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my dearly beloved child as i gaze upon you with eyes of infinite love and

compassion that span the expanse of Eternity my heart is pierced with a profound ache a soul stirring sorrow

that reverberates through the very depths of my being for you my precious one are the object of My unfailing

Affection the apple of my eye and the crowning Jewel of my creation a

masterpiece fashioned with intricate care and Divine Precision

yet even amidst the Grandeur of my handiwork there is a veil of Sorrow That

clouds my gaze a heaviness that weighs upon my spirit like a mantle for someone

cries over you my child someone weeps bitter tears on your behalf from the

dawn of creation before the foundations of the world were laid I have loved you

with an everlasting love a love that transcends the boundaries of time and space a love that knows no bounds and

defies human comprehension you were formed in the secret place knit together with infinite

wisdom and meticulous care every intricate detail of your being crafted by my own hand fashioned in my very

image you bear the imprint of my divine nature a reflection of my glory that

shines forth like a radiant beacon in the darkness and it was my deepest

desire the longing of my heart to have an unbroken intimate

relationship with you to walk with you in the cool of the day to guide you with

my wisdom to share with you the depths of my love and to be your constant

companion throughout the Journey of life I yearned to reveal to you the wonders of my creation to unveil the mysteries

of the universe and to pour out upon you the treasures of my kingdom without measure yet sin that Insidious Force

that ancient foe marred this Perfect Design creating a Chasm between us a

divide so vast and so profound that it seemed insurmountable the enemy that deceitful

serpent sought to deceive you to lead you astray and to separate you from the

very source of life and love the Wellspring of your existence and in the wake of this tragic

separation a profound sorrow engulfed my heart for you my beloved child were lost

wandering in the wilderness of sin and death cut off from the Embrace of your heavenly father my grief was not born of

anger or disappointment but of a love so deep so vast and so allc consuming that

it defies the comprehension of mortal Minds it is over you my precious one

that I weep bitter tears of Sorrow for the weight of your transgressions has taken a toll not only upon your own soul

but upon the very heart of your creator each sin each misstep each

departure from my ways has pierced my heart like a thousand daggers for I am a God who is intimately acquainted with

suffering a father who Bears the weight of his children’s burdens upon his shoulders yet even in the midst of this

sorrow a glimmer of hope shines forth for in my infinite wisdom and boundless

love I devised a plan a masterful orchestration of redemption that would

Bridge the chasm and restore the broken relationship this plan this ultimate

expression of Love beyond measure culminated in the Incarnation of my son

Jesus Christ the Messiah the savior of the world the Lamb of God who takes away

the sin of the world he who knew no sin became sin for you bearing the weight of

your transgressions upon his shoulders through his sacrificial death on the cross he paid the debt you could never

repay shattering the chains of sin and death that held you captive in darkness

and on the third day he rose from the grave triumphant over the power of death

opening the way for you to experience New Life a life eternal a life abundant

a life filled with the very presence of the Living God my child it is over you

that I weep tears of of longing for I desire nothing more than for you to experience the fullness of my love and

the freedom that comes from being reconciled to me I long for you to embrace the gift of Salvation to turn

away from the paths of sin and embrace the way of righteousness for it is only

through my son Jesus Christ that you can find True Life true purpose and true

fulfillment do not be deceived by the lies of the enemy who seeks to Blind your eyes to the

truth and convince you that you are Beyond Redemption that you are too far

gone that your sins are too great to be forgiven do not allow the weight of your

past to crush your spirit for I am the god of Second Chances the one who

Delights in restoring the broken and mending the shattered fragments of lives once deemed Beyond

repair come to me my beloved child and let me wipe away your tears allow me to

embrace you with the Everlasting Arms of my love and I will heal the wounds that

have caused you so much pain so much anguish Surrender Your Will to mine and

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