulation of your issues does not reduce the protection that my love offers just so

you know I didn’t give you those scenarios I promise you that my mighty hand will lead you to victory from your

current position you can count on me to come to your rescue never in a million

years have I wanted you to go through more pain than you could bear I will lift the weight of the world off your

shoulders I do not want you to live a life of isolation and misery in this

conflict your adversaries are trying to find ways to hinder your good fortune because your future is so bright you are

in control and your unwavering trust can break any barrier in your way only by

inviting the destructive ideas and feelings that your adversaries seow into your mind will you be able to slip up if

however my holy spirit is first in your heart and life I will give you Victory I

have finished my assignment I’ve made arrangements for your Redemption success and good fortune have been bestowed on

you I am relaying this information to you because of how unwavering you have

been you are are about to ascend to a spiritual plane where miraculous events Grace your everyday life keep going

you’ve come a long way remember the pain you endured and the sacrifices you made

I will quench your need for my might and quench your appetite for serenity and quiet close your eyes at night to wake

up to the excitement of a new day this is my way of satisfying your need my darling maintain a firm grip on the

religion that serves you an advocate is is someone who defends you I am the one

who will guide you provide for you rescue you and be by your side when the

gifts you’ve been waiting for finally arrive we will celebrate with you it is

my solemn promise that you will get them I promise you a lot will shift permit my

assurances to occupy your attention restore your spirit and Revitalize your

outlook when challenges come change your approach even when you you face insurmountable obstacles know that I

will never leave you hold my hand I will hold yours too I highly value you

desolate you are my beloved child so as to guarantee that you will not forget

what I said I will reiterate it good real powerful and true those are their

qualities there is no way to breach My Vow abounding Harvest shall be yours to reap lift your eyes and be courageous do

not give in to fear or discouragement accept your benefits with love and humility I will be with you forever

Eternal some turn them down because they don’t feel deserving others think they aren’t ready and still others let

blessings pass them by only to regret it with their own blood I have acknowledged

your genuine faith and loved you despite your transgressions my message has the power

to change and free you so listen carefully you are deserving of my affection embrace the present and forget

about the past since your heavenly father has already forgiven you there’s no need to worry about what other people

think I want you to experience the life-altering effects of my love which

might change your perspective and emotions you and your loved ones mean the world to me and I treasure our love

for each other I am offering you the choice between Triumph and protection do

you know where to look do not give in to the desire to to endlessly travel in the mistaken belief that it will fix your

problems in spite of the difficulties you may face in this life I urge you to

follow my advice and find solace in my loving Embrace regardless of the threat

have faith that I’ve already vanquished it among my many titles I am Master

confident and God always remember that I am right here with you as you go through

life my assistance in your daily Journey has resulted in an innumerable number of

successes some of which are undetectable think about it if you openly share your beliefs the

opportunities are endless for you I don’t want you to waste the Love Freedom peace pleasure and security that I have

given you by worrying about what the future holds get to your feet and reach

out a hand accept my gifts and give them to the people that matter most to you

inspiring you to ReDiscover long-lost Passions my words light a fire inside you a life of adventure happiness and

the rediscovering of Deep Emotions awaits you go boldly into it I will imbue you with a power that Echoes the

Vitality of your youth revitalizing your spirit you felt a revitalization of

spirit and a renewal of thought I am renewing everything right now stand up I

say when the load seems too heavy muster up the strength to keep going now is the

moment to seize the opportunity that lies before us and Ascend to the throne of my Majesty to satisfy your hunger and

give you power I want you to live life to the fullest be happy and accomplish

the mission I’ve carefully crafted for you putting your age aside is not a

reflection of who you are your journey never truly defeats you and it’s far

from finished get to your feet the moment of Victory is here have faith in

me and I will cause everything to work out for the best best since my faithful followers will see the Advent of good

news firsthand when you put your trust in me amazing things happen whatever

your family thinks of your efforts it will help you stay focused if you banish any doubts from your thoughts and speech

will help you stay focused your convictions and beliefs are stronger than any metal you could ever imagine

push yourself to your limits and show bravery while many mourn their lot in life and Find meaning in Akin you have a

clear path ahead of you you are embraced by my presence enjoy dominion over your

house Heaven’s doors will open to shower you with gifts and benefits that will make your heart sing a time of

repentance and Reconciliation has come and those who have sinned will eventually come back fear not because I

am standing right with you you shouldn’t give up because I am your God as I win

over you I will give you strength hold you up and raise you with my right hand

you have been blessed abundantly in the Heavenly regions so that my glory May shine through your family may this Grace

extend to your friends relatives and neighbors making a lasting impression on their lives and homes Because of You

many well-known faces will find Healing here is where it all starts so I hope

you’ll listen with me first thing in the morning think back on all the ways I have worked miracles in your life and

how this word has come to pass in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles that have led you thus far I

have stood by your side stay on track retain everything that you have accomplished from this point on great

gifts are coming still I hope that every morning you greet this message with a

joyful spirit and an open mind you shouldn’t be scared of emergencies I have come to give you life

strengthen your faith and remove your spiritual vision even if the world’s dangers try to trick you by showing you

a road without an end you dedicate yourself solely to me lacking any other

goals or aspirations take it upon yourself when trouble strikes you shouldn’t sit around and hope that

someone will help when things are tough don’t whine about how no one is helping you being by your side is sufficient

some people will try to bring you down by being critical and rejecting you but there’s no no need to try to win over

those who have joined forces with your enemies my love has no bounds and my grace is strong enough to carry you

through any obstacle blessings from above will flood your home bestowing upon you good fortune and favor there is

a purpose and Destiny for you I am standing firm by my word affluence

Tranquility health and provision will surround you keep your end of the bargain be honest when dealing with me

and I will open the Heavens to pour forth blessings on on you and your family I pray that you too will Proclaim

today that the Tempest has passed and that your trials are over because my love for you grows Stronger by the day

as I blow my heavenly breath over your Sky I will chase away any clouds that may have been threatening you my

brightness welcomes you into a new day the path to my blessings which will

bring you immense joy and contentment will now only be firm footing for you to

walk on out of love I chose to remain silent so that I may hear your words

clearly and my ears are wide open while you speak the way you pray is like a

beautiful hym of praise to me inevitably sorrow will give way to Elation and

tears will turn into Delight because I am everpresent in your thoughts I will fill you with lovely Everlasting delight

and your mind will stay clear the shared moment was the most important thing that happened today come to me fearlessly I

will will not reject you my precious blood has bought you forgiveness and satisfaction for all your crimes being

embarrassed is unnecessary while I’m around to show you my kindness I sent

Legions of angels to save you from the devil’s grasp clear your way of trouble and lead you back into my arms even when

you were far away and didn’t know I was watching tomorrow you will bring wonderful news as you renew your

commitment you will recount the Revolutionary changes occuring ing in your life the Miracles that are slowly

but surely taking place and the beauty that is blossoming with great Delight I

will listen my bringing you back may accelerate a change in your life avoid

associating with those who are vulnerable I will mend it a healing that will fill your empty spirit is taking

place and you will be able to face life with renewed Vigor and self assurance

seek me out every day let my serenity envelop you and deceit will never have a

place in your life again now that we are in an honest and true relationship have trust in the promise

of genuine happiness and keep on cheerfully chasing your dreams till the end even if you can’t see or touch them

I think you already know that you’re not a lucky charm you are my kid therefore I

invite you to embrace This Joy through faith numerous signs point to your selection and awareness ignoring my

warnings and turning your back on the Wonders I want to perform in your life and the lives of your loved ones would

be a tragic error I know you may be afraid of the imagined burden on occasion but I promise you that no power

can stop me from blessing you I have sent my word to come to pass in your life and it will not come back to me

empty rather it will bring you great success happiness and fruit an

incredible Discovery is waiting for you once you understand it you will be unable to separate yourself from this

beautiful love I want you to feel my love to swim in my spirit’s River and to

be completely satisfied with this love make a solemn vow to pay attention to the wisdom I want to impart to you there

is no one more important than you you have a Divine spark of possibility and

Faith inside you now I beg you to open your heart to let my Holy Spirit into

this holy Bond a Celestial spark is about to be bestowed On You by me

now I beg you to open your heart to let my Holy Spirit into this holy Bond I am

about to give you a holy spark of possibility now I beg you to open your heart to let my Holy Spirit into this

holy Bond my heavenly power is about to be bestowed on you and it will

strengthen your faith to do wonders beyond your wildest imagination even if you hadn’t really

understood it yet I promised you would produce even bigger wonders more than two Mill Millennia ago I completely

understand you don’t have to try to accomplish these Marvels on your own you will get this heavenly power as a gift

when you pray on your knees willing to give up everything for love listen to me

my darling for I will not give this lovely gift to someone whose egotism

causes them to seek validation from superficial sources I want a contrite spirit that knows its own shortcomings

is willing to serve me wholeheartedly and isn’t looking for approval or a position of Honor in return putting

honors and prizes aside I am staring down at you because I see a heart that is open and willing to change therefore

come and follow me feel the tingle of the senses as you walk Barefoot on the river bank and take in the sensation of

the clean clear water on your skin take it easy let it envelop you and lose

yourself in the moment Let the River wash over you removing any negativity or

dirt from your thoughts when you surrender your heart to me my Holy Spirit Will envelop you your family your

life your thinking and your essence giving you strength there will be a complete change of scenery the ability

to overcome your fears will be bestowed On You by a higher power a higher power

will shower your house with blessings unleashing a glorious waterfall of blessings in order for your friends

relatives judges and authorities to look at you favorably and look out for your best interests unafraid of what others

may do I will use my heavenly power to touch their hearts nothing can harm you

or your loved ones if you put your faith in me and act with unfaltering honesty

never forget that I am at your side every step of the way I speak with a

supernatural energy that will breathe life into you and lift you beyond your hardships my words have a transform ing

healing power your faith and modesty have captivated me even if you don’t

think I’m worthy of being a part of your life in addition to wanting to be a part of your life my deepest aim is to write

healing words on your heart and free you from the bonds that have held you back your suffering worries and Agony will

melt away as my kind touch eases them listen to my voice as well as the sky I

want nothing more than to see you happy at peace with yourself and looking forward to a bright future so I talk to

you clearly spending time with me allows me to envelop you in my arms and

reassure you of my tangible actuality deep love and unfaltering protection from danger I’m about to bestow upon you

an immense request a gift from on high that will enhance your life in ways

beyond your comprehension have complete faith in me and take this bequest with

my Limitless love preparing you and my Holy Spirit at your side you may stand up and go forth empowered by his

energizing influence your reservoir of strength is ready and waiting for your relance no power on Earth will be able

to stop you from overcoming the obstacles you encounter your strength is not determined by your Frailty but by

the unfaltering trust and eternal love that I have for you allow the words I

have just said to sink deep into your being because in the face of discouragement you will need to hold on

to them you must know that I am the one who saves you heals you and showers you

with love and kindness in abundance with a sweeping swing I unlock the portal to

a world Beyond this one I humbly pray for the Miracles you have so humbly requested on the other hand I tell you

to cherish them dearly I value your efforts and appreciate your proactive approach to reaching out to me the

prayers and sentiments of thankfulness you share deeply move me your approach to these words which should deeply

ingrain in your being brings me joy I am the one who rescues you from discouragement brings health and

prosperity into your life and envelops you in love and compassion when discouragement attacks you must call

upon these affirmations you and your loved ones are living breathing

Testaments to my infinite love they are a source of inspiration for me consider

the circumstances events hardships and pains through which I have delivered you

you weren’t born into affluence but I chose you to be a Healer for this planet the second you opened your eyes yet

there is a revelation I must tell you my heavenly Angelic troops flew down to

protect you as your enemy tried to stifle your calling you fought valiantly

enduring the incessant attacks of hate that sought to destroy you at your core

despite this I came to be your loving father the one who would always be there

to encourage you and help you succeed in your endeavors you are the recipient of

many benefits bestowed upon you by the care and compassion of a parent for their infant in this world of disrespect

I hope you never demand anything with pride and arrogance and I eagerly await your gratitude I am patient and will

wait for them to come back even while they accuse me so you need not be afraid my heart longs for their return

tinkering with the perilous flames of disbelief those who rebel against my

meek disciples should be warned that falling into the hands of a living God is a terrifying

Prospect when plans go through life might be frustrating but this has always

been my approach to supporting your efforts even though I have vowed to Enlighten your spiritual eyes and show

you that everything is not as bad as it seems conflicts may occur and my enemies may try to disprove my word I have

blessings in store for you but you must release your debilitating sentiments and go ahead without looking back if you

want to receive them for blessings to come tough times are necessary The

Bravery inside you is something I want to see will you remain joyfully waiting when your expectations aren’t met or

will you let bitterness overtake you as it does other people devote your whole

being to loving me even if my reaction is sluggish show the steadfastness I’ve

given you allow your character’s Brilliance to outweigh the value of a diamond always be faithful never betray

someone for money never lie or do anything dishonest when we win the spiritual battle we get the rewards we

want ignore those who would insult you for their lack of faith and hold these words in high regard while you patiently

wait I Crave Your Allegiance and your faithfulness go back to bed each night

and let these words bolster your trust have no fear my love for you is immense

and a bless blessing is about to arrive you are like a spearhead piercing through the storms and Paving the way to

the blessing filled land I can’t wait to give you you are more than just a person

you are a parent of generations interwoven into the vast fabric of life

and this will become clear as I help you peel back the layers of your spiritual awareness the divine plan interconnects

every aspect of your life so don’t let discouragement or setbacks derail you even if they don’t waste the valuable

benefits I bestow upon you believe it or not I control your life completely what

really matters is how you think and your faith and belief will take you to new heights indulge in my wisdom when you

feel like you’re about to collapse under the weight of Despair kneel down look up into the sky because I am both there and

in your heart my blessings are not something far away they are there in front of you tangible and within grasp

your mountain of troubles will soon crumble bringing you salvation you have already vanquished your adversaries what

I want to know is whether you believe in me and love me as soon as I hear from you I will perform a wondrous Miracle

inside of you to calm your spirit and remove all worry if you do these three things today the words will reverberate

in your spirit all day bringing you deep inner calm your everyday Deeds

demonstrate your unfaltering conviction and Faith which I recognize realizing my

affection for you and my everpresent presence is the source of your excitement when you wake up despite your

deep Faith you claim to be busy and don’t have time to spend with me even though I see the enormous effort you put

into your daily responsibilities your spirit is gradually becoming filled with anxieties

and concerns that I have already banished as you fail to partake in the life-giving war water of prayer you may

not feel it now and you may be healthy and strong because of your faith but your heart is slowly drying up I warn

you to exercise caution over time if you no longer feel that Holy need for my Heavenly Touch you may Wonder please let

me know how much I want to be in your company and in peaceful communion with you if you seek me I will return to your

heart the calm confidence and truth you have been searching for as you allow my

love to completely embrace you you will no longer need others to make you feel whole under my tutelage I will protect

you against manipulation and deceit allow me to be the one who brings you Solace restores your spirit alleviates

your suffering and brings back the Heavenly love that you once knew beloved

child put your faith in my love because I am with you always ready to welcome

you with open arms and bestow upon you IM measure meble benefits you have my

sincere request for a short period of your time beloved child put your faith

in my love because I am with you always ready to welcome you with open arms and

bestow upon you immeasurable benefits you have my sincere request for a short

period of your time my word is unchangeable Even If Heaven and Earth pass away my word stands firm you will

see the Fulfillment of the Covenant of Salvation that I made with you you just let me know if there are any enemies

trying to stop it I am about to make some changes in your life are you ready to accept them and are you really

believing those who have wronged you deserve your forgiveness keep praying for those who will not forgive you will

be the means through which I bestow my blessings on them and I will be there to help them when they are down and out my

child I have chosen you to be a lighthouse of blessings during this time of difficulty and you are are living

through it even if tens of thousands of people are on your right side and thousands more are on your left I am

still your stronghold Rock and refuge nothing bad will happen to you until I say so trust it because it is genuine

there may be times when you feel like giving up yet you will still climb you will be filled with joy and power a time

of mourning will come to an end you are about to experience a deluge of good fortune and benefits so brace your

yourself there will be a miracle for you and you may be sure of that you are taking a really sincere approach and I

applaud you for it you are seeking comfort in the correct place as you go to your chamber worship and Lay Your

Soul at my feet seeing how faithful and trusting you are brings me Delight I know how hard it is when you feel like

no one else can empathize with your problems you have a lot on your shoulders but you shouldn’t be worried

because I’ll be there to help I shall never refrain from responding to your earnest requests you need my extended

hand to release you from the bonds of suffering no matter your age or origin

you have no right to name what I have cleaned stay away from bringing up other people’s pasts any and all assistance

with development has my forgiveness Miracles and healings will follow as blessings pour down those who choose not

to follow me will still find Hope in your smile today I am merciful to those

who repent Grace and love are being showered on you my Elegance casts a

shadow across the world lifting the gloomy Sky leave your Abode look up at

the stars and summon the wind you can trust me to be your provider and Shepherd you can always rely on me

continue reading to the end accept the blessing of healing right now draw strength from me and face the future

fearlessly as you respectfully share this word express your gratitude for my favors

I will give you superhuman strength making you Untouchable and Unstoppable remain modest and

intelligent many will want to emulate your qualities today Comfort is waiting for you my presence will Revitalize your

soul communicate with me in a steadfast manner I’ll act as if I care about how

you feel I will devour spectral Recollections like wildfire take care of

your soul forgive yourself and honor The Bravery you already possess you’re changing because of me receive

additional favors have a successful life every day bless even your enemies I’m

trying new ways to encourage you focus your efforts on getting this word have trust if you feel undeserving don’t turn

down blessings it’s not enough to depend on your own efforts there are those who argue that attempts at self-sufficiency

have failed keep in mind that not all shiny things are gold don’t measure

yourself against people who who boast about their dishonestly obtained wealth put your attention on my words stop

judging other people help out around the house and get some exercise the wisdom

to always keep in mind the needs of those close to you in good and bad times

seek me out and love me still pray as you continue on your trip keep going

even when it’s raining or storming I will still feel the winds and the waves in spite of my promises to stop your

strife and relieve your hardships what I really want is a firm resolve to love

and seek me and to put me first in everything you do you will be able to overcome Temptations worries troubles

and any obstacles that come your way before you ever set foot outside your home because your faith will be

transformed into a powerful sword that overcomes evil and weaknesses and

delivers spiritual and Supernatural strength pray for your loved ones and

humbly bow your head head for a minute committing your future to me Proclaim words of tranquility and trust you are

my beloved sheep and my beloved children and I will provide for you in every way

rejoice in this fact I will lead you to Lush fields and Placid streams where you can relax at home disarray violence and

quarreling are all going away things that are bothering you will disappear my vengeful hand will drive

out those who sow Discord and Destroy love in your home nothing can stand

between you and the complete restoration of your faith and joy more than the

complete eradication of all traces of sin and transgression your suffering may

be over and you may be able to survive at the exact moment that you need it

bread will appear on your table and the heavens will open wide to pour benefits upon you such as more opportunities to

learn and advance in your career if there is anything in your life that undermines your honesty and trust I will

remove it your heart is waiting to reveal The Wonder of Love divide the joy

I bring into your life by the immense good will I bring into yours peace

Harmony wealth and blessings free from stress and debt will surround you as you love one another even though many May

laugh at your antics the people who listen to you will feel pain in their hearts they need to know how much you

care even if they don’t want what you’ve decided sending seeds of optimism to

every area of life this powerful message of desire and love unfolds like a gentle

Whisper In The Wind I the almighty have heard your fervent plea just before you

fell asleep last night as you pray for courage strength Serenity and the

unfaltering promise to face the difficult challenges that life throws at us your tears dampen the pillow take a

look at yourself as you start a new day when you paint a canvas with

determination and strength you don’t feel diminished or discouraged instead

you stand tall and strong ready to face any monster that may arise in the areas

where you feel filled with fear as soon as you immerse yourself in the Realms of mystery religion takes hold with a

fierce determination to overcome every challenge that comes your way stand up and push forward because I have placed a

passionate decision to succeed deep inside your Soul you may trust in my omnipotent power because I am the one

who led you here and has given you the ability to face and Conquer every challenge that comes your way keep in

mind that my strength is unmatched even when the obstacles seem overwhelming I guided you to this

pivotal moment and pledged to stand by your side throughout all your challenges

and hardships thanks to my love and energy you became more than just a conqueror you became an overcome

no matter how many foes you confront you will always be able to overcome them as long as you remain Resolute no matter

what your goals are or how difficult the road ahead may be I have given you the strength of character to overcome every

obstacle no matter what you do I am convinced that you will succeed and I will shower you with countless blessings

embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and free yourself from the burdens that may be weighing you down my darling let

go of all your worries find comfort in your own being being attuned to your

environment can also help you discern the arrival of a new season full of Bountiful rewards it is my deepest

desire to alleviate the pain you are experiencing and provide you with the joy you deserve I hold the power to

liberate your ideas from their constraints please enter my presence allow your emotions to flow

uninhibitedly be sad if you can release those pent up feelings and create space

for reality you could be doing it well things will get better for you in the end I will ease your pain and you will

experience an abundance of pleasure in your life please for the sake of your

extreme devotion and self-sacrifice let me set aside anything that stands in the way of your happiness

I love you very much give me the stage I have used my heavenly power to influence

all of your future endeavors goals and aspiration ations if you’ll only agree

with me and stop thinking about the past I can show you the way to a better life

from the depths of your being you yearn for my affection your unfaltering trust

in me when I was a toddler is something I will never forget with unwavering devotion you chanted my pledges and

repeated my words has it occurred to you that God is love you let out a joyful

cry Heaven is perfect you passionately said however you joined a generation of

people who were unhappy as they got older everyone you held dear died your spirit has been shattered people who

claim to love caused excruciating suffering a lot of time has passed yet we are still here I extend an invitation

so that you may return to me in order to escape the misery that has befallen you

on a daily basis I will place those in your life who will extend their hands in

Guidance with my arms wrapped around you I will arrive early these days I need you to feel how much I

like you and it’s immeasurable I assure you that you will find great joy even

when it goes unnoticed I’m planting the seeds of trust and longing in your heart

you need me in your spirit right now as you feel like things are getting out of hand I will make sure you are calm and

at ease the serenity I provide may be part of it part of I am showing you how much I love you by keeping my word and

leading you away from hell you have been released and all debts have been paid you will win without a

doubt my promises are firmly sealed with large deep and First Rate love do not

try to understand continue to follow it feel it and connect with it in spite of

setbacks This Magnificent love floods your soul I am the creator of the world

and I am in love with you more than anybody else I’m searching for you so that I can tell you how much I love you

in an unforeseen way I am conveying these deep feelings to you listening to

my voice does not require traversing far away regions or climbing mountains I

would give everything to be able to melt your heart at this moment when you begin

with this you are already experiencing the boundless love that is designed for you you cannot possibly go too far from

me because my love for you is so deep without the weight of isolation or

Terror held Inside My Embrace I embrace this new chapter join me on this vast

ocean of joy as we navigate into the port where you will get the crown of Triumph along with blessings of Eternal

Joy wealth and holy riches this will lead to a new chapter in your life give up trying to explain

it the devil SWS seeds of doubt in your mind so you won’t recognize me and won’t see my promises fulfilled the world may

be a terrible place your eyes sparkled with with Wonder and a yearning for the

extraordinary those you thought were friends were the recipients of your innocent grin but the harsh truth of

lies and betrayals destroyed that hope put a damper on your laughter and broke your desire to live it seems like you’ve

given up on trusting and accepting me as genuine however I assure you I now

identify and understand you with the same level of precision as I comprehend the sky and can name every Star by its

specific call even the most subtle aches and pains as well as the ones that

disrupt your daily routine are all too familiar to me because of our shared

language I can predict exactly what I want to say to you you will find solace in my company extend your hand to me and

I will lead you to a world filled with love where you shine in Regal attire and

where people respond positively to your voice in this hallowed place a loving

eye watches over over you all day and night your spirit finds nourishment there nourished like a starving hen the

creator of the universe created You In His Image and likeness and it is in this place that you truly exist as God’s

beloved child keep in mind that no matter how low you fall there is a Haven

all to yourself out there and no one or object can ever oust you from this Vantage Point even though my heart

protects you as my child you have the right to to meaningful morning chats with me heaven is pleased that you have

asked me to be a part of your lives so that you may heed my word and follow my example even if you feel unworthy heaven

will return the things stolen from you while you confidently go into the future

I will hold you tightly every enemy is vanquished please approach me as soon as

possible and offer your prayers I will tenderly tell you that I understand your

heart fully with unfaltering faith faith and all of the beautiful wishes in your heart I may be able to tell from

everything you do please feel free to confide in me at any time and share your

thoughts and feelings as is my custom I am sensitive to your sentiments and Desires in the midst of your rescue and

the gift of a new life my compassion for you remains constant and intrusive the

sector won’t provide you with love or knowledge but I have everything you need to find Serenity even when doubts arise

in times of difficulty my love for you remains strong enveloping your life and filling your heart with the intense

Sensation that comes from sincerely loving you will be beloved by me because I love you stop putting your heart into

relationships with those who betray and disrespect it disregard

prioritization people who bring you to tears are not worthy of your full affection I’m entitled to that area

recognize and value who I am since you are here always treat treat me with the respect that is due you you should

submit to me as your ruler God and Lord if someone else stole my position you

may have been sick for a while just in case you turn your back on my love and your sorrow there’s a mysterious hole

within you that might really be a source of growth attempting to discover love in the wrong places leads to nighttime

tears and longing for beloved times there’s no one on this planet who can

love you more than I can people flock to me seeking Tranquility affection and

release what are you waiting for if someone is always causing you problems

why keep giving them your life and love please return to me before any more tears fall recite the phrases put them

in writing with all my heart I keep an eye out for you I will take your call

someone will exchange your life I will give you a new heart excellent people

will open doors of blessing and and New Opportunities even if they know you expect assistance from unexpected

sources approve and spread the word about such Expressions always remember to wish easy as pie put your focus on

the Lord and humbly ask for his presence I will rely on your assistance have

faith unless you belittle my grace in times of miscommunication my presence does not

leave me avoid being hateful and don’t trash talk people who aren’t in your enemy camp

disregard baseless accusations and gossip I have trouble hearing people when they talk the adversary has

prepared traps you must not fall into them those who adore and respect my legal restrictions have my full

attention as I seek their honest unwavering devotion lift up encourage

and share these Heavenly sentences with others no one’s sin is anyone’s business

if what I’m saying seems difficult please listen carefully and absorb all of the information it is my desire that

your heart understands this repeating message you want tranquility and I will

provide it to you keep my words close to your heart and think of them whenever you feel threatened even while the

adversary mocks your faith and hunts for food my speech illuminates your soul you

may use my words as a light to guide you and give you the power to overcome difficult circumstances if you remain

attentive say these words with conviction and evildoers will go away you will live in a healthy and abundant

house my word firmly stands when it comes to protecting your own family get

your blood pumping open your eyes and get your brain working embrace the boundless benefits that await you when

you rise to the challenge and reach the Pinnacle of your sacrifice you benefit from every encounter a group of your

close relatives will see signs of Miracles and understand their significance second I want you to either

put your hands up in surrender or bring them close to your eyes so that we can all take a deep breath and express our

deepest most sincere appreciation attempt to compile a comprehensive inventory of your benefits

including those that are now a part of your life and those that you want to reap in the future think back on the

past and pay attention to the seemingly little things that whether you agree or not strengthen your resolve and drive

you can rely on your advant vantages to a considerable degree recognize that

this act of Thanksgiving has the power to restore your spirit and express thankfulness wholeheartedly and

gratefully for the ability to express thanks after I make a promise I no

longer use the Expression doubt I have etched it into stone and will fulfill it

I can’t even begin to explain how far I’ll go for you the bounds of space and time are no match for my love I I will

tenderly caress your life and extend my heavenly Dominion to provide daily sustenance for your crops you may be

sure that you will get the benefits while maintaining a steadfast stand against your enemies they will be forced

to flee when they see the ambitious power I have instilled in you but I will be by your side supporting you as you

Triumph it may be the perfect time to look up free from the burden of previous wrongdoings and abuse that persisted

despite your unfaltering trust in me do not close your eyes and miss the Marvels

I have yet to reveal to you as the Creator and Mastermind behind both the

apparent and invisible aspects of your life I the author of your book have decided to share my incredible promises

with you I firmly swear that I will never leave your side and that I will lavish you with my most incredible

blessings you have an eternal place in my heart I am amazed by your perseverance you went above and beyond

what I asked for by being strong I am elated to see the lovely fruits that have grown from the seeds I sew in you

because you are an example of faithfulness and devotion for this reason more than you could have ever

imagined a time of great abundance and Uncharted possibilities is Dawning upon

you keep going until you reach the place where joy and blessings are

plentiful even when you see things differently your emotions may rise in the face of rejection and jealousy from

those who claim to love you instead of recognizing your strengths they are plotting ways to bring you down digging

out Old Wounds in an effort to break your will this message instills in you

an unbreakable electric charge put your faith forward and recognize how my Holy

Spirit envelops you as you write it filling you with joy to walk the road of triumphs and achievements listen to my

words do what I say and move move forward courageously and believingly take charge of how you see and value

this term raise your arms up stand tall and say hello The Storm Is Passing and

the Shadows around you are melting away so you don’t have to worry about the brilliant benefits I am prepared to

provide you this month drive your foes away in Terror no kind of Darkness with

my God who is filled with the lightning of my blood lies deception and curses

from witchcraft will ens snare you in the midst of your sinking worries I

heard your calls for help and now I am the one who commands the storms and waves when the powers of evil saw that

you were stumbling they tried to take advantage of your weakness but they failed to remember a crucial fact you

belong to me yes you paved the way for Evil by making a mistake but the fact

that you are mine remains unaffected my Steady Hand protects you and my affection for you remains

constant this fact is the basis for granting your freedom please do not cast doubt on or

Express disagreement moreover do not let the ghosts of the Past cast a shadow

over your future ideas you are my property because I am your buddy I am

here to defend you and show you evidence of your freedom I will release you from the confines of depression I have the

power to eradicate the deep-seated sadness and anoint you with Blissful oil

with my repair fingertips I’m touching your thoughts today make your emotions clear speak out loud be quiet or put

your thoughts on paper your suffering is over tomorrow is not going to be any different in this space I will engulf

you in love and help your spirit recover in miraculous ways that is real it is

not in your head now show the world how faithful and religious you are look at

the worth and affection I have for you it will never diminish because of your flaws or the many difficulties you face

you have fallen into a deep Abyss but I will rescue you and lift you up to a new

level of spiritual Power by expanding my hand you have a special place in my

heart before the sun comes up in the morning I have to tell you something someday you will think about me the

light of my compassion will shine through your window and you will feel my presence as I call you to prayer and

fellowship if you confide in me and share your hopes dreams and anxieties I

will answer your prayers based on my words my body which is filled with love

is there to greet you in every moment of nourished and genuine religion giving you the confidence you need to face each

day I have consumed the purple ink that once etched your tears into the pages I

have always removed the causes of your pain from your heart and deleted your misdeeds from my memory you are truly

free and Unbound put your faith in it note down the words because neither your

freedom nor its completion have been merited or achieved via Perfection I am

permanently Unbound every day the words you hear strengthen and nourish you from

the inside a Bountiful Harvest is about to come your way and it is a direct

result of your prayers your joy will have no bounds your laughter will fill the air and your heart will ReSound with

fulfillment therefore do not let the occasional difficult circumstances depress you remember that my statement

has a multiplicity of transformative effects on your soul it does not come back to me empty-handed there will be no

more parity in your life your finances or your family I will recharge your

physical body with energy rekindling the flame that has been fading I beg you to

put your faith in the new life I am giving you get off your wallowing in the past I have placed my holy holy spirit

inside you and you are a brand new beginning it was the elderly man’s best

performance come together with fresh strength to reap the Bountiful crop that is ahead you have a long journey ahead

of you but remember that your time here is temporary and borrowed in the hopes

that you will not squander your time I am sharing these words with you remain steadfast in the faith that is inside

you put your hopes prayers and sweet wishes on a piece of paper and send it to me first thing in the morning

approach each day with a steadfast sense of faith and passion wait patiently

because you’ll see the doors that I’ll open for you keeping going is crucial in the lives of the people you value most

wonderful changes are already taking place I am currently restoring your finances and arranging events to bring

Harmony to your home every day I speak to you with this Divine phrase

nurturing your soul and filling it with awareness I am searching for people who love me and are unafraid to proclaim the

strong call of Jesus I want them to refrain from slander and lies and instead radiate my goodness when my

children unite in harmony my power descends and my Supernatural presence pours forth restoration and life a time

of Miracles is Dawning upon you and this message imparts unbreakable electricity

confirming your conviction by writing it with your own hand I am impressed by the

way my Holy Spirit envelops you and fills you with passion to follow the path of success and victory I must do

what I say follow my will and keep going with courage and Trust make a loving and

thoughtful Claim about how you receive this term the amazing benefits I am

prepared to bestow upon you this month are beginning to fade so stand straight

raise your hands and accept them the darkness that has surrounded you is

beginning to lift my protective barrier charged with my blood’s Vitality

frightens your foes into submission lies deception and curses from witchcraft

will ins snare you in the midst of your sinking anxieties I heard your Resolute

shouts and now I order the storms and waves to continue bad people saw you

stumbling and tried to take advantage of you but they overlooked one crucial fact you belong to me your loyalty to me is

greater than any sin even if you made a mistake that led to wickedness my steadfast hand protects you and my love

for you Knows No Limits your freedom has been granted and I confirm this put the

past in the past and stop resisting or denying its truth embrace the present

and forget about the past you are my property to defend you and provide

evidence of your freedom I stand as your friend and your Advocate I will liberate

you from the confines of depression I have the power to eradicate the deep-seated sadness and anoint you with

Blissful oil The Healing Hands of God are in your thoughts tell the world how

you really feel now speak up keep quiet or put your thoughts on paper the time

for you to stop striving is now not tomorrow my love will wrap you in this space and your spirit will experience

miraculous healing that is real it is not in your head show the world

your unwavering devotion and Faith when you face the deepest of challenges in

the midst of those terrible trials my heavenly presence does more than just survive it becomes a Shining Light of

longing even in the blatant Triumph of Evil My Limitless love everlasting Mercy

elegant compassion and Powerful power flow out of you and into the lives of those around you not just for your own

satisfaction relaxation informs me that I am working even when it seems like

Satan has triumphed in his constant attacks on you initially perceived as a

defeat it can transform into a significant and genuine Victory a

victory that not only honors the father but also propels his holy people forward

this is where my knowledge resides my techniques enigmatic Allure is characterized by this complex interplay

of mystery and Beauty never never forget that nothing on this Earth not even the

most treacherous plots of the adversary can sever the unbreakable bonds of my unfaltering love for you and the cause I

have established for you listen carefully to the sound of my reassuring voice and follow my instructions to the

letter in every Endeavor you may trust in me as a Shepherd a guide and a

rescuer being a part of me allows you to do more than just overcome life’s challenges you can face them alongside

Inside Me growing stronger and more connected to my heart and its purposes

so when difficulties arise don’t give in to despair instead turn to me for

strength and guidance keep steadfastly to the promises I’ve made to you and walk confidently through the difficult

times you have the Inner Strength inner fortitude and inner knowledge to face

the challenges of this world and emerge Victorious if these words of encouragement and inspiration ation

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