son I know you’re here listening to me

now because you sought my help and when

my powerful voice reaches you through

the words I’m speaking to you today the

storms will calm I will strengthen your

spirit stand firm on the Rock to

withstand life’s turbulence focus on me

now calm your heart close your eyes and

feel my presence for this message is

especially For You at this moment if you

love me seek me bend down and cling to

Faith although you face many trials

my strength is beside you and although

various challenges arise your faith in

me empowers you do not let yourself be

discouraged by the voices of the world

which often whisper doubts and feed

fears for here in this sacred moment you

are enveloped by the unconditional love

of the Creator who calls you by name and

extends a hand to guide you through the

Shadows towards the light receive with

humility and Faith the words that flow

from the heart of the Divine in your

moments of weakness remember your inner

strength you are a child of the most

high endowed with gifts and potentials

waiting to be

awakened do not underestimate your worth

for you are precious in my eyes more

than you can imagine rise up with

courage and determination for I Empower

you to overcome life storms and emerge

stronger than ever always remember where

there is Faith there are Miracles it’s

true sometimes the burdens seems

unbearable but I keep my promise to

lighten your load stand firm do not be

discouraged with today’s challenges I

give you extraordinary strength

preparing you for a Fearless tomorrow

even if some doubt hope question my

existence and underestimate the love I

offer a love that seeks healing and

restoration do not give up on the

blessings reserved for those who trust

Faithfully in

me today’s stress and worries are

insignificant compared to the joy that

awaits you on the day when your


manifest how many times have you felt

discouraged by the criticisms of others

how many times have you allowed yourself

to be swayed by the negative words

echoing around you undermining your

self-confidence and faith in the future

but today in this moment of divine

encounter I invite you to look Beyond

appearances and find strength within

yourself I know that life’s journey is

full of ups and downs moments of joy and

sadness victories and

defeats however as you face life’s

battles do not forget to turn to your

source of inner power find refuge in

prayer and meditation for in them you

will find peace and Clarity of Mind seek

Divine wisdom to guide your steps and

illuminate your path even in the darkest

moments make it a habit every morning to

dedicate your first moment to me connect

with me activate your spirit through

gratitude gratitude for another day for

the gift of life for the opportunity to

be a better person every day and for the

blessing of dialoguing with the Divine I

have never abandoned you in moments of

weakness or despair I have replaced your

sadness with happiness if you sincerely

seek me in the Silence of your heart

every day of your life offering your

worship and calling out with passion

know that I am listening and will lift

you up you will find strength and

experience the joy of having having me

in your life choosing me as your god

king and Lord I am aware of everything

you face feel free to share your trials

with me and entrust your future to my

care a Celestial connection is formed I

send Legions of angels to help you solve

your problems not by your power but by

my spirit my spirit deeply touches your

soul and you will find yourself filled

by my presence in your life as you see

yourself through my eyes you will

perceive yourself as precious lifted

above Tri

ready to receive all that you have been

asking of me in your prayers for know

that I see every day you join me in

prayer for me to interceded in your life

fulfilling your desires what I desire is

your sincere faith if anyone trees to

dim your light step away do not let

yourself be influenced by their

negativity or seek desperately their

acceptance choose the company of those

who build you up who respect your

journey and avoid gossip and

interference reject the chains of defeat

and belittle me valuing those who

sincerely support you without expecting

anything in return this journey of faith

is a personal dialogue between us and I

am eager to share my plans with you in

the quiet hours of the morning bring

your heart to me listen to my voice and

I will reveal the Wonders I have stored

up for your day trust in me throughout

the day for I will answer you and your

family in various ways revealing myself

in your lives call upon me and you will

hear my response I will reveal wonders

through dreams and Revelations sharing

my plans I am lifting you to experience

Miracles beyond the ordinary these words

testify to the depth of my affection for

you as you undergo this renewal your

prayers and songs of praise will Ascend

directly to the heavens of my presence

sending blessings to renew your

happiness and restore your heart never

question my love for you keep this truth

in your heart stand firm and courageous

in the face of your struggles without

fear unshakeable in the face of any

threat do not let others skepticism

steal your peace those who doubt my

promises will seek joy in vain but you

boldly have disregarded the cynics

holding onto your faith in me I promise

never to abandon you I will always be by

your side to protect you day and night

your emotional health is precious to me

let your thoughts be enriched by my

sacred word align all your aspirations

and dreams with my intentions do not

rush to act just to please others be

patient and seek my guidance in prayer

remember that you are loved by me secure

in my love you will prevail over all

challenges I long for you to feel so

loved and secure that you face your

trials and enemies courageously without

fear aligning your aspirations and

dreams with my intentions is crucial for

your path do not hurry to act just to

please others or satis by passing

impulses patience becomes a valuable

virtue allowing you to trust in the

right timing of things Guided by wisdom

and communion with me through prayer

feeling loved and secure in this Divine

love be encouraged to face your trials

and enemies

fearlessly this confidence is not based

on your own strength but on the

certainty that you are sustained by

something greater than yourself let this

conviction Propel you to confront each

challenge with faith and confidence

knowing that you are capable of

overcoming them Guided by my love and my

wisdom engage in my word seeking

promises that will guide your way share

with me your needs I am attentive my

desire is for my will to unfold in your

life so that my power may be visibly

manifested so that you may feel my

presence every day seek the promises

contained in my word it’s these promises

that will guide your path illuminate

your steps and strengthen your journey

as you delve into my word you will find

guidance comfort and hope to face life’s

challenges I am always attentive to you

listening to each of your prayers and

observing every step of your way nothing

escapes my loving eyes and I am ready to

act on your behalf bring me your pain

your uncertainties and your fears move

forward with courage for I am

transforming your heart this period of

difficulties is coming to an end making

way for a new era of divine blessings in

your life my beloved child

from now on do not fear making mistakes

trust in my wisdom which will guide you

towards your goals and the development

of your true self keep in mind that no

dream is too big when I am by your side

to help you achieve it do not give up

proceed with

determination receive now my blessing

upon you and your family and may my

peace be always with you today and

forever for I am the Lord your God and I

love you with an eternal love amen if if

you believe in these words leave your

Amen in the


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