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Jesus Oh beloved child Can You Feel The

Gentle Whispers of Promise the

anticipation of goodness stirring within

your soul be at peace for something

magnificent is on the horizon and your

heart brims with calm and joy and

anticipation nourish your spirit with my

word dear one and let not doubt

extinguish the flame of your faith know

that I hold the final word and in my

time I shall bring forth healing and

courage as you rise from the depths of

Despair you shall be cleansed of all

curses deaths and painful memories for

your Liberation draws near Rejoice for

in the breaking of chains you shall find

boundless joy and happiness and behold I

shall perform a mighty miracle in your

life your heart shall overflow with

gladness and your lips shall ReSound

with praise for I shall abundantly

supply all your needs enabling you to

bless others in turn pray fervently my

beloved that I may touch every fiber of

your being with healing and Grace

dispelling all traces of sorrow and

sadness invite me into the depths of

your soul and let my peace envelop you

soothing every ache and fear you have

endured my dear one persevering through

trials and disregarding both negativity

and misplaced support now claim your

Victory provision and wealth for I Stand

read to go guide you in every indor

rejoice in my precence and I shall Grant

the deers of your heart call out to me

dear child and I shall answer revealing

wonders beyond your imagination believe

in my promises etched in eternity and

take a stand against all that seeks to

draw you away from me seek me with all

your heart at every moment and trust

that I shall fulfill the desires of your

soul your faithfulness shall be rewarded

for something marvelous beautiful and

strong is about to unfold in your life

know that you are deeply cherished and

in your trust lies the key to Abundant

Blessings lean on me my child and have

unwavering faith in my abilities for I

shall guide you through every trial and

tribulation you are my beloved crowned

with glory and surrounded by Everlasting

Beauty trust in my divine plan for it

unfolds with precision and purpose and

remember dear one that I am with you

always guiding you through the Shadows

into the light of everlasting

Joy fear not for I am with you now and

forever more



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