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Jesus beloved child I see the sincerity

of your heart the tears you shed and the

prayers you offer for the well-being of

those you

love your selflessness and attitude of

worship are deeply cherished by me even

when you don’t explicitly ask for

anything for yourself I hear your silent

please and I will bestow upon you

blessings greater than you can imagine

your unwavering faith and loyalty are

crucial especially in times of Trials

and obstacles when challenges arise

remember that I hold your destiny in my

hands and nothing can steal the

blessings I have in store for you stay

rooted in gratitude and praise for they

are the keys to unlocking the doors of

abundance in your life know that you are

already Victorious over every threat and

challenge that comes your way embrace

the opportunities I bring into your life

with determination and strength for no

harm will befall you you are a beloved

child of the almighty God and no one can

stand against you take moments of

solitude and communion with my Holy

Spirit to find Solace and strength for

your soul you were not created to live

in sorrow or defeat rise above

discouragement and sadness and let your

face radi out with joy for you are

deeply loved and cherish yet by me Feast

on my word for it is a source of

strength and guidance for your journey

kneel down in prayer when you feel weak

and look to the ski for I am with you

always ready to perform miracles in your

life do you believe in my love for you

do you trust in my promises your

response will unlock a great Miracle

Within you here are three things you can

do today to calm your soul and banish

anxiety one share this message with

of your contacts to spread the message

of Love and Hope two sub subscribe to

the Jesus talk channnel to stay

connected with my voice and receive

daily encouragement three take a moment

to kneel down in prayer surrendering

your fears and anxieties to me knowing

that I Am with You guiding you every

step of the way with love



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