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my beloved child I have heard your cries

in the darkness I know the heartache and

despair that has caused your spirit to

languish the weight has been long and

weary but Rejoice your wait is over this

very day I bring you a message of Hope

restoration and New Beginnings the

storms of life have tossed you to and

fro battered and bruised you have

struggled to keep your head above water

many times you felt like giving up but

you are still here testimony to the

resilience of the human Spirit when

empowered by Grace though you walk

through the valley of Shadows you have

not lost your way for I am your Shepherd

guiding your steps my rod and staff

protect and comfort you I have prepared

a table for you even in the presence of

enemies your cup overflows with my love

surely goodness and mercy shall follow

you all the days of your life you will

dwell in my house forever more the sun

is bursting through the clouds bringing

light after a long dark night

your mourning is turning to joyful

dancing relief and hope are Dawning at

last this message comes to you straight

from my heart I am honoring the Deep Cry

of your soul yes your waight is over

this is your moment you will weep no

more for I am wiping away every tear

from your eyes the pain of the past is

being Swept Away in a flood of new

mercies behold I am doing a new thing in

your life even now fresh shoots are

springing forth from Barren ground new

dreams are stirring within you

long-forgotten passions reignited you

are being Unshackled from old mindsets

and limitations the spirit is Awakening

you to new possibilities for I know the

plans I have for you plans to bring you

hope a hope-filled future and Destiny I

am restoring all that has been stolen

from you I am redeeming Lost Years and

broken dreams I am healing deep wounds I

am bringing reconciliation and closure I

am bestowing faith favor and influence

ahead of you open doors of opportunity

that no one can shut the Thirsty ground

of your soul is drinking in the

refreshing rain of my presence you are

flourishing like a well-watered garden

the sweet Aroma of blossoming potential

fills the air this is your turnaround

time what was meant for harm I am

transforming to good as you step forward

in faith I am ordering your steps

guiding you on the path of purpose I

have prepared for you it is paved with

Mercy love and divine appointments so

lift up your head Child of Light and

promise wipe away the remnants of Tears

let Joy replace sorrow take my hand and

walk with me into this exciting new

chapter I am opening before you together

we will write the story of your life

your heart’s deepest longings

beautifully fulfilled for I know you

better than you know yourself I know the

greatness you are capable of the gifts

inside you waiting to be uncovered I

place those dreams in your heart long

before you were born like a seed

bursting with potential I am bringing

them now to full bloom yes your waight

is finally over weeping has lingered for

the night but joy comes in the morning

your morning this is your moment your

time your season of fulfillment get

ready Abundant Life and blessings await

the tide is turning your destiny is

calling take my hand and we will walk

into it together my child I have not

forgotten you I know it has felt at

times like like your prayers bounce off

the ceiling unheard and unanswered but I

want you to know I catch every tear I

hear every cry I have been with you in

the Valley now I am leading you up to

the Mountaintop your wait is over I see

the adversity you have persevered

through when you were tempted to give up

you found strength to press on another

day when you lost heart you remembered

my faithfulness and clung to hope you

have come through the fire and though

bearing scars you have not been been

consumed and now your testing and

preparation seasons are coming to an end

the skills honed through your trials

will serve you well in this new era

unfolding before you the patience

resilience and wisdom gained will bless

you richly for behold I am taking you to

new heights expanding your territory and

influence as you step into this broad

sunlet Horizon you will shine ever more

radiantly for my glory your gifts will

Blossom your talents Thrive you will

walk in blessing and favor keep your

eyes uplifted my child do not look back

at the difficult path behind but stay

fixed on the unfolding Adventure ahead

each day will reveal new glimpses of the

great future I have prepared for you

with your hand nestled in mine we will

Traverse this journey together one step

after another when you grow weary I will

carry you when you stumble I will steady

you when the path seems scary and

unclear keep trusting in me for I know

the way ahead and I will never lead you

astray though at times we walk through

dark valleys there are always

mountaintops of Joy awaiting in my

perfect timing and plan we Ascend

together so do not rush impatiently

ahead of me trying to control outcomes

and dictate timing be still and wait on

my Direction let me order each step you

take the doors I am opening are worth

any wait and while you wait do not

despair or grow bitter use this time to

draw closer to me realign your heart

with my purposes dig deep spiritual

Roots through prayer worship and

immersion in my word let me refine and

shape your character into Christ

likeness see each day as a gift not

merely a delay in reaching your

destination there is purpose in every

moment my plans for you are good with a

hope and future as you walk in step with

my spirit I will reveal glimpses of that

beautiful future stirring joyful

anticipation deep in your soul so

persevere with patience patient

endurance a little longer my child the

Dawn is Breaking the clock is counting

down to the fullness of time your time

of blossoming fruitfulness and thriving

in every area soon you will grasp just

how Sovereign I have been at work behind

the scenes orchestrating and arranging

things for your good you will see how I

used every experience to prepare and

position you for such a moment as this

and looking back you will recognize my

hand in all things moments that once

seemed pointless or cruel take on

significance and meaning pieces fall

into place Mysteries are revealed you

Glimpse the completed tapestry of your

life from Heaven’s perspective my

precious child I know your deepest

desires and dreams I placed them within

you before time began though swn in

tears I am bringing forth a great

harvest of Joy from the seeds of your

longings rest in this promise for no

good thing will I withhold from you I am

leading you on Paths of righteousness

lined with blessings specially prepared

for you you are you are walking into the

fullness of your purpose and spiritual

Destiny so lift your head high beloved

child sing praise in the darkness giving

thanks for what’s to come extend your

hand take hold of all I have waiting for

you the light of your hope-filled future

Burns brightly on the horizon your wait

is over this is your moment my precious

child as this message draws to a close I

want you to know again how very much you

are loved you have never left my sight

even when you felt abandoned and alone

in the valley below I was there now I am

bringing you up higher into the light of

my presence and power continue leaning

your full weight upon me trust in my

strength and timing to lead you forward

I will be with you every step guiding

your path no matter what lies ahead you

will not walk it alone take time to rest

as well along this journey Let me

refresh you and fill you a new with

power from on high abide in me and your

soul will prosper stay alive aligned

with my purposes and you will bear fruit

that remains if opposition comes be

strong and courageous do not lose heart

or give way to fear I am greater than

any force that could stand against you

take up the sword of the spirit and

stand firm in the full power of God

Victory is assured for those who trust

in the Lord and above all walk in love

let compassion and kindness overflow

from you to others bring Unity where

there is division heal wounds through

words that bless

Shine Your Light into every dark place I

am opening doors before you into places

of great influence and favor use

whatever platforms I give you to serve

others lift the downtrodden be a voice

for justice and share the hope of my son

in this way your joy will be made

complete and never forget my precious

one you never walk alone I am with you

always your everpresent help in times of

need I will give you wisdom for every

decision I will make your path straight

As you commit your way to me so go now

with renewed strength and expectancy the

fields before you are ripe for Harvest

lift up your eyes see the shackles

breaking the sun rising your moment

emerging yes your waight is finally over

the longing of your heart will be

fulfilled walk with me into this

glorious future we will write together

one page at a time hope springs a new

this very day and I invite all who hear

this message to share it freely with

others in need of Hope and encouragement

let it be a light to illuminate their

path out of Darkness together hand in

hand heart-to- heart with God we can

walk into all I have prepared for each

of my precious children the wait is over

your moment is now you are loved with an

everlasting love

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