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dear child as you wake up to a new day I

want you to know that I love you very

much last night I heard your prayers and

felt the sincerity in your heart I took

some time to clean your home and remove

any negativity each room is now filled

with positivity and life my words

brought healing to your past hurts and

now you’re in a purified and whole space

I don’t expect you to be perfect you’re

my beloved creation beautifully

imperfect the journey ahead might have

challenges but I want you to trust me

and hold my hand through it all love me

and let my guidance light your way in

moments of struggles remember that I am

always with you ready to lift you up and

guide you forward even when faced with

adversaries keep your intentions pure

and know that I’m there to protect you

your home is now a sanctuary and your

family is a source of strength seek my

guidance in your decisions and share

your gratitude your relationship with me

is a sanctuary offering Refuge against

life storms be a Beacon of Faith and

love to your family exemplifying virtues

of compassion understanding and Trust

resist the temptation to falter and

deepen your relationship with me your

love for me is unbreakable and with

faith you can stand strong your dreams

are not just wishes they are guiding

Stars leading you toward your Divine

Destiny Embrace resilience and let Faith

Define you display your faith boldly and

seek my guidance in prayer your journey

is an opportunity to real line with my

purpose in moments of Doubt or weakness

turn to me and I will renew your

strength and spirit your journey is not

solitary I am steadfastly by your side

in every chapter of your life engage in

sincere dialogue with me for these

moments are pivotal for your life and

the well-being of your family as you

embark on this journey know that you are

not alone trust in me hold on to your

faith and let my love and guidance be

your compass amen if you believe in

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