Surprise!! I Hava Something For You | God message | God’s message | God message for you

my dear friend imagine waking up to a

special day full of wonderful things

waiting just for you the air is buzzing

with excitement and Every Breath You

Take feels like a little secret

promising something amazing is about to

happen this isn’t just make believe it’s

the real deal now reach out your hand

and feel my presence let your heart fill

with joy because a big change is on its

way picture happy tears rolling down

your cheeks not because of sadness but

because of pure happiness reflecting the

light of a fulfilled heart

hold my hand tight and Let My Words

guide you I’m working hard to make

wonderful things happen for you even

when things seem uncertain don’t worry

I’m here with you every step of the way

like a superhero protecting you from

anything bad you might feel a bit lost

right now but don’t be scared I’m Paving

the way for you giving you opportunities

and blessings that will make your life

better stay strong and embrace these

changes don’t be afraid to start fresh

because in these changes you’ll find the

path to a future so bright and full of

wonder that it will light up even the

darkest corners of Doubt remember you’re

not alone in a world where many people

feel scared you will stand tall and

strong like a brave hero your spirit

will be unbroken and you’ll walk

confidently shielded by my love even

when you rest at night I’ll whisper good

things to your heart revealing beautiful

truths meant just for you I’m giving you

special gifts Insight understanding and

wisdom these gifts will help you make

good choices in life

guiding you on your journey and ensuring

you don’t get lost or fall into traps

set by bad things if you believe in

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hold on to my words don’t be scared of

new beginnings and trust me I’m always

working to make your life better

rejuvenating your spirit and making you

stronger believe with all your heart in

the amazing things I’m going to do in

your life no need to worry about Shadows

or obstacles my love for you is huge and

I have great plans for you just like

eagles soar high in the sky you will

rise confidently looking towards a

bright and happy future I’ll lift you up

to places where you’ll find success

happiness and everything you’ve dreamed

of so my dear trust me great blessings

are coming your way not just for you but

for your family and friends too get

ready for doors to open wide and for

burdens to become lighter your life will

be a wonderful story of success and

happiness amen

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