Stray Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From The Streets, And The Video Goes Viral

A video of an adorable dog smiling and wagging her tail after being saved from the streets went viral. The dog’s name is Layla and she was rescued by Beaumont Animal Care after she was seen wandering the streets alone for several days. Rachel Barron, a person of the Animal Care’s staff, visited the dog in her kennel and started talking to her. When she talked in a baby-like voice, the dog was so amused she even smiled. It was probably the first time the little dog got some attention and care from a human. Layla grinned and wagged her pretty, little tail, in sign of appreciation of Rachel’s cute gestures. Luckily, she was able to capture the heartwarming moment in her video camera and it went instantly viral.
Needless to say, after the video was posted they received a lot of adoption inquiries for Layla, and a local couple was chosen to be Layla’s new family.
Once they brought her home, Layla quickly got used to her new home and immediately got along with the other dogs of her new family.

A cute video of a rescue dog smiling happily and wagging her tail went viral.

Rachel Barron

The dog was rescued by the Beaumont Animal Care, after she was seen wandering the streets alone for a few days.

Nicole Toney

The dog was named Layla and it was actually one of the staff who captured and uploaded the viral video. Rachel Barron approached Layla’s kennel and started talking to her using a baby-like voice.

Rachel Barron

Layla was so amused by Barron’s way of talking that she giggled and wagged her tail happily. Barron was able to record the whole thing on video and it went viral.

A lot of people started calling to inquire about adopting Layla. A local couple was chosen to be Layla’s new parents and she felt right at home with them and their other dogs.

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