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my beloved child I speak to you with a

heart overflowing with love and concern

as the creator of all things I watch

over each soul with a boundless

affection hoping for your well-being and

spiritual growth today I address you

with a plea that weighs heavily on my

Divine heart a plea to Cease the Embrace

of negative influences that Veer you

away from the path of goodness and light

life is a journey of choices and your

choices Ripple through the tapestry of

existence every step you you take every

word you speak and every Company You

Keep contributes to The Melody of your

life I’ve granted you the precious gift

of free will a double-edged sword that

can either elevate your spirit or Lead

You astray my desire is for you to

choose the higher Road one illuminated

by love kindness and righteousness I’ve

observed the Shadows that accompany the

influences you’ve allowed into your life

these Shadows obscure the Brilliance of

your soul and diminish the Divine spark

within you

it pains me to see your potential

stifled your innate goodness

overshadowed by negativity remember my

child you are a vessel of my love

created in my image and meant to radiate

goodness in this world The Company You

Keep shapes The Contours of your

character surround yourself with those

who uplift your spirit Inspire your

growth and walk alongside you on the

path of righteousness it’s not about

judgment but discernment

evaluate the influences around you are

they steering you towards the light or

into the

Shadows choose friends and companions

who reflect the values of love

compassion and moral Integrity bad

influences like a Relentless storm can

erode the sturdy foundations of your

soul they may Allure with temporary

Pleasures but these fleeting moments

often lead to Lasting regrets your

actions affect not only your own Journey

but also the lives of those around you

you strive to be a beacon of goodness a

source of inspiration for others in the

quiet chambers of your heart listen to

The Whispers of your conscience I’ve

gifted you with an inner Compass a moral

guide that points towards righteousness

when you feel the pull towards actions

or company that contradict this moral

compass pause and reflect consider the

consequences of your choices not only in

the immediate future but also in the

grand tapestry of your life repentance

and change are not signs of weakness but

manifestations of strength if you find

yourself entangled in influences that

lead you astray have the courage to step

back reassess and redirect your course

my forgiveness knows no bounds and I

yearn for your return to the path of

righteousness it’s never too late to

realign with the Divine Purpose I’ve

envisioned for you take moments of

solitude to commune with me through

prayer and introspection seek guidance

from my teachings embedded in Sacred

Scriptures and the quiet Whispers of

your heart embrace the transformative

power of love and forgiveness not only

towards others but also towards yourself

for in forgiving and loving you free

your spirit from the chains that bind it


negativity I do not impose these words

to burden you but to uplift and guide

you towards a life of purpose and

fulfillment my love for you is

unconditional and I yearn for you to EXP

exp erience the profound joy that comes

from walking in alignment with my Divine

will choose the influences that nurture

your soul my child for in doing so you

honor the sacred Gift of Life bestowed


you as you navigate the intricate dance

of existence let your steps be guided by

the rhythm of love compassion and

righteousness your journey is a sacred

pilgrimage and I am with you every step

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