SKIP IF YOU DON´T | God Wants to Speak to His Chosen Ones | Letter From God to You Today

my cherished child in the Stillness of

your heart amidst the hustle of your

days there Echoes a question a Divine

whisper that seeks an answer do you love

me it’s a question that resonates with

the depth of my own love for you a love

so profound so immense that it crossed

the Heavens to save you to hold you to

claim you as my own this love I have for

you is not a fleeting sentiment or a

temporary emotion it is the very essence

of who I am a love that knows no bounds

a love that never falters a love that

chose to save you because you are

precious cherished and worth every

sacrifice as you Ponder this question

know that it’s an invitation a call to a

deeper more intimate relationship with

me it’s an opportunity to reflect on the

enormity of my love for you and to

respond not just with words but with

your heart your life your

all Embrace this moment my child for it

is sacred it’s a time to recognize the

magnitude of divine love to understand

the depth of Salvation borne out of this

love and to commit yourself a new to a

journey of Love A Journey of Faith a

journey of profound and reciprocal

affection my treasured child the love I

hold for you stretches beyond the vast

expanse of the Skies deeper than the

deepest ocean and more enduring than the

mountains that have withstood the test

of time this Divine love is not just an

emotion it is the very Foundation of all

creation the heartbeat of the universe

and the essence of your existence this

boundless love knew no hesitation no

reservation when it came to saving you

it saw every flaw every Scar and every

tear and yet it chose to embrace you to

heal you to elevate you to new heights

of joy and peace my love for you is

unwavering unconditional and unending it

doesn’t waver with the seasons doesn’t

diminish with time and doesn’t falter in

the face of

challenges in this Divine love you find

not just Solace but strength it is a

love that empowers you to overcome

obstacles to break free from the chains

of the past and to step into a future

filled with promise and hope it is a

love that Whispers in your darkest

moments I am here and everything will be

fine Embrace this love my child let it

fill every corner of your heart every

aspect of your life for in the depth of

this Divine love you will find the

greatest treasure the shest anchor and

the sweetest Solace it is a love that

saves a love that sustains and a love

that says without a shadow of a doubt

you are mine and you are loved beyond

measure my child the question do you

love me is not a query only for the sake

of an answer but a Divine invitation to

an intimate relationship a call to enter

into a deeper more profound connection

with me it’s an invitation to

reciprocate the boundless love I have

for you to respond to my Saving Grace

with a Heart full of devotion and a life

marked by love this reciprocal love is a

journey not a destination it’s a Daily

Commitment to walk with me to talk with

me and to live for me it’s a love that

goes beyond words and manifests in

actions a love that is lived out in

every decision every thought and every

moment of your



reciprocating my love means seeing me

not not just as a savior but as a

constant companion a trusted Confidant

and the ultimate source of your strength

and joy it means opening your heart to

my presence allowing my love to fill and

transform every part of your being and

letting that love overflow into the

lives of those around you in loving me

you will find a love that completes you

that brings peace to your mind joy to

your heart and purpose to your steps

it’s a love that empowers you to face

the trial of life not with fear but with

courage not with doubt but with faith

and not with despair but with

hope so my child Embrace this call to

love Let It Be The Melody that guides

your days the Rhythm that moves your

steps and the harmony that brings Beauty

and meaning to your life for in loving

me you are embracing the very essence of

life itself and in this love you will

find that everything truly will be fine

my loving child in the grand Narrative

of existence the act of Salvation stands

as the most profound Testament to my

love for you it’s a declaration bold and

unequivocal that my love is not passive

but active not distant but intimately

involved in the intricate details of


life salvation is my love in Action a

love so Fierce and so boundless that it

chose to bridge the infinite gap between

the Divine and the human to restore and

reconcile to heal and to make whole this

love saw the depths of Despair the

darkness of sin and the Brokenness of

The Human Condition and responded with a

sacrifice so profound so complete that

it forever changed the course of history

in this act of supreme love you find not

just a momentary rescue but a permanent

transformation it’s a love that doesn’t

just save you from something but for

something for a life of purpose for a

journey of growth for a relationship of

depth and

meaning my child let the reality of this

salvation permeate every aspect of your

being let it be the foundation upon

which you build your life the lens

through which you view every

circumstance and the hope that lights up

even the darkest paths for in this love

you find the ultimate assurance that no

matter what you face no matter how

Fierce the storm everything will indeed

be fine because my love the love that

saves the love that sustains the love

that secures is stronger than any Force

you will ever encounter my cherished one

the Journey of Love is also a journey of

growth and Discovery as you bask in the

light of my love you’ll find that it not

only Comforts and heals but also

enlightens and expands your

understanding this love is not just an

emotion to be felt but a force to be

lived a truth to be embraced and a path

to be

walked in the warmth of my love you’ll

see things in a new light the

complexities of Life become simpler not

because the complexities vanish but

because your perspective changes you

begin to see through the lens of love a

lens that focuses on the essence rather

than the externals on the Eternal rather

than the ephemeral this love invites you

to grow not just in feelings but in

depth of character in richness of spirit

and in breadth of understanding it’s a

love that teaches you to look beyond the

surface to understand the deeper

currents of life and to connect with

others and with me on a level that

transcends the ordinary let this love be

your guide in your decisions your

companion in your lonely moments and

your inspiration in your times of joy

joy as you grow in love you also grow in

understanding understanding of yourself

of others and of the divine plan that

intricately weaves through every aspect

of your

existence so my child Embrace this

growth let the love that saved you also

be the love that shapes you let it mold

your thoughts guide your actions and

determine your path for in this love you

will find not just the full of life but

the joy of becoming who you were always

meant to be a reflection of my love a

testament to my grace and a bearer of

the light that declares in every moment

that everything will indeed be fine my

child the love I pour into your heart is

not meant to be a reservoir but a river

flowing from you and reaching the

parched souls and Barren lands of the

world around you this Divine love is a

catalyst for transformation a force that

compels you you to act to share and to

spread the warmth and light you have

received when you allow my love to flow

through you you become an agent of

change a Beacon of Hope in a world that

often dwells in Shadows your words

become words of comfort your actions

become acts of kindness and your life

becomes a testament to the unifying and

restoring Power of

Love This Love breaks down barriers and

builds Bridges it sees beyond

differences and focuses on the Common

Thread that binds all Humanity the

thread of divine creation of inherent

worth and of the universal desire for

understanding and

acceptance in a world where Division and

Discord are all too common Your Love

infused actions can mend heal and

restore in every smile you share in

every hand you extend and in every life

you touch you are sewing Seeds of Love

that can blossom into Gardens of Peace

forests of fellow fellowship and Fields


Harmony this love is not passive it is

active intentional and Powerful it

transforms not just you but also the

world around you creating ripples of

change that can turn into waves of

renewal so my child let this Divine love

fill you and flow through you let it

guide your thoughts direct your steps

and Inspire your Deeds for in doing so

you are not just living you are loving

you are not just existing you are

impacting and in Every Act of love you

are proclaiming the truth that indeed

everything will be fine not just for you

but for the world you touch with the

love that is stronger deeper and more

enduring than any force on Earth my

beloved child in the Symphony of life

every soul carries its unique Melody of

Joys and Sorrows hopes and fears and

while each tune is personal the beauty

of the Divine love I offer you is its

ability to harmonize these individual

notes into a chorus of support

understanding and shared strength when

you share your burdens when you open

your heart to the support and love of

those around you and of me you are not

displaying weakness you are

demonstrating the strength that lies in

unity the courage that comes with

vulnerability and the trust that builds

Bridges between hearts this Divine love

encourages you not to Bear your

struggles in isolation but to share them

to lay them down at the feet of

understanding compassion and communal

support it’s in this sharing that

burdens become lighter not because they

vanish but because they are divided it’s

in this openness that Healing Begins not

because the wounds are superficial but

because love is profound let this love

be the force that prompts you to reach

out when you are in need and to reach in

when others are in distress be a

listener a comforter a bearer of Hope

and a companion in times of joy and in

times of trial for in this shared

journey of love you will find that the

weight of the world is not yours to


alone remember my child that my love is

your everpresent support it’s the

shoulder you can lean on the hand that

wipes away your tears and the whisper

that reassures ures you in the quietest


nights in this Divine love you will find

not just a refuge but a fortress not

just a listener but an active helper not

just an understanding heart but a love

that moves mountains heals the deepest

wounds and promises that together

everything will indeed be fine my child

every day is a canvas a fresh

opportunity to experience the fullness

of my love to paint your moments with

the vibrant colors of joy peace and hope

this Divine love is not a distant ideal

but a present reality a constant

companion in your journey through each

moment each Challenge and each

Triumph embrace the fullness of this

love in the Simplicity of your daily

life let it be the first thought that

greets you in the morning the steady

pulse that guides your actions

throughout the day and the peaceful

reflection that closes your evening

this love is a sanctuary a place of rest

and renewal amid the bustle and the

busyness of your routine in the fullness

of my love you’ll find the strength to

face the ordinary with grace and the

extraordinary with courage it’s a love

that transforms mundane tasks into acts

of worship routine interactions into

opportunities for kindness and everyday

challenges into moments for growth and

learning let this love permeate your

words your thoughts thoughts and your

actions let it shape your perspective

guide your decisions and influence your

relationships for when you live in the

fullness of my love you radiate its

warmth and light to everyone around you

becoming a vessel of comfort a Beacon of

Hope and a testament to the

transformative power of divine

love remember my child in Every Breath

You Take in every step you make my love

is there wrapping you in a embrace that

reassures uplifts and affirms that

indeed every day in every way everything

will be fine because you are living in

the fullness of a love that knows no


end my beloved in The Voyage of life you

will sometimes navigate through

uncharted waters facing uncertainties

that cloud Your Horizon and storms that

threaten your peace it is in these times

of uncertainty that my love love shines

brightest serving not just as a Beacon

of Hope but as a steadfast guide leading

you through every twist and turn my love

is the compass that points you towards

truth the lighthouse that warns you of

hidden dangers and the star that guides

you to Safe Harbor it offers not just

Direction but wisdom not just guidance

but understanding enabling you to

discern the right path make wise choices

and move forward with confidence even

when the way ahead seems

unclear in The Quiet Moments of Doubt

when you’re unsure which way to turn

draw close to my love let it envelop you

speaking to your heart calming your mind

and soothing your spirit it’s in this

closeness that Clarity emerges decisions

become clearer and the fog of

uncertainty gradually lifts revealing

the next steps on your journey trust in

this love for it has charted the course

of stars and shape it the destiny of

Nations it knows every challenge you

face every decision you must make and

every dream you hold in your heart it’s

a love that doesn’t just watch from a

distance but walks with you hand in hand

every step of the way so my child when

the future seems uncertain hold tightly

to my love let it guide you comfort you

and reassure you for with my love as

your guide no journey is too daunting no

path too treacherous

and no Horizon too distant and in this

assurance you can rest in the promise

that no matter what tomorrow brings

everything will be fine because you are

never alone never unloved and never

without The Guiding Light of my eternal


love my child in the Embrace of my love

you are not just supported you are

transformed this Divine love is a

powerful Catalyst a force that reshapes

your perspective redefines your

priorities and renews your purpose it’s

not about changing who you are but

revealing the most authentic version of

yourself the one that’s been crafted in

the image of divine Love Under The

Gentle Touch of this love your heart

begins to change what once mattered

lessons in importance and what was once

overlooked now takes Center Stage

kindness becomes your language

compassion your currency and Grace your

gift your eyes open to the beauty around

you to the needs of others and to the

wonders of a life lived in alignment

with a love that transcends all

understanding this transformation is not

sudden nor is it always easy it’s a

journey a process of becoming of

shedding the old and embracing the new

of letting go of fear and holding on to

faith it’s about walking a path that is

lit by love Guided by grace and marked

by the footprints of the Divine

Embrace this journey my child let my

love mold you shape you and refine you

let it teach you guide you and lead you

to a life that is rich in meaning

abundant in joy and overflowing with

peace in this love you will find your

truest self your highest calling and

your deepest

fulfillment and as you transform you

become a beacon of this love to others

your life becomes a mirror reflecting

The Power of Love love to heal to change

and to liberate through you others will

see the possibility of transformation

the beauty of a life immersed in love

and the reality of a promise that holds

true in every circumstance that

everything will be fine not because the

world is perfect but because Divine love

is at work reshaping restoring and

renewing all things including

you my beloved

child as our journey through the this

narrative draws to a close Let The

Echoes of these truths resonate within

you forming a melody of reassurance and

hope do you love me I save you because I

love you so much this is the essence of

a Divine promise a testament to a love

that is both ancient and ever new a love

that saves sustains and

transforms you are cherished beyond

measure held in the heart of a love that

knows no bounds and guided by hands that

have shaped the universe in every moment

of doubt in every season of struggle and

in every period of waiting remember that

my love is a constant presence a sure

foundation and an unshakable

Force as you step forward from this

moment carry with you the knowledge that

you are never alone my love surrounds

you a shield in times of trouble a

comfort in moments of sorrow and and a

beacon in periods of Darkness it’s a

love that Whispers in the Stillness that

holds you in the chaos and that assures

you again and again that everything will

be fine live in this love my child let

it fill your heart guide your steps and

shape your life share this love freely

generously and boldly for in giving it

away you will find it multiplied your

own heart enriched and your own Journey

illuminated and so go forth in the

certainty of my love Let It Be Your

strength your joy and your peace for in

this love you will find everything you

need everything you seek and everything

that truly matters and in this love you

can rest assured no matter what the

future holds that everything will indeed

be fine for you are infinitely loved

eternally cherished and forever held in

the Embrace of the



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