STOP!! “I AM EXPOSING A BIG SECRET” | God’s Message Today

God is saying to you

today this message is not a coincidence

you have been attracted towards this if

you are seeing

this my child before we start like and

share the video so that this message

reaches more souls in need make sure you

watch the whole video my beloved child

your deep love for me compels you to

reveal that beautiful and meaningful

changes are on the horizon even as the

world around you faces turmoil and

conflict Focus your energy on the things

that matter most your passions your

health your education your personal

growth and your work invest your time in

building a solid foundation for your

future seek my presence daily and I will

grant you wisdom and discernment beyond


years I desire to align your vision with

mine enabling you to perceive what

others cannot see see true wisdom lies

in avoiding unnecessary risks and

distractions while the foolish become

entangled in meaningless Pursuits

ultimately leading to emptiness and

regret as I have promised in my word my

blessing enriches you in ways that

extend far beyond material wealth even

those who once opposed you will seek

peace and prosperity will surround you

even in times of scarcity your compan

passionate heart will move you to help

those in need providing clothing shelter

and nourishment to the less

fortunate as you give generously I will

multiply my blessings upon you and your


ones reflect on how you feel in this

moment having spent this time in

communion with me your heart is filled

with joy contentment and A Renewed sense


purpose this sacred time together was

precious and valuable

I am pleased with you and my love for

you speaks volumes even in the

silence When You Close Your Eyes in

faith and listen intently you can feel

my affection washing over you stirring

your emotions and bringing tears to your

eyes in the Stillness you can experience

the depth of my love for you whisper

your love for me and let us conclude

this moment of devotion with my blessing

upon you

like and share the video if you have

trust in the words of the god subscribe

to the channel if you love Jesus thank

you for seeking me and opening your

heart to my presence I long to fill your

soul with Divine love and holy

tenderness do not be afraid of the

challenges that may come your way for

you will stand firm with me by your side

I will not allow you to stumble or fall

in times of weakness I am speaking

directly to your heart reminding you of

my constant

presence instead of succumbing to

confusion and despair find Rest in Me Do

not be anxious about the future or the

state of the world focus on what truly

matters your loved ones your spiritual

growth and nourishing your soul with my

word pray fervently extend kindness to

others and forgive those who have

wronged you while Others May tremble in

fear at the signs they witness you and

your family can remain steadfast

trusting in my unwavering love and

protection be prepared for in the midst

of chaos you will bear witness to

extraordinary Miracles the trumpets are

sounding heralding your imminent

Liberation but for today pray believe

persevere and live do not allow fear to

grip your heart for my word is your

anchor nothing is impossible for me and

my love for you knows no

bounds type if you believe in Jesus

express your love for me for it brings

me great Delight to hear it from your

lips my love heals calms holds guides

and elevates you my presence envelops

you and my Holy Spirit fills you to

overflowing immersing you in a river of

pure crystalline Waters bringing

bringing you unparalleled Joy it has

been a long time since you experienced

such happiness protection and

love the season of hardship and

loneliness where you felt abandoned and

forgotten is now behind you from this

day forward my promises will be ever

present on your lips speak them aloud

and hold them close to your heart

whenever loneliness Creeps in call out

to me and I will be with you every

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