Special message from Jesus Christ | God’s message Now | God Says

hello there feeling lost on your journey

don’t worry I’ve got your back your path

is all mapped out by me so just hang in

there and follow along you’ve been

through a lot haven’t you but guess what

you’ve tackled every obstacle with such

courage and strength that people look up

to you loneliness and tough times tried

to knock you down but you stood tall now

it’s time to recognize your true self

you’re a Powerhouse capable of shaping

your destiny keep striving for greatness

and find peace in the little things

trust me you’ve got what it takes to

face whatever comes your way if you’re

ready to embrace these blessings just

type to let me know you’re open to

receiving them you’re wise and ready for

all the good things coming your way let

go of past hurts and disappointments

focus on what truly matters your loved

ones and your spiritual growth you’re

not alone anymore I’ve got your back

connect with me and feel my presence

through these videos and hey if you love

me get ready for a shower of blessings

you’re redeemed and standing in the

light of Grace type Amos to affirm

the positive changes in your life you’ve

been through tough times but you’re

stronger now your heart beats with joy

and courage you’re cleansed and free

from past mistakes no more guilt or fear

holding you back embrace your freedom

and Walk Tall challenges may come your

way but nothing can shake the protective

embrace of divine love stay true to your

faith and trust in me dismiss any doubts

and embrace my teachings wholeheartedly

in them you’ll find strength and healing

for your soul and body Proclaim your

love for me and share the blessings with

others together we’ll overcome struggles

and bask in Divine love type how if

you’re ready to spread the love and

share with your friends

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