SOMETHING IS COMING BUT FEAR NOT!। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my beloved child I have chosen you and

positioned you as my Soldier to carry

out my

purposes I’m declaring this over you

that you are called and equipped not

just spiritually but also practically


tangibly I have brought you into a

pivotal season and it is time for you to

step into your Divine

assignments I have taken you through the

fires of Affliction to train and prepare

you there were times you doubted if it

was me leading you or just your own


desires but remember I planted those

dreams and Visions within you I ordained

your steps before you were even formed

in your mother’s

womb now the desires and plans I birthed

in your spirit I have favored them this

is your ERA this is your moment look

around and see that I am already opening

doors of opportunity supernaturally

before you the land I have promised is

being handed over to you your job is to

walk in boldly and possess it if there

are still skills or practical steps

needed for the task then waste no time

start operating as if you are already

living in your promise begin practicing

let your actions line up with your faith

work diligently as this season unfolds

because there will be a performance when

your gifts make room for

you remember my servants like Josh UA

and Caleb I instructed them to send

spies into Jericho to scope out the land

I had already given them the report came

back confirming that it was indeed

flowing with milk and honey exactly what

I had

promised yet my people still had to

exercise their faith visualizing their

feet standing firm on that soil they had

to see themselves conquering that

territory despite the realities before

their natural eyes I needed them to to

align their actions with my vision for

them in order to receive the fullness of

my best so too my child you must let

bold Faith rise up on the inside of you

you must take ownership of all I have

spoken through Visions dreams and

prophecies about your purpose you may be

afraid or feel ill equipped yet I need

you to proceed

anyway the enemy will attempt to Cloud

your judgment and send confusion the

minute you start moving towards your

destiny disregard those lies and anchor

yourself to my truth crucify your raging

flesh and unbelief be willing to sit

with the discomfort anger doubt or

humiliation that may

arise then let me fill your spirit with

my Supernatural peace and wisdom

drowning out those deafening voices

allow my grace and power to flood your

soul strengthening

you for the second you step out into the

assignments I have called you to my

empowering presence will overtake you

mightily suddenly you will find yourself

operating in gifts and talents you did

not know you

had things will start flowing from you

effortlessly that used to seem

impossible it may not all look elegant

at first but know that I am working

through you

effectively this is my grace on

display in that weakness my strength

will be

perfected understand my child I need

laborers right now who are simply

willing and

obedient I need those who will trust me

to equip them

supernaturally mere skills and

qualifications are not enough as you

walk boldly in faith I myself will

anoint you for every good work I

prepared for you I will accelerate your


supernaturally growth and maturity that

should have taken years or decades will

be condensed into months and weeks you

will shine brilliantly for my glory

Rising above others in your field for

this is my ordained calling and Destiny

upon your life that I am now Awakening

and activating declares the

Lord my child you may argue saying you

still lack clarity

about my plans for you or have yet to

hear my voice guiding you towards an

assignment but deep in your spirit you

know good and well the dream I embedded

that has yet to come to pass you

understand understand clearly what I

have been prompting you towards over and


again you already discern my destiny

knocking though fear and intimidation

have kept you paralyzed from moving

forward the desires I seared into your

heart have remained dormant due to doubt

and anxiety but no more the timidity and

cowardice ends today for now is your era

of boldness for such a time as this I

have raised you up and strengthened you

as I did with Esther I am depositing my

courage in you to stand against the

armies of Darkness threatening Your


Purpose partner with me now to release

your gifts talents and ideas out into

the world without further

delay my

beloved I cannot emphasize this enough

now is the time to run vigorously

towards every single assignment I have

called you to no more distractions no

more delays we will trample every enemy

threatening your destiny together

partnership is

key Abraham had to war with me in faith

Against All Odds to receive the promise

of his son Isaac coming forth through

Sarah’s Barren womb though his physical

body and Sarah’s womb were lifeless and

good as dead when I decreed this still

he persisted in hope he continued

offering praises and Thanksgiving to me

as if the miracle baby had already

arrived and so a year later little Isaac

was cradled in his

arms the promise seemed impossible in

the natural but nothing no power in

heaven or Earth could stop what I had

spoken so too walk boldly in obedient

Faith with every promise I have uttered

over your life Rise Up In Praise as you

wait to see my word come to pass even if

your mind and body argue against my

declarations offer Thanksgiving anyway

never let go of the certainty that what

I have spoken will come to fruition in

due time for I am the same yesterday

today and forever more I do not change

my promises do not expire in your

waiting even while storms rage on around

you keep gazing ahead with unwavering

expectation Victory is assured

breakthrough is

destined for I am already preparing the

next chapter of Greater fruitfulness

intimacy with me fulfillment Joy

abundance and

Destiny my beloved child keep this

eternally etched upon your heart I will

fulfill every single promise I have

declared over your life I procure and

protect Destiny therefore reject fear

and move ahead boldly into your calling

for I go before you to secure the

victory freely invest your time energy

and resources into my Kingdom’s

advancement and leave the rest to me

for I ensure full return upon every seed

sown and labor offered unto my

purposes I eternalize all Noble

investments into my work yes Challengers

will rise up fiercely to oppose my will

as I prompt you in obedience but fix

your eyes solely on me not

them I intentionally position Giants in

your path for your faith and tenacity to

be tested yet I have already equipped

you with more than than enough spiritual

weaponry and power from on high to

decimate those obstacles we will tear

down walls of resistance together as one

unified Force opening up highways of

destiny full of my glory life and

freedom so my beloved now is the era to

Surge ahead in a consecrated life

absolute surrender diligent prayer and

radical action oriented by my spirit for

the short window of time you have left

labor intensely with eternal motivation

always anchoring your

Works soon you will transition into the

fullness of your inheritance In My


Kingdom receiving the reward of my

affirmation well done my good and

faithful servant you stewarded my

talents masterfully and multiplied them

but my child you argue saying I cannot

use you powerfully because of your past

sins failures and

shortcomings you insist my destiny and

assignments are reserved only for the

spiritually strong emotionally healthy

educated influential and

qualified you disqualify yourself

rationalizing that once you reach some

imaginary Benchmark of maturity intimacy

with me or

competency then I will entrust you with

greater responsibility and Authority yet

by Heavenly design I specifically choose

the foolish weak and lowly things of

this world to display my surpassing

glory and power so cease

striving your inadequacies coupled with

desperate dependence on me attracts my

anointing and Grace which alone

qualifies you to accomplish my will Paul

persecuted my children yet still I

commissioned him after his radical

conversion to Bear my name before all

nations I forged Peter the fearful

denier into the head of my church

Church young David’s complete trust and

wholehearted Devotion to me empowered

him to Triumph against expert Warrior

Goliath Esther risked her life by

heeding my urgent call when no one else

would dare stand in the Gap and Rahab

the Harlot showed greater Faith In My

Chosen tribes in battle as she Protected

Their spies at personal

cost so silence those condemning voices

assaulting your mind my beloved

your unique design personality

background and past experiences are what

make you perfectly suited for this next

chapter I intentionally allowed those

storms traumas sins failures delays and

deficiencies in your life thus far for

such a time as this to cultivate

perseverance wisdom and dependency on

me now I call you to boldly Steward my

authority and Advance my kingdom the

training period lasting years and

decades is over the hour for promotion

has come ready yourself now for

Supernatural empowerment and exponential

impact in the

world for I declare you are anointed and

appointed and I am accelerating you into

greater spheres of Authority for my name

and renown

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